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Time for a magical movie review!

With the Fairy Tail anime on a long break I recently checked out the very their first one shot movie and with any typical shounen based anime movies are usually non-canon one shot stories. So was this movie entertaining? Yes and no, but you have to read the rest of the review to find out why right Kara?


 Fairy Tail ended a while ago (or at least the anime did), but in between waiting for the new season, let’s enjoy the movie! Mashima (Fairy Tail’s author) actually had a hand in creating the characters here, so that was nice. However, the movie was both good and …not so good, I’ll admit.


The ultimate power of friendship

FT movie (4)

Lucy takes a long shower after her failed quest~

When it comes to top tier animation it seems A1 pictures has no issues cranking out some really fantastic artwork and usually a first movie for a long running series always has awesome artwork; however the characters themselves looked  little funky to me almost as if they were not as detailed? I mean sure the close up shots looked alright to me, but the far shots looked a little bit strange…animation issues aside for now the story was quite simple to follow because it was your typical save the girl and prevent the world from being destroyed by a giant monster. That said I really was not looking for a mind blowing story from this movie because if you look back at the first Bleach movie memories of nobody the story in that movie is very similar to the Fairy Tail movie minus the giant rampaging monster, but the dramatic reveal at the end of both movies made me quite sad! That is one thing I will admit that Fairy Tail does quite well whenever there is something sad happening on screen they throw in the epic soundtrack by Yasuharu Takanashi and you have some great emotional moments. Other than the sappy story it was nice seeing my favorite characters kicking ass and of course since this is Fairy Tail you can always expect random fan-service provided by both Ezra and Lucy who had I think roughly two nude scenes each? So yeah this movie had a lot of random booty shots and lots of man service provided by a topless Grey for the girls to enjoy! Now for the main movie character she was voiced by Aya Endou who did a really awesome job along with Aya Hirano as Lucy and Satomi Satou as Wendy even though she had little to no lines.

Being a phoenix priestess sucks

FT movie (1)

Aya Hirano cries a lot in this movie…

Plot spoilers for the movie follow, read at your own risk

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In the end, I guess the main thing that caught my attention was that this felt really… heavy for for Fairy Tail. I don’t watch a ton of shounen movies though (I’ve seen 3 Bleach ones, 2 or 3 Naruto ones, and that’s about it unless you want to count the Pokemon movies), so maybe this is what they usually do? They tell really heavy stories and then shove all of the fighting into the last 20 minutes or so? Also, this may have felt dark to me just because I’m used to how Fairy Tail usually is with the unnecessarily large amounts of fanservice and comedy. …It probably doesn’t help that I watched that swimsuit OVA before this either. The movie definitely wasn’t ‘bad’ though, just a bit more depressing than your average Fairy Tail episode.

Extra Fairy Tail fun

FT movie (2)

Wendy is still the cutest guild member~

FT movie (3)

Something for the girls to enjoy! Thanks Gray!

FT movie (5)

The law of Fairy Tail! Lucy has to be naked…

FT movie (6)

Her reaction face was hilarious!

End thoughts

I usually find it hard to do movie based review because I can’t really talk about everything without spoiling the fun, but if you love Fairy Tail you owe it to yourself to watch this movie! I mean is it perfect? Not really there are better shounen movies out there; however since this is their very first movie I couldn’t really compare it to anything other than the big three aka One Piece, Bleach or Naruto but anyway the best things about the movie for me was the action bits and kick ass soundtrack! I swear Yasuharu Takanashi should do all the music for every fighting series.

Like Fosh pointed out, the animation was definitely… different in places. Though I’m sure those were on purpose since there’s a rather large difference between animating 30 minute episodes meant for television and animating an hour+ long movie for  gigantic screen. The story was alright though, and it was definitely dramatic. I can’t say that anything was really accomplished, but every character had some sort of screen time and the end message was interesting. Of course, the story was all filler that never happened in the manga (though Mashima did write some sort of prequel apparently), but it was good filler.


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