Servant x Service – 05

There's two of them

Lucy’s Seeing Double

spring13-highwOh yeah! I honestly didn’t even imagine that Servant x Service would go in this direction, but it has! And it was great, even with appearances by Toko! So what happened?


It’s a (Reverse) Trap!

It's a Trap!

Better than an Admiral Ackbar picture.

Hasebe-san is a woman! And waking up with Lucy in her bed, she can’t help but tease her some more… Ok, that’s misleading. But really, Hasebe-san is a woman… Hasebe’s older sister. Who looks almost exactly like he does, but has a bigger penchant for practical jokes. When Lucy fell asleep, rather than go to a hotel, Yutaka (that’s our usual Hasebe) remembered that his sister Kaoru’s apartment was nearby, so he went there and begged for a place to crash with Lucy. Better than going to a love hotel, as they finally drill into Lucy’s head. How can she be so smart, yet so oblivious?

Kaoru is enjoying herself

Kaoru’s having too much fun with this.

Even mischievous Kaoru figures out what the deal is, tho, so when Lucy tries to give her a gift to repay her, she has the bright idea to share the cake with Yutaka. This is more to cause trouble for Yutaka, tho, since she knows he’s not comfortable with dealing with Lucy. It’s pretty obvious that his cool guy act breaks down because he actually likes her a lot, yet she can’t pick up anything about it. Heck, Lucy’s more happy to think that the presence of a manga showing ninjas with big boobs (oh yeah, “Boob Ninjas”  makes an appearance as “Senran Kaguya”!) since that might mean there are some similarly sized ladies in the country.

Lucy isn't alone

Lucy isn’t alone!

Not the Only Office Romance

Chihaya spills the beans

Chihaya drops a bombshell

Ichimiya is concerned about the budding office romance, tho, and grills Hasebe about what happened after they left. Somehow they start talking about Ichimiya’s relationships too, and Ichimiya claims that he isn’t in love with Toko, and has an actual girlfriend… but he tends to lose them around Christmas time. As Chihaya says, what girlfriend would like their boyfriend to spend Christmas Eve celebrating his imouto’s birthday? But how does Chihaya know about that? Oh yeah, she’s his girlfriend. But they’re keeping it secret from everyone, even Toko.

Chihaya is disappointed

Given that Ichimiya is like this, how did he have the guts to ask Chihaya out in the first place?

I found this part of the show hilarious. The office romance thing is something that you’re always warned not to do. And yet, at my office, we’ve had something like 8 couples end up with marriages (and they’re all still married) from people who met at my office. Heck, one guy actually married the boss’s daughter (that’s gotta take some, er, “large attachments” to even think about doing)! Of course, there have also been other people who make bad decisions about who from the office to date, so there are always risks. So remember: “Don’t fish off the company pier” is a good rule of thumb.

Ichimiya gets ill

Poor Ichimiya-san

But it’s too late for Ichimiya to put that into practice, so he’s gotta deal with Chihaya. But the biggest problem in the relationship is Ichimiya, not Chihaya. She works out times to come visit him (like when she hears Toko is going out with Miyoshi). She works out excuses for being there (she makes Toko clothes). She keeps it quiet and professional at the office. And what does she want in return? For Ichimiya to say he likes her. Really, Ichimiya acts like he does want to break up, like being in this relationship is too much of a hassle. Even though Chihaya is the first girl who’s accepted that he spends Christmas Eve with his sister (since they’ve been dating over a year), and seems like a great girlfriend. The biggest problem, as usual, is Ichimiya’s lack of self-confidence. Can he get it together enough to tell Chihaya “Suki da”?


This got so convoluted, and I loved it! I really didn’t expect them to go down this kind of road, especially with Ichimiya and Chihaya. There were no clues at all they were a couple before, or even any interest. So can their relationship progress? And of course, Hasebe will keep going after Lucy, because he can’t help it, he’s pretty much smitten with her. Will Lucy ever catch on? And will her problem, the same self-esteem problem as Ichimiya, ever let her think she’s worth a boyfriend? And finally, did anyone figure out the fifth difference in this week’s Servant Quiz? I got Lucy’s ahoge, Lucy’s glasses, Lucy’s mouth shape, and Hasebe’s tie, but I can’t find a fifth. Who did find it?

Servant Quiz

Can you find it? (Click for Full Size) 


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31 Responses to “Servant x Service – 05”

  1. kim says:

    flower (Hasebe)

  2. Tofu says:

    I know the 5 differences but I don’t know if I should say it xD Although the last one is really hard to see if you look at your screen normally. Try looking upwards from the bottom of your screen Highway and you’ll see something 😉

    Hint: It’s on Lucy

    But man… that office relationship! Who would think Chihaya would date Ichimiya! Of all the people! Haha it makes for great comedy but yeah.. definitely not fun in real life. Thought I have to say, even at my work place, there are quite a handful of couples that work together but man… it’s like you got two choices: date the girl/guy and STAY with him/her (unless you decide to change jobs) or just don’t date anyone at all at the workplace.

    I also notice that Touko has those anger marks near the right side of her eye ALL THE TIME, even when she wasn’t acting angry at all she still had them! I mean like… why? Are those actual accessories she’s wearing or what!? xD

    • Highway says:

      Yes, Tohko has the anger mark all the time, even when she’s smiling. That’s just the way she is.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think it’s a mark that predetermined her personality a long time ago or maybe she got so angry all the time her face got frozen for a while but hasn’t completely recovered. 😉

        • Highway says:

          “You keep making that face, it’ll get stuck like that!”

          • BlackBriar says:

            Bingo! My point exactly. Hahaha, sometimes that’s why people can’t tell how a person’s feeling because they’re always in a certain mood.

  3. sadakups says:

    That’s it. Best show ever.

    That’s it. Chihaya is the best character.

    And fuck it, Touko needs to die.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa, I nearly had a heart attack at the start. If the real Hasebe hadn’t walked in, I would have believed he really was a girl. I was about to say “Geez, as if I didn’t have to recover already from these kinds of trap assaults from Danganronpa and Gatchaman Crowds”. And wow, does Kaoru have a perverted mind.

    The unthinkable has happened. Ichimiya x Chihaya? The revelation is baffling. What’s next? I’m with Hasebe about being unable to know how react and I feel sorry for Ichimiya being squeezed between a rock and a hard place. In my opinion, picking his sister once should be more than enough and the next time he should pick Chihaya because Toko will always be there but there’s no guarantee on Chihaya’s behalf.

    Can you find it?

    Oh, yes I can. It’s Lucy’s glasses, her mouth and that there’s a flower on the spot where her ahoge is. Plus Hasebe’s neck tie is a different color.

    • Highway says:

      That’s the four things I mentioned, you missed the fifth (Tofu told me what it was, it’s really hard to see).

      It really was out of the blue. It’s not that Ichimiya x Chihaya is wrong, it’s just ‘wow, I didn’t even think of that at all’. They did a good job hiding it from the audience as well. But if Ichimiya does too good a job at it, he’ll hide it from Chihaya too. Like I mentioned, Chihaya really seems like a good girlfriend, so it’ll be a shame if Ichimiya (either one) messes that up.

      But I also like that the show was able to switch focus and let us see from Ichimiya’s life. It could have just stayed focused on Yamagami as the main character.

  5. Jak says:

    I loved the boggling revelation! I liked how the studio explored more about the relationships our tight-knit 6 characters can actually have. IchimiyaxChihaya yihaa! Up next is perhaps something about Miyoshi.

    Though, quite honestly, I still don’t really get it when Hasebe said “That’s why Chihaya-san hates him so much”

    • Highway says:

      I think it’s as Ichimiya said: Hasebe’s attitude towards workplace relationships is too lax. And Chihaya has ample experience with them, since she is *in* one, for over a year. So she thinks that 1) Hasebe is going about it the wrong way, and maybe even 2) a leeeetle jealous that Hasebe is so open about it, when her own boyfriend won’t acknowledge her at work, and is so bad about it elsewhere.

  6. AllenAndArth says:

    can’t find it |\(TvT)/| <—bird-san is crying for that!

  7. skylion says:

    Given that Ichimiya is like this, how did he have the guts to ask Chihaya out in the first place?

    She asked him out?

    Wow, all this workspace drama brings back so many lame memories I want to suppress…..I didn’t just fish of the company pier….

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know if it’s exactly ‘drama’ yet. That comes when the relationships end. Also, I don’t know if you worked in an office, or it was more of a service-industry (rather than ‘professional’) setting, because truthfully, the attitudes at each are different. Like I was mentioning how many people have had relationships at my office, but really, nobody’s ever been the office bicycle. There was a little bit of jealousy when one guy started dating one of the single ladies, because another guy in a similar position had been kind of warned off by the boss, but even that ended ‘with a ring on it’, and the jealousy wasn’t anything really major.

      It’s hard to not talk about office relationships too much. They’re so juicy sometimes!

      • skylion says:

        I did so in both the office and service industry, and the differences do make the head spin. And, hey, I’m a pro no matter the job. But, in Food and Beverage, it can get insanely sticky.

        With that in mind, the relationships in this episode need to sit down and sort things out. Too much is left in the “will it or won’t it matter department”. First, deal with Touka’s broken brocon…

  8. Gecko says:

    This was a pretty good episode, considering how many crazy revelations they dropped. I think watching Yutaka try to work around Lucy’s obliviousness is going to be pretty funny. And he’s learning, since he decided to save up his points with all the favors.

    Well, now that we’ve got two romances to watch, things should get to be really fun.

  9. Highway says:

    For those of you looking for the fifth thing, I apologize, you’ll never see it in that small pic that I included in the post. Here is a full size of the image.

    And also: here is a negative version of the image that shows it a lot more clearly. That’s ‘more’ clearly, it’s still not super obvious, tho.

    • AllenAndArth says:

      i’m blind T-T
      i can’t see even in the negative!

      • shana says:

        try this picture instead
        i feel stupid for not noticing that it was on her face

        • AllenAndArth says:

          you’ve got something wrong because there’s nothing on her face on the other pictures, only on that one you just posted, if you look closely on the pic highway put there’s nothing on her face

          • Highway says:

            Sorry, AAA, shana’s right. There are multiple sweat drops in the full size ones I posted. That’s why I posted the negative, you can see there are darker spots where those sweat drops are. It’s possible that my version rendered a bit differently and that’s why they’re not as obvious as that one, but they’re definitely there if you know where to look.

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