Kuroko no Basuke – 27


All the boys in this world are jealous of “smiling” Kuma right now

It turned out that I only have one day left to leech my university’s monthly Wi-Fi, so I’ve been using the internet reaalll carefully. Though that didn’t stop me from seeing the high quality version of this magical basketball anime, teheh~

Some Miracles Need More Miracle

Unfortunately, episode two is just another introductory episode, but it delves more into the characters. This time, it’s this Murasakibara dude. He’s tall in height, but he’s not tall in personality or mental capabilities since he’s apparently dumb in everything but basketball. How he didn’t mind when he was insulted like that by Kuroko is just another proof of his dumbness. Dumb or not, it seems that he’s still talented in basketball though. It wasn’t shown in this episode, but just look at his height. I bet he’s a real monster when he plays basketball seriously. He has a monstrous personality in a way though, since he has this dislike for passionate boys. Though it’s hatred for Murasakibara, I interpret it as jealousy since he can’t feel the same passion those talent-less boys have. I guess this is what being too talented is all about.


Rainbow-colored hairs give us miracles

Speaking about talent, it seems that we finally caught some glimpse of Akashi’s power. Not really a glimpse, but it’s more like a hint. So whatever he will do, it will assure his victory. It kinds of makes you wonder what kind of basketball trick that can make one win no matter what, isn’t it? I bet it has nothing to do with basketball, because not even the most famous basketball player in this world has this kind of talent. Maybe Akashi flies when he jumps, maybe he made a pact with the devil, maybe he can see the future, meh. Whatever it is, I’ll definitely giggle in amusement. when I finally see Akashi’s “basketball” trick.

Akashi said that it won’t be “fun” if he plays in the games, but is that, really? I wonder whether that’s the complete reason or not. After all, Kuroko mentioned that the bodies of GoM can’t hold all the MIRACLE POWUUHHHH the GoM members have. Thus that being the reason why Aomine injured his arm and Kisei twisted his leg. Akashi, being the captain of Teiko, probably knows the limit his body has. Oh well, it still sucks when one still has limit to his own talent. That’s what you got for being too talented. Lesson from this? Don’t color your hair with rainbow colors. You’ll be too talented to play basketball.

Invisible Basketball


These scenes are not bloopers

Literally invisible basketball. Don’t believe me? Just look at the screenshots of Tatsuya’s and Kuroko’s new tricks. Either the ball or the player will disappear. Even I was thinking hard like a moron when I saw that scene (while laughing at the same time). How the hell did Tatsuya made his “ball” disappear (I know how wrong this sounds like)? There must be some kind of trick for that! Did he throw the ball so high to the point where it’s unreachable? But how come it looked as if Kagami caught the ball? How? HOW? Then there’s also Kuroko. He effing disappeared. DISAPPEARED. How? Again, I don’t even know. Wait, does disappearing count as basketball trick? Whatever it is, the point is that he disappeared when most basketball players I know can’t even disappear like that. If Tatsuya and Kuroko use magic tricks for their basketball jutsu, I wouldn’t even be surprised anymore.

Extra Invisible Balls:

Show ▼

It wasn’t a great episode, but it was still entertaining. It was amusing to see Murasakibara bickering with Kagami like little kids. Even Kuroko was pissed at Murasakibara. Like WOW, Kuroko can actually get mad. It’s always fun to see the characters interacting with each other, from the coach to the minor characters to the gay Kuroko-Kagami conversation. The mangaka really knows how to turn ordinary action-less scenes into something fun. I guess that’s one of the best things about KuroBas with the exception of magical basketball. Speaking about magical, though this week has no intense basketball action, Tatsuya’s play was really magical. I was in awe when I saw the animation. Tatsuya’s play is so smooth, so silent, so elegant, so perfect, it’s so flawless. And yet, it’s so powerful at the same time. Imagine how long it took for him to master such elegant yet powerful play. It’s just so amazing, I… I’m still speechless. Or I’m just one of those people who are easily impressed with smooth animation?

Preview: I can’t remember what the preview is all about, but there are some kawaii chibi characters, and that’s kawaii.


My aura when I read explicit KuroBas doujinshi


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9 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 27”

  1. belatkuro says:

    That Kuma’s face looks so smug. Kill it with fire.
    Momoi’s Momois are a miracle of the universe though.

    And I don’t know if that was the intention of the studio or not but that’s actually spot on about Tatsuya’s play. It will be mentioned later that his play is very smooth and flawless, which leads to…complications when they face him in a match.

    And yeaaah, them disappearing tricks. You’ll be surprised at the explanations for those. Yes, there’s actually some legit explanations from the mangaka for how those tricks work and not just ‘magic’ or ‘shounen powah’. Doesn’t stop it from being ridiculous and downright amusing though.

    Basketball match next time. Hoping for some excellent animation. Or some decent ones and save some for the future matches. They have money to burn so they should really go all out with the animation for each match.

    • anaaga says:

      Momoi’s chest balls are one of the miracles in KuroBas. No wonder she’s the manager of the GoM

      I still can’t get that scene out of my head. Thatsya’s play was just so… smooth, I feel ashamed of myself for no reason. How can it be so smooth? So silent? I just… Ahhhh

      It seems that I forgot this trick of Kuroko’s even though I read the manga, so I’m not so sure what this one is. I was too amused at the trick they showed in the OP. That’s a new trick too, right? If I remember correctly.

      With that fabulous opening, they BETTER have great animation for the matches. That manga was sold in millions, so I’ll be raging if the animation for the matches sucks

  2. Namika says:

    First of all, yes, Cool-chan, that sounded really wrong ROFL *dirtymind*

    Okay, now I seriously dislike Atsushi. He repeatedly wants to crush someone. Is his ego the opposite size of his body or something?? Though seeing how Kagami provoked him was kinda funny and cute. Something about hearing a strong, masculine voice say such stupid things is so hilarious.

    They’re teasing us with Akashi so much that I’m already disappointed, because I can’t imagine what can he be to meet my expectations. Well, I know something about his special technique, Show ▼

    And finally, when I got into the basketball mood, they just stopped. REALLY? TT^TT And it seems like KnB is diving deeper into the depths of ridiculous. First season wasn’t that unimaginable. Okay, not a lot of high schoolers can dunk, but at least most of the stuff we’ve seen is physically possible. But Tatsuya’s and Tetsuya’s (I find the similarity kinda funny) techniques look a little too ridiculous. Especially Tatsuya’s. WTH was that?! O_O

    • Namika says:

      Okay, the levels of my idiocy are even surprising me. I apologize

      • anaaga says:

        LOL did you finally realize that I’m not OC? OC’ too busy with other (more intelligent) anime.

        Remember that Murasakibara acts like a kid? that’s probably what this is all about. He’s jealous of the passion other boys have, and like a kid, he actually want it. But he doesn’t know how since he’s too talented for it.

        I actually read the manga, so I know what Akashi’s power is. Here is a spoiler
        Show ▼


        • Namika says:

          It’s not that I didn’t realize, it’s just that I let my thoughts escape me and wrote OC’s name on autopilot 😀 And noticed only when I checked back for any replies.

          Well, I guess he’s just like Aomine, too strong and talented. But he’s slightly frightening sometimes. And dat face in the opening O_O

  3. sonicsenryaku says:

    That smiling bear cocktease was priceless; it’s almost as if it’s saying “YEEEEAAAAAAA I’M ALL UP IN THIS CHEST, WHAT YOU GON DO ABOUT IT? U MAD BRO?!!!!”

    • Highway says:

      sonicsenryaku, I wanted to apologize for deleting another comment you made accidentally. I just didn’t catch that it wasn’t spam, so if you remember what it was, feel free to repost. Sorry again.

    • anaaga says:

      Pffffttt that’s probably how the Seirin players take it too

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