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~10,000% FABULOUS MAX~

Oh yeah, we are still playing tag with team meta members on covering this series. I’m glad rather than another action-episode, I got a light one to cover because hey, everyone needs something to laugh about. And after a crappy week of long hours at work and nothing much else, this episode was a refresher to kickstart my weekend, which is still going strong with loads of chilling and blowing off steam. And as aniblogging is no work and I do it for fun, my mentality while writing this post can be easily described as (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


KyoAni is back to its element and we get another SoL episode with some good comedy. Of course, by the time this episode ended, I wanted to kill everyone but I was also laughing without control. To some, this episode might be plotless to even being pointless, but to me, it was highly entertaining. From the get go, we have our literature club busy in hunting a valuable youmu for Mirai’s benefit because of her poor days. She reminds me of Lucy from Servant x Service, who spent all her money on books, while our megane-chan nurses a closet-fetish towards bonsai trees… This is besides Akihito’s megane-fetish, Hiro’omi’s siscon tendencies, Mitsuki’s bossy nature to Ai being a youmu in disguise… Okay, these characters are a bunch of weirdos! Though, this is the thing that makes them lovable.

Each and everyone of them is a misfit and the previous episode of ‘being alone together’ has set this theory in stone. They are re-grouping with the advent of Mirai in their midst, who also brought the loli youmu, who is kawai as a button in both her forms. Before, Hiro’omi was pretty much an absentee literature club member, only arriving to stalk his sister Mitsuki, who in turn was the only true member along with Akihito. Both siblings were deliberately around to keep an eye on Akihito.  This protection program led them in becoming closer to Akihito but now with Mirai and Ai, it seems they are actually having more fun and enjoying their rose-coloured school life to the fullest.


I think last time I laughed this much was either for a Gintama or a Nichibros episode. Starting straight up with earning money via modeling for kawai pictures, going after a fruit-type youmu to earn easy money, which turns out to be pretty vicious due to its lecherous demands to dramatic oaths of fighting the stink with their very lives on the line. It was not just about fighting a stink-bomb but the repercussions of that stink along with many mini-jokes. The reaction of people around our cast to the foul smell wafting from them, Mirai paying back Akihito with a fart sound to even the wisdom of A to D cups was not lost on me. To make it worse, the most normal girl, Mitsuki gets sprayed by a special PINK stink (yep, that colour-theme episode titling is still in the works), cornering the entire gang into different fits of gags. It really got better and better with time as our cast scrambled around like headless chickens to find a way to kill this supposedly harmless looking youmu.

And things did not end there with the youmu in question salivating after Mirai’s Madoka-costume. The eye reactions were pretty hilarious (almost got me like that furry-eye thing from Hakkenden). However, the cherry on the cake was definitely the salute to all the Japanese Idol groups. I would always associate the hand gesture with the UtaPri bishies but it was definitely entertaining on how far the girls and guys went in memorizing the steps to their selected song routine. For all the hard work and supposed backstage drama, it’s interesting how they plainly forgot the big end of their routine: steps to offing the purple squirting bulb. I’m sure the Staff had a field day with this episode of many squirts. I for one enjoyed it till the end.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 10,000%

Bonus Squirts: Show ▼

For the first time in a while, an element more than a character made me laugh this much. Smelly-swamp aka kusso-chan deserves a tip from my proverbial hat. Is there even a need to analyze anything about this episode except for the fact that many lulz were had? To reiterate my opinion, I like this series because of the characters’ chemistry and of course the supernatural element helps but I was never expecting anything similar to Shinsekai no Yori in the first place. I have to confess that I never picked up Chu2koi and dropped Hyouka after two episodes but when I marathoned it later, I loved it to bits. KyoAni is a pioneer of today’s moe in a sense but I like the fact that they are not sticking with that brand alone but branching out to other genres. I highly appreciate their willingness to change with time and see it more in this series than others because of the melding of slice of life with comedy and even hints of romance. For me, Kyoukai no Kanata is still delivering, be it an action-filled episode or plain silly.

Looking at the preview however, the gang will be up to their usual fetishful antics but Sakura will be added to the mix. As she has a score to settle with Mirai, she being the killer of her sister Yui, things might take a serious turn until things are resolved between these two girls. Who knows, some of the stills we saw in this episode were a preparation for a budget bloat on a future action episode? Whatever happens though, I’m pretty sure the two perverts of this story will keep us entertained with new facets to their much loved hobby of meganeism and sislurve.



More idols?! This seems, right off Akkey’s perverted mind.

PS: Presenting Daisy’s full version for your listening pleasure. Do buy the album when it’s released though!


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39 Responses to “Kyoukai no Kanata – 06”

  1. skylion says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to make them cuter, but Ai as the secret weapon really packs an impact. Kusso-chan has got to be in the Year End Poll in some category this year, Kyo. That thing was brilliant.

    And I think a bit meta. Is this youmu supposed to be us? Or the KyoAni haters? It’s a big eye, with an eye for moe, and if the moe gets aggressive, it gets pissed and explodes noxious stuff. It think the answer lies in not taking it very seriously.

    Thanks for the Daisy link. Dig that song.

    • Kyokai says:

      I swear, everyone was hella cute this episode. Even the boys. I mean the whole sequence of Akkey describing the finer points of a megane to Mirai was cuuuuuute! And yep, Kusso-chan will be mentioned for sure in our Year-End Awards.

      About the youmu, well, you can look at it from otaku sense to the typical X-Gen in Japan, who love 2D more than 3D. Overall, I thought more of it as KyoAni thwarting all those filler episode tropes in one go.

      And you are welcome. My favourite song of this season but I still prefer the ED version to full. Who knows the full version might grow on me later.

      • skylion says:

        I appreciate both versions for their own merits. I can’t wait to buy it and stick it on my mp3 player.

        But Future Star really is best song….

  2. sadakups says:

    This is the kind of shit KyoAni wants to do. They’ve been holding it back for a while now, with all that action and seriousness. If they want to cash in on to this, better ditch the narrative and do more of these.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      … this is exactly what I feared. They cannot do any sensible show without looking back on their laurels… And to think I was going to give this one a chance.

    • Kyokai says:

      @sadakups, I don’t understand the hate really. This was an entertaining episode, much more so from their usual school festival ones, which I’ve gotten really sick of btw.

      @DDK, don’t expect a Shinsekai no Yori from this. Sure, there was no plot progress but you can’t be serious all the time, when you have such fun characters to play around with.

      • d-LaN says:

        Because apparently moe = hate magnet and it must have action constantly so its not “boring” =_=

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        To put it very bluntly – MoeblobAnimation cannot do anything other than Moeblob shows. Even the character designs are copypasta from their previous works. People complain about the tiniest issues from other production houses YET blatantly chose to ignore the same issues from MoeblobAnimation.

        This episode would have been good as an OAD(V) omake parody but it has been deliberately lowered in here for one reason.

        Yes, moeblob sells but it does not mean that people should be blind Sheeple. I have said use this phase before: If this studio animated cowpats, people would say it was divine. The issue is the hypocrisy.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    A slice of life episode can always work if there’s some humor in it and here had a lot to go around. It was a nicer breather from the main story. I mean, not everything has to be dark and serious all the time in this kind of setting.

    Never mess with Akihito and his fetish for glasses and he’s such a fanatic I can’t say it was surprising seeing him with an extra pair. Is there a name for this kind of complex? And him buying photos of Mirai. The guy’s totally whipped.

    Oh, yeah! I can really see Servant x Service’s Lucy in Mirai after that little reveal. It would’ve been funnier and coincidental if both girls had the same voice actress. That’s not the only similarity there. Was anyone thinking about those giant floating fruits with the one eye from Zetsuen no Tempest as they were talking about a fruit-type dreamshade? They even look alike.

    So many failed attempts there’s no way anyone would not pity them. I’d go insane if put in their place and it makes me wish someone would get some wires and go Walter C. Dornez on it. Making the kill quick and efficient.

    Mitsuki gets sprayed by a special PINK stink (yep, that colour-theme episode titling is still in the works)

    It’s pretty obvious what the title for the next episode “Cloudy Grey” will refer to.

    • Kyokai says:

      I liked it much better than the usual filler beach/school festival episode. At least this one had spunk and epic fails to make us laugh.

      And Ai Kayano would have done a good job with Mirai but Risa Taneda is not doing a bad job either. Her fuyukai desu is cute, every time.

      Good point on Zetsuen fruits, they definitely look alike with this hentai version. And yeah, the gang should have used 3D maneuvering gears to kill it off. Should have been another nod to a famous cult. An AMV needs to be made on this fo sho!

      And I can’t think of anything major around grey except for Sakura’s memories about her sister. What is your theory?

  4. tatsuya says:

    omg ..this is so random
    im sure this can work somehow

  5. zztop says:

    The Japanese head writer for Beyond the Boundary has since profusely apologised for this episode, twittering,“Sorry about this…. Just this once I requested to write a silly episode to insert into the series. Next week we’ll return to the original tone/material from the novels”. I’m guessing this episode wasn’t well received by the Japanese viewers?

    Interestingly I’ve also heard the anime plot is a very loose adaptation of the original novels, being adapted from vol 1 and a rough draft of vol 2. Currently 3 vol are present in Japan.

    • skylion says:

      Chu2Koi has just a passing resemblance to it’s own source material, the first LN, and Chu2Koi2 might do the same thing with it’s second LN.

      Perhaps it’s a pre-emptive apology the writer was making. He did a good job, it was well paced, funny, and entertaining. I think the anime watching community has become suspicious overly critical in the internet age.

    • Kyokai says:

      I heard of its murmurs on twitter as well but I don’t get why he’s being so apologetic. Well, Japanese are highly polite but if some people hated it, a lot of others liked it too.

      I wish they had made a two-cour series on this one but if the outline is till vol.2 alone, we can at least hope for another season of this goodness.

      And about the haters, it’s kind of sad how some anibloggers are known to just hate on the series they blog. It puts a bad name on those who present their opinion more objectively rather than just either always praising or always hating.

      • zztop says:

        I’ve heard Japanese public apologies are a cultural must to ‘smooth over social situations’, which indicates to me there must have been some Japanese bloggers upset by this ep.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Then it’s something serious if the Japanese people themselves don’t like this episode. Well, you must follow cultures if you want to get anywhere. Especially in these days.

          • Kyokai says:

            Well, with the amount of cosplaying I’m seeing along with the general KyoAni love in Japan, I don’t see this episode as much of a problem. I remember they had some issues with Free! too but by the end, everyone pretty much loved it.

            With experience I can say, with 7 episodes still to go, KyoAni will mend this series to end as a good one.

  6. skylion says:

    Achh, Spammy.

  7. sonicsenryaku says:

    that was a nice break from the seriousness but no more silliness can be had if this series is to be considered a good series by the end of its run (at least in my opinion). I dont know why people expected another shin sekai yori or something of that quality when they first heard about this series (i feel that’s where a lot of the disappointment is coming from because im sure opinions and the hype would have been different had people actually known where the source material was derived).

    I knew about the LN’s coming in so the only thought i had in my mind was that this show could only go up as the LN material was just ok. I was hoping kyo ani would take it in a much more serious direction and cut out the comedy, and for a sec i thought that was where kyo ani might go with it from the pv and the interviews i read. So far that hasnt quite been the case unfortunately but I still think this is a solid series.

    After an ep like this (as fun as it was) this just made me think how much this series needed to be 24 eps to truly make the best out of its setting and characters; 13 eps is way too short. Still, with 7 eps left, this series still has what it takes to be really good. It just has to stick to what made eps 4 and 5 really good eps and keep that formula all the way with a much tighter direction. No more missteps can be allowed. This should be the moment in the story where mirai should realize that she’s been happy as of late compared to how she was in the beginning, but she cannot move on until she settles things with Sakura. At this point is where the true character development should surface and where the shit hits the fan. But man this series could have used the 24 eps.

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree with you on two-cour. This has so much potential. Something similar to what Hyouka had but ah well, the remaining plot gives me hopes for season two.

      I know in the beginning, everyone was expecting a Shinsekai no Yori but when you have such fun characters, how can you be always serious? Not to mention, KyoAni is so good with slice of life and even comedy when done right. It would be a waste if they did not add their personal flair to this story.

      For me, if it’s entertaining, I’ll enjoy it. But yes, Sakura needs to be addressed and I’m looking forward to how they continue with pacing.

  8. Highway says:

    Well, the haters can take a long walk off a short pier. I thought this was great, just like I thought the previous episode was great. Is it kind of out of continuity? Sure. But I think it still fits in because we know about Mirai’s desperation for money. So a big fat fruity target is going to be an attractive distraction. That they took it to such extremes is just being awesome.

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree with you. Yeah sure, plot is important too but this episode solidified the characters bonding even more. I have to care for the characters to get into the story and for me, this development is as important as resolving the issues between Mirai and Sakura.

      For a fact, troll episodes are sometimes one of the best. Gintama and Haruhi comes to mind as an example. xD

  9. Foshizzel says:


  10. Karakuri says:

    Yes! I was totally thinking of UtaPri during this too. That fabulous background dancing!! xD

  11. Irenesharda says:

    This episode was cute. Out of place and filler, but cute. ^_^

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