Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 08

This is a pen!

I’ve always been fine with Benio, but this week’s Mikakunin I felt had way too much of her.




Benio realizes how much of a distraction she was.

I know people who have gotten fed up with Mashiro. And it’s easy to do that, given how much attention the show gives her. On the other hand, things have been comparatively tame with regards to Benio. She displays her usual siscon and lolicon tendencies, but it’s usually nothing too overbearing. This episode though, gave her way too much screen time. It’s great to see her goofing off and being upset by Kobeni hiding things from her. But the excessive focus on what should have only been a minor tidbit made the episode come across as dragging its feet. I really wanted to see how things would develop with Konoha. Not how Benio would deal with her imaginary problems. And when it comes down to it, all too much of the episode was simply wasted on the latter. Amusingly enough, I note that even Mashiro is actually relevant for these latest developments, which is probably what’s been making her more and more tolerable as of late. So if the show wants to introduce more Benio, I have no problems with this. It just needs to do so while making her relevant.

A New Challenger


Now on to Konoha. So we learned last time that she’s the same as Hakuya and Mashiro, a fact which Hakuya has been aware of for a while thanks to his “intuition.” Come this episode, both sides are now aware of each other’s identity. And the show goes exactly where I thought it would, with Konoha proposing to Hakuya. Well, it wasn’t so much a proposal as it was a demand for him to marry her. Because, as I also suspected, members of the extra-humans don’t come across each other very often. Which makes such a chance meeting a prime opportunity for Konoha to nab a guy for herself. I sure do like the way her mother thinks, what with the “make sure to call dibs on him.” What a mom.

Konoha sizes up her prey.

More seriously though, I wonder how serious the problem of meeting other members of their species is. Because quite honestly, it’s a horrible idea to just randomly get with the first guy you see without even knowing anything about him. Konoha even says it herself; Hakuya isn’t really her type. Yet it’s all OK because they’re the same kind. What if they really don’t get along, like how Konoha and Mashiro loathe each other? I just can’t see such a haphazard way of finding a partner for the rest of your life working out. Moreover, is it absolutely necessary for extra-humans to get together with another extra-human? This is a question I’ve wondered before, with the simple answer (from biology class) being yes. But given how similar in appearance the extra-humans are to regular humans, one has to wonder if it’s impossible for the two species to cross-breed with viable offspring.

Unidentified Extras

Show ▼

So now that Konoha has thrown down the gauntlet, what will Kobeni do? Obviously she has been warming up to Hakuya slowly but surely. But so far she’s not been terribly honest with her feelings. In that way, Konoha stepping into the fray might just be the best catalyst possible to drive Kobeni and Hakuya together once and for all. After all, I’m sure Hakuya has absolutely no interest in Konoha, and the two know so little about each other that I can’t see a real relationship happening between them. All that’s left is for Kobeni to really open up to Hakuya and not push him away, which might actually be a challenge considering how sensitive the guy is about some of the most mundane things she says. Konoha isn’t a tough challenger though, so as long as Kobeni is careful and honest enough about it, this should be a cinch.

I choose you!


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8 Responses to “Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 08”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    Konoha sure was surprising and straightforward…and she’s is a good girl too…i feel a triangle in the air…i also feel sorry for Benio…

  2. Wanderer says:

    I see three difficulties ahead.

    1: Turning Konoha down without offending or upsetting her. While some may argue that she’s not a main character and she’s been causing the main characters trouble so it doesn’t matter if she’s upset, upsetting her could lead to further troubles down the line.

    2: Explaining the situation in a way that she doesn’t misunderstand. She’s a bit dense, and for the same reason as above she needs to properly understand why she’s not a competitor in this race so she doesn’t accidentally cause more trouble.

    3: Doing the above without the reporter girl catching wind of any of it. I don’t need to explain why this is important, I hope.

    I doubt any of that will be truly simple, and I’m almost certain this will serve as a push for Kobeni, forcing her to face her own feelings and figure out what exactly she thinks of Hakuya. Even though Hakuya is obviously (obviously to us, anyway) not interested in anyone other than Kobeni, Kobeni lacks self-confidence, and I expect she’ll think Hakuya may be interested in Konoha’s proposal, even though we know better.

  3. skylion says:

    They really could have taken the Kobeni knob down a few notches; jokes got old quick. DESU YODESU YODEEEEESUUUU YOOOOOO. Smack that writer!

    We don’t really know the rules about how the Unexpected operate, we’ve been given something of one. Nab that guy! But is that really a rule, or more of a thing a desperate mother has to say to her clueless daughter?

    I’m thinking the Unexpected are more like us than we would imagine.

  4. skylion says:

    Oh, I forgot to include a comment on This is a Pen. The link was the first thing I thought about.

    Which also makes me think of Scott McCloud’s <a href="“>Mind Blower!

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Benio overdid this time. She was annoyingly excessive with her antics and should set a limit for herself. If stupidity was a crime, she’d instantly get the death penalty.

    Their race must be near extinction if Konoha is willing to marry the first male of her species she crosses paths with. First come, first serve, eh? If that’s the game, she’s lost before having a chance since Hakuya only has eyes for Kobeni.

  6. Highway says:

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Yay-yay!
    Mashiro World: It’s a place where they never miss having sweet sweet snacks!
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Yay-yay!
    Mashiro World: if you’re there, you never want to return!

  7. Highway says:

    I didn’t really have a problem with anyone, any more than usual this episode. It kind of went around and around, since Konoha and Mashiro can’t just say things straight, but you figure that’s what they do for laughs.

    To me the most interesting part is Kobeni hearing Konoha try to claim Hakuya. Of course, Konoha doesnt know that Hakuya is betrothed to Kobeni, and you wonder how that will work out for everyone when she does find out.

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