Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – 03

Kanojo ga Flag-Party in Souta's bed

It’s party time in Souta’s bed!

Welcome back to another episode of Kanojo ga Flag! So I have to ask after three episodes are you still planning on watching this series or did you already drop it?


 Welcome back to craziness. And no I’m not dropping it, it’s too much fun. This show doesn’t ever take a breather, does it? So Fosh, let’s see what Flags got raised this week!


More Haremettes

Kanojo ga Flag-Which do you pick

Tough decision

After the onslaught of, what was it, 4 new harem members (I can’t just say ‘girls’ thanks to Megumu) last week, we get a couple more this week. Well, that is if you can call Ruri-chan a girl. A robot whos head falls off, and whose boobs light up with Y/N answers. We’ll see if she is actually more than just a fanservice bot, because unfortunately she didn’t do a lot else except suck on a power cord. You’d think they could maybe come up with a little more sociable, a little less offputting way to have her recharge.

Kanojo ga Flag-Beware the yandere flag

Beware the yandere flag!

The seitokaichou is quickly earning the title of ‘biggest ditz in the show’ because she just doesn’t think about what she’s saying. This time we get her promising that Souta and crew from Quest Hall will win the week-long sports festival, or they’ll get kicked out. Noone said this show made any sense, did they? But this brings in the other new girl, Rin, a tomboy in a hakama, to train them all up. And of course Sora… I mean Rin has a secret past with a special friend who moved away and she’s kept up correspondence with him and he’s soooooo much better than Souta, which she goes right ahead and tells “Souda”… Yeah, we all know where this went, all the way to the yandere flag. But she does end up as another girl for Okiku-nee to ship with Souta.

Kanojo ga Flag-Acting all manly

Souta acting all manly. You know if you REALLY tried this, you’d both fall down the slope, right?

Robots and Childhood Friends

Kanojo ga Flag-While she still had her head

That’s not the way you get a-head…

Two new characters join the growing harem namely a robot named Ruri and the legendary childhood friend named Rin, but why include a robot character? I really have no idea other than providing comical relief for the series or maybe the creator of Kanojo ga Flag is a fan of Negima or Nichijou? Personally I like these kinds of odd characters because they are unusual or strange. I even have my own robot character in my original novel that is still a work in progress, but for the most part it appeared that Ruri’s main role was to play off Akane since she was sent by the Mahougasawa family to watch over her since she is living with a guy! Also did you notice her last name was Ninjabayashi? I guess she is obviously the Ninja piece in Sakura’s unique chess game.

Kanojo ga Flag-I've seen this before

This looks familiar, doesn’t it…

Rin was interesting and I assume that she is the Samurai piece in Sakura’s game especially with the type of clothing she wears at school, but I felt her back story was kind of a copy paste of Yozora from Haganai who was also thought of as a boy when she first met the main character and both wore similar hats? While that was nothing new for me it was nice to see Rin reunite with Souta and now she is going to train the others to participate in the sports festival? I guess that is just one way for the other characters to bond with Rin and sadly like most childhood friends in anime we all know they rarely win in the end so I don’t think she will be much competition for Nanami or Akane right now unless Rin also moves in with the other girls? I could see that happening soon.

Extra Moe Flags


Akane is still great!


Dat HanaKana <3


Kikuno is filled with rage!!


Rin is a great addition to the harem.

End thoughts

Still a few more haremettes to go, we’ll probably get them in the next couple weeks, I think. But the show’s doing pretty well keeping Nanami and Akane the only two realistic girls for Souta. I like that Nanami’s playing the tsukkomi role but without the indignant shouting most of the time. Mostly just her arch comments. The other thing I really like is that sound they play every time Megumu gets mistaken for a girl. I think I want to make that a phone notification or something.

Well that was another funny episode of Flags especially with Ruri and Rin’s introductions, but what new girl did you find more interesting this time? For me I liked watching Ruri because she just comes off as a unique character in this world and she also blushed in front of Souta? I guess that is something I look forward to seeing what develops with her and with the sports festival coming up next we should be prepared to see Ruri do something crazy!


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  1. skylion says:

    Souta acting all manly. You know if you REALLY tried this, you’d both fall down the slope, right?

    Due to budget limitations this week, some characters may experience odd gravimetrics. Please don’t be alarmed. We assure you that the normal laws of physics will resume shortly.

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