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Kuroko no Kyojin

I apologize for the long absence, I was drowned in final exams, club projects, and so on. I’m on holiday though, so I guess I’ll be less absent…. I think.

Viva Teamwork!


Though this is not a surprise anymore since the episode aired last week, but I will say it anyway. Seirin made it into the Winter Cup, and they won against Dai Ichi Scum! Yay! Of course, this is not without any difficulty whatsoever. It seems that Hanamiya is crowned as one of the Uncrowned Generals not because of his foul play only but also because of his brain. Apparently, he’s that smart. He’s so smart to the point where he can predict the other team’s movement whatsoever. Unfortunately, his body limits him since he’s the only smart guy in the team… With the exception of Seto. Almost as smart as Hanamiya, he can predict some movements of Seirin’s. With Seto watching, Hanamiya is free to do whatever he wants, thus hindering Seirin’s teamwork. Thankfully, with invisible Kuroko saving the day, Seirin was able to stop Hanamiya’s evil plan, thus winning the Winter Cup. Take that, Dai Ichi Scum! Not even FukuJun’s sexy evil voice can save your gluteus maximus! Friendship and teamwork always save the day!

Screw Teamwork

Ok, it’s not really about ignoring teamwork at all. Soooo Seirin team is chillin’ out in the hot spring and all that until a bunch of Touou creatures “bumped” into Seirin by “coincidence”… And since they met by “accident,” Touou people did not see the harm of warning Seirin that they will meet in the next match and to remind Seirin that they’re not the only one growing. Other teams are also growing during the long absence between InterHigh and Winter Cup. So if they weren’t able to beat Touou during their InterHigh, how are they going to beat Touou now? What Touou said does make sense. Seirin was drowned in their magnificent development that they fail to see their surrounding. They fail to see that they’re not the only team in Japan. There are others, and they must be undergoing the same change as Seirin’s. So yeah, though Seirin developed, Touou is also developing. Until they can rival Touou’s power, Seirin is screwed.


Seirin has developed, and yet their development is not quite there that they can rival Touou’s power. Kagetora’s reasoning for their not-so-developing development is right though. Seirin is a team that focuses on teamwork, but they’re focusing too much on it to the point where they fail to develop their own individual abilities. Though teamwork is something that contributes a lot on the court, there is no way the teamwork will work if the members are stuck in the same position. Screw teamwork, there’s no way that Seirin will be able to rival Touou if the members are beaten individually. It just doesn’t balance out. There are also times when teamwork will not work, and the members have no choice but to rely on their individual abilities. This is why individual members’ abilities also matter. This is why Seirin members need to develop themselves individually. If both their teamwork and individual abilities are developed, I’m pretty sure Seirin will walk on the court with confidence. It’s going to be hard and will take lots of energy, but I’m sure that Seirin will worship Kagetora once they’re on the court. This hard work will definitely worth it, so you can do it Seirin!

Extra Hot Spring Balls: 

 Show ▼

Welp, it pretty interesting for a predictable arc. Once again, congratulations Seirin for making it into the Winter Cup, your hell just started with all those Generation of Miracles as enemies. Screwed, I’m telling you. Kagetora really did have a point though. Seirin is too focused on their teamwork, they’re not developing at all (with the excption of Kuroko and Teppei). To win against Touou, Seirin really needs to get their act together.

Enough about Seirin, I’m getting tired talking about them in every post. Let’s talk about Dai Ichi Scum instead. Though Dai Ichi Scum lost, it was interesting to see a team like Kirisaki Dai Ichi. In Kuroko no Basuke, it’s all about basketball and passion and friendship and teamwork and all those things that will even make MLP vomit rainbow. But no, not Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Their team is just pure evil and so full of greed that they became the Refreshment of the Year for this year’s sport anime. Never ever have I met such an evil team. Usually, most evil team will have some kind of back story that will make their evil schemes shine with glitters and rainbow. But not Dai Ichi Scum. They’re literally scum that is evil just because they want to be evil. And that’s what I love the most about them. Too bad their evilness eliminates them in this fflowery sport anime. Kuroko no Basket is not meant for this time. Maybe next time, Dai Ichi Scum. Besides, Seirin is alread in trouble for going against Generation of Miracles. Let’s see how Seirin is going to counterattack the colorful Generation of Miracles.





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7 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 35-37”

  1. Kyokai says:

    If Hiroshi is not appearing next episode, I’m going to flip more than a table!

  2. Namika says:

    FINALLY, KamiAkashi is appearing! They’ve been teasing us with him so much that I can’t take it anymore *^* and I haven’t heard Hiroshi’s voice in a while. Kya~ >_<
    Kuroko's scream just had to be one of the most epic things to happen in KuroBasu! I replayed that scele, like, 20 times~
    Good thing that Seirin got smacked up their heads in time. Maybe now they won's be as screwed.
    And where the hell is bagakami going??? O_O

    • anaaga says:

      Bakagami is going to America. I think this is what it means by independence by Kagetora. The members should develop their own talents individually. Of course, this means that kagami should develop himself without Kuroko and vice versa.

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