Kyoukai no Kanata – 04


If you weren’t shipping them before, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about it now…~

You know who’s a babe? Hiromi, sister complex and all. *cough* Anyway, following after the lovely Miyu and Kyokai, it is now my turn to blog this great series. I have to admit that I was nervous about blogging this week’s episode after that intense preview last week. I’m usually known to bail out when something gets crazy dramatic, but luckily I stuck around since it wasn’t as intense as I thought it was going to be (not that that’s a bad thing). Now let’s get into one of the more serious, and visually appealing, episodes of the series so far.~

Wickedly awesome, yet scary, youmus


You ever find yourself admiring the villian in a show? Well for me, despite how terrifying these youmu would be in real life, I have to admit they looked pretty…awesome. The Hallow Shadow’s ability to make a labyrinth from peoples’ memories was quite interesting, and I loved the look of the chaotic labyrinth. Akihito was scarily awesome as well with a pretty badass transformation. From the preview I expected that Akihito’s transformation was due to the Hallow Shadow, but instead it was his awakened youmu instincts, which I didn’t expect to happen at all. I simply thought the extent of his youmu powers was just being immortal. What was really surprising though was that despite being a half-youmu, he was incredibly powerful in his awakened youmu state. Even just being immortal seems pretty powerful to me, so is there something special about his youmu father? Because I would assume that being half would make someone less powerful than a full-blooded youmu.

Speaking of Akihito, he and Mirai make a strange, dangerous, and even sweet pair that fit and work well together. Personally I like characters with sad, tragic, or dark secret-type of back stories coming together. It’s kind of nice, you know? And they way Akihito was so adamant about taking care of her was nice as well. I guess it’s because he feels that they are both similar in that they are hiding strong, monstrous, dangerous powers that at some point have harmed those closest to them and given them the feeling that they are not meant to be with others because of this power, as well as the feeling that should not be happy because of what they harbor inside of them. I’m also guessing he’s felt what Kuriyama’s felt in the past, and now he’s trying to help her to not feel the same way. But, guessing from that last scene at the restaurant, he still has some of those same feelings lingering in him.

At first when I heard I’d be blogging this week’s episode, I was thinking of complaining about how slow the show had been getting, but then the next thing I knew, shit got serious this episode and now I regret having those thoughts at all. Anyway, there was a lot of great action this episode. The animation is of course everything I wanted and more, and I’m already hoping KyoAni does more action-y shows now. Overall the episode felt like a turning point for the series, where now the majority of our characters have been introduced, their personalities established, the main characters’ pasts somewhat revealed to us, and now we have this mysterious plan to stall the Society of Spirit World Warriros for whatever reason. We’re finally getting past all this introductory shenanigans and possibly going more in-depth with the characters and establishing a different story alongside our main characters’ stories. This thing with the Society is certainly interesting; I mean, why are they trying to stall them? What does hiding the fact that Kuriyami actually killed the Hallow Shadow and saving the stone elsewhere do for them? Another thing I’m curious about is Sakura, who just as quickly disappeared as she had appeared. Is she truly out for revenge on Mirai, or is there something more? So many questions, still so little answers, and maybe just a little bit of over-speculation for me. Either way I’m undoubtedly hooked and I can’t wait for more.~



Judging from the preview, things have seemed to calm down in the aftermath of defeating the Hallow Shadow. It  also looks as though Mitsuki is going to have a talk with Mirai about the events that unfolded, and maybe even talk about what happened in the past and about her relationship with Akihito. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Anyway, a new episode means a new blogger, so stay tuned! Until next time then~


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19 Responses to “Kyoukai no Kanata – 04”

  1. skylion says:

    Ah. Glorious. Finally a great episode to put the KyoAni hater’s in their place.

    I was a huge fan of Fist of the Norther Star back in the day. I dug the super-body-deformation-explosion animation from back then. I was great to see that vivid texture again with KyoAni doing the drill. Tops.

    Ah, the shipping. It’s hardcore right now. With teasing and cloying looks that the end; and the sharing of food.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Yes. KyoAni need to keep this up. They are capable of delivering so much more when they tackle something serious, and sometimes the amazing animation in their shows is inserted in the most throw-away positions, as if there was nothing they could really use their skills on, so they did something special to keep from getting bored. Kyoukai no Kanata has the intensity to tell a real story, and ample opportunities for the animators to bust out some moves.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      agreed; Ive always thought kyokai no kanata was just good but had the potential to be so much more. As the blogger above mentioned, the story has been laid out to explore the more complex themes that the characters are probably tackling and if this series can manage to do that splendidly, then it will indeed become a great series before its end.

      On a side note, I cant believe the amount of viewers who were under the impression that it was mirai’s hug that brought akihito back to his senses when what she really did was hold him down so she could burn him with her blood and subdue him.

    • skylion says:

      I find myself at odds with your sentiment. Thou it is a matter of taste, so I will not be at odds with you. For me, KyoAni has always been in the wheelhouse they want to be in. The verisimilitude of life is not an easy thing to capture in any medium. With K-ON, Tamako Market, Chu2Koi, and Hyouka, I believe they did so much more than really appreciated. The grace they imbued those shows with was so incredibly breathtaking, and charming, and captivating. All in the slice of life and character driven drama and comedy.

      They’ve perfected that, and they have brought it to KnK. And now we get to see them tackle new themes and add it to the mix they are so well versed in.

      Yes. I am such a fanboi.

      • Highway says:

        I don’t want to say too much right now, trying to save it for the next episode (cause there *is* a different blogger next week), but the short version is “I’m not sure if I think this is really doing it for me.”

        I agree pretty completely that those other shows were executed almost perfectly (and Tamako Market, even though it’s much lower on mindshare than those others, was something I thought pushed boundaries and asked questions in a way that KyoAni generally doesn’t, while still keeping the other qualities excellent). This one, I’m not sure about. We’ll see how it handles the ‘after-action’ part.

        • skylion says:

          To this day I will never understand how the very simple and elegant themes of Tamako Market ever escaped an audience.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        kyo ani in my opinion is capable of and have proved that they are quite skilled in story-telling. Kanon 2006 was such an excellent series from them and one of my favorite kyo ani productions Hyoka is yet anoother series I found to be a very good regardless of its slow start and most of all, i found the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya to be the best of all kyo ani’s works so far; a truly superb display of their directing and story telling talents.

        While i understand why some anime fans give kyoani such flack, i think they are just seeing whats on the surface of the studio instead of evaluating them in terms of their ability as story-tellers. Yes we get a lot of “moe material” from them but that’s not all on the surface. In my opinion, its sad to see some people dismiss KNK, not for its quality, but because mirai exudes “moe”. While i personally find kyo ani too corporate at times, i do respect their skills and don’t think they deserve as much flack as they get.

  3. Barney Stinson says:

    Now I’m wondering about Akihito’s father, because to have a son that powerful…

    • skylion says:

      Hey, we got some fresh meat. Welcome to the ‘norn, Barney.

      It is my understanding that it isn’t the father you should be concerned with….

      • d-LaN says:

        Maybe the father is as big of a airhead/quirky as the mother? Or is the mother hiding a nasty streak behind her airhead? OwO

        • skylion says:

          I only know what /a has done a mild spoiler on in the Japanese LN (so far only the prologue had been done in English). But, think about the power a Spirit World Warrior must muster not just to fight…but to mate.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    It was like watching a nightmarish version of Inception combined with Shinsekai Yori elements. With any kind of hope, there should be some questions being answered as much as the action being increased.

    Akihito is definitely unstable with half blood heritage. His youmu side seems to be dominant. I wonder if he’s the only one of his particular kind or if there’s anyone who can teach him to control his powers.

    • skylion says:

      It feels like they can only contain him at this point, leaving him feeling more indebted than grateful. But really, if they didn’t care about him, they wouldn’t try to kill him outright, nor give him a warning about that. This circle of Warriors in this town must feel some sense of family for him.

      But, props to KENN for such great delivery. I wouldn’t believe half of what he is without that.

  5. Kyokai says:

    Best episode of this series yet. ALL THE FEEEEEEEELS. How can you not ship Akihito with Mirai? I mean, c’mon! Also, happy to know that some of my predictions came true like how Akihito’s background is similar to Mirai.

    Now, I’m really curious about the role of Nase’s family in guarding Akihito and why Izumi stole/hid the Hollow Shadow’s gem. What I can see playing in the background is that either the old dude connected to the Nase family or the observer is connected to another secret organization who are after powerful/rogue youmu for collection. For what result, we shall see.

    • skylion says:

      …and here I was gonna ship Akihito with the Siscon…

      Yeah, I like how the observer was just completely taken with that Object d’art/Barried Youmu. That’s a story right there..

      • Kyokai says:

        No worries, skylion. You are not the only one doing that! 😉 Also, love the siscon because he’s so brazen with his comments.

        That french dude was literally stalking all of them. I want to know his real intentions…

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