NouKome – 06

Need a picture of Yuouji

We’ll start off with these two, because that’s about all they were in the episode

spring13-highwWe’re now heading to the short end of the season, and due to the 10-episode run, NouKome is going to get there before anything else. I don’t think we’ll get any sort of resolution to Kanade’s problem, but we’ll see if we have fun at least getting to the end of the series.

I’ll Pay You Money If You Say You Like Me

Konagi Confesses

A confession from Konagi… but not that kind of confession

I’m surprised he hasn’t gone to this yet. Kanade’s continuing his plan of trying to get all the girls to say they like him as a person. Or even because he blackmails them. After getting Yuragi and Ouka last episode, this time he works on Reikadou and Konagi, but both present some problems: Konagi’s from her secret protector club, and Reikadou’s because she can’t believe he just wants her to say she likes him. But after getting beat up, Konagi actually does say that she likes how he is (although that gets him beat up again). And Reikadou is exposed as having had breast augmentation, a secret she wants to keep, and is willing to do almost anything, including a lot of stuff that Kanade really doesn’t want her to do. So she’s really surprised when he’s fine with her just saying she likes him (looks like sincerity doesn’t mean anything for this goal, just the words). She’s even surprised that he’ll get down on his knees and beg immediately.

Slave time

And she wonders if Kanade has any pride?

Furano’s Secret


We can seeeeee youuuuuu

No, it’s not really much of a secret, but Furano loves cute things, like White Piggy. And Kanade gets more than he bargained for when he dresses up as White Piggy, a UOG mascot and property, in order to see if he can get Furano to say she likes him. Of course, given the lax rules of these missions, it doesn’t matter that she said “I like you” to Shirobuta-kun while Kanade was in the suit, he clears it, but it goes much farther than that when he manages to spend the whole afternoon with her.



Furano’s really turning into that ‘other’ kind of tsundere: The kind that’s completely tsun when the boy’s around, and completely dere when noone’s around (when it doesn’t do Kanade any good). So along with her confession about wanting a high school debut, and finding a boyfriend, and getting all nervous so that she ends up putting on an act that repels everyone. Well, everyone but Kanade, and his attention has gotten Furano into a pretty big crush on him. But of course, after she opens up to secret Kanade, he has to make another choice: expose to Furano that he heard everything, or lose his memory… and his porn collection. Of course, he picks the wrong one, and loses it all. I think he should definitely have gone for the first one and tried to get Furano to understand that he does accept her true self. What does he think she’ll do? Beat him up? I guess he’s doing it for her sake, so she doesn’t get super embarrassed, but there was an opportunity for a win here, and he punted instead.

Kanade comforts Furano

“yoshi yoshi”

Now there’s just one girl left (until they stick “Chocolacchi” on the team, but she’s an easy get), and will Seira go along with any of Kanade’s attempts? I hope they wrap this arc up before the end of the series, cause 4 more episodes seems really draggy.

Bonus Boob Bonanza

Show ▼


It’s almost unbelievable that the same voice actress plays both Furano’s dere side and tsun side. Furano really can be cute, but I think Kanade should have given it a go. The worst that would happen is that she never wants to see him again, but surely it wouldn’t have been that bad, right? And then he would have kept his treasured collection!


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10 Responses to “NouKome – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    Revealing it was him all along? To her? Just make a date with a drunken executioner. Much less painful that way.

    • Highway says:

      Fortune favors the bold, nothing ventured nothing gained, etc. etc. etc.

      Of course, last time she realized he overheard her, she applied sensei’s “Forget the last 5 minutes” pressure point.

      • skylion says:

        …as I ways sayin’. The Tsun is to strong for this wee boy.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          You mean the too strong for his weewee…

          As for confessions: Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have been having impure thoughts about seducing a man… in a frock… in a chur…

  2. KLACMAN says:

    give at least got kanade 3 more female like

    konagi give got like give in cost got beatdown by her “fan club” twice for it.

    ayame give find her “waves” are FAKES size yet got like.

    furano on other hand give being white piggy fan yet truth is she bit shy & hard confess feeling for kanade give cause he was one person to make pals with furano.

    5 like & 1 to go yea few eps left what next?

  3. belatkuro says:

    Where are the scars? And is that even allowed as she’s still just a highschool student? Makes me wonder what her original size was.

    >All girls like cute things and homo.
    Fact or not?

    And RIP Philosopher folder. I dunno what I would do if my H folder also disappeared.
    Y-You didn’t hear anything!!

    • MgMaster says:

      I’m disappointed in Reikadou…I expected those to be natural ;P

      I could picture some event in the upcoming competition that exposes her secret somehow.

    • Highway says:

      If you see any scars, it’s a terrible boob job. And she is probably 18, at least 17, since she’s a 3rd year, but she’s probably had them for a while.

      I don’t know about ‘all’ girls, but there are definitely quite a few.

      If that folder got deleted… I’d just get more stuff. 😛

      • KLACMAN says:

        & also assume might also a rich girl with fake WAVES as well besides any other how she got those WAVES yea her family must be rich on something?

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