Kuroko no Basuke – 50 [END]


Akashi walking toward season three

 It’s finally the end for Kurobas anime, and I’ll definitely miss my weekly magical basketball anime. The manga is still ongoing though (and it’s currently covering the final of Winter Cup), so I guess I have nothing to worry about losing my magical basket overall. I’ll just worry about how they’re ending the anime with such little time despite of the materials that need to be covered.

As expected, the final episode starts right away with the despair Yosen feels every time their attack is blocked by Kagami and his counterattacks. Things got even worse when Himuro’s Mirage Shoot secret has been found out and stopped by Seirin – Teppei (with the help of Hyuga), out of all people. Oh, the irony. Anyway, despite of the negative aura that can be felt from Yosen, Murasakibara and Himuro keep on fighting until the end despite of the obvious. It’s nice to see the players, greatly affected with Murasakibara’s and Himuro’s spirit, not giving up until the end. If they were on Seirin, they would have won already. Too bad they’re not Seirin players.

Yay Characters!


Self-repentance comes with some of the most badass and… ugliest expressions

Although Seirin won the game, the star of this game is definitely Murasakibara (and Himuro at times).  His character developed the most, changing from a sort-of-hating-basketball player into a player that (finally) loves basketball (credit partially given to Himuro’s tears). This can be seen from his entering the Zone, something that requires passion for basketball. Not even Aomine can predict that. This also straightens my bad first impression of him. It’s not like he’s a lazy asshole who doesn’t want to do anything. He’s just a character that needs a great push to do something. During his first year as Generation of Miracles, Akashi’s push and the words given by their coach were enough to push Murasakibara to play. But I guess pretty words become meaningless once a person becomes stronger. After a while though, he finally found something that can push him back to play basketball with passion again, and it’s no other than Himuro’s tears and “envy.” Emotionless? No. He just lost his “feeling” for basketball, but he found it again in Himuro and Yosen’s loss.


Any Teppei x Himuro shipper?

The character that’s growing is not only Murasakibara, since Himuro and Teppei also developed greatly in this game. Finally, after so many years, Teppei was able to overcome his insecurity and fears in basketball. His fear made him stumble in the middle of the game, but his friends, the other Seirin players, held his hand and help him to stand up again. Now Teppei realizes that the past will not happen again. Thanks to the other Seirin players, he is able to push his negative feelings and come back to the game stronger than before – strong enough to “block” Himuro’s Mirage Shoot. Although Himoru is physically defeated by Teppei and Kagami, that doesn’t mind that he grows weaker mentally. Just like Teppei, he was able to overcome his negative emotions. Instead of pushing it away like Teppei did, Himuro comes to term with his negative feelings and accepts it. He does not give in, since he didn’t stop trying in the game. He just accepts his negative side and admits it as his weakness. However, by doing that, he was able to accept his whole self, making him stronger than before.

Boo Character(s)


Because The Zone is the answer to every problem in life

So many characters developed greatly, the audience would have thought that the same would be the same for the main characters. But no, that’s not what happened. Kagami’s character was disappointing for the most part, not developing at all except with the whole aniki thing with Himuro. He’s still hot-headed, strong, and in the Zone… For a long time. Oh right, there is also that Meteor Jam that was surprisingly disappointing in the anime. This is where I’m starting not to like Kurobas. They’re starting to rely on magical powers such as the Zone instead of strategy. The next thing we know, Kagami will be in the Zone all his damn time. At least Kuroko was better, since he finally can shoot and actually uses his brain to go against Murasakibara. But Kagami? Disappointing.

Unclear Ending

Kuroko_50-00062 Kuroko_50-00006

1) Dear anime, other Yosen players exist too 2) Only Kuroko can make basketball look this lazy

What I feared came true: the last episode was messed up. Sure, some characters developed, some did not, yada yada. However, there are still many things that were not covered in this arc. First, the anime did not include the highlights of other Yosen characters. The anime made it only as if Murasakibara and Himuro exist in Yosen. No, there are other players in Yosen, and they’re as awesome as Seirin players. Second, Himuro’s Mirage Shoot defeat was so damn anti-climatic here. In the manga, they literally explained the shoot with extreme details. But in the anime, it was just a passing remark. The same goes for the Meteor Jam also. There is a reason why it’s only taught to Kagami. What the hell, anime? Why you don’t include the interesting parts of this arc? Why does Murasakibara’s Zone Mode look lame as hell when it’s so damn awesome in the manga? Why you rush the pace of this arc? Why is the animation still bad even at the last episode? And why the hell would you end the episode abruptly like that? Why, anime, why?


Even Akashi and Mirodima are questioning each other about season two’s weird ending

I am so conflicted, confused, and angry for this season. Despite of the animation faults that are understandable, the show was great from the beginning until the middle of Yosen match. Then things went downhill from there until that weird ending where Kagami runs to Himuro. Seriously man, what the hell? And why would they end it like that without showing the audience the meeting between Kagami and Himuro? And why does it look as if Kuroko is letting his lover go? Seriously, everything about the last minutes of Yosen match sucks. The animation looks half-assed even until the last episode;  only Himuro and Murasakibara exist in Yosen; the story is chopped for anime duration’s convenience… AGH. God, I just hate it every time anime screwed the original series just for the sake of duration whatsoever. I know I know how bad season 2 ended. My brain knows how bad those damn lackluster final episodes are. But my inner fangirl… God, I’m so biased when it comes to Kuroko I still love this series so damn much. But I know for sure that I’m really disappointed with season two. I just hope season three (if there’s any planned) won’t be like this.


Let’s hope for Winter Cup semifinal/final animation


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16 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 50 [END]”

  1. sadakups says:

    Oh, there will be a season 3. There should be. There must be.

  2. Kyokai says:

    I was fine with the finale as I know we will get another season. Now, on to the manga!

    • anaaga says:

      Eeehhhh I think the final was horrible. Probably because I’ve read this part in the manga. If you read it, you’ll know how horrible the ending was

    • Namika says:

      I don’t think the ending was that bad o-o

  3. berrish17 says:

    Season three <3

    Whenever I look at Akashi, reminds me of that scene where he gave him self a lil haircut with the scissor.lol
    Badass cutie.

  4. Namika says:

    You seem to be extremely critical as of late 😀 I don’t think that animation was that bad. It could have been better, definitely, but I wouldn’t say that it was bad to the point of me bearing to watch it.
    The ending was really meh. I was waiting for Kagami’s conversation with Himuro, but noooooo~. We end it in a KagamixKuroko and KagamixHimuro cliffhanger thingy. I’m rooting for Kuroko though 😀
    And who was that Rakuzan guy, why did he have his scene? >_< uuuuuuu~

    I may not dislike Murasakibara as much now, but I have to say that crying is getting a little overused now. We get it that they’re really just kids and stuff but seriously. Cut it out. When Touou lost I thought to myself “If Aomine cries I will jump out of the window”.
    And the zone, too. Sure, watching Kagami(and Daiki, too) play when he’s in the zone is cool and stuff but the anime definitely started relying on this magic wand towards the end. And Murasakibara’s knees giving way at the climax….. plot convenience. There was just too much of it in the last episode. But I admit it, I loved it to bits and pieces anyway. From Hyuuga stopping the mirage shoot to Kuroko blocking Murasakibara’s shot. Oh, that made me squeal like no other. He’s getting so cool <3 Kuroko-kun <3

    Now we start waiting for season three. They will definitely make it-nanodayo. How can they ignore such a popular series? Right? *nervous laugh* And the match with Kaijou will probably be first in the third season <3 Kise-kun, we didn't get any of him this season :'( I miss you, Kise-kun <3

    • anaaga says:

      The animation was bearable at times, but I was literally pissed when the animation didn’t improve at all for the last few episodes. They made a decent profit with the first season, and yet they can’t spend a little more for the second season? I don’t see how that’s going to make season two make as much profit as season one’s.

      Did anyone cry except Seirin and Murasakibara? I’m not too fond of illogical outbursts, but I can understand it if it’s Murasakibara. Maybe the anime didn’t show enough hints, but the GoM members in the manga imply that he’s the msot childish one among all six. And this is probably the first time he lost ever since he was in middle school, so yeah. Seeee this is what happened when the anime cuts scenes agghhh

      The red hair or the one with black hair? The red hair is Akashi, but the black hair one is not Rakuzan. He’ll be the one that will go against Kise, and he has some… past with Kise and GoM.

      If you have the zone, you’ll definitely hate the match in the final because Kagami literally went into the zone twice by now, hehe. Murasakibara’s zone was pretty cool though in the manga, and I actually like it. Probably it’s a proof for me that he’s no longer a jackass, unlike a certain red-haired captain of Rakuzan *shudder for the match against Rakuzan*

      • Namika says:

        Nooooo, with black hair that looked kinda braided or something. I know how Akashi looks. But I have no idea how he plays and I REALLY want to see that. Though the first impression he left on me is that he’s an asshole. o-o

  5. zztop says:

    Is there enough material for Season 3?

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