Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – 06 – 07

Kanojo ga Flag-Only 2 characters on screen

One of the quietest parts of this show

 Hello friends! Time for more Kanojo ga Flag on Metanorn and I agree with Highway this show does not slow down and with these two episodes we gain yet another brand new character, but what can she bring to the already growing cast? I guess we will find out today.


This show doesn’t slow down at all… even when maybe it should. Fosh, what are you thinking?



More Developments?!

Kanojo ga Flag-One Shining Moment

Get lucky!

Souta seems to be living the good life with all these girls popping up around him and with both episodes we meet Kurumiko and we hang out with Mei at school, but what are their roles going to be? I assumed that Kurumiko is the cleric piece in Sakura’s crazy game because that is the one piece he really needed to find; however what about Mei’s true role? All I know about her is she is from another world and she has similar power to see the flags. Besides the two new faces added to the cast we had some surprises from Mimori showing off her girly side even though out of all the characters so far I would probably put her on the bottom of my list of best girls! So how about all the random plot development we keep seeing? Like Kurumiko wanting Souta to become her brother and what about the mystery about Mei having the flag powers and the fact that she comes from another world? That is kind of interesting but it appears that Sakura does not want her to reveal the truth about the world because she knocked her out and erased her memories!? Whoa! That was kind of extreme. So what do you think the mystery of the world is? I have a feeling it might follow a similar theme like Little Busters with this world being completely fake or that Souta is actually still on the cruise ship asleep or do you have your own theories as to what the real truth of the world? While I know this series is not the most deep as far as themes and plot goes but I think the characters really drive this show and that keeps me coming back for more.

We Gotta Get This Story Told!

Kanojo ga Flag-Ruri describes the whole show

Ruri describes the storytelling philosophy of the entire show

A common complaint in harem shows is that they frequently skip out on any sort of meaningful plot to just show fanservice and silliness with the harem members. And that’s a fair cop, because a lot of times there really isn’t much plot that’s really there to happen. But then sometimes, a harem show gets too wrapped up in its own plot to actually do anything good as a harem show, and I think that’s where Kanojo ga Flag is at right now. There’s such a big story with Souta, his past, his power, and his future that it just feels like everything else in the entire show has been forgotten. It’s not even that it’s taken a back seat. It’s been left at the platform, unable to make it onto the train.

Kanojo ga Flag-Getting a bit crowded

It’s getting far too crowded on this show

In fact, there’s SO much plot, that they can’t even get all the plot in satisfactorily (and no, this isn’t Fosh’s definition of “Plot”). They just race between things like Kurumiko being the daughter of the crew of the ship that sank to becoming Souta’s imouto to coming to the school, to NOT coming to the school because Mimori can’t get her in to Mei bringing her to school and hacking her into the school. It all goes by so fast that the viewer just sits there and thinks “huh. ninjas.” You have no time to react to what just happened before something different happens.

Kanojo ga Flag-Loli of death

The Pink-haired loli… OF DEATH!

And in the midst of this, they’re trying to throw in some harem hijinks and some character development and it just doesn’t work. They have a beach group and a forest group, and Souta’s on both, but then he’s on the beach group twice and cue 2 minutes of anime beach stuff with both groups, but he can’t stand it because every time he gets in the water he barfs because of the past so that’s when he meets Kurumiko. Got all that? Ok, and then Mei is gonna show him a parallel world and all the girls that he saved dying but Souta saves Miyuki the teacher who’s really his granddaughter and then Mei realizes what a burden he has and tries to save him by taking off the death flag but then Sakura appears out of thin air and takes away her memories and Souta has to learn stuff for himself. Got all that? Of course you didn’t, because noone can be expected to. And even if you followed along with that story outline, it still doesn’t mean anything because the only characters that matter are Nanami cause she’s cute and tsundere and the obvious OTP and Megumu cause he’s a boy who’s always mistaken for a girl and it makes that funny sound whenever that happens and Ruri because she’s a robot.

Extra Moe Flags!

flagz (2)

Best cosplay!

flagz (3)

Watch out!

flagz (4)

Thanks for the laughs Akane <3

flagz (1)

She wins with that Kate voice!

End thoughts

I have to agree with Highway once again! I really want to like this show too and yes there are a lot of freaking characters in this series leaving it super hard to pick my top five favorite girls! Oh and fun stuff it was nice hearing Misaki Kuno as Kurumiko aka Kate from Zvezda and Sakura Tange as Mei? I was surprised to learn she voiced Sakura from card captor sakura! Now if we can just focus on the actual plot of the series instead of the growing harem I think Kanojo Flag will be a fine or do you even care about this anime anymore? I guess most of us will be happy when this series wraps up.

I want to like this show, because I do like some of the characters. But they’re just drowned in a sea of other characters and overwhelmed by having to get too much story done. They might finish this whole plot in the 13 episodes they have in this cour, but even if they do, that’ll be a hollow victory, because noone will care about any of these characters. “And one more ting!” All these characters that are in the show, and they have an OP by Aoi Yuuki, who’s character is like the only one that HASN’T shown up yet. Seems kinda weird, especially in a cast that has really accomplished singers like Yukarin, Youko Hikasa, Ai Kayano, Aki Toyosaki, Kana Asumi, and HanaKana. Personally, I’d rather listen to any of those other ladies sing, even Ibuki Kido, than Aoi Yuuki.


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4 Responses to “Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – 06 – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    Yep, like To-Love-Ru it just drowns you in two waves of stuff. You like Harem, well here is a tidal wave of dat. Plot stuff, yeah, we can work a tsunami of oddball supernatural happening..because we can! Holy Crap! Let me breath.

    Hell with dat. Just give me more Nanami, cause I love her to pieces…..and the little sister….OMG, what is this show doing to me?!!!!!!

    • Highway says:

      I haven’t seen To-Love-Ru or Motto, but TLR Darkness was probably the best execution of an actual plot in a big harem show that I’ve seen. I found the story very enjoyable, and definitely wanted more when the series was over.

      It’s kind of a shame there’s so many girls (and Megumu) because I would like it if it was just Nanami, Ruri, Akane, and Megumu. That would probably be the perfect size harem for Souta.

      • skylion says:

        Throw in every type! It’s a law!

        The original TLR was just so darn camp, and Motto didn’t really improve on much. Darkness was the best thesis statement for the show. It’s like they calmed down, got the weird lusts out of their system and concentrated on what the show could be.

        By that, wa Flag needs that many seasons to get there….

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