Space Dandy – 09

dandy (2)

Are you ready for some science?!

This was an odd episode of Dandy for me, and unfortunately we’re short-staffed for this ep, so Fosh and I discuss the trippy nature of Dandy’s trip to Planta and the nice background scenery and such.


I have to agree with Jrow this was a very odd episode, but I will say the backgrounds were amazing!


Extra Space fun

dandy (1)

Qt wants a hug <3

dandy (3)

I wonder if there will be a planet made of candy?

dandy (4)

Seriously this week had some great artwork.

dandy (5)

One word can describe Meow this week! DAMN.


dandy (6)

Qt meets Meow’s family?


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One Response to “Space Dandy – 09”

  1. skylion says:

    Trippy episode is trippy! I don’t mind that so much, as long as it doesn’t go to far, and they don’t do it too often. But yeah, like you guys say, it’s was pretty short on plot and characterization. But was fun nonetheless.

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