Outbreak Company – 05

Oh gawd the ears! They’re removable!

I really enjoyed this episode of Outbreak Company. But now that I’m sitting down to write about it, I realize there isn’t really much to say.


The Conversion Begins

Who knew elves and dwarves felt so strongly about 2D?

We do see Shinichi’s efforts start to bear fruit as his students graduate from fighting amongst each other about race and instead now squabble about their favorite games and such. A picture perfect example of killing two birds with one stone, as we know that our hero intends on spreading otaku culture and eliminating racial and social divisions in Eldant. But apparently it’s spreading too fast for Shinichi’s comfort? I didn’t think such a thing would be possible, but I guess lolicon dwarves (I must again remind you they are only 10 years old themselves) is where you draw the line. I have to say that the new conflicts the different races have found is still a step up from their previous differences though. Better to fight over 2D girls than to hate each others’ very existence. Oh, and Shinichi playing “not” Da Capo for the class was… a very interesting moment.

The Harem


As you may be aware, our hero has a full-blown harem now. It includes a tsundere queen, a shy maid, a ditzy wolf girl, and also possibly a royal knight. The last one aside (I’m not sure how seriously we’re supposed to take it), Shinichi certainly is quite the popular guy. Petralka has been plenty open about her attraction to him, and I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t fully levied her position to monopolize him. We’ve seen her barge in and shoo others away using her position, but that’s the extent of it. I see no reason why she couldn’t just decree that Shinichi is hers and be done with it. It’s not like anyone can protest since she’s the queen. Well, I suppose it’s possible she wants to “fairly” win the guy over. But then she wouldn’t have flexed her royal position against Myucel in the first place, would she?


Speaking of Myucel, the half-elf maid remains arguably the closest one to Shinichi. I’d been skeptical about the true nature of her attraction to him, but I think by now it’s really looking like she sincerely likes the guy as more than just a master. More than once now she’s brought up his returning to Japan, and this time we learn that she’s more than willing to go with him even if it means she has to spend the rest of her life in an unfamiliar world. There’s a line between dedication and romantic interest, and I think with her continued sticking to Shinichi, she has now crossed said line. Plus, Minori teasing her near the end of this episode was very revealing if nothing else.

Erubia: Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Finally we have the newcomer to the harem, Erubia. The star of last episode as a potential spy, she turns out to have no political espionage in mind as I had thought. Instead, she genuinely enjoys drawing. And we are also told that this passion came about as werewolves have to find something to distract themselves from their instincts. The exact nature of these instincts is purposefully kept vague for a while, until it is revealed they are of the sexual kind. Yes, Erubia goes “into heat” come a full moon. Kind of cliche, but I guess there could be worse things. Anyway, I don’t think Myucel really has anything to fear from the cute and cuddly werewolf. Shinichi’s only interest in her is with her fluffy tail and ears. And if my judgement of the guy’s character is correct, he isn’t one to let these things decide who he truly likes. Plus, he already had a dream about Myucel, even if it turned into one about Erubia halfway through. But the second part definitely wasn’t one with a romantic atmosphere.


Show ▼

In summary this episode is sort of a brief break from the action that also serves to demonstrate the flow of time, even if this was the one episode that ironically didn’t have a time skip in it. There are no real obstacles in Shinichi’s way, such as political dissenters and potential spies. Rather, the episode takes a more personal approach as we get to know the students and the main cast better. Nothing too much to talk about, but still an overall entertaining experience thanks to the strategic insertion of comedic relief in the midst of a story that is turning more and more serious.


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9 Responses to “Outbreak Company – 05”

  1. sadakups says:

    Apparently, it’s not just the otaku concept they brought, they unintentionally brought the nerd-raging.

  2. skylion says:

    How do I get to this place now? Some sorta distortion in a gulley in Japan? Sounds doable…

    • Sumairii says:

      This calls for a Meta field trip. Everyone interested write their names down. Then we’ll book tickets to Japan and scour the country for glowing balls of energy hidden in ravines. I think it’ll probably be surrounded by a military presence so that’ll help us locate it.

  3. Sumairii says:

    Removable ears in Outbreak Company and removable horns in Maoyuu. Now we just need some ecchi show to do removable boobs. They’ll slide right off with a pop!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    A good episode. Shinichi shows he really deserves the girls that surround him. There’s a spot for him next to High School DxD’s Issei and Kore wa Zombie’s Ayumu.

    As if Shinichi would willingly teach BL as a subject to his class. LOL. He already made it clear last episode that he doesn’t approve of it. “Uh, no. I haven’t considered it.” is just a stall tactic to keep Minori off of his back which is good after she’s already psychologically poisoned Petrarca’s cousin. And damn, is he a good teacher. The students have already immersed themselves, just not the way he hoped.

    Now, I’m jealous. Why can’t I be there and have a werewolf of my own that loses it when a full moon comes around? Elbia is just too cute!

    That S.J II game was reference to anime but I can’t remember the name. What anime was it?

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