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Thanks to a bit of unfortunate timing, this post will probably be delayed for a bit to avoid publishing two Nisekoi posts in very close succession. But at least now I should be all caught up and back on schedule with the show.


Study Session

Any closer and their blushes would merge.

Honestly speaking this was the most entertaining episode of Nisekoi so far. Though it was technically full of cliches and generic tropes, the romcom hi-jinks here really struck a nice note in my opinion. To start off we have a more formal introduction of Shuu and Ruri, the respective best friends of Raku and Onodera. And guess what, they’ve both more or less figured out that Raku and Onodera share a mutual attraction unknown only to the two themselves. How those two can remain ignorant of this is beyond me, considering how much attention they pay to each other. Continuing, Ruri is also catching on to the fact that Raku and Chitoge might not be a true couple, while Shuu has known from the very beginning. So basically the stage is set for lots of hilarious meddling to come, as we experienced firsthand in this episode.

Dark Places


But enough about Raku and Onodera. Let’s instead talk about Raku and Chitoge again. Coming into the show, I’ve seen people complain about how much of a bitch Chitoge is. And understandably her abusive treatment of Raku and ungirly (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) personality might put people off. But we’re four episodes in now and so far I’ve not seen anything that would warrant such harsh language against her (I understand the irony of this statement). Sure, she’s brazenly rude and outspoken at times. But I find her behavior rather understandable for someone who finds herself suddenly thrust into a false relationship without any say in the matter. Sure, she doesn’t have to be so hostile to Raku, but that’s nothing to call her a bitch over. It’s not like Raku doesn’t return the favor verbally. And if he returned the favor physically they would essentially be even. But that would just be wrong, wouldn’t it?

A washing machine for five hours.

Really, Chitoge is just a rather ordinary girl who had the misfortune of being born into a gang family. So i’m glad that Raku is starting to see her as such instead of a “gorilla.” That said, I’m actually a little put off by this new development. I don’t consider myself a RakuxChitoge shipper (yet), but as someone who can see their relationship becoming real, I’m disappointed that the only way for Raku to come to like Chitoge is for her to display stereotypical, attractive, girly qualities. The last time this sort of happened was when they went on their first date and he thought she might be cute if only she didn’t open her mouth and otherwise remained unconscious. So basically he’d like her if she’s just a pretty face without any personality. Then comes this episode and he starts thinking that Chitoge might be cute if she displays some weakness and has to cling to him. Again, a common theme in all this is that her attractive appearance is her only redeeming quality. Now, I’m probably taking this a bit far, but this makes Raku come across as shallow. Almost unlikable, even.

What’s the big deal about kisses anyway?

I’m not going to spout the usual it’s what’s inside that counts bull because honestly no one truly believes in that kind of virtuous sermonizing. And I’m not saying that Raku can’t have his preference for a really girly girl as his ideal partner (Moedera of course being the gold standard in his eyes). I just wish he would stop objectifying Chitoge as a pretty face tacked onto a disagreeable personality. He can find her appearance attractive all he wants, but he needs to stop thinking things like “she’s pretty cute if she shuts up or if she’s weak and helpless.” You don’t have to be a feminist to agree that this kind of outlook on women is very insulting. I don’t want to be putting words in the mouths of feminists though, because they tend to get easily and unreasonably ticked off about just about anything. So I’ll just leave it at that.

False Extras

Show ▼

So yeah, after all is said and done Raku and Chitoge are now ever so slightly closer to becoming a real thing. With others starting to learn about the truth or at least starting to get suspicious of their relationship though, I wonder how long it will be until someone openly questions their legitimacy in front of the class or even the rival gangs. Somehow, I have a feeling that the show will avoid such a development though, because it would pretty much be an endgame sort of thing if the one shot was any indication.


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10 Responses to “Nisekoi – 04”

  1. MR.KLAC says:

    yea whole wonder give raku pretend love with chitoge then yet onodera is feel like 3rd wheel.

    give all wild card to shake-up which couple they want yet also raku fess to shu on pretend love with yet shu knew they were acting all along.

    indeed if keep-up let go with harem route ending.

    • Highway says:

      It’ll be a harem route ‘ending’ because they’ll get to the end of this series without anything actually happening.

      • Sumairii says:

        I know you’re going to be right because that’s just how it is, but I still refuse to lose hope that the anime will attempt a RakuxChitoge ending. Hopefully it won’t just become Chitoge turning into another Onodera though, if it does happen.

  2. Highway says:

    Raku really is a completely self-centered guy. Not in the vain “I’m the best person there is” way, but in the “not paying the least bit of attention to anyone else’s thoughts” way. Really, the only thing that might come out of this whole series is maybe he’s a little less of that. I mean, he can’t even see that Onodera is always flirting with him? Oh no, she’s just really nice and always comes talk to just you, never anyone else. But it’s not out of any special feelings for you. Noooooooo.

    Even Chitoge, who the show has desperately been trying to portray as ‘self-absorbed girl who gradually opens up’ has been, from the very beginning, less of a selfish person than Raku.

    • Sumairii says:

      Yeah, with each passing episode I find myself hating Raku more. I don’t have any hope that he will change though, because comments on the manga that I’ve read seem to indicate that he remains more or less a self-absorbed and ignorant idiot.

  3. HannoX says:

    Different things for different people. So Raku likes the demure type of girl. Nothing wrong with that per se, except he thinks Chitoge would be better if she were that type and that is wrong. He should accept her for who she is. Unfortunately, I’ve got a feeling this show is going to end up turning her into that type, that the way she’s acting now is an act due to her family situation and underneath she is the demure type. And that would be a shame because she’s much more interesting as she is now. Onodera is a nice girl and pretty, but I prefer Ruri (but taller, please!) and Chitoge (but less violent, please!) as the girls in this show.

    • Sumairii says:

      I have to agree with your opinion on the girls. To me, Onodera is almost too perfect of an “ideal girl” that she would just be boring to be in a relationship with.

  4. JPNIgor says:

    Shaft had fun with these railings.

    Shaft, wtf? Why so unnecessarily awesome? Is it one of your mundane made awesome stuff?

    • skylion says:

      Did you see the progression of the top of the school building in Madoka, from TV, to BD, to Film? Ornate, stoopidly ornate, and then it was a bloody cathedral!

  5. BlackBriar says:

    I’m amazed there are actually some supporting characters that aren’t gullible enough to buy Raku and Chitoge’s ruse and began having suspicions. And kudos to Raku’s friend by psychologically torturing him even though he knew the truth about the relationship.

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