Danganronpa – 09


Some people are too rich to die from something as mundane as poisoning.

My childhood friend is going to university in Japan this year, and I sent her off with a ton of yen and a list of otoge to buy me while she’s there~. I think I might be more excited about this than she is. Life is good. …Unless you’re in Danganronpa. Then life isn’t good at all.



Well this was a fun trial. 3 separate people confessed, or at least had evidence pointing to them, that they killed Sakura, and yet, none of them did. This kind of seems like cheating out of a locked room scenario. Or at least, it was taking the easy explanation out. Of course it nobody could have gotten in or out of the room if the person inside killed themselves. At least having the multiple possible murderers kind of made things more interesting. Plus this was something that I don’t think anyone really could have predicted, seeing how the whole premise of this game is to kill others to save your own life. Monokuma probably had fun seeing the students panic over the culprit, though who knows what’s going on in that bear’s mind. Plus he probably knew that they’d solve it anyways.


As a side note, this is how I was hoping they’d animate this part of the trials in the first place. At least they did it once, I guess.

Like I was saying in the last post, Sakura’s final moments were pretty lamentable. She saw herself as causing a rift between the students, and having 2 of the attempt to kill her on sight obviously didn’t change her mind on the matter. At least Asahina was there for her (kind of) in the end, so it didn’t look like everyone in the school wanted her dead. Though I’m sure watching Asahina get hurt defending her was hard for Sakura (you know, what happened with Genocider before this even happened). Asahina trying to drag everyone down with her was a nice gesture (…even though she got Naegi and Kirigiri involved, not that they went out of their way ever to do anything for Sakura), but it’s a good thing that she didn’t. Now the students have some kind of unity going on for the first time since this game started. Sakura’s suicide might seem like it could have been easily avoidable (if everyone had just sit down and talked for maybe 5 minutes), but she had good intentions and in the end, she did manage to accomplish what she set out to do.  Monokuma pulling out Sakura’s real will at the end was okay for rubbing salt in Asahina’s wounds, but really, that backfired against him pretty quickly. It only took them 9 deaths and a destroyed computer to realize that the real villain here is Monokuma/the mastermind, but things seem to be in order finally.

As promised, here’s a picture of Sakura, pre-muscles.


The guy beside her? That’s her boyfriend, Kenichiro. Er, long story short, he was the one person even she could never defeat, he had some kind of terminal illness and was given a few months to live, he told Sakura that she now holds the title “the strongest in the world” (which used to be his title) and she went a liiiittle crazy with the muscle training in trying to live up to that name. She was undefeated until her untimely death though. By the way, Kenichiro is most likely dead by the time that the story starts. Wow, between this and the way she met her end, Sakura’s life story is depressing. At least she found a true friend in Asahina, I guess.

Finally, we get more information on the 16th~. …Or at least a name for them. There was a point to Kirigiri having Naegi run around late at night, but that will be revealed shortly enough. Sakura actually accomplished a lot more in her death than just friendship. As for the other side to this struggle, if you hadn’t noticed from the fact that Monokuma totally knew about Alter Ego, he has a better handle on things than you’d think. I’m willing to bet that he knew about Alter Ego from the start (plus having Naegi find those pictures was totally within his plans in the game; though I’m not sure about now since all of the students have seen them instead of Naegi alone). Some things do catch him off guard, like Naegi being in that room a couple of episodes ago though, and he starts to slip up a bit more from now on. That should be fun to see, considering how much control he’s had over the students since the beginning.

So there are 6 (+1?) students left alive, and it looks like they’re not in the mood to kill each other anymore. This didn’t feel quite as heartwarming as I think it could have, but it was still pretty great to see Togami say that he wasn’t going to participate in Monokuma’s game anymore. …Actually, his realization in this episode that people can make decisions based on friendship instead of personal gain didn’t have that hard of an impact either. His reactions were right, but I don’t know if there was enough information and exposition on his character before that for the full impact. Though this is probably my experience with the game interfering with my enjoyment of the anime again. Really, the probably did fine with putting the ending of this trial together. Anyways, the important thing to take away from this is that the students have pretty much given up on trying to murder each other now. You’d think that this would put a damper on Monokuma’s plans (whatever they are), but he’s pretty devious. You’ll see.


…Don’t ask how she got into his room, you probably don’t want to know. 


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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32 Responses to “Danganronpa – 09”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    So I was right on the money that Sakura’s death was by suicide. Based on how the room was set up, it couldn’t have been anything else. That and she was smiling when her corpse was found. However, I almost got thrown off track when some admited they actually hit her on the head. Confusion ensued after that until the true facts were set in.

    It only took them 9 deaths and a destroyed computer to realize that the real villain here is Monokuma/the mastermind, but things seem to be in order finally.

    I guess most figured that out for some time now. Personally, I wish that was out in the open before Celestia died. However, the question is: How are they going to get back at him without triggering a punishment? The last one who touched Monokuma, Enoshima, got skewered by spears from all directions and that wasn’t a pretty sight. That rotten bear has got to go. If anything, they’ll have to defy one of the rules and break into the Principal’s office.

    As for the 16th student, I’m sure he’s the one who attacked Naegi when he first the secret room and tried to get some information from the books. Since I’m on topic about shady characters, the one who’s hard to read is Kirigiri. Though she’s lending a hand against Monokuma, I can’t help feeling she’s hiding something. Her expressionless face isn’t making it easy to trust her either although she did blush around Naegi last episode.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well there have been more er, creative ways that closed room situations have happened, but like I said, they took the easy way out with Sakura’s death being suicide.

      I’m thinking Celes probably still would have died, seeing how ambitious she was. Having everyone pretend to get along probably would have made tricking them even easier. AHAHAHA funny you should mention the principal’s office. That should come up right in the next episode.

      You think it’s the 16th? Well, let’s see how that goes…

    • Namika says:

      The situation as a whole was very confusing, but her pose was what really sealed the deal. I don’t think anyone would smile while being killed. Besides Genocider, if Togami finally decided to behead her.

  2. AllenAndArth says:

    HOW! How can This(Sakura in the series/after) have been THAT(sakura before the series/before)…nooooooo!

  3. Japaninspired says:

    Karakuri-san, I think Monokuma said that he knew about Alter Ego from the start.

    And even thought his was such a sad episode, I think It was more sad to me while playing the game. Maybe it’s because you get closer to the character and spend more time with them.
    But still, sad.

    Finally a really interesting part comes.
    Guys, do you have any ideas who/what the 16 person may be?

    • Karakuri says:

      Ah, well that answers that question.

      Yeah, you definitely got to know Sakura more in the game than here. This is definitely one of the sadder deaths, since she did it for everyone else and they acted like jerks up until the end.

  4. Japaninspired says:

    Oh, and by the way, sorry for being off topic thought…
    Karakuri-san, how is your progress with BWS? Just curious what you think about it.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ugh, I guess I never told anyone, but about a month ago I lent my laptop to my idiot brother and he somehow destroyed it. …So my progress with BWS is at a standstill until I get him to cough up money for a new one or I figure out how to fix the old one. OTL

      Though I did get to finish Mejojo’s route (the good end only; I wanted to get to the wolves’ routes) and kind of started on Arles’. …From what I played though, it’s definitely one of my favourite VNs out there. Things are super depressing and everyone seems to die, but it’s the kind of depressing I like~. I don’t even think the things I’ve heard about Auger’s ends could ruin the game for me. They seem really… fitting.

      • Highway says:

        *Highway risks a painful death…*

        So I guess your brother didn’t like the imouto eroge that you were making him try?

        • BlackBriar says:

          *Highway risks a painful death…*

          Fortune favors the bold.

        • Karakuri says:

          PFFTAHAHAHA … I don’t think I could bring myself to make my brother play one of those. He’s barely a teenager and still at the point in his life where he thinks girls are gross. xD

          • Highway says:

            He’s barely a teenager and still at the point in his life where he thinks girls are gross.

            Wait wait, the first part of the sentence totally negates the second part of the sentence. Maybe he’s at “frog down the back of her dress” or “dip her ponytail in the inkwell” (why do I have that as an example???) levels of showing his interest in an appropriate manner, but there’s definitely interest. 🙂

            • Karakuri says:

              Er, I mean that he almost completely ignores their existence and wants nothing to do with them (or maybe he’s just a tsundere xD). …Mostly because he’s had to deal with me and my friends for most of his life (I remember a few years back, I forced him to dress in my clothing and I did his hair. …I really wanted a sister. OTL). He’s a herbivore for sure.

      • Japaninspired says:

        That’s so sad. I hope you laptop recovers.

        Yup, you’re right, it’s depressing, but in a good way (or does that sound strange? lol) I didn’t finish all the routes in it yet(since my Japanese reading skills are not that good and I have to play with a dictionary near by), but it’s fantastic. In the beginning I was so stunned by the art and music that I sometimes didn’t pay attention to the actual game and what’s going on.
        And the voice actors did a really great job. Though, when I see the name Kaji Yuuki somewhere, I get flashbacks of Kanato from Diabolik Lovers. Before that I was so “come on, Kaji Yuuki, you’re already one of my most favorite seiyuus, you can’t surprise me anymore”, and then BAM. And I was only thinking how marvelously he played Kanato. So I think that he can’t surprise me anymore than that.

        Karakuri-san, who are you’re favorite voice actors from the ones that appear in otome games? If you don’t mind me asking…

        • Karakuri says:

          Aww thanks. OTL I’m tempted to start Last Hope, but I feel like if I don’t finish Bloody Nightmare first, I’ll get the storyline mixed up. It’s happened before, sadly. (I started with Diabolik Lovers last night actually, so hopefully that fills the gap that BWS left)

          Ugh, I love it when screams of terror actually sound realistic!! The voice acting in BWS was SO GOOD. I was really pleased with Kaji Yuki as Rath; I barely even recognized him! Plus the OP was brilliant. I had no idea the guy could sing. Yoshino Hiroyuki actually really surprised me in this too. I wasn’t used to him voicing crazy sadists, but he was perfect.

          I love Hino Satoshi’s voice. …Even though he seems to have taken over Yusa Koji’s role as the creepy rapist character with issues in every otome game ever. I’m also reaaaaaally fond of Ishida Akira~ (one of my regrets is not playing Zara’s route!!) Finally, I guess Sakurai Takahiro? (Ah, and Shimono Hiro too!) …I feel like I’m just listing the guys from BWS, but I guess they appear in pretty much everything.

          My absolute favourite seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi, doesn’t really do otome games though (the only game I’ve played with him as a route is Starry Sky), otherwise he would be at the top of this list. OTL

          • Japaninspired says:

            Me too! I can’t wait to play Last Hope, but I still need to finish a few routes in the first game, and also 1 route in Diabolik Lovers.
            I really had the feeling that you already played DL. With who did you start?

            Hehe, Kaji Yuuki is amazing, isn’t he? ^^ He’s the best in my opinion.
            I actually had some moments when I forgot that it’s his voice too.

            I haven’t really played much Otome games, and Amnesia was the only game where I’ve seen Hino Satoshi, but LOL for him being a creepy character in every otoge. I had no idea.

            I’ve only seen Sakurai Takahiro in BWS, but he was really really great. It’s was pretty amazing. He’s just capable of played so much characters, he uses his voice so well.

            Oh, so you’re most favorite seiyuu is Kamiya Hiroshi? I didn’t know that. I like him a lot too.

            • Karakuri says:

              I have a general idea what to expect in DiaLovers, so maybe that’s it…? I started with Kanato~ …because he looks like he has huge issues and I wasn’t allowed to do Reiji yet. HOLY CRAP that dummy head mic thing is dangerous! I almost dropped my PSP, I totally wasn’t expecting to hear a voice right in my ear. xD

              …Yeah, Hino’s had interesting roles. I just recently played an R-18 with him in the role of (lol) an over-protective yandere brother type. The funny thing is that it came out BEFORE Amnesia. It was like Toma all over again, minus the cage thing.

              Sakurai acted Mejojo’s rage so well. xD Uhh, I can’t think of what else I’ve played with him in it at the moment, but he was also in Rejet’s Beyond the Future game… huh… yeah. I know he’s been in waay more, I just can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

              Yep! I love Kamiya~.

          • Japaninspired says:

            Oh, come on! It ate my comment again -____-

      • Japaninspired says:

        Haha, well, you can easily guess I started with Kanato too 😉
        Reiji’s route was so full of “WTH” moments. It was interesting, but I couldn’t get to like him, at all.
        Yeah, the game is full of dummy mics, they come out of nowhere, so be careful.

        Oh, so that’s like where the idea of Touma got born? Or something.
        The cage was there only because Touma was supposed to be a vet school student, but then they just dropped that out, but left the cage.
        It was so hilarious when in Amnesia Crowd in Touma’s route Ikki came to visit and saw the cage, he was so thinking that it’s for lovers games.XD

        Yeah-yeah! Sakurai’s Mejojo was amazing. He was so scary, it’s amazing that voice actors can put so much anger in their voice. I feel like a do-M for saying this, but I even replayed the moment he was whipping Fiona just to hear his voice again. Now I forgot that, but really, I was so amazed at his acting.

        I still remember how Kamiya-san made me laugh so much when I watched Shirokuma cafe. Until that I thought he can only voice serious characters.
        Well, Penguin was also serious, but when he was drunk and such, it was priceless.

        • Karakuri says:

          I had a bad case of insomnia last night and got through the Maniac and Dark parts of Kanato’s story~. …The best thing about his character is that he’s played by Kaji Yuuki in my opinion, but watching him throw temper tantrums about everything is kind of funny in a way. I also started Laito’s prologue and LOLOLOL him calling Yui “bitch-chan” is hilarious. Cordelia just might be my favourite character of all though. “Oh don’t mind Kanato, he’s not even paying attention. Let’s go back to having sex right in front of him and scarring him for life.” I look forward to seeing her dominate in Reiji’s route. xD

          I… don’t know if this is where Toma was created. The characters certainly are similar though. Ahahaha I have to get around to playing the Amnesia fandisks sometime. I hear they’re short and less rage-inducing. xD

          Yes!!! I know exactly what you mean!!! Every little freak out Mejojo had, Sakurai was super convincing! I wanted to play the route again, just for his acting! I had a deja vu with Kaji Yuuki in Kanato’s route with his rage as well. Why are these people so talented?

          Ah, I really liked him in Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, I watched Bakemonogatari shortly after and my impression of him as a voice actor just kind of took of from there. xD …Thanks for the reminder; I need to finish Shirokuma Cafe. I think I left off at like, episode 12 or something. xD

          • Japaninspired says:

            I told you Kaji Yuuki is fantastic. I didn’t know that he can do that with his voice until I played Diabolik Lovers. Screaming, crying, and then back to normal and calling you an idiot for falling for that; it was amazing. So scary.
            Kanato is really childish, maybe he didn’t grow up since his childhood was broken because of his mother (poor child T_T), before that I was so “Kanato, you little manipulating brat” lol.

            Oh, by the way, did you see the first episode of Diabolik Lovers? I was waiting for it for so long, that I ended up watching the episode RAW, and I actually understood like 89%. The artwork is not even close to the awesomeness of the game, but it’s really nice. I think it looks a lot better than the Amnesia adaptation. The beginning is a bit different at the end, but I think it’s going pretty well.
            And that new lady voice actress fits Yui so well. Her voice is just how I imagined it to be.
            It looks like we’ll once again have only 12 episodes, I have no idea how they’ll cover all the characters in that short time. Guess they’ll skip most of the good parts of the game.
            I was thinking they’ll do something like cover the DARK parts of the characters routes and Yui ending up with a Vampire harem lol.
            Karakuri-san, what do you think? How do you think the anime will go? I really want to see Kanato stabbing Yui with a fork xD Well, and I really want to see you blogging it.

            You mean the Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd? I think you’ll be disappointed 🙁 I think the original game was a lot better. I just wasted my money.
            Well, no, maybe you will like it. It’s just that I’m not into Romance things say the person that plays Otome games
            I haven’t played anything except Amnesia, Diabolik Lovers and BWS. But sadistic/depressing Otome games, how could I miss that? I can also take games with mystery in it. But pure romance games, it’s just too “Blah” for me. Amnesia was ok, but there’s a brick wall between it and DL and BWS for me, I liked them a lot lot more. Sorry for disappointing you, I can’t talk about any other Otome Games except those. At least until I find another Dark/sadistic/depressing Otoge that catches my eye.or maybe that has really pretty artwork and beautiful music

            Yup, Sakurai Takahiro was really convincing as Mojo jojo Mejojo. I really hope he gets to be in other similar games. I can’t imagine anyone else play Mejojo.
            Why are they so talented? You ask… well, I have no idea xD But they are purely amazing. It’s a lot harder to put emotions in your voice than acting using your face and gestures. I kind of respect voice actors (good voice actors) more than regular actors only because of that. And American dubs/actors can never beat these amazing people in voice acting.

            Oh, yes, Kamiya Hiroshi played in a lot of anime that I adore. Zetsubou sensei is probably one that comes to the mind fast after you hear his name.
            Do finish Shirokuma cafe! I was amazed at how many famous voice actors are in it. I love the word play that Shirokuma/Sakurai and Penguin/Kamiya have.

            • BlackBriar says:

              I saw the first episode of Diabolik Lovers and it was awesomely screwed up.

            • Karakuri says:

              Kaji Yuuki is fantastic, he really is! I finished the M ending to Kanato’s route. …This game is amusing. It really, really is. xD I can’t really say I feel sorry for these guys (really, they’re all terrible people), but I can see why Kanato acts the way he does.

              Yep! I watched Diabolik Lovers at the first chance I got! …I’m surprised that they put the reveal at the end so early, but I guess this series doesn’t really have a plot otherwise. The art is nice! I felt the same way you do about Yui’s voice (plus she has an actual name! Yay!!). …I really want to see her get stabbed with a fork too xD Er, I’m working on the post now, actually. I really liked the episode though. Dialovers looks like it will be really good at the moment.

              …I hear the Amnesia FDs are short. Hmmm, maybe I can convince a friend to buy them and then borrow it off of them. xD

              Yeah, these games are kind of uncommon. Have you thought about giving Gekka Ryouran a try? The characters are messed up (though definitely less so than DiaLovers and BWS) and the storyline is dark. Plus it’s Rejet.

              Speaking of Rejet, I’m rather excited for Alice=Alice. This looks like it fits well within my interests. …Plus I’m a sucker for Alice in Wonderland themed otoge.

              Or have you heard of Hana Awase? It’s not by Rejet, but I hear that’s pretty dark and that the games are pretty cheap. …I bought it for the fact that there’s a character named “Karakurenai” (how could I not? xD plus he’s voiced by Hino), but seeing how my laptop is out of commission, I can’t really play it. OTL There’s some kind of card game aspect to it, but I heard that it’s a reasonable difficulty.

              Ahaha in my head, it’s always “Meyoyo-sama”. Yeah, Sakurai does the rage thing really convincingly. I’d love to see him do a role like that again. Hmm, I don’t know if I just pay closer attention to Japanese actors and their emotions because it’s not my main language, but I always get more out of the Japanese seiyuu too.

              I’ll finish Shirokuma eventually… xD

          • Japaninspired says:

            Come on! -___- It’s like it’s eating every comment I post.

      • Japaninspired says:

        Hehe. Kaji Yuuki-sama ^^

        Oh, no, actually it’s quite reasonable for them to be like that. Almost, lol. How parents treat their kids leaves a really strong impression on them. I mean, I can understand Ayato (even thought I don’t really like him), and Subaru. I can’t say much about Reiji, it’s so…wrong. The Heaven part just got me a strong feeling that I want to punch him. I haven’t played Shu’s route yet and Raito’s route was really “wth? I’m not playing this” and I dropped it. I will have to finish it thought, for story wise. Eventually.
        But Kanato will always be my favorite among them. Even thought I have no idea how to handle kids. I talk to them like with grown up’s using hard words and when something happens I start to panic, xD
        But the end in Kanato’s route was pretty creepy.

        I think they did that in the anime to just get through it. Maybe they decided not to get too much attention on the plot and show more about the past of the characters, but that’s still a plot lol. It isn’t about Yui. The plot is about these crazy vampires that seem like spoiled kids but actually got through a hard life. Maybe except for Reiji, I don’t feel sorry for him. I have no idea, that’s just my thoughts.

        Gekka Ryouran? Never heard of it. Hm… I’ll look it up.

        Wow, the art of Alice=Alice looks really nice. That character design, wow. Fits within your interests? What kind of Otoge do you like?
        Yup, I heard about Hana Awase. I have no idea what it is, what’s it about, only that the art is really cool. I looked it up and the backgrounds are so amazing, the style really is something, so unusual.
        Cardgame? In an otoge? Huh, that’s something new.

        Mojo-jojo and his cockroach brother. I hate Auger. Like really- really hate. My acquaintance calls Auger “Forest-ballerina-kun” XDD, I think she heard it from someone who played the second game and says that it fits him well. Though I don’t know why, I haven’t played Last Hope yet, and I don’t want spoilers.

        Let’s hope Sakurai-san gets more cool roles in otome games.

  5. Namika says:

    Okay. I felt so bad for Sakura. She tried to make things right, but was treated so terribly… 🙁 that made me really sad. BUT. Is that how she really looked before turning into Dwayne Johnson? She was so hot o-o

    Okay. Who actually IS Kirigiri-san. Super detective? Or a super double-agent(that sounds kinda stupid). The fact that her specialty isn’t revealed kinda bothers me. Plus, how did she find out the name of the possible 16th student? I’m eager to know, how the hell did she do that. But they usually reveal like, half of all details, so figuring it out is probably out of question. TT^TT i wanna knoooooooow~

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, that’s her ‘official art’ so to speak of before she went to high school.

      They explain the 16th and how Kirigiri got this info in the next episode… which should be out right now, so you should get an answer for your question here at least.

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