Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – 04 – 05

Kanojo ga Flag-Floating Robot Girl

Would you like a floating robot girl? Yes or No?

 I’m back for more Kanojo ga Flag! This will probably end up being an every-other-week series for me and Fosh (although unfortunately Fosh is sick this week, so it’s me solo), because they just don’t do a whole heck of a lot in some of the episodes. But when they do, it’s definitely fun!


Maybe Needs Some Work

Kanojo ga Flag-With one missed PK

We were GOING to win, and then after this we’re nowhere close

I’ll say it right up front: the week-long sports festival was some pretty bad storytelling. Day One: “Oh yay, we’re so awesome, we’re crushing everything! Every event is tailored to our people’s specific abilities!” Next scene: “If he blocks this kick, they win everything!” *fail* ONOZ! Next Scene: “I can’t believe we’re in 8th place with one day left, woe is us.” Whuuuu? How’d they go from wrapping everything up with one event win to 8th place and everyone dejected. It was just really poor all around, total discontinuity. And then the pathetic “It’s ok, I’m going to die but instead I’ll lose so I get kicked out of school and stop making everyone sad soon” from Souta. This episode was really just bad all the way around. On top of this really undramatic drama, we have a kinda infodump with Ruri that makes no sense, where some program was made in 1938 (it’s definitely “Showa juu-san”) by another Ruri shows a hologram about Quest Hall. This was really a poor effort, and almost no fun.

Dates for Everyone

Kanojo ga Flag-Mom has the right idea

Mom has the right idea, although Akane needs to learn what kind of ‘showdown’ to expect

The 5th episode was quite a bit better, even the parts with the story. Of course, a lot of date episodes are pretty iffy, but this one worked better than most because there wasn’t any fighting between the date partners. They split up the time and didn’t interfere with everyone else. That gave us time to have fun with Megumu, who’s totally the best date out of all of them. Or maybe that was just the best because of the bystanders. “Isn’t she so cute, pulling on her boyfriend’s arm?” And meanwhile, Nanami’s totally acting like the married guy whose wife is out of the house for the weekend and is trying to convince himself how great his time without her is. It’s one of those things that’s “yeah, I can do what I want and it’s cool and all, but really I want my loved one back.”  At least she dresses up well for her bachelorette time.

Kanojo ga Flag-Nanami is well dressed for staying home

Back to being a disappointing – but at least well-dressed – tsundere

But I’m just not feeling the interest in the deeper story, even in episode 5. I mean, it almost seems like an excuse to just add another girl, instead of actually do things. And if you come up to a giant box, you OPEN THE BOX. Not “oh, I’ll get that later, what’s the light over here?” I know I wanted more story depth, and it’s felt like there’s been more story depth, but it feels like they’ve just been glossing over it too much.

Kanojo ga Flag-Just ignore the box

Sure, just ignore the giant box and go out the crack in the wall with the ominous light

Extra Date Flags

Kanojo ga Flag-So cute

“It must be her first boyfriend”

Kanojo ga Flag-All the obaa-sans want a kiss

All the Onee-sans want some kissing

Kanojo ga Flag-Okiku-nee is a cheap date

Okiku-nee is a cheap date

Kanojo ga Flag-Terminator Girl

I thought Terminators had to come through naked…

I have to say that at this point, I’m a bit frustrated and disappointed with Kanojo ga Flag. There’s been almost nothing with the flags going on, bar Rin’s yandere flag. And the extra depth that I’d hoped for from the story relating to the secret of the world. At this point I can’t really tell if it’s as bad as Little Busters or not, because there’s not really anything there yet. So far the best thing has been Megumu, and I don’t know if it’s because HanaKana’s playing him so well, or if it’s just playing off the trappy nature of it, but either way, it’s the best character and relationship in the show. I just hope the joke doesn’t grow old. And I can’t escape the thought that Nanami is supposed to be the OTP, yet she’s almost doing everything she can to avoid Souta, which just points to this show ending really ambiguously (gosh what a surprise 😐 ). I like Nanami’s character, it’s just hard to believe that the tsukkomi is the one who’s supposed to win the harem.


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7 Responses to “Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – 04 – 05”

  1. zztop says:

    No matter how hard Megu tries, he’ll always be a girl in everyone’s eyes.

    @Highway: Do you or anyone on Metanorn still plan on covering Mahouka? Still indifferent on the actual show,loving the music.

    • Highway says:

      I’m sticking to what I said: I’ll make a post on Mahouka when they actually use a different title for an episode. Personally I think it’s pretty lame and annoying that they’re still using “Enrollment VI”.

      • zztop says:

        Since Enrollment constitutes an entire arc by itself,its merits/faults can be better summed in an overall arc review rather then episodic reviews.

        I’m guessing the other episodes will also follow this multiple-episode per arc similar to STB.

        • Highway says:

          That’s my thinking as well. I just dislike when they reuse the same episode title again and again.

          • HannoX says:

            Yes, that’s very off-putting. And it’s also not accurate since by now they’re past getting enrolled in school. But even worse, the writing and the plot aren’t so great. It’s an acceptable anime, but just barely. I may still drop it.

  2. skylion says:

    It feels like they had a storytelling list they just had to check off one by one. “This will make them more well rounded as a character”…so they lose and win at the same time.


  3. HannoX says:

    I didn’t really care for either of these episodes. Neither one really advanced the story. As Skylion says, it seemed like they were going down a high school anime checklist. “Sports festival episode, check. Multiple date episode, check.” And next week is the beach episode. Okay, people expect these episodes (or at least a couple of them in a high school anime), but they should tie in better to the overall plot. And be better written.

    I would have dropped this by now, except I’ve been waiting for the little red-haired girl to show up. I’m hoping she’ll be a more interesting character than the other girls have been so far. But again it looks like they’re going down a checklist. “Loli harem member, check.”

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