Outbreak Company – 04

Trust me, I’m an otaku!

School’s in for Outbreak Company. And it consists of learning terms like “zettai ryouiki” and “haitenai”. That stuff probably isn’t appropriate for 10 year olds, but at the same time I can’t say I disapprove of it due to how hilariously awesome Shinichi’s lessons are.

Otaku School

I wish my textbooks were like this.

Just to get this out of the way, yes, Myucel survives her little encounter with the knife. Even though it was fairly obvious all along that she would be fine, I admit Outbreak Company did a great job of trolling us with the fish. Shinichi breaking down really got me going for a moment there. Anyway, Shinichi’s school becomes a reality and he’s now on his way to spreading otaku culture around the empire. The thing is, a taste for this kind of stuff can’t be taught, and our determined hero is sharp enough to realize this. So the natural next step going forward from here is to adapt these concepts to this new world. In other words, anime and manga need to be developed in the native culture rather than forcefully transplanted. This is starting to get a little more complicated than the original plan, but fortunately it just so happens that someone right for the job joins the cast.

Moe Spy

Political espionage has never looked so good.

That’s right. After surviving a moment of internal strife, Shinichi is now faced with external interference from a neighboring empire. This comes in the form of a curvy werewolf spy girl under the cover of a nomadic artist. Honestly though, she’s perhaps the worst spy possible. Not only does she get herself caught really easily, she also gives away the fact that she is a spy during her “interrogation”. And this is an interrogation where the “interrogator” is actually trying to help her. So basically the Eldant empire has nothing to fear about Erubia because she simply isn’t smart enough to be a real threat. She’s just that ditzy, well-endowed female character. And I have no complaints about that. Those large fluffy ears and tail more than make up for it, as Shinichi can tell you.

Well, yeah…

Anyway, now that Erubia has been turned over to our hero’s custody, he might make good on his word to make her his personal artist. Or he could just use her to satisfy his personal needs for hugging soft things. But I’m thinking the show will pursue the former. And then we will hopefully see Shinichi make good progress on getting the residents of the Eldant empire to accept anime and manga conceptually through their own brand of the stuff. I’m actually really curious as to how their version of anime and manga will turn out, considering their world is pretty fantastic by our standards. But I suppose the same could be said in the opposite direction from their point of view. Regardless, once that’s done no doubt Shinichi will move on to spreading the otaku culture to the rest of the world.

In other news, it’s good to see that Shinichi’s philosophical teachings are starting to show some results. It might appear that this took a backseat to the “moe missionary” side of things here, but I really liked Petralka’s vastly improved treatment of demihumans. Though that might be more accurately credited to Myucel taking a knife for her. Also interesting was the fusion of the show’s two main themes during Erubia’s interrogation. It begins with Shinichi trying to make a valid point only to let his ulterior “otaku motives” leak through. Then surprisingly it turns around when the guy manages to use his own otaku expertise to suggest manipulating the clueless Erubia into feeding Bahailm false information. I have to give him props for such quick and sensible thinking, even though his thoughts might actually have been elsewhere at the moment.


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6 Responses to “Outbreak Company – 04”

  1. zztop says:

    I’m more amazed in this ep that 10-yr old Eldantian dwarf boys have full-grown beards.

    • Restia says:

      I second this.

      Also, I love how they deliberately point out that they’re 10 years old, every single time lol

  2. Highway says:

    It’s hard to help a spy who outright admits they’re a spy. But how naive would the Eldants have to be to not think of a spy who is a false source of information? Seems like this is their first rodeo. Or maybe they’re just too interested in torturing and killing people.

  3. Restia says:

    And thus Shiniichi’s harem grows.
    Kemonomimi ftw

    I also am glad to see improvement in Petraulka’s personality. Let’s just hope other racist-esque characters don’t pop in. Although the children in his school were on the bad side of things, in time, I think those kids would be the ones to destroy the prejudice & segregation of classes/races. At least, hopefully. I love how they integrate such serious themes admist the parody and humor in this show XD

    /I need to make Lord Galius’s “Hmph!” my notification sound or something lol

  4. BlackBriar says:

    First day on the job, Shinichi. No one said it would be easy. For fellow sub species, some were really being pompous to one another.

    It’s disturbing to accept the classmate with the beard is 10 years old. It’s probably a sign that his species ages rapidly and have a short life expectancy.

    Shinichi adds another cute girl to his unique harem. Elbia is the one I’m betting we’ll get a lot of laughs from. She looks more like a dog than a werewolf.

    Oh, of course Minori is a fujoshi. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see that coming. In my opinion, 85% of female characters are likely to be closet fujoshi. For someone most likely pent up on stress from the job and being so uptight, she had to be venting on something.

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