Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – 05

jojo (6)

Do you even pose bro?!

Indeed, it’s Silver vs. Red on this ep of Jojo as we talk about the big fight, J-PP’s reasoning for joining the cast and how great that pose was toward the end of the episode.


FK YA MORE JOJO! Yes we are finally doing one episode reviews so I hope you are having just as much fun as me and Jrow are with this oddball series.


Extra fun with Jojo

jojo (3)

Avdol is the best~

jojo (4)


jojo (5)

If Joseph saw Ika Musume he probably would run.

jojo (1)

Dio-“Yaarrrrr! I want to suck your blood!”


jojo (2)

See you next time.


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:


  2. skylion says:

    …this is odd to say, but I thought that fight was a bit to over the top…

    Yeah, I know, you’re asking, “Dude, do you even JoJo?”


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