Servant x Service – 13 [END]

watching the confession

We all get to peep in on their moment of glory


Sometimes I really hate writing that [END] up there on the last episode’s post. I actually don’t know of any show I’ve been happy to be finished blogging, even with the promise of new shows coming in the next week. But too many good things must come to an end, and this time it’s Servant x Service.

Lucy’s Already Insecure Enough, and Then…

Lucy down

Unhappy lunchtime

Lucy’s not sure of what to do now. I think it’s natural to be afraid a little bit that the guy you dated is acting completely differently toward you after your date. But with Yutaka acting completely differently toward her, she’s having a really hard time figuring out what she did. But she’s sure it’s her fault. And it’s really tough seeing her be so hard on herself. She’s done nothing wrong here, and Megumi makes sure she knows it… while throwing Yutaka under the bus.

Hasebe otoo-san

Dad is the one to blame. And that’s all we see of Hasebe’s mom

But we learn the truth of the most obvious twist of the show: That Yutaka’s father is the one who approved her name. And even worse, the blame can be traced to Yutaka because he was sick that day, and distracting his father. So now he’s sure that Lucy’s going to hate him. But it’s bad enough that he’s treating her differently and making her feel weird. The real question is whether he’s actually going to confess this news to her.

Just go, don't worry about me

“Save yourself, don’t worry about me!”

Finally, with the encouragement of Taishi (who impressed Megumi with a cool line about telling Lucy sooner than later, even as she wondered who he’s talking about while hiding his own girlfriend from Tohko), Yutaka tries to tell Lucy, but ends up just blurting out the whole thing. And Lucy takes it a lot better than he could have expected, admitting that she likes him calling her “Lucy” but she won’t agree to go out with him yet.


Lucy can definitely be cute

This was a pretty satisfying finale, and it’s really good that they didn’t put off the confession to Lucy about Yutaka’s dad. So even if there wasn’t any progress in Megumi and Taishi’s status, the way seems clear for Lucy and Yutaka, even if she’s putting him off for now. Even more, there’s definitely some mutual interest there now, and she’s not just putting up with him because he’s nice, or because she feels obligated.


Megumi and Taishi

Taishi just needs to try harder

When I finished the first episode of Servant x Service, I thought it could be a fun series, but worried that a series that just focused on character quirks could get a bit stale fairly quickly (like some other series this season eventually did). And when they introduced Tohko, it kind of felt like the ship was sinking. But then the series launched a couple of its own ships, and becoming a romantic comedy was really the way to go. I felt that both couples in the show were fun to watch, for different reasons, but they felt nicely authentic to me. I did see some complaining throughout the season that folks didn’t quite get why Megumi would be attracted to Taishi, but, to me, the same ‘nice guy’ status that keeps him failing with her is really what draws her to him, so the couple works.

Lucy and Hasebe

Maybe the first look of them like a couple?

But the real draw of the series is the Lucy x Yutaka pairing. With naïve, even oblivious, Lucy having a hard time realizing that Yutaka is sincere, and Yutaka hamstrung by his early impressions, these two took a while to get anywhere, but it made for a nice end to the series, especially with their date (with Lucy’s cute dress) and the drama of her name. These two were a nice adult couple, showing that romance isn’t just for high school kids, and that it doesn’t go super easy for anyone. And also unlike so many anime couples, especially in comedies, these two actually made progress towards being together, even though Yutaka didn’t really confess, just continued to ask Lucy out. But Lucy as good as confessed to Yutaka, having him ‘take responsibility’ for her liking him calling her Lucy so much. If there is a second season, the development of this relationship further should definitely be on the front burner.


Tohko wasn’t as bad as she could have been

I also want to mention Tohko. I know that most people felt she was as welcome as a fart in church, especially on her first introduction, but I really do think that her character improved through the series, both as we learned her motivations for doing things, and we explored her internal conflicts. Far from being a typical tsundere loudmouth brocon imouto, she recognized both the amount of support she got from Taishi, and how much of a burden she has been on him, and expressed a desire to stop being that burden, even if it does move her away from the one she likes. She could still be irritating, and I think that’s on purpose, but she certainly wasn’t the show wrecker that she could have been.

Saya helps Taishi helps

Big assists from Saya, Taishi and even Chihaya

On the technical side of the show, there really isn’t too much to talk about with a show like this unless it’s obviously bad, and this one wasn’t. A-1 Pictures did a great job keeping it consistent, with no obvious QUALITY moments, the OP and ED were bright and catchy enough (a friend of mine admitted he finds himself thinking of the OP throughout the day), and the ED was fun to listen to, especially with the three different versions (Kayano Ai, Nakahara Mai, and Toyosaki Aki all took turns being the lead singer). It was also fun recognizing all the guys’ VA’s from other shows I blogged this season. Overall, the technical side of the show supported the story adequately.


From a show that everyone expected would be like Working!!, I think that Servant x Service really made its own way. It was a lot less ‘crazy’ than Working!! and had a more realistic feel, even as the characters had their own quirks and troubles. I’ve really enjoyed watching and blogging Servant x Service, and I’d definitely put this on my “should get a second season” list. Maybe if anyone has any money left after buying the Shingeki no Kyojin BD’s, they’ll buy this and we can get a second season. So I hope you’ve enjoyed watching as well, and thanks for reading!


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13 Responses to “Servant x Service – 13 [END]”

  1. skylion says:

    I’ve been an on and off, part time and full time, member of the food service workforce for more than 25 years. I would die a happy, wonderful death if my experience came close to Working! I’ve also worked in public relations….and if the office romance was as straightforward as SxS…it would be bliss.

    This was one of my favorite shows of the season. Whereas many just peetered out and died of their own excesses, SxS kept the beat and kept it strong. There wasn’t a Friday that went by that I didn’t look forward to it. As you say, the OP and ED were so much fun, I had the OP in mind as I worked my restaurant day job this summer (again, nothing like Working!…as I get payed 2.13 plus tips. In Japan, a 15% service charge is added to all the bills).

    Yes. Lucy and Hasabe make for the cutest couple. I really want them to be happy. I think they can do it.

    Thanks for the blogging HWY. I look forward to your efforts this fall.

    • Highway says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, skylion, and I”m glad you enjoyed it!

      Seeing from the outside, the office romances I’ve seen have been even less interesting than these. Although there is the occasional VP who upon seeing someone talking to all the women in the office, says “Hey, that guy really is a ladies man, isn’t he” to the company president when “that guy” has just started dating the president’s daughter. 😉

      To change the topic, I’d be all for eradicating tips and paying everyone a rate that the employer thinks they’re worth. Everything I see about getting rid of the system of tips is positive, afaic.

      Should be some good shows coming up in the fall!

  2. anaaga says:

    I was so happy with Lucy and Hasebe’s relationship. I didn’t though it was going to be this fast, because Working was dragging the romance to the point where it annoys me. At least not I can sleep without worrying whether Lucy will hook up with Hasebe or not.

    The characters in SxS are definitely more enjoyable than Working. Probably because the settings in Working and SxS are different, but the characters in SxS are more tolerable than the ones in Working, as the characters have normal personalities and behave normally. The ones in Working are… More abnormal than the ones SxS? But I guess that’s another plus point for Working in a way.

    The only complain I have in SxS is the lack of public servant works when it shifts to the romance among the characters. And I want to know more about the romance between Tanaka and Saya

    • Highway says:

      I think the normalcy is where the show shines, because it keeps the characters very relatable. As you say, the ones in Working!! became defined by their quirks, as so often happens with characters with quirks. And that was something I was a little afraid of at the beginning of SxS, but it didn’t come to pass.

      There’s not a whole heck of a lot of comedy in the work of a civil servant, and almost none you could keep doing that wasn’t just straight-up picking on clients / customers. So I think moving away from that was a good thing for the show. Making it just an ‘office dramedy’ was probably the best choice.

      I don’t know if there’s a lot of ‘romance’ between Saya and Jyouji. And I don’t know how much there would really need to be. Jyouji’s best quality is that he is relatively impervious to Saya’s “Destroyer of Men” personality, so it may be one of those relationships where it may not be the most romantic or passionate, but both of them may come to realize that’s what they both need in a relationship. They could definitely come to care for each other enough to make it work.

  3. HannoX says:

    One of the better series this season and one of the better romantic comedies ever. Lucy and Yutaka made for a believable couple. Their relationship went from his teasing her to being drawn to her while she was left confused and uncertain of how he felt about her to where she does feel drawn to him but isn’t certain she wants to proceed further just yet. This definitely deserves a second season. Maybe then Taishi can finally tell Tohko about Megumi and advance that relationship.

    • Highway says:

      Lucy’s problems because of her name felt so much more authentic than a lot of the hangups that people in shows like this seem to have. And she made more progress with it than people seem to, without super special (stupid) therapy or anything like that. She just had to realize that her impression of Yutaka was not really correct before she could trust him at all. That she realized she liked the attention and caring is an important step for her.

      I think Taishi is hoping that Tohko gets a clue. I think this is another one of those more Japanese things, because in America, I can’t believe someone in Kanon’s position wouldn’t spill the beans to Tohko.

  4. Liza says:

    I really loved this show and I’m pretty sad it is ending.

    The characters were all pretty believable and relateable. I’m glad there was a sort-of conclusion with Hasabe and Lucy’s relationship.

    Really crossing my fingers for a second season of this. There is so much room for development here.

    • BlackBriar says:

      There’s the relationship between Ichimiya and Chihaya that still needs some work, the slowly developing interactions with Miyoshi and Tanaka and we have yet to see what the Section Manager looks like without him using the bunny as his three dimensional avatar to communicate with people.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    *sigh* Another good series that comes to a close. Going through seasons is always a bittersweet period of time. I imagine the [END] posts for Love Lab and Uchouten Kazoku are on their way and most likely the fact depresses you as much as the rest of us.

    I never saw Working!! so I can’t make any comparisons but Servant x Service was thoroughly enjoyable. And it had something going for it: a bunny for a section chief. That’s one for the books.

    Miyoshi was dubbed the destroyer of men’s confidence but what do we call Chihaya who was tearing Hasebe apart while he was at his most vulnerable? I wasn’t even there and I felt sorry for his merciless torment. I knew Lucy wouldn’t hold a grudge even if she knew the truth about who approved her ridiculously long name. However, the condition she gave Hasebe to keep things intact like calling her by her first name feels as if he inherited a debt his father made and that he has to pay it off for the length of their relationship.

    I hope for a second season. Now that Lucy x Hasebe has officially taken off, I want to see how things develop. And there’s Ichimiya who has yet to grow a pair and tell his sister the news about him and Chihaya. Maybe he’ll get some motivation if someone rubs his in the fact his junior colleague is advancing faster than he is in the relationship department.

    • Highway says:

      Not only that his junior colleague is farther along, but that he’s doing it in the same kind of relationship that Taishi thinks needs to be kept secret. Of course, everyone in the office knows about Taishi and Megumi, but there is a point to keeping it from being a distraction.

      At the moment, it’s not a burden, but a privilege for him to call her Lucy. And I thought the “I thought it was funny when I teased her about her name, but it pisses me off when someone else does it” was a fun observation.

      This show really feels like it’s got a lot of miles left in the humor. I do hope it gets a second series.

  6. sadakups says:

    Well, that was a fun show. Given that all pairings have been left open, a second serving could still work, but I’m pretty much content with what has been shown.

  7. KLACMAN says:

    well just finish watching this office anime series give it turned quite the ha to watch.

    give i was tempt to wonder to watch yet after wait & mention on it so go see it all yea turned quite a ha worth a check to watch.

    give some hmm & ugh bit part yet overall this office anime bit ok to see.

  8. tatsuya says:

    nice but fine (I hope it has season 2) ..(>//~//<)

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