Black Bullet -06

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John Woo’s  Tina Sprout’s Late Night Office Delivery Service

 Welcome back the the Bug Hunt, where it seems that the gastrea aren’t the only worries in town.




The Night Owl

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Just because she fails at takoyaki

I hate to flog a horse; alive, dead or  Shrödinger, but damn two weeks in a row with some trifling animation and some rather derpy plot construction is a bit thin. But, I’m a patient sort of guy, and I don’t think the entire thing stinks on ice. Even though they fumbled the ball on handling Tina’s and Rentarou’s relationship, making it as obvious as the day is long, it has it’s moments. I mean, for one they don’t pound you over the head with how he remembers Kaya’s passing; the only other Initiator we’ve that has been asked and has taken human life.

Creating Opportunities

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Join the new team Rentarou…amazing….perks

I don’t think Rentarou can catch a break, and as one of his biggest troublemakers says, “he’s too much the gentleman to step in when a woman hesitates”. So, he needs to make opportunities. I mean, Kisara wants to kill him for “flirting” with Miori, who flirts with him to agitate Kisari, and Sumire just generally likes to keep tinkering with her creation in any way she can. This was actually pretty well woven into the story, and it took me a third watching to get it. Rentarou himself treats his victory over Kagatane as more to do with luck than with skill. He isn’t wrong. If he is going to push ahead of the rest of the Promoters, he has to learn to make opportunities happen, and not just get stuck in the middle.

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Just a lucky guy?

…and he has quite the climb to make, as many of his competing Promoters, are products of the New Humanity Creation Project. Now, even though mechanized soldiers are far from deprecated, the nations of the world realized it was easier to use the Cursed Children as weapons, so it provided a unique opportunity for them to team up. Sumire is part of the international group responsible for the mechanized soldiers, a group I should lay down here, but won’t as I felt it was more than enough foreshadowing, and not important to the episode itself. Other than reminding us of Kagetane again.

KILl la LOLi

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Why didn’t she bring a back up? Assault Shotgun would have been a better choice.

So for having two lackluster episodes back to back, at least we get some background on Tina Sprout. Like many Cursed Children she is an orphan, and one can take her at her word that life has been incredibly painful. She is also an Initiator, and has the high capactiy to be seen as a tool, and not much else. Her distant master surely only cares about the missions, as only her most basic of needs has been addressed while staying in Tokyo. In other words, she has no one, and that can leave one alone with memories. They can be close to the surface when agitated. I mention this because they directly address what it means for her to take a human life. She knows she is no tool, and cannot suppress the fear and dread she has for such a task. Kisara is quick to see this, and is quickly addressed in perhaps the one of the most brutal images the show has offered. Guns are guns, swords are swords, and they can be cool and all. But seeing Tina attempting to choke the life from Kisara left me a bit disturbed. As it should.

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She still blames him for taking the last pudding

Yeah, they pretty much telegraphed a fight between these two from the scene she appeared in. I was left wishing it was: longer, better animated, and better choreographed.  We don’t really learn anything new from the fight, and it seemed to be stuck here as something that needed to be check of a list. The confrontation and Tina’s confusion just fell flat.

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Foreshadowing? It can be done better

Scenes from an OP

Show ▼

As you can tell, I’m not a fan of this outing. I did try my best not to let it color too many viewpoints. The show has a great deal of potential, and at this point I think it might be suffering from being in the “budget saving” phase. We are familiar with how that works visually, but man, don’t hire cheap writer’s either. You start with cut-rate flour, and margarine, you are going to make an awful roux, rest of the dish is going to suffer for it. I am sanguine for a better affair next week. What did you folks think?



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12 Responses to “Black Bullet -06”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Like Charlie’s Angels… we have skylion’s lolis.

    • skylion says:

      You’ve been on this site for how long? I’ve had skylion’s LOLi’s since day one of my first post! One day, the Boss Lady will give me back my title in the banner you see above.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Just realised that she is carrying a vulcan ripped off an F-15J. She should use her Hougu!

  3. Irenesharda says:

    Little girls
    Little girls
    Everywhere I turn,
    I can see them.

    Little girls
    Little girls
    Night and day
    I eat, sleep, and breathe them
    -“Little Girls” (Annie)

    This week only get’s one quote, I haven’t been impressed with this arc, and I’m hoping my love for this show wasn’t too premature. 🙁

    This new arc isn’t as interesting or fast paced as the first one, but I’m still loving Rentaro’s big bro character and how he’s a guy for all the lolis to look up to. However, like last time, nothing really interesting happens this episode and I feel like I’m spending most of my time waiting for something to happen. The most interesting part was the talk with the Doctor lady, and the mystery of the mechanized fullmetal alchemists civil officers. However, with the OP, you know who they are going to be and you know that Rentaro is going to become on friendly terms with all of them and that Tina Sprout is going to be just fine, and probably team up with Kisara. Thanks OP, I think I just figured out the remaining arcs of this series. Sigh. -_-

    Speaking of Tina Sprout, like I said last time, she’s okay, but she doesn’t touch my heart as much as Enju and Kayo do/did. Loli assassins are a dime a dozen, though I am surprised at her fear of killing if she’s been raised to be an assassin? However, I’ll see where this is going to go.

    I’m really missing Kagetane and the chaotic evil and sense of urgency he represented, as well as his mixed ideals. Now we just have boring threats like Mr. Evil Mustache and Grandpa Tendo, and after a stellar first three episodes, it feels like a major step down. Still can’t stand princess white-hair, and Rentaro’s growing harem is beginning to get on my nerves. Can we please concentrate on the mystery of the gastrea and the plight of the Cursed Children as well as this society, please? I don’t need this to turn into “shenanigans with the superpowered loli sisters”.

  4. thorgriim says:

    ya pretty much what has already been said here, this episode was just blah, flat,and quite predictable which isn’t a real surprise.So looks we’ll have to seat back to watch the slow burn while they introduce all the loli’s and the masters, in the end they all work together and take down a level 10! idk

    What I did like about the episode was seeing the sleepy lazy Tina again, ya feeding time! then by night an assassin with a gatling gun. I did like that they both didn’t know they where targets, but it didn’t have the impact I was wanting, its too bad really, it coulda been better? hehe

    oh Tina Sprout, your introduction get a 3 caffeine pills out of 10, your cute, but your flat… I mean your arc is flat.

    Tina Sprout is still around, but can’t wait for the next blonde cursed child, wait im seeing a pattern here… blonde,blonde, and another blonde soon? hmmm..anyways hopefully next episode will be better!

    • skylion says:

      3 caffeine pills out of 10

      Best quote. Yeah I know I said that above, but it’s my post, I can do what I like!

  5. d-LaN says:

    I’m surprised no one bring up the fact that Ayn Rayn is the American chief of New Humanity Plan XD That and Rentaro actually compared saitake to Adolf Hitler in the LN.

    Well, its abt time it finally got a proper OP. A more fitting one at that And LOL @ Senju in the OP.

    At this point, just seeing it animated is enough for me since I have long accepted that the anime will be rushed. this is one of the reson you don’t see me comment much here as I don’t want to be “that guy”. I wish this is 2 cours like Mahouka so the pacing can relax a bit. At least they glossed over quite a bit of parts that annoyed me.

    Btw, Miori / Seitenshi >>>> Kisara for me.Kisara getting jealous over Miori is music to my ears. Tina is adorable and I’m warming up to Enju.

    PS they kinda skipped the explanation of the whole power limit of the Cursed Children thing in the anime which takes place after Rentaro leave the lab. Basically all CC have a “limit” of sort where their ability will stop growing after reaching a point. though it is possible to go past the limit, it will cause the virus infection rate to go up.

    • skylion says:

      We could go on all day about what they skipped. I guess they’ll save it for drama moments!

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