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And you though real life basketball is cruel

Welp, after a while, I finally managed to force myself to find some time to write about Kuroko. No, it’s not that I don’t follow Kuroko, but I was waiting for the time where I could catch up everything while writing about the climax at the same time. And that time is naooowww where things are finally reaching its peak between Seirin and Yosen

Sometimes Things Get Sucky in Basketball

If there is anything I learn from Kuroko no Basket, it’s gotta be how sucky and shitty things can get during the game. Especially with a team that has people like Murasakibara as (one of) its ace. That guy is really an asshole. He just loves doing mind rape to other players he hates, especially people like Teppei. The sucky thing is that nobody can counter what he said because he’s the one who has always been on the winning side. But let’s take a moment to remember his behavior. If he were not a member of Generation of Miracles, he wouldn’t be this way. And it’s not only Murasakibara. The disunity and the negative behavior of other GoM members could be seen in the flashback already. This is what happens when a team is too strong. This is what happens when competition and victory are treated like gods. This is what happened when friendship is cast aside just for the sake of victory. And when everything already happened, it will be too late. The only way to open the eyes of people like Murasakibara is by defeating them.


Even being mean is passable when one is a bishie

It will be hard to defeat Yosen overall though, since the members are as badass as those of Touou’s. I’m not talking about their heights only, of course. I’m talking about their jutsu such as Thor’s Hammer *snort* and Mirage Shoot *snort again*. There is also the advantage they got because of natural talent, such as copying Teppei’s Vice Claw (worst mind rape ever). Only miracle can help the opposing team to win against Yosen

Friendship is the Key to Everything



If miracle doesn’t appear out of nowhere though, a team can always count on FRIENDSHIP because FRIENDSHIP is the answer to everything. It can fire up a person, gives extra energy, adds additional power, create magical ability, and so on. Besides the ridiculous amount of things a dose of friendship can do in this anime, I like how the “friendship” was handled in this arc. I was this close at crying when I see the teams supporting Teppei after the mind rape Murasakibara did to him. That moment when one sees something so beautiful and powerful after the worst kind of despair is just… Beautiful. Though the friendship is literally overrated in this show, this time, they handled the theme “friendship” pretty well.

Everyone Needs Talent in Basketball



Thanks to the friendship, Seirin is able to catch up to Yosen and breaks some of their spirit, including Murasakibara who completely gives up at the unstoppable Kagami. Murasakibara giving up is predictable, but I did not predict Tatsuya’s anger at all. It was odd to see such a calm person slap a meanie like Murasakibara. I guess the hierarchy in Yosen is pretty clear now. Now we all know who the true boss who is able to move the stone-hearted person like Murasakibara. Putting his status as the “boss” of Yosen, I feel sorry for Tatsuya… And any other ordinary characters who are like him in this show. They try so hard to be like GoM and Kagami, but they will never be able to be like them. Why? Because of talent, apparently. They don’t have any special talent that can make them be on par with people like Kagami. No matter how good they are, if there is no talent, they won’t be able to make it.


Two ordinary players but with different vision

… Or can they? Or is Tatsuya just being pessimistic? Because Kuroko is in the same shoes as Tatsuya. Was. He has no talent. He’s so invisible people can’t see him. No, invisibility is not a talent. In Kuroko’s case, it’s just a nature of his. Compared to the other GoM members and Kagami, his so-called “talent” is nothing. And yet he is able to be on par with GoM members now. At least, they admit him as someone. The same goes for Kagami. For a natural talent for Kagami, he will naturally pick those who are almost as talented as him. And yet, he picked Kuroko as his partner (though it was one-sided at first). Why? It’s all because of Kuroko’s hard work and persistent personality. Instead of giving up and believing that he’ll never get out of his invisibility shell, he decided to take advantage of his invisibility. Instead of comparing himself with the other GoM members and Kagami, he decided to stay by their side. So is it talent, hard work, or personality problem? Maybe each character has his own problem, but if Kuroko can prove otherwise, I’m sure Tatsuya can. Besides, Tatsuya is not alone now. He has Murasakibara by his side to now.

Extra Tears:

Show ▼

Man, marathoning Kurobas is the best. I don’t have to wait for a damn week just to get the next episode. No cliffhangers! Not that I get any though, since this match is not as entertaining as the one with Touou. Somehow all of my energy is left in that Touou match. It’s weird because I didn’t feel like this when I read the manga. Is it the pacing of the anime? That’s definitely it. I’m pretty disappointed because they skipped many of the minor details just to get to the main plot. I don’t mind staying in track with the main story, but those little details are the ones that actually spice things up in this game. Thankfully, the drama is pretty interesting and touching, so I wasn’t that bored when I watched those manly tears

I also have some mixed feelings on the animation of these episodes. I mean, some of the animation in episode 48 is just straight terrible. Never have I seen such horrible deformed Kagami. But when I see Himuro’s fake in episode 49, I kneel in praise for such deformed Kagami and others in the previous episodes. I guess the studio is really saving their money for some of the priceless scenes in the manga. But they need to stop doing this. There’s only one (or two?) episode left, so Studio I.G needs to start begging because I want great animation for the last episode

Preview: Murasakibara getting serious in the last episode? This is not a bad sign, game-wise and story-wise


Tatsuya is surprised that next week is the last episode


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8 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 47 – 49”

  1. zztop says:

    25000 fans participated in this year’s Kuroko no Basuke character popularity poll organized by Weekly Shonen Jump.
    The top 3 for 2014 are:
    1.Seijūrō Akashi – 6,276 votes
    2.Tetsuya Kuroko – 3,505 votes
    3.Kazunari Takao – 2,539 votes

    Refer to the link for the top 10.

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s kinda funny that the show’s lead is second but then again Akashi’s mystery has been built for such a long time that this is totally fine. Though, I don’t know why Takao is so popular… Is it because of Tatsuhisa only or anything else? Kinda sad to see Kagami at 5 though.

    • Namika says:

      Akashi.. okay. Personally, I’m really glad to see Takao on the 3rd place. I really like him, he’s a fun character.
      And Kise is after him, too ^_^ But Teppei isn’t in the list. And at the same time I see his last name there. New character *~*

  2. zztop says:

    The Kuroko no Basuke threat suspect, Watanabe Hirofumi, has been apprehended and has admitted to all charges against him in court.

  3. Kyokai says:

    NOOOOOOOO! That’s my take on the next episode being last. I WANT MORE!

  4. Namika says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( I don’t want KuroBasu to end TT^TT
    Now we’ll have to wait for another year TT^TT well, approximately.
    I hate Murasakibara. =3= He’s a meanie. But I’ll admit, I kinda liked how he looked with his hair tied back. I could actually call him a bishie now.

    Oh, kagami’s play. I loved watching it o-o It was godly. And the dunk ;_; Utsukushiiii~
    I really want to see Teppei’s comeback, but at the same time I want him to stay on the goddamn bench. His whole situation breaks my heart. And the latest episode make RikoxTeppei couple actually shippable for me. That moment was cute <3

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