First Impressions – Kakumeiki Valvrave 2

Valvrave is back!

Oh my god it’s finally here! Valvrave season two, but technically this is episode thirteen! Anyway joining me for the first impressions post is mecha buddy Anaaga and I certainly hope that this first episode answers some of my questions from episode twelve.




Welcome back old friends


Haruto is back to lead us from the darkness.

Valvrave s2 wastes no time surprising us right off the bat revealing more things with the council of the hundred and one forcing people to become a magius like Cain!? Damn I guess the council does not like being lied too and why was the symbol green instead of red? I wonder if that means Amadeus’s body has been taken over permanently? I hope we learn more about this council this season. After all of that messed up stuff we jump right back into the final fight that carried over from episode twelve with Haruto and L-ELF against Cain and his new overpowered crystal Valvrave which did not last very long because he conveniently lost power! Good job bro; however I don’t think his true intention was to destroy the red Valvrave anyway or was it just dumb luck? At least everyone made it to the freaking moon finally. Also we return to the whole subject of Haruto still hating the fact that he is a space vampire, but that certainly does not stop Saki from putting the moves on him AGAIN! Then again she probably views it as “helping” him instead right? Other than those odd turn of events it doesn’t really compare to what happened after the end credits rolled with Cain preparing to create his own army of Valvrave knockoffs and it also explains why the other Dorssian guys were training, but I have a feeling H-neun will probably change sides since he knows Cain is not human I mean we saw that short preview in episode twelve with him losing an eye.

Complicated Relationship is Complicated


L-elf-“You know you want to bite me right now.”

There are so many things I am excited about in Valvrave, but the one thing I love the most here is the relationship chart among the four characters, and they are no other than Haruto, L-Elf, Shouko, and Saki. Based on the first episode, it seems that Haruto and Shouko are getting farther and farther away from each other, being too busy with their own things and all. L-Elf became the hidden Caretaker of Shouko, and it seems that he’s seeing Shouko in a new light now. Meanwhile, Saki painfully still stays by Haruto’s side although she was indirectly rejected for a BOY. I wonder if the relationship between Haruto and Shouko can be fixed too, especially if the two of them found out that Haruto killed Shouko’s father. With things they way they are, I guess that Haruto will hook up with Saki, while L-Elf with Shuko. Though since this is Valvrave, anything could happen. Besides, there is that Mini L-Elf that needs to be explained. So, who do you ship? Let the Shipping War begin!

Extra Valvrave fun


Welcome back evil space dude!


For the love of god please get a room err wait…


Haruto is having the best week ever…


I think the producers are trying to say something about Saki…

End thoughts

It feels good to have the crazy world of Valvrave back in our lives even though I know most people hate the series, but whatever more fun for the rest of us! So what in the world was up with that stuff at the start and end of the episode? Damn things are getting super CRAZY again! I just want to know what the hell those creepy cult dudes did to Amadeus and I can’t wait to see Cain’s Valvrave rip off machines fighting the other Valvraves! So what did you like about this first episode?

The first episode was… Decent, I guess? At least, I got what I wanted. There is the complicated drama among the for characters and Haruto being back to action with his Valvrave. There are some mysteries about the Rune also, which I would love to know more. Maybe the secret cult will eventually tell us about the Runes. Speaking about Secret Cult, how in the world does that work? So they bite the human, and the human becomes someone else? If that’s the case, how come Haruto is still himself, then? Though honestly, it seems that he’s losing his insanity. Oh well, the craziness of Valvrave already started, and I love it. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!



Surprise! Valvrave clones.


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45 Responses to “First Impressions – Kakumeiki Valvrave 2”

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  2. zztop says:

    How does everyone find the new OP for Season 2 compared to Season 1? Better or worse?

    That said, I really like the guitar track in this one. Even the duet combo feels stronger!!

    • Highway says:

      I like this one so much better. The first was just a mess, and a complete mismatch of vocals. I didn’t like it at all (especially after everyone hyped it up). This one was at least listenable.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I like both of them, though, I have to say I liked Preserved Roses a little better. Kakumei Duelism is really nice though.

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s a hard decision to make since it’s the first time hearing it. Needs some time to get used to. Kakumei Dualism isn’t bad but right now, I’m still hung on Preserved Roses.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Preserved Roses gets you pumped for the series! I love TM Revolution because of the old Gundam SEED/DESTINY days <3

    • Irenesharda says:

      For anyone who wants to here it. The short version of the new ED is out. I really like it. I may even like it better than the OP… o_o

      It’s called REALISM by ELISA. She’s the same one who did the 2nd ED for the 1st season.

    • d-LaN says:

      Both is nice. But atm I prefer Preserved Roses. Maybe it will grow on me as it goes.

  3. zztop says:

    L-11: I put a tracking device on you(Haruto). (0__0”)

    Which means L-11 totally shoved it up his bu(<em>gets shot by the Public Morals Council before the sentence can be finished)

    • Irenesharda says:

      Well, technically, another sub stated that he injected it into him during the physical they had while they were experimenting on him. I think that’s probably the more likely thing L-11 would do. 😛

      • zztop says:

        But did L-11 specify where it was?

        Because this means he just injected it into Haruto’s bu–
        (gets dragged away by the Magius for interfering in their affairs)

    • Foshizzel says:

      L-ELF probably did that when Haruto was sleeping ahahah

    • BlackBriar says:

      The rest of that sentence was far too explicit. Preservation measures for the public had to be taken. Sorry, it was nothing personal. It’s just good business. 😉

    • d-LaN says:

      Doujin artist, ya seeing this?

  4. skylion says:

    Yes. Valvrave is back baby. And it wastes not time putting us right back into the thick of things.

    Yeah, it looks like they will focus more on the four way relationship chart. At this point, I’m not going to place any markers. It could go anywhere…

  5. Irenesharda says:

    Well, well, well, after almost 4 whole months, Valvrave the Liberator has come back. And it was glorious… 😀

    Now, interestingly enough this episode lacked the twists it’s predecessors had, but that didn’t limit the awesomeness. First things first, we learn that the vampiric species known as the Magius, have a Council of 101 that the leaders of the world answer to, however, they usually don’t mess around with human affairs. So pretty much, as long as you remember who’s the boss and stay in your place, the Magius let you do what you want. You cross them, and there will be consequences. From the way they were talking in the beginning, Dorssia had some part in the Valvrave’s creation, that they tried to do behind the Magius’ backs. However, they caught them and made the Fuehrer one of them. One thing I noticed was that that though Amadeus had a clover symbol on his cells, he still have the Triple V symbol on his skin. My theory is that the symbol on the cells is a specific clan symbol (Cain talked about different clans in the last episode) and that the Triple V is the symbol for ALL Magius. Haruto has the three VVV’s on his cells because he was infected by one the original Magius progenitors which is Pino.

    We see a nice reunion between Pino and her elder brother Prue (“Pino” is Italian for “pine”, and “Prue” is Italian for “prow”. I don’t know if that has any relevance, but I thought it interesting.), but poor Prue’s Valvrave body isn’t mature enough to withstand battle, so he and Cain retreat. However, it’s interesting that Prue knows about JIOR and hates them. I wonder how much these mecha faeries know and how much they’re involved?

    As for Neo JIOR, they arrive at the moon sanctuary and spend two months there in peace, reinforcing their image as heroes of peace and justice. Shoko has her hands full as the new PM and she’s beginning to see how hard politics actually is. The kids really do know nothing on how to run a country which is really why the ARUS is running all over them. I mean, how you expect to run a country kids, when not ONE of you knows anything about accounting?! Much less food and drug inspection or border control… So, in order to find more information on their fellow countrymen and on the Valvraves, L-11 (who takes a large backseat in this episode) organizes a plan for them to head to Earth for answers. However, Haruto’s vampiric hunger is getting worse and worse and he’s falling apart.

    We find that he’s really the conduit for ALL the Valvraves, and that he must feed on human information through their blood that comes in the form of runes, in order to power the machines. Because he signed the contract, he no longer has a choice but to attack humans and feed all 5 mechs. We can also see subtle signs that the other pilots then begin to become ichy, maybe pointing to the fact that they too will begin feeling the hunger. You notice it first on Kyuma, then Raizou, and a little with Akira. It’s kind of how your body has a main way of extracting its nutrients and energy, however, if the body is in a starved state, the body has several backup sources to use to keep itself going. The body is built for survival, and in the same way the Valvraves will probably do whatever’s necessary to get those runes. If Pino can’t extract them from Haruto, she will go to the auxiliary pilots.

    Well, anyway, Haruto has chosen L-11 to be his living battery and will feed off of only him when needed. L-11 needs the Valvraves to work for his own purposes, so he allows this. I don’t know how long this symbiotic relationship will last though, especially if L-elf and Haruto are somehow parted. And what will be the long-term effects on L-elf? We see that one of the key factors in changing a human into a Magius is the exchange of runes via the biting of the neck, all that’s left is weird alien magic chants to be spoken. However, since Haruto was infected by a progenitor, will the multiple exchange of runes be enough? Also, if Haruto must feed to power Pino, who powers all the Valvraves, will Cain have to feed to power Prue for his own set of VVVs? I don’t think our powerful blond will have a problem with that, but it’s interesting seeing more and more information on these machines and the aliens that power them.

    Other than all that we just learn some other minor things like the Dorssians are making their own Valvraves, Cain’s last name is Dressel, H-9 is more suspicious than ever, but he’s not going to find much support from his colleagues. L-11 may have taken a liking to Shoko, but I don’t know how far it will go. Shoko can become friends with anyone, but I think she still has eyes for Haruto. She’s still unfortunately, one of the most oblivious characters here.

    Lastly, Haruto wants to find a way to become human again and destroy the Valvraves, though we already know from the time skip that that’s not going to happen. Becoming a Magius is pretty much a permanent thing, and since the Magius are still in charge more than two centuries into the future, then I’m going too say that they are more than likely going to join them in the long run.

    This was a very good first episode and I am ecstatic as to what is in store. I give this episode an 8/10. The best is yet to come. 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      The new season of Valvrave is off to a good start! I am soooo happy to see this returning and I was going to add some bats to the extra shots, but those things are kinda creepy looking ahaha

      You cross them, and there will be consequences!

      HELL YEAH they are not happy with being lied too xD

      We find that he’s really the conduit for ALL the Valvraves, and that he must feed on human information through their blood that comes in the form of runes, in order to power the machines. Because he signed the contract, he no longer has a choice but to attack humans and feed all 5 mech

      Yeah I think its basically a “network” through Haruto and I guess since his machine is the only one with an AI that makes his the default leader/Special space vamp…

      I give this episode an 8/10. The best is yet to come.


  6. BlackBriar says:

    VALVRAVE!!! Now my Fall season is officially set. The second half couldn’t come quick enough. Let the others hate, I love watching this show. It’s back and isn’t wasting any time roaring!

    So the Magius really are basically vampires. Even if they aren’t feeding on blood, they can create more of their own. What I believe is, like vampires are are separated and defined by the houses they’re aligned, the Magius each have their own separate clans. That would be why the symbol was green instead of red when Amadeus was turned. My curiosities are as to what are their methods when they bite. There’s obviously more than one now. From what is shown with the Valvrave pilots, when they bite, they take over their victim’s body and so far, that’s all they can do. Most likely they haven’t developed enough to gain new abilities. I’d say not even two months passed when they changed.

    Haruto has been having nothing but bad days. As if getting burdened with an insatiable hunger wasn’t bad enough, he has to provide resources for not only his Valvrave but the others as well. That’s a hell of a strain. The reason for that has to be that the red Valvrave is the first of its kind and the others were mass produced afterwards using similar designs but different weapons. Also, none of the others have an integrated OS.

    Haruto vows to find a way to be human and destroy the Valvraves. Tough luck, the time skips have already dealt with that possibility. I don’t think it would be stretch to say that whatever was injected into the pilots to turn them into Magius was originally human. There may have been a sensation with the initial injection but no side effects right after so the substance was compatible with their DNA. Had it been something else entirely, there would at least have been some changes in their appearance.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Well, they kinda feed on blood, or rather the runes that flow within it.

      I agree with your clan theory, I had the same idea.

      Here’s my theory on how the bites work: Magius drain their victims of runes through their blood. Runes are the very essence of information. Whether this be information of memories, emotions, habits, or your very DNA. So if the Magius is experienced enough he could probably absorb all of the information via the runes into his own being.

      There’s probably different levels of bites as well. There’s the ones that only do temporary body jacks, like the ones Haruto does with anyone he bites. He only transfers consciousness, he doesn’t get memories or secrets but only a few of the habits.

      And then there’s the longer ones that with the help of “vampiric magic?” it transforms the victim’s body so that it’s now immortal, and the Magius absorbs everything there is that makes up his victim’s very essence. This time the body jack is most likely permanent.

      Now Haruto and the other pilots were probably changed via some kind of essence that came from Pino. Cain calls Pino and Prue an original pair. I think they are some of the second generation Magius, the immediate children of the primogenitors. This would mean then that Haruto and fellow pilots are third generation. They were changed via Pino, a progenitor, and so therefore their clan in the original Magius clan (why the symbol on Haruto’s blood is the same as the one that marks the skin).

      That’s my theory anyway. 🙂

  7. zztop says:

    The Dorssian army research centre and barracks this ep resembles the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, UK.

  8. Barney Stinson says:

    Shoko, you finally suited up! I’m so…so happy… *sniff*

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