Happy Birthday, Fosh!


Time for January’s barrage of birthdays and like always, the first in line is our Mecha Master, Fosh!

Happy birthday, Fosh! Take this year and enjoy it all you can! Here’s hoping you have a great day, and are enjoying all the new shows that have just started to premiere! I look forward to talking about it all with you as we go through another year. お誕生日おめでとう!


Happy day of birth! I sincerely wish you mirth! This is a haiku. Seriously though, happy birthday, Fosh! I hope you’re enjoying your temperate weather while those of us farther north are freezing our bottoms off! It’s always so much fun doing podcasts, minitalks, live watches, and just chatting with you, so I look forward to more good times ahead in 2014. Oh, and keep up those images you always make. I expect great things and many sunglasses. =)


Yo Fosh, Happy Birthday! It has been a hell of a year at Metanorn, hasn’t it, with all the mini-talks you and Jrow continue to do, and even expanding to live watches for IS2 last season. Hope you have a wonderful and celebratory day, and may this coming year of your life be even better!


Hey Fosh, Happy Birthday! Hope you’re feeling fine on this fantastic day. You do a heck of a lot of work for Metanorn so take a little time to rest. But not too long! We need you to keep things going. Have a good one and enjoy yourself!



Happy birthday, Fosh! <333 Hope you have an amazing time today! Do whatever the hell you want, laze around, game for hours, watch anime or spend time with your family. Really, whatever rocks your boat because it is after all your day! This makes me look back to your work on Metanorn for the last three years and you sure got A LOT done. Along with mini-talks, podcasts, video reviews and episodics, you basically keep everyone on their toes with your active chatter and let’s not forget your amazing memes.  Overall, it’s always fun to hang out with you on skype, text or hangout. On this birthday, I present you our favourite Gintoki-sama and cohorts and here’s to another rocking year with lots of fun! ^^


Happy birthday to the moe master (mastah?) of Metanorn! Or I guess you’re the captions and mecha master as well. Fill in the title of your choice. xD It’s been a fun year of tagging despair-filled magical girls (…and magical girls that aren’t so despair-filled) with you, so here’s to many more tags in the future! But first, your birthday. Hope your day is full of giant robots, other awesomeness, and have an awesome birthday!~


Happy Birthday, Fosh! This one’s certainly a number, isn’t it? Congrats on making it! And not so far off from now, I’ll be right there with ya. It’s always a joy to podcast and mini-talk with you on Meta, so I hope you have a great b-day with the usual cake and family and fun. 🙂


It’s that time of the year already for you, Fosh! Your birthday will always be celebrated first on Meta. Ehm, if I go to according to the formula it’s time or me to reminiscence my favorite moments with you (though I always love our moments <3). So far, my favorite is definitely that Gintama watch. It’s been a while since I was online, and I was pretty awkward about it (you would know, hehe), but you tried your best to make me comfortable, which is so sweet you you. Besides, it’s been a while since I had a blast, and that Gintama live watch was a blast. Never have I laughed so hard non-stop, and it’s with you and Kyo. Let’s share more fun moments like that Fosh <3 Anyhow, since today is your birthday, eat (and drink) a lot! Today’s your day!



Join in our fun cake throwing partyyyy!


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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32 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Fosh!”

  1. skylion says:

    Happy Birthday! For like the fourth time! I could do this all day….

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Stay happy, friend! May the warm glow of anime always grace your face.

    Oh, and …
    Keep getting older!

  3. Japaninspired says:

    Happy Birthday, Foshizzel-san! I hope you spend your Birthday with amazing people and have a great time!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Happy birthday to the PreCure Mastah of Metanorn. Best wishes and many years to come for you. Oddly enough, today is also my sister’s birthday.

  5. Liza says:

    Happy birthday Fosh! 😀

  6. Foshizzel says:

    @Highway: Thanks for the bday wishes and yep I had chu2koi s2 premiere wooooo! Good stuff~

    @Sum: Thanks for the wishes buddy! Yeah we always have interesting chats on Skype and the podcasts hahah

    @Lvlln: Thanks! Ahahah yes more livewatches in the future they are always fun with the whole team.

    @OC: Thank you! LOL Yeah one day away is plenty for me I love the fun times on Metanorn <3

    @Kyokai: Thank you Kyo! Yeah I have all these ideas in my head for posts and stuff for the future and I am glad you are around to help me out or give advice~ yay Gintoki!

    @Kara: Thanks!! Yeah we have to revive our tagteam days in the future on Metanorn.

    @Jrow: Thanks buddy! I love doing the mini-talks and podcast stuffs they always turn out fun xD

    @Anaaga: Dawww thanks! That Gintama watch was so fun we have to find another series or movie to do that with and no problem I know talking on Skype can be a bit much for some but I always enjoy our chats even without the voice part <3

    @The commenters/readers: Thank you all for the warm wishes from Facebook, Twitter and of course here on Metanorn.

    • Ness says:

      Happy belated Birthday aniki~! Sorry I missed out on the wishes. I’ve been sick the past week<_<; Anyways, hope you had a great one. I'm sure you did and with yummmm foods and cake huh? :3 Wow, isn't this the 4th birthday celebrated with Metanorn now? Man how time flies by. Remember when we all used to chat a lot on msn? Hahah now there's skype. I need to get on more often. I should be online more near the end of the month... so we can get back into chatting more. Well, here's to another year. January is THE month of bday paarrrtaaaaaayyyy and of course, for all the cool peoples. Heheheh~

      • Foshizzel says:

        No worries! I hope you get well soon <3

        Yeppers had some cake spent some time with the family and watched some anime! Yeah my 4th bday on Metanorn crazy I know hahah

        True that! Lots of bdays in Jan~

        • Kyokai says:

          Oh yes, you are one of the lucky ones to join Metanorn (back in Dec 2010), and get their birthday celebrated. 😉

      • Kyokai says:

        No wonder I was worrying where have you gone to. Get well soon girl <3

  7. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Enjoy your shota presents!

  8. Namika says:

    Happy birthdaaaaay~ I wish you all the best, Fosh, have a great time today!
    Though I wouldn’t recommend any cake throwing. That’s no fun TT^TT

  9. AllenAndArth says:

    Happy birthday Fosh o/
    sorry for being late…but you know the triple A always appears!
    Live a long and happy life with lots of fun…and Romance( because fun isn’t cool without romance…everyone needs some spice in life!)
    May the force be with you

  10. Hime says:

    Happy Birthday, Fosh!

  11. JPNIgor says:

    Happy birthday! Lots of forks for you! I mean, no. This isn’t something nice at all.

  12. Moni Chan says:

    Happy belated birthday. I feel so bad for being late =\ 😛

  13. akagami says:

    Happy belated as well! It’s better late than never!

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