Anime You Never Realized Were Terrifying

Halloween Hunter x Hunter

GUARANTEED to shock you

Trick-or-treating and dressing up used to make Halloween one of the best Holidays. You finally got to stay up late, dress like anything in the entire world, and go on a sugar-fueled rampage. It was heaven. But now I’m lucky to get candy that I didn’t pay for myself and schoolwork is usually the spookiest part of my night. I imagine it’s similar for most of you. It’s just as majestic when you get to the age and height where adults only give you candy because they’re afraid your  hormones will act up and cause you to mug them. The solution is to find your own way to have fun. Well you will find information of good worth at melodyeotvos.

One of those ways is to create your own “otakuween” and indulge in horror anime. It’s the perfect way to cap off the creepiest night of the year without leaving your house or even spending money (oh you dirty pirate, you). If you plan on such festivities then let me help you. Whether you’re throwing a horror marathon party or just huddling under the blankets by yourself, I’ve got the 5 most blood-chilling, spine-tingling, scream-inducing shows to make you look twice before settling into bed. I claim no responsibility for any emotional scarring experienced while watching these. Only those who can stomach true horror should proceed…


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Now, I know none of you expected those choices. I can guarantee these aren’t on any horror list anywhere else. I guarantee it! So even if you don’t like horror anime, at least you have learned to find the Halloween spirit in just about anything now. Have a Happy Halloween, folks, and try not to get too many cavities.



A neuroscience graduate, black belt, and all-around nerd. You'll either find me in my lab or curled up in my rilakkuma kigurumi watching anime.
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42 Responses to “Anime You Never Realized Were Terrifying”

  1. skylion says:

    That was nuckin’ futs.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Such a lovely list! 😉 <333

  3. MgMaster says:

    @nr.4 – “Sometimes they even try to kill the male lead by suffocating him in a gruesome, murder scene.”

    Now that’s what I call a good way to die.Hyoudou Issei would approve.

  4. d-LaN says:

    MFW: щ (*ㅇ△ Φ☆)ノ

    @OC You made harmless shows sounds like a horror movie (´w`;) You must be having fun writing that lol. XD

    K-ON Days?


    NTR doujin and loli hentai is traumatic yo.

    QB is taht your friend?


  5. HannoX says:

    You forgot the scariest one of all–the English dub of Sailor Moon. Even having watched only a few minutes of it, the mere thought of hearing Serena’s voice again makes me quiver and whimper in dread.

  6. Liza says:

    Those are all so scary! *shivers in corner* I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight! D:

  7. Sumairii says:

    Attack on boob-possessed inferno moeblob neighbor?

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Oh no! now I can’t sleep because the moe-blobs are gonna eat my soul!

    -runs away screaming- “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

  9. BlackBriar says:

    I knew something wasn’t right about moeblobs. Just couldn’t put my finger on it!! Now I’m chilled to the bone. I still have a chance at sanity against Ecchi/Hentai. I’ve already steeled myself against such profound horrors.

    • skylion says:

      See….I knew you were a fraidy cat. Not enough guts for the blob eh?

  10. Highway says:

    I have 3 words to all these so-called ‘threats’:




  11. Tofu says:

    Embrace the moeblob and you shall become fuwa fuwa as well, JOIN US! We have tea… MOE MOE KYUN!

  12. Karakuri says:

    …That picture for #1 is genuinely terrifying. My childhood is ruined beyond repair now. Thanks, OC.

  13. belatkuro says:

    I had downloaded Totoro months ago but never got to watch it(along with a ton of other movies and OVAs). Seeing that pic and what you said about it makes me want to watch it now.

    And death by softness suffocation? I’m fine with that.

  14. celestine says:

    UAU that was great! Cool you realy should write a comedy book because your humor is awesome!!!! About the ecchi stuf a i AWAYS KNEW those evil jumping squezing boobs could only be work of the devil, oh my god the horror!

    Now really keep those kind of stuff up cause i ashure you that everyone loves it, however you forgot one of the most threatning, scary, spoky stuff On the anime industry BISHIE SPARKLES LOL

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks! I haven’t written an editorial in a while and it was fun to go FULL-OUT SILLY. It’s good for relieving stress and practicing to write other things =w=

      Bishie sparkles can cause blindness. I’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty. They are like pink will-o-wisps waiting to lead your soul to hell.

  15. sadakups says:

    I think K-On should have been number one.

  16. Namika says:

    Yay, Halloween! Best Holiday of the year <3 Even though I never went trick or treating, because we actually don't celebrate Halloween. BUT In the last few years, crazy people like me decided that an opportunity like this shouldn't be wasted, so a few places actually celebrate it now. YAY~ <3 And every year it gets bigger and bigger *happy,teary eyes*

    Great idea, OC 😀 Just… amazing 😀 Especially about K-ON. It actually freaked me out a little. ME
    I really wanted to watch a couple of my favorite horror movies, or even re-watch Corpse Party on Halloween night but at the end of the day I was too lazy and tired to do it TT^TT

    • Overcooled says:

      I love Halloween but none of my friends seem too into it T_T I’m lucky to be surrounded by houses to trick-or-treat at though. I would be so sad if no one celebrated it where I lived!

      Forget Corpse Party, watch the K-ON! movie! …Although I really do need to watch the Corpse Party OVA. I have it sitting on my computer still.

      • Namika says:

        At least that’s nice. Though here, we don’t do trick or treating stuff. Several clubs make big parties for Halloween, and that’s how we celebrate it here. With candy that we bought for ourselves, loud music and alcohol 😀

        No, I don’t think I’m tough enough for that 😀 You should definitely watch corpse party. It’s definitely not the best horror I’ve seen, not even close. But it’s so violent! The nice thing about it was that you don’t know if someone will live or die. I enjoyed it a lot. And lastly – it may be even more violent than Higurashi. Srsly o-o

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