Kuroko no Basuke 41-43


Probably the longest 15 seconds of my life

I’ve been struggling for my online time in Metanorn, but WHO CARES, RIGHT? LET’S GET ON WITH THE LAST EPISODE FOR SEIRIN vs. TOUOU MATCH. Oh, and NoSicko, I apologize for not answering your comment in the last post, but thanks! I try my best.

Unleashing Everything They Got


Bet you didn’t see that one coming, Imayoshi!

Both team did work really hard in this game. They tried everything they have to show their best skill to win the game. An example in Seirin would be Kuroko. He’s definitely the type that develops his jutsu slowly, but he worked hard during the summer to find a new jutsu, and he did find it! And this is a huge development for Kuroko. Why? Because his new jutsu, Misdirection Overflow, is something that is out of his comfort zone. It’s not about passing or making himself invisible, but it’s about drawing attention to himself, making his teammates invisible instead of him. Though this is still involved with invisibility, this is still something fresh to him, and he never attempt to do it before. Is this a good thing? Yes. Being out of his comfort zone means that there is (finally) some space for some real development on his jutsu (not just upgraded version of his jutsu), and trust me, this is the beginning of Kuroko’s glorious road to get some of the most powerful new jutsu of his. Kuroko of Kiseki no Sedai? Forget it, Kuroko of Seirin already surpassed him long time ago.


After so many episodes, he finally opened his eyes… Once.

… Though of course, Kuroko still needs to work on his stamina, because once he is out of breath, there will be people like Imayoshi trying to catch up to him. He’s not some Kiseki no Sedai or another Kagami, but he did shine in the game. Not only he is smarter than that Hanamiya dude, he’s also meaner than him. And I really can see it. Hayama might be a bastard for playing rough, but giving Buzzer Beater is one of the worst psychological torture anyone can give on the field. And that is what Imayoshi did. Damn, this guy is worse than the devil. But of course, this is another way of saying that there are other players besides Aomine in Touou. Although they’re not as good as Aomine, their power should not be underestimated, because if you do, they will give you hell. But I guess that’s that it means to be one of the best teams in Japan.



The Zone 101: every player during the Zone has one obligatory shadow scene

That’s right, it’s the most awaited scene in Kuroko no Basuke, and it’s none other than The Zone match between Kagami and Aomine. It’s one of the most famous scenes in Kurobas, and it’s famous not without reason. It’s… so amazing, no words can describe it. Seriously, I’m still speechless until now for what happened in the Zone, and only those who have watched it will understand what I’m feeling now. Such intensity, such speed, such fast movement, such concentration, such accuracy, such power, everything was at its max during the Zone, and the two battled with their 100%. Aomine and Kagami are amazing, but they were way more amazing during the Zone. It was such a glorious scene, and it was something only the two can achieve. Another prove why both of them are the aces of their teams.


The Zone 101: Every player during the Zone is obligated to pose like a bishie

However, the zone for Kagami might not be as special as it is for Aomine. For Kagami, the Zone is for his teammates, but for Aomine, the Zone restored his lost faith. Of what? Of basketball. All this time, he played halfheartedly, believing that nobody can beat him. He never used his full power in the games because why would he, when others lost their will to give it their all as soon as they saw Aomine? But here he is, a man who is as strong as Aomine and is willing to give it his all to fight against him just for the sake of his teammates… and Kuroko. Someone who is not discouraged even when he already lost against Aomine once. Someone who replaced Aomine’s position as Kuroko’s light. Finally, Aomine found what he was looking for in basketball: someone strong who is willing to give it his all.

And the Winner is…


Damn right

Seirin, with a close 101-100! It’s all thanks to the Touou blondie and his accident with Teppei in the last 6 seconds of the game, and apparently, there is no choice than to do a rebound then get a 3 point for it. Which is pretty weird, since I think it’s easier to get 4 points rather than do the hard work of rebound and getting the ball back with so much damn effort and so on, but I guess the rebound makes the match more exciting. There’s probably the time limit too, so I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, during the last 6 seconds, both Aomine and Kagami lost their Zone moment (apparently there’s a time limit for it), but that didn’t stop Kagami from beating Aomine. Why? FRIENDSHIP, OF COURSE. Both Aomine and Kagami did get tired and slows down a bit, but Kagami revived himself because he has the faith of Kuroko and the others to support him. While Aomine? Yes, the others believe in him, but the will (and bitter feeling) of already-lost-once Seirin is stronger, apparently. Does this make any sense? Nope, it doesn’t. But it makes sense here because 1) this is anime, and 2) Seirin wins partially because of this friendship power. Seriously, Seirin works so hard in this game, they deserve to win it. And they did! So congratulations, Seirin! You definitely deserve that sleep.


You’ve worked hard!

Extra Win:

Show ▼

Truly one of the best matches I have ever seen in Kuroko no Basuke. Everything about this game is just great. The character development, the jutsu development, the amazing story, and so on. My favorite part of this game though has to be, of course, the Zone. Forget all my complains about bad animation and lack of movement. All the budget for this anime went right there on the Zone. Though the animation still can’t rival the animation on the first opening, all that movement and speed during the Zone was just amazing. My jaw literally dropped when I saw such amazing movements from both aces. That part also pumped my adrenaline, adding to my already high hype more than ever. I can’t remember when I shouted this much while watching an anime. Honestly, I have nothing to say except that this was such a great game, and in this game is where I enjoyed this magical basketball anime to the max. If the requirement of a sport anime is to pump the audience adrenaline and make them forget the real life even for just thirty minutes, I’d say that Kuroko no Basuke succeeded at doing that. Here is the problem though. The game was great. But will the game with Yousen be great also? Can it rival the game against Touou? I’m afraid that with such great game ending, the fans will not get what they expected in the next game. Especially with such little amount of time, since we have less than 10 episodes left.

Preview: There’s a naked female in my gay sports anime.


Before finding Kagami’s woman, let’s celebrate first!


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15 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke 41-43”

  1. Kyokai says:

    What an amazing episode. I spoiled myself with manga for this finale but man it was all worth it!

  2. Namika says:

    The match was SO COOL!!! If I wasn’t watching it at 3 AM I would have probably squealed non-stop throughout the whole episode. SO MUCH WIN I can’t even…. And Kuroko’s laughing face……. O////O Awwwwww~
    Can’t wait to see Tatsuya play!

    • anaaga says:

      Everything about this episode was perfect. Best episode ever.
      Tatsuya’s play against Kagami is bittersweet in a way. You will definitely sympathize with the dude

      • Namika says:

        I already doo. Darn that manly pride ==” But it would be fun if they didn’t have that 😀 I’m REALLY intrigued about his gameplay.

  3. Japaninspired says:

    Wow, the animation in the last episode was something. Kagami’s and Aomine’s battle was so well animated.

    We’ll meet Alex next time, hehe ^^
    This is going to be fun.

    • Namika says:

      I bet. As Anaaga said – a naked female in our gay basketball anime. This has GOT to be good 😀

      • anaaga says:

        It BETTER be good, or else I’ll be raging like mad with the appearance of the female (though most of the women in Kuroko are actually cool)

  4. Ashley says:

    >Cheer up Imayoshi, Aomine will treat you with some delicious sex in fan doujinshi


    • anaaga says:

      It’s such a perfect scene for doujin, doujin artists have got to lose their touch if they don’t make a doujin after this game

  5. zztop says:

    Is Kuroko as popular as Free! in Japan?

    • anaaga says:

      Not so sure now, but it was such a huge success during the first season. The manga, I mean. It sold around 500,000 copies once, something that can definitely rival some of the well-known titles in Japan. I’m not so sure about now though. I know for sure though that Free might be popular, but Kuroko’s popularity is waayy before Free

      • Namika says:

        Plus, I believe that blackmailing session kinda added to the series’ popularity a little bit, too. How did that end, btw?

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