White Album 2 – 08

Pushing her off the roof will free up Haruki

Setsuna figures if she pushes Kazusa off the roof there’s no more triangle


Now that we’re past the big live event, what’ll happen as Setsuna and Haruki become a couple?



Trying to keep friendships

An extra wheel?

There’s not too much to say about the ‘action’ this week’s episode of White Album 2. I was kind of surprised that we’ve moved about a month into the future, with Christmas coming up soon. And Setsuna and Haruki have managed drag Kazusa’s test scores up far enough that she’s probably going to graduate from school (I think there isn’t too much for seniors in Japanese High Schools to do in that final semester, since most have gotten into the university they’re going to by that point or not).

Setsuna and Haruki together

Haruki seems happy to be with Setsuna

We did get some discussion between Setsuna and Kazusa, mainly Setsuna apologizing personally to Kazusa for confessing to Haruki. But Kazusa is still not going to admit that she likes Haruki, especially when her friend Setsuna has already gone after him. And it’s not that Kazusa is not caring about anyone, because she actually invites Setsuna to use her first name (and NOT Haruki).

Some Take Their Relationship More Seriously

Maybe Setsuna would be interested

Maybe Setsuna is more interested in Kazusa?

It’s hard to know if it’s a fault with Haruki, or if he’s just too interested in Kazusa to let it go, but from the way this episode was portrayed, he spends just as much attention on Kazusa as he does on Setsuna. Of course, we aren’t getting a complete picture, and for much of the time, it’s Setsuna who is inviting Kazusa along. But Kazusa is aware of the attention that Haruki is sending her way, and repeatedly admonishes him that he should only do things for his girlfriend, meaning not for her. I certainly don’t think you could accuse Kazusa of leading Haruki on, or even sending mixed signals. The only one who’s mixing up the signals is Haruki, to the point that Takeya, Io, and Chikashi are all afraid to mention anything about it, maybe for fear that voicing their doubts would cause something bad to happen to Haruki and Setsuna’s relationship.

Kazusa has good advice

Kazusa has some good advice for a boyfriend

But the way Haruki is, is anything going to happen in that relationship? Setsuna wants to take a trip with the three of them, and they even go to a mountain onsen resort for Christmas. If anyone’s keeping Kazusa in the relationship, it’s Setsuna. I’m surprised she’s not trying to rope Kazusa into a threesome, like Haruki would even go that far with Setsuna. Heck, he argues that they shouldn’t go to the resort with 2 girls and a guy. And while they probably shouldn’t let Kazusa drive (I’m guessing she doesn’t have a license), they really push it with mixed bathing (there’s that threesome thing again). In short, I think it’s hard to tell what any of the three of them are expecting out of their relationships at this point.

Bonus Skinship Time

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I think it’s good that the three of them are good friends, but what does that mean for the future? Haruki certainly gives off weird signs toward Kazusa, but then he does the same thing with Setsuna. And even if the truth is that Haruki loves Kazusa as much or more than Setsuna, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love Setsuna. And there are plenty of happy couples who had other loves that didn’t work out, or were even stronger (and no, not all of them fall apart later, either). I would like to see the show give a little more focus to some times with just Setsuna and Haruki, because it’s very hard to judge the depth of their relationship when all we see is them together with Kazusa.


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8 Responses to “White Album 2 – 08”

  1. Bonk says:

    You know what, it’s not even subtext anymore.

  2. skylion says:

    If she is thinking what I think she is thinking and planning, then Setsuna is kinda cool, and very brave. She is trying to strengthen everyone’s relationship with each other. If it doesn’t work out between her and Haruki, then she is still going to be friends with Kazusa, no matter what. And she will still be friendly with Haruki. She’s brave to take that sort of risk.

    • MgMaster says:

      Brave indeed,although still insecure and afraid to be left out.Makes me wonder if when Kazusa mentioned that she can’t promise she’ll be with them in the future and is pursuing a different career path Setsuna panicked not only because she sees Kazusa as her irreplaceable friend but also because she pictured herself being in the same situation and was too frightening of the thought of being left out that she didn’t want it for Kazusa,even if Kazusa herself is currently willing to accept that.

    • Highway says:

      I think when you reflect on what Setsuna’s experienced in the past, her actions actually make more sense. She lost her friends because of a boy, a boy that she didn’t really care about as much as her friend did, and didn’t even invite make a move on him. So now, when she’s opened up again, she’s determined to not let that situation happen again.

      Essentially, she’s asking for permission from Kazusa at every step. She wants to be specifically clear that she is not ‘stealing’ Haruki from Kazusa, nor that she is shutting Kazusa out because of Haruki. Some people see this as manipulating or harassing Kazusa, but I think it’s more that Setsuna is afraid, like you say, of losing the connection she’s made.

  3. MgMaster says:

    I was expecting to see Haruki & Setsuna more interested in each other now that they’re a couple and if not him,then at least her.I thought she was going to push her advantage but she wants to keep the status quo instead.Seeing that she’s still as perceptive as ever makes it hard for me to believe that she just let her guard down.Setsuna’s is certainly the most curious character for me.While she can be perceptive,straightforward & selfish,she still manages to be very naive.

    I didn’t really see Haruki giving off the same vibes with Setsuna as he does with Kazusa this episode,even though they’re a couple now(which is really saying something).During his conversation with Kazusa about how Setsuna wasn’t always like this I began to wonder if he’s just worried about what will happen to her if they’d break up(and of course,rejecting her after their performance was hardly an option as he didn’t really have any time to think it through) and is quite aware that he’s more interested in Kazusa instead of not being sure of his own feelings.

    Of course,I’m not saying that he’s not romantically interested in Setsuna at all but it doesn’t seem nearly as much as Kazusa.That also makes me want to see(in detail) how Setsuna & Haruki behave around each other when they’re alone.If it’s the same as before they started dating then there’s no longer a doubt that he’s WAY more interested in Kazusa even now and given his persistent nature,I imagine it’s only a matter of time before she looses her composure.Setsuna’s not making it any easier for her either.

    • Highway says:

      Yes, I do wish they’d give us more insight into Haruki and Setsuna, as I mentioned. The time they did show us with just the two of them, Haruki seemed genuinely happy both to hear from her and to spend time with her. I really want to think that much of the difference in perception we’re getting is because of directorial choices in showing us less time with Haruki and Setsuna.

      I think it’s a mistake that some people are thinking that because Haruki is fascinated by, drawn to, and wants to protect Kazusa, that that means he is not interested in or does not love Setsuna. He can easily be in love with both of them, even if one is more than the other, and still end up happy with either one.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I’m glad to see there was some form of mutual understanding between the three, that neither wanted to cause any conflict and they wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Personally, I like to see Setsuna and Kazusa talk things out in a civil manner but it’s sad seeing Kazusa sacrifice herself like that and putting up a front. Surely she has some admiration for Haruki.

    • Highway says:

      But what else would she sacrifice? I think it’s obvious that Kazusa also values her friendship with Setsuna, and that what she said before about either being best friends or biggest enemies is at least closer to best friends. And Setsuna pretty desperately wants to stay friends with Kazusa as well, and almost seems afraid that because she’s dating Haruki that Kazusa will distance herself from the two of them. I do think that Kazusa is MORE likely to distance herself because of Haruki’s behavior than Setsuna’s rivalry.

      Both of these girls are decent girls. They’re both trying to be upfront about what’s going on.

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