Love Lab – 07

Kute Kurihashi

Can you say no to a face like that?

spring13-highwWe actually met some boys last week, so is that going to change anything about how the love research goes? Again this week we get out of the school, but it’s not really a good place to meet boys this time.

What to Do With a Threat?

She's a superfreak

Maki takes it to extremes like always

The Student Council has decided they’re going to keep studying love and answering questions, even with the threat from the Newspaper Society. And now Sayo recognizes a threat from Momo and Nana, even if it’s mostly by reputation. But without knowing what the specific threat is, they don’t really have much choice but to keep going with what they want to do, researching love. But hopefully they don’t research how to bring Dakki to life.

Ren spends a lot of time like this

They could interact better if he didn’t get laid out so often

But trying out things on each other is still as old as it was before, and Suzu has a point that she can practice with people she’s (more) comfortable with, but when she meets a real guy, she’ll just fold. So Riko suggests that they all come over to her house to interact with her little brother.

A Visit to the Kurahashis

Thinking of Maki

Someone is smitten

Rentarou’s not too keen on being the designated boy to interact with Riko’s sister… until he meets Maki. She’s definitely not what he thought Riko’s friends would be like. “Beautiful, a pretty face, a nice figure, and so pure!” and not anything like his sis…ter. Oh hi Riko! ~thwack!~ In fact, Ren get knocked on the head a lot in this episode, by Riko and her mom, as well as insults from Sayo and even Suzu, who takes the opportunity to throw some rather.. arcane… insults at him. The best part is that the first one comes true that very day.

A potential pair

A possible match?

But perhaps the most lasting effect of the girls’ visit to Riko’s house is the result of Ren’s revenge. Finding a failing test in Riko’s room, he rats her out to their mom, who sends Riko out to cram school again. It’s definitely a good setup for the rest of the series, because as I mentioned last week, that’s where the boys are (not at Fuji Girls). Of course, we get reunited with Satoshi and “Yan”, and it certainly looks like Riko and Satoshi have a thing for each other.


Another great episode of laughs. I’m still really enjoying the serial nature of this show, and think it’s great that they’ve broken out of the Student Council room to make it more about Riko’s life. Rentarou was definitely the special guest star this episode, and even if he’s infatuated with Maki, I tend to agree with Sumairii who thinks that it’s much more likely that Ren ends up with Suzu. Of course, he’s got a few years, although Suzu’s only a couple years older than he is. And he’s definitely a ladykiller as Sayo sees right off the bat with his apology to Eno. But all in all I just think the series is going great places, and keeps being funny.


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20 Responses to “Love Lab – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Best episode yet, it had me rolling on the floor. Love Lab has become one of my most anticipated shows for Summer and I don’t see any decline on story or humor.

    I don’t know how she manages but Maki always takes things to extremes. Her interpretations on Riko’s advice was hilariously freakish. She sure is exploiting her Makio persona to shut Eno up. Maybe it’s a stain of corruption from Sayo. Her appearance at Riko’s front door gave the impression of a combination of OreImo’s Ayase and Saori.

    Riko’s letting her personal myth grow out of control again. Just how deep is she digging her own grave? There’s no stopping her and it was already six feet deep when Sayo intervened. It must be a Kurahashi family trait because whenever a family member gets annoyed, they violently flare up with vicious looking eyes. I’d easily buy it if they’re half demons.

    Ren was the best part being on the receiving end of absolutely everyone’s abuse whether verbal of physical. He even got nailed by his own mom… twice!! So many blows to the head that it’s a miracle he doesn’t have brain damage yet but I think we should expect at least a cracked skull somewhere. Love is cruel so he should already accept that he has no chance with Maki. He’s a better fit with Suzu.

    • Highway says:

      Ren is awfully durable, but he’s also a good kid. Like Suzu mentioned, he gave her a chance to retort and wasn’t just bullying her. Suzu’s expression was great before she ran out of the kitchen, too.

      Sayo keeps giving Riko opportunities to take the consequences, and Riko just can’t take them.

    • Cybersteel says:

      He even got nailed by his own mom…

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know how it sounds but it’s not what you think. Honest, I tell you. Of all the things you could have quoted and you go and pick that particular piece? 😀

  2. Sumairii says:

    I really love the Kurahashi family. Ren and Riko’s sibling rivalry is hilarious, even if the former usually ends up losing (violently). The mom wishes Riko would act more femininely, yet she ironically looks like a classic tomboy herself. She must know how it’s done though, considering she’s bagged herself a man. And speaking of which, the sage dad is just awesome.

    As far as pairings go, it seems to me the show is rather obviously shipping Riko with Satoshi, Maki with Yan, and Suzu with Ren. Sayo already has her boyfriend (if you can even consider them a couple), so it’s just Eno who is still forever alone.

    • Highway says:

      Dad seemed pretty weird. Do parents in Japan really address their 11 year old son as “shounen”? Especially when everyone else refers to him as “Ren” or even “Rentarou”?

      With only 6 episodes left, plus them all still being in a middle school with a ‘no dating boys’ rule (I’ll bet there’s a no dating girls rule, too), I don’t know if we’ll get to a point where they actually make couples in this series. Especially one like Suzu and Rentarou. I could see it happening maybe at the end of a second season, but that would also graduate Sayo and Eno to high school and out of the group.

      • skylion says:

        I’ve called mine, “Angelic Hellspawn, My Doom, She who shall not be named, and Maggot (a play on her given name)”. So, calling his son, boy, doesn’t seem that bad…..

      • Sumairii says:

        I agree it’s highly unlikely for formal couples to be formed, but the pairings are particularly apparent nonetheless.

        As far as the dad goes, is it that weird? Don’t parents sometimes say things like “young man”?

  3. skylion says:

    Oh, Ren. I want to be in his shoes, and yet, I want to be as far away from his shoes as possible. He is a paradox.

  4. berrish17 says:

    Maki’s epic gestures are priceless XD

    I admire Kurahashi family <3

    Rentarou vs. Riko is very
    Riko and Satoshi would make a cute couple~

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