Space Dandy – 07

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Prince wins the award for best car.

Indeed, it’s racin’ time on Space Dandy, so all of us are here to talk about Dandy’s Last Resorts, the Prince as voiced by Yuki Kaji and plowing into people from behind.


Welcome back to another amazing mini-talk on Space dandy! Sooooooo how was that epic space race? It was certainly fun seeing Dandy and his crew taking part in a crazy race instead of hunting for rare aliens and what about Prince? Is he going to come back later as another possible “love” interest for Dandy? I guess we shall see.


Now, this race was a nice surprise. When we thought the previous episode was a fujoshi bait, this comes off as the ticket for fangirls. It’s my duty to remind everyone of another ramming similar to the CLIMAX of this episode as the ending scenes from Evangelion 2.22. Yep, look that penetration of Shinji up. Good cameo of Noto Mamiko and Yuki Kaji and I’ll look forward to the I am Legend homage next episode.


This got really sexual really quickly. Not at the NSFW work level (those darn maracas blocked our view!) but at the level where we giggle endlessly when recounting the events. It was certainly a race to remember…


Extra Space fun

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Dandy is having a rough day.

dandyyy (1)

Better keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times bro.

dandyyy (2)

Prince must be Takuto’s brother from Star Driver.

dandyyy (3)

Achievement unlocked.


dandyyy (4)

Maybe Prince wanted to take a shower with Meow and Dandy?



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