Tokyo Ravens – 07

Le troll face

Despite this being Touji’s episode, we’re actually left with more questions than answers. But from the looks of things we’re getting close to finally learning about his past, so that’s OK.



A meeting of three plotting men.

Lots of intrigue abound in this episode. First we learn about Jin’s history. As we might have expected, the guy used to be a big shot: he was one of the Divine Generals. That kind of puts into perspective the threat that Douman poses. He may only look like a creepy old man, but this is a guy from which a Divine General barely escaped with his life (and not one of his legs). Now, this might not have too much of an effect on us since the only other Divine General we’ve really seen up-close is lolipop-licking wonder Suzuka. And she was taken down without all too much trouble by Natsume and Bakatora. But given that she is the youngest Divine General and we can argue that she was otherwise preoccupied during her clash with the dynamic duo, I’ll give the rest of the bunch the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure they deserve their titles as the strongest of the Onmyoji.

Interesting accessories.

Speaking of Divine Generals, we meet Chief Amami, Jin’s former superior in the Magic Investigation Department. The two have a chat about the Yakou cult. The shady group was apparently responsible for causing a spiritual disaster two years ago under the guise as the Spirit Department (how do these guys keep infiltrating official organizations). The name “Dairenji” is mentioned, which might suggest something about where Suzuka herself stands in the whole mess. The talk of a spiritual disaster is also highly suggestive, because we know someone who supposedly was caught up in one: Touji. And after a mock disaster practical exam gone wrong, we find out that the mysterious guy is being “possessed” by something and sprouts a pair of horns when exposed to miasma. Surely it’s no coincidence the Yakou cult is formally known as the Twin-Horned Syndicate.


This guy needs to be taught a lesson.

Introductions abound as we meet a plethora of new players. I’ve already mentioned Chief Amami, and in the same scene we meet Atsune, the promising young fellow who replaced Jin as the lead investigator of the Twin-Horned Syndicate. Honestly, I’m suspicious that he will turn out to be colluding with said organization. It’s not like we haven’t seen this happen before (the Magic Investigation Department seems laughably easy to infiltrate), and it makes sense for him to be one of the pawns Douman referred to when speaking with Syndicate member Chihiro. Also introduced is Reiji, another Divine General. At this point it seems there’s a bit of a running gag that the Divine Generals are inclined to be slightly crazy (reminiscent of the level 5s in Raildex). Suzuka’s got family problems and Reiji is just an asshole who really needs his own words applied back to himself. Seriously, the guy needs to stop mouthing off at others for not sufficiently respecting his inflated ego and actually get shit done.

Somehow sympathetic.

I’ll admit he probably does deserve some respect as he’s obviously rather powerful, but there’s no need to leave an enemy unattended to pick a fight with some students. Students who aren’t even trying to be uppity, as he so accused them. If the guy would just take a step back and observe his own results (he let a chimera spiritual disaster loose in the city and he got students in harm’s way), maybe he would have a smaller opinion of himself. But no, he’s too busy grabbing kids by the collar because he wants to “mess them up”. Jeez, who let this guy out of the insane asylum? Anyway, let me stop myself before I rage too much about Reiji, and instead talk about Chihiro. For a guy working for Douman, he seems a surprisingly harmless fellow. Despite setting off the spiritual disasters here, the former Spiritual Department member comes across as less ominous than his boss and even more likeable than Reiji. Which leads me to believe that there’s more to the story about the Spiritual Department than what Chief Amami disclosed.


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Overall I like the rate of progression that Tokyo Ravens is displaying. It introduces enough to grab our attention, yet leaves important holes out that keep us anticipating the next episode. I personally can’t wait for next week to finally get a grip on Touji’s story. And I’m also glad that the structure of the formerly opaque Onmyoji society is at long last being taken apart for our personal understanding. I still find it laughable that they are apparently so easily infiltrated, but I guess it’s pretty hard to pick out a Yakou fanatic if he keeps his mouth shut about the Polaris King. Maybe they should just introduce a few questions about Yakou in the job interview and see how the applicant responds.


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22 Responses to “Tokyo Ravens – 07”

  1. zztop says:

    The impression I get is that Douman is giving assistance to Chihiro and his Syndicate(I prepared some pawns), although something tells me Douman isn’t acting out of charity. I wonder what both their schemes are.

    Wonder what Kagami’s story is. He’s thuggish and has anger issues, so one wonders how he was elected as a General.

    • Iron Maw says:

      Reiji became a Divine General because “ability” pride more than conduct in the society of Onmyouji. While he certainly doesn’t have the most affordable personality his skill is the real deal. If he can be controlled (or tamed as Ohtomo as says) than he’s of use. That said, Amami does mention that the Exoticism Dept only sends him out as much as necessary.

  2. zztop says:

    Question for LN readers here,

    What’s the deal with Touji and Kagami calling him a hybrid? Is Touji being possessed by something, or has the something fused with him?

    • Iron Maw says:

      Both, his possession is what makes him a hybrid. Going by Touji’s conversation with the Principal, its seems that his condition is irreversible, it can only be treated not cured. So it’s fused to him. It is possible for Touji to control the effects like he’s been doing up till now.

      • Sumairii says:

        A hybrid what? The subs I use refer to “mobile disaster”, but just what does that mean? Is he now part oni or something? And does that have anything to do with Kakugyouki?

        Of course, if this is spoilers you don’t have to answer. In fact, please don’t spoil. 😉

        • Highway says:

          I thought Mobile Disaster referred to something different, like they were dealing with for their practical. A mobile one was where multiple areas were involved, or what they were dealing with could move. I didn’t think it referred to Touji, just that he has whatever condition because of another mobile disaster.

  3. Iron Maw says:

    Also introduced is Reiji, another Divine General. At this point it seems there’s a bit of a running gag that the Divine Generals are inclined to be slightly crazy (reminiscent of the level 5s in Raildex).

    lol, yeah there quite a mix of personalities this group. That said, there also more well adjusted guys in there too like Ohtomo and Amami Dazien.

    I still find it laughable that they are apparently so easily infiltrated, but I guess it’s pretty hard to pick out a Yakou fanatic if he keeps his mouth shut about the Polaris King

    As LN/Manga reader I’ll say this: yes, this is one reason.
    I’ll keep shut mouth to refrain from saying any further since I love see people speculate on all kinds of aspects of this series. 😀

  4. tatsuya says:

    “Somehow sympathetic.” …hahahaha that so random!!

    • d-LaN says:

      How can you not be sympathetic with a guy tht looks like he needs a good sleep anytime soon? 😛

  5. skylion says:

    reminiscent of the level 5s in Raildex

    Gekota is all kinds of crazy.

    • d-LaN says:

      And Gunha is the good type of crazy that I like. Have you seen the recent Railgun chapters? Touman + Gunha = Awesomeness

  6. Highway says:

    This was really hard to keep up with. And I start wondering if the 12 Divine Generals ever actually work together, or do anything that’s ‘good’.

    Even with that, tho, I like Reiji’s character. Crazy and reckless, but I do get the feeling that he’s also competent and responsible.

  7. MgMaster says:

    My favorite episode of Tokyo Ravens by far. It definitely raised a lot of questions.

    I mean,the Magic Investigation Department,the Yakou Cult,the Divine Generals,Damon,Touji’s possession and of course,Harutora & Natsume’s involvement in all this.I see it as a good thing though since this is a 2-cour show and has plenty of time to provide answers.

    However,they should be careful with future filler episodes as they have enough to work with as it is.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    The only troubling part was trying to make sense of what Jin and the other two men were talking about. Despite what’s shown, I still bet we’ve scratched nothing but Jin’s surface.

    This guy needs to be taught a lesson.

    Just one lesson isn’t enough. This guy needs an entire program. Those who are overpowered are mostly the ones who turn out to be assholes because they’re too overconfident. It’s his appearance and I already can’t wait to see him be taken down a notch.

  9. d-LaN says:

    LN readers, can some1 refresh me abt wht exactly is the “Spirit Disaster” thing is again? Some sort of demon energy like the one in Yozakura Quartet? Not to mention there quite a bit of terms tht I not really understand. Still enjoyed the whole episode though. Hope some1 will sub Kon’s Class since it contains the information on terms not explained in the anime.

    I like how intimidating Nue looks in TR. Certainly better than the SMT counterpart. The Reijin guy is too nutcase for me though.
    No mention of this?

  10. iron maw says:

    Yes the spirit disasters are black masses of enegry that evertually morph into demons and other spirits.

    And that Kon pic pretty awesome

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