Happy Birthday, Ness!


Time for January’s last birthday and it’s our Graphics Master, Ness’s!

Happy birthday, Ness! I’m sure all of us appreciate the work you do behind the scenes, though I guess technically it isn’t really behind the scenes since the content is put up for all to see in the end? In any case, keep up the great work on the graphic design! And I also hope you get well soon if you haven’t yet recovered.


 Happy birthday, Ness! I haven’t talked to you in a while (we talk what, once a year on average? xD), but thank you for all of your hard work and the great looking graphics that you manage to make for the site all the time~. Hopefully you’re not too busy to take a day to relax and/or party.


Happy Birthday! I swear we should just meet up and have a big, week-long double party. That would be sweet. Either way, you still get to celebrate and have a good time on your special day! No one else matters on this day but you so go and boss people around until you get what you want. I ensure it will work. Have a good one, Ness~


Wooooooooo!! Happy birthday Ness and I have to say you always do amazing graphical work on our anime previews! Till this day I still remember the first time I joined the team and how we would talk on Skype about anime, movies, videogames and our awesome tag team posts, anyway I hope you have time to take a break and eat some cake and kickback to watch some anime~



Happy Birthday, Nessu! My text buddy and always there BFF <333 Have you finally reached the fourteenth year of your life? 😛 Jokes aside, I hope you have an amazing time with friends and family today. If I was in Phils, I would take you out shopping and cafe-hopping to boot (yep, we definitely will do this someday), but I’m pretty sure you will have a blast as usual. On another note, this post always gives me thorough opportunity to thank you for all the background work that you do for Metanorn to keep it looking fresh and sharp with your awesome photoshop skills. Stay funky, chillax and rock throughout the day. (/^ω^)/


Happy Birthday Ness! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness. It’s simply been too long since we’ve last chatted or have had you on MetaVerse. Keep on rockin’ and sharpening those graphic skills you got; they make the previews and such all the more fun to look at!


Happy birthday, Ness! Thank you for supporting us every season with your graphics work; you make Metanorn just that much more awesome. Hope you have a great day of celebration, and this coming year is even better to you than the last.


Happy Birthday, Ness! Thanks as always for making Metanorn look so great! I hope you have a good birthday and an excellent year to come, and enjoy yourself always!


Happy Birthday Ness! You might be older now, but to me you’ll always be my loli trap :3 From your tweets /facebook, it seems that you’re into culinary adventure? Anyhow, for today, you’re allowed to eat everywhere for freeee since it’s your birthday. Just…  Ask your parents to pay, don’t bail them like what anime characters do hehe. Happy Birthday, and I hope you have fun today!



Join in this rowdy party yo!


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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14 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Ness!”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Happy Birthday, Ness!! Enjoy yourself today and party hard. Well, not too hard. 😉

  2. skylion says:

    Happy Birthday Ness! It will just keep getting better from here. Until you get to be HWY’s age. That is bad. LOL>

  3. Ness says:

    @Suma: Behind the scenes as in, people don’t really know it’s from me since I don’t put my name on the works right? Hahah but yeah I get what you mean. I recovered but it’s come back again so now I’m just partially sick. Thanks much. I’m getting my vitamins in.

    @Kara: I haven’t talked to anyone in a while @[email protected];. But, I should be getting back online a lot more soon to work on some portfolio stuff. I actually did get to spend all day chillaxing hehehe. :3

    @OC: Yeah some day hopefully but man money and time is hard to come by yeah. But it would be sweet to have that double party.

    @Fosh: Hey aniki~! Thanks much! You forgot msn too hahah (doesn’t anyone even use that anymore?!). I did get some freeee cake. Wasn’t that awesome but better than none right? No anime, but I’ll get to it. Still need to catch up on Kuroko no Basuke and a llooottttttt of others. Some day… some day indeed.

    @Kyo I believe I’m already on 14… I think last year was 13.75 hehe. Yeah if you were in Phils you’d get to see how badly I partied this past week haha. Ended up having an early party Saturday, a night out on the town. Then today was just chill with nice dinner. Some day we will have that shopping trip and cafe-hopping! Thank goodness no more partying for a while. Time to recover hehehe. Catch you on the flip side sis.

    @Jrow: Yeah it’s been a whiel since we chatted. Darn time zones and busy life yarr?! The previews are always fun to think about doing but the actual doing is always time consuming and gruesome haha. Behind the scenes of the work isn’t fun heheheh. Or it could just be procrastination.

    @lvlln: Man the past year has gone by way too fast and I can’t believe it’s already close to February. But thanks. I do hope the coming year is better and for you too

    @Highwy: Thanks much~! It was a good chill birthday and a rocking crazy early celeb weekend. Now I gotta recover and no more partying until maybe April hahaha.

    @anaaga: Nooooouuuuuuu why did you have to bring up the loli trap. No more~! I am the Treasurer now. I manage the Meta Funds buwahahah all in my powuh!!! But yeah I put most of my culinary adventure pics on Instagram heheh. Always fun to try new foods but then I gotta work out more hahaha. Yeah my parents did send money and I didn’t even have to ask! But here, you have to pay for everyone for your birthday instead of people paying for you. It’s not bad if you got your close friends though. But no eating free, just a free cake haha.

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh your virtual age! 😛 But I’m glad that you had fun. Now come back to the dark side for recovery as we have cookies. 😉

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    Happy birthday Ness!
    have a Happy time forever, the dark side is with you o/
    Have lot’s of culinary adventures, since it seems that it’s what you’re liking it now and post it for us o/
    i suck at the kitchen, but, i’m pretty sure i can learn one day
    May the tra…FORCE, i mean force be with you…yeah that!
    anyway Have a Happy Birthday!

  5. Namika says:

    Omedetto, Ness ^^

  6. akagami says:

    Happy birthday Ness! May your dreams be a field full of traps running around~

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