Space Dandy – 08

dandy (5)

Dogs in space!!

A tale of two halves, this episode. Fosh, Overcooled and I discuss the first half about a dog and the second half about some machinian fleas. As mentioned during the ‘cast, here’s the Bebop highlights with the fridge.


What a crazy and emotional episode with Dandy making a new friend and the random space fleas!? What is going on?!


This episode has a cute dog in it so there’s really no way to resist. A cute space dog, at that! Anything sounds better when you put “space” in front of it. I’ll never tire of this…


Extra Space fun

dandy (3)

Meow needs to watch cowboy bebop.

dandy (4)

Dandy is feeling super lonely…

dandy (6)

Another manservice scene for the girls.

dandy (1)

Dandy is so magical.


dandy (2)

Food planet is this Toriko?


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One Response to “Space Dandy – 08”

  1. skylion says:

    Inferno Captain is Commodore Perry!

    It seems to be the thing with the Dandy Show; scripting schizophrenia, baby!

    I think he does great when they balance the feels with the funny, episode five being the best yet. I actually got the character, instead of getting the pompadoured ball of tropes he usually is. This had no balance.

    I started singing Areosmith’s Toys in the Attic upon seeing that fridge. Well, REM’s very very old cover of it.

    And what a way to die! By hair gel! Ugggggh!

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