Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 02

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Time to practice our swan songs from Symphogear

 Hooray it is time for more Genei on Metanorn and I hope you look forward to these posts because I will be blogging this series with my awesome tag team partner Kara! So last week left us with a ton of questions about Akari and the mysterious girls that saved her life, but will things finally get explained for us? I sure hope so right Kara?


Mahou shoujo time! Genei has been interesting thus far. A bit slow, but interesting especially since the plot is starting to come together now, so hopefully things get less… slow.


Time for magical girl school

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I hope this crow is not related to the one from Vividred Operation.

Last week Akari was saved by a team of strange magical girls and the next day she discovered that her mother had the same mysterious fire powers like her, but I can’t help thinking that her new “saviors” are keeping something important from her? Like that her mom might have turned evil and one of the girls working at the school had to kill her? That might sound crazy and honestly I don’t know why I get the impression from them but I can tell that something sneaky is going behind the scenes at the school. While that is one theory I am going with at least Akari is going to get some training to become a better magical girl even though she failed horribly at her first mission! Then again I can let that slide because she is the newest “noob” at school and we can’t forget the reveal that the girls are technically killing people instead of the normal magical girl themes found in shows like Precure with the girls purifying the souls and saving lives. I know last week I was calling this series a Black Rock Shooter type, but now I am starting to think in terms of D Gray Man especially with the discovery that the humans fall into despair while having a wish granted at the cost of their soul? Of course there are plenty of other shows with that kind of theme so it is tough to say; however this will be the last time I mention what Genei reminds me of another series because I am sure most of us are tired of hearing that and I am by now everyone has their own minds set on what they feel that this series reminds them of right? I just want to learn more about that talking crow and cat! I assume they are familiars? Either way I love the mystery so far.

Kara loves card games

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Being Akari is suffering

So I guess there are 22 mahou shoujo attending the school (though one of them apparently consists of 3 girls…?), which seems like a really tiny number of people to have a huge, fancy-looking school for, but maybe they have money to burn. …Or maybe not 22 of them in the school, but if Akari is the last contract holder, then there has to be 22 of them somewhere. Of course, only a few of them appear in the promotion art, so who knows. Anyways, Fuyuna didn’t entirely disappear! I was wondering what the hell happened with her the last episode, but it was all explained nicely here. So other than people dying and being forgotten, maybe this show isn’t as dark as I thought it was. But that’s still alright. The action sequences here were really nice and I’m glad that despite having Seira as the typical cold character, there weren’t any issues with Akari suddenly joining the team. They all got along and there was no typical “you don’t belong here!” issues. …Though there’s still totally the potential for problems to like that to occur (especially if Akari is now unable to fight after learning the truth). However, I’d like to see more of the girls working together in the future, since they had some pretty good team work going on, and I don’t think they’ve even trained together or anything. It seems to have come naturally. Also, I just found out that these girls are like, 12. Asking a 12 year old to effectively erase a person seems like a little much (though it also makes things a bit more interesting, I guess)

Extra magical fun

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Orange and green is a great combination.

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You better hang onto your butts!

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Super Akari needs more training.

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Ice puns sure are nice~

End thoughts

Well that was a better episode and we did get SOME answers to our questions or did they answer any of them? I guess since we are still in world building mode which means we will have to wait a bit longer for things to happen! Besides that I loved the character interaction between Akari, Luna, Ginka but not so much from Seira who gave the main girl the cold shoulder? Then again I was kind of expecting that to happen because whenever you have a pre-existing team that suddenly gains a new member you are bound to have one person that you butt heads against; however I can see why Seira has issues with Akari because things are serious. I did like the fact that Akari was second guessing her decision to join the school of magical girls even though she was kind of forced into the role…I also found it funny that Akari’s sun powers actually work while she is in her human form which explains why the plants in her bedroom grow quickly and the sun design on her tie as well! Right now I just want to see the other girls from the opening appear soon because I am curious about the girl with the witch hat…on a side note the OST so far is awesome! I had no idea Kato Tatsuya did the music for this series along with Free, Fate/Kaleid Liner along with Medaka box and Mirai Nikki.

So the beginning of the episode was still kind of slow, but hopefully it was just because they needed more time for exposition and introducing the new characters. …I really hope that all of the episodes don’t follow this formula, since I’m not here to watch Akari go through regular life. I’m here to watch mahou shoujo kill people. (I wish I could use this line more often.) I guess there is the BRS kind of situation where people lose their memories, but this seems a little more… extreme. BRS, the girls just lost a part of themselves. Here, an entire person’s life is overwritten like it never existed in the first place. Can this happen to the mahou shoujo as well? Where did this evil entity (Daemonia or whatever) come from in the first place? I really hope that there’s some kind of explanation in the future. Plus maybe this mahou shoujo thing isn’t all that it appears to be since Akari’s mother seems to have been against her doing it. …Though considering that she was doing it herself, maybe that’s just because the job is obviously dangerous. Well, again, I hope this show has more answers.


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Akari needs a few hours to  process todays events.

The adventure contiunes


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17 Responses to “Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou – 02”

  1. Liza says:

    I’m thinking Akari’s mom died in action or something. Her aunt knew Hinata existed so Hinata did not fall into despair or anything of that sort.

    I’m a bit confused to how the powers connect with the arcanas. Akari is the only one I feel makes a lot of sense. Luna’s plant based power and Seira’s ice based powers, I feel like it is based on personality more than tarot connection.

    And I really hope the crow isn’t related to the Vividred one! 0_0 Quick Akari, you need to have a yuri-esque relationship with Seira!

    • Foshizzel says:

      That is a good theory and it probably works a lot better than mine LOL

      I agree it almost feels like some of them should swap? Akari’s works but the others feel strange and having them based on personality could work.

      Yep! I hope this crow stays out of plot but I get the feeling he is important.

  2. Highway says:

    I thought this show was actually really good. I liked the emotional depth it brought up, with Akari remembering Fuyuna… and her role in killing her. I also thought the information about the Daemonia was good, basically the same kind of ’empty heart’ kind of thing allowing the bad feelings to take over. I was really touched when Akari had remembered Fuyuna and met her aunt at the graveyard, and she just didn’t know what she could say. There is definitely a pain remembering that kind of thing, and to know that her own mother doesn’t remember Fuyuna, and it’s partly your fault, is a pretty interesting twist.

    The schools thing was that there are 22 girls who are aspects of the cards, but they’re spread out around the world in multiple affiliated schools. This school has the two teams.

    I also thought the stuff about having to blank out Akari’s memories because of a close call with the Daemonia was interesting, it makes it seem like there isn’t a big space between being on the ‘good’ side and the ‘bad’ side. To be honest, *this* episode reminded me much more of Madoka Magica than the first episode did, with the dual nature of their powers, and the despair and loneliness driving the show. It was definitely a lot more dim than I was expecting, but I liked the amount of conflict it brought in, without it reveling in being ‘dark’.

    • Liza says:

      Well technically there are 24 since wheel of fortune has 3 lolis.

      • Highway says:

        They could be one person with three bodies. For an interesting character such, see Arethusa in Spider Robinson’s Lady Slings the Booze. And holy cow, would that story make a terrific anime: A story with a talking dog, time travel, future-ism, mystery, and of course, sex (it *is* set in a House of Good 😉 Repute).

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    talking crow *w*

    • BlackBriar says:

      Approach it with caution or end up like Rei did in Vividred Operation. 😉

  4. skylion says:

    I like it when a show can slow down and be confident in it’s world building. So, far, the wainscotting type world is best, as I’ve grown tired of the sorts of super powered groups that are out in public, and it never really shows it’s work.

    What is up with plants and The Moon? I mean, I can get ice and The Star, it’s mighty cold in space (it isn’t really, but that plays into what most expect). And the triplets as the Wheel of Fortune makes sense for past, present, and future. And Yes to LOLi SCIENCE!

    Going to enjoy this world.

    • JPNIgor says:

      Yeah! This is exactly what I thought! What’s up with plant and The Moon? I would easily associate The Moon with water, because of the tides and all, but I can’t associate moon with plants… And no, I don’t get Star being associated with ice… I’m starting to think that they associate random elements with the cards.

      But OMG, knowing that there are one person (are they all girls?) for each card, I can’t wait to see each of them…

      • Cybersteel says:

        The arcana is the means by which all is revealed.
        The silent voice within ones heart whispers the most
        profound wisdom.
        The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge,
        he sealed his fate…
        Entrusting his future to the cards,
        man clings to a dim hope.
        Yet arcana is the means by which all is revealed.
        Beyond the Beaten Path lies the absolute end.
        It matters not who you are, Death awaits you.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Much like NCIS’s Gibbs’s famous quote “I don’t believe in coincidences”, I knew Akari’s mother somehow played a part in all of this. She probably didn’t want this life for her and that’s why she tried discouraging her about Tarot cards and fortune telling.

    As I thought, when killed, the person’s existence ceases completely and the world can’t perceive the change. Compared to the personality alterations in Black Rock Shooter, this is far more severe and it’s sad to see that Akari’s aunt is forced to forget her own daughter. With a burden like, I can understand whyAkari’s memories would have had to be manipulated.

    For the Vividred vibes, I can already Akari and Seira as the new Akane and Rei. First time seeing that crow and I’m already pissed at it for being so heartless. It’s bad enough that he speaks in a condescending tone. He wouldn’t be talking like that if he had to endure what Akari’s going through.

    I like how these stories always integrate some supernatural species or organization as the reason behind historical events and conflicts that have been documented in detail by others and that there happens to be another group that stood against them in the shadows, much like the aspect of the Assassin’s Creed games. “It’s said this is how it happened but the real truth is that this event was due to the actions of this individual” and so on.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it makes sense that her mom was a “magical card girl” just like her back in the day.

      True this is darker and more severe than BRS because technically they are killing people instead of saving them which is what comes to my mind whenever I think of magical girls and it sucks for Akari right now T___T

      Lots of vividred in this! Talking crows and color coordinated character pairings ftw <3

      Now that you mention Assassins creed I can totally see that! Damn these secret organizations! -shakes fist-

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