Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 09

Return of the neko maid

Kuroneko brings back the maid costume!

spring13-highwWe finally get the reason for Kuroneko’s dumping of Kyousuke! Was it what you thought? Read on to find out!


How do you mend a broken heart? 

Kirino comforts Kyousuke

Sometimes you need a caring imouto…

So not only did Kuroneko dump Kyousuke, she transferred schools and moved away! Daaaaaang. Understandably Kyousuke is broken up (har har) about it. Is this the first time we’ve seen Kirino step up to be the helpful person? I think it might be. But when your brother is sitting there crying over the girl who broke up with him, what are you gonna do? Well, you’re going to try to comfort him, and you’re going to try to find out why he was dumped. And Kirino does both these things, first emulating their mother comforting her, even if she had to make him turn around first, and give him a little chokehold, too. But eventually she does make him feel better. And then they take a trip to an onsen town to see where Kuroneko moved to.

The confrontation


I know I’ve been hinting the last couple of weeks about what’s coming up, and this was one of the things: Kuroneko’s grand plan. I think you have to give some props to her for being willing to postpone her love and time being with Kyousuke because she cares about her friend’s feelings. It would be easy for a lot of people to say “Well, if Kirino doesn’t like it, that’s Kirino’s problem, and she can deal with it however she wants.” Or “If she wants to stay friends with Kirino, she has to give up on Kyousuke.” But Kuroneko is looking for a third way: Keeping her friendship with Kirino, keeping her love for Kyousuke, and keeping them as a happy brother and sister. That’s the ideal that she’s been willing to give everything up for.

Kirino admits the truth

But to even get started toward that, she had to get Kirino (in particular) to admit how she really feels. And like Kyousuke, Kirino was not completely honest about her feelings about him dating someone. But instead of actively opposing it like Kyousuke did with Koki, she ‘endured’ it because it was Kuroneko, and say what you will about Kirino’s selfishness, she really cares for Kuroneko. Was breaking up with Kyousuke the best way to get her to say it? Perhaps it was the only way, perhaps not. But it worked. Unfortunately, we now have the idea that neither one of them will get a boyfriend / girlfriend. That would seem to be the time to start setting Kirino up with guys, Kyousuke! And will anything come of his idea to ask Manami about the situation?

The updated ideal

Kuroneko’s Ideal gets updated

Bonus “Nyaaaa”

Show ▼


So with the relationship with Kyousuke and Kuroneko on hold for how, hopefully Kirino will get more used to the idea of her brother having a girlfriend. And Kyousuke will hopefully relax as far as Kirino goes. But what about Kuroneko’s choice posed to Kyousuke? What do you think he would have picked? I do think that Kuroneko probably called it off with saying it’s a joke because she really didn’t want to hear the answer she thought she’d get.

I'll die, not you

Notice who’s going to die?


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11 Responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai S2 – 09”

  1. Restia says:

    oh my gosh, my love for Kirino from when I first started watching Oreimo, came back this episode (Only started watching Oreimo cause I though Kirino was cute at first =v=)

    AUGUGUGU this episode, AUGUGUU my feels, AUGUGUG
    I kind of started to dislike Kuroneko half-through this episode, cause I didn’t know what her motive for all this was. But I guess that was part of the point, slightly antagonizing herself, to let Kirino realize, or more like admit that she loves Kyousuke.

    I really loved that little incest bit at the end XD
    “So what was your answer?”
    “Of course I can’t get a girlfriend if my little sister doesn’t want me to.”
    “How long are you going to keep that up?”
    “Until….you get a boyfriend.”
    “But you don’t want me to right?”
    “Then I can’t get one.”
    ^blurry memory, but you get the point lol

    Now the Light Novel is ending, but at least we get 4/3 (?) special episodes for Oreimo after it’s regular run~ woooo But I might have to read the Light Novel after I finish S2 since from what I hear, they’ve already squished up near Volume 9 to this episode ಠ_ಠ waht da fackk. Too much content loss.

    • Highway says:

      As far as I know, there’s a bit more stuff to go in what’s been published. At least I know more spoilers…

      Maybe it’s just me, I still don’t think of that as an ‘incest’ route. Perhaps I define that a lot more tightly, like I do with yandere (for instance, to be yandere, someone has to be a credible threat to do bodily harm to another person, either the one they love or another who loves that person. It can’t just be “I’m so depressed and sad that they ended up with someone else”). Is it more than most siblings would say? Yeah, but I think there’s still a huge gap there.

  2. skylion says:

    Kuro/Shiro/Tenshi-Neko is one heck of a Zanatos Chess Player. I’m quite thankful she filled out a Destiny Diary rather than a DeathNote. She’s much better at HNNNNNG Attacks than heart attacks, anyway.

    If I was in that dink’s shoes, I would shoulder as much jealousy as I could, when Kirino gets a boyfriend (not a matter of if…people do grow up). If I was in Kirino’s shoes I would do the same when Kyousuke resumes his relationship with Kuroneko. It’s worth it. By denying herself an decent relationship, Kuro already shown them how to do the heavy lifting.

    As for why she would die? If he still “wants” Kirino then that would just kill her. If he wants Kuro she would probably die from the “finally” bit. That’s a stretch thou.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, Kirino is only 15 in the show, so it’s not like it’s odd that she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. And she’ll likely find one pretty quickly if she tries. But how much will she try with a mutual pact with Kyousuke? I dunno. I think the key really is in what she said: She wants to be the person that he gives the most attention to. Eventually, she’ll find someone else, and not worry that much about Kyousuke (although she is a bit of an attention-seeker).

  3. latinalover says:

    they cut some of the best parts in the light novel from the anime in this episode like:

    “Kuroneko didn’t pick up the phone either, and desperate Kyousuke went to her house, which she found completely empty. Feeling empty and tired, he returned home and fell asleep. Once he woke up, he thought about calling his reliable Manami, but he had second thoughts. No, there’s someone better to ask for advice to, and fortunately her door is not locked.

    He looks at Kirino, who’s sleeping. Like the Sleeping Beauty, thinks siscon Kyousuke. He tries to wake her up, but she keeps sleeping. ‘She might not even notice it if I touched her boobs’ thinks Kyousuke who has become a boob fetishist lately. I wish he had done so. Meanwhile, Kirino is having a wet dream about Miyabi-chan, from the Sissis game, and ends up hugging Kyousuke in her sleep. He finally wakes her up… but of course she panics. He covers her mouth with his hand.

    “Calm down, calm down!!”

    As Kyousuke himself admits, it looks as if he was raeping her.

    “Kirino, this is not it! It’s a mistake! I’m gonna release you, but don’t cry please!”

    “You were thinking of assaulting your imouto in her sleep?!?!”

    Mwhaha, maybe she was looking forward to it, poor Kirino.

    “And you did the same to me once!” says Kyousuke, and Kirino has no option but to accept it. But she doesn’t want him to turn on the lights because… she’s not wearing any make up! Haha, I love it how Kirino doesn’t her Oniichan to look at her if she’s not pretty~”


    “Later, Kirino and Kyousuke visit Kuroneko’s new house, which is much better than the old one. Kirino suggests “keeping” Kuroneko in their house. While Kuroneko makes breakfast (the spent the night there), the siblings talk about both not wanting the other to get a lover.


    “And you are a brocon!”

    “It’s OK in my case, since I’m an imouto. And you are disgusting, because you are the brother”

    “What kind of logic is that?!”

    Meanwhile, Kuroneko serves breakfast… wearing a maid dress and nekomimi! Kirino gets all jealous because she (thinks?) Kuroneko is trying to seduce Kyousuke even if she dumped him!”

    • Highway says:

      Kyousuke’s definitely become more of a boob lover lately. I mean, even to the point of wondering about touching Kuroneko’s, sheesh. And there was that awesome moment of male gaze in episode 8. I wanted to make a gif of it but it wouldn’t have had the impact. “So, we’re alone here?” *eyes sliiiiide down until she says something, and then snap right back up to her face* That was so 17 year old boy.

      I’m glad they didn’t include hugging or boob groping thoughts. I think the incest hawks (both for and against) are already way too worked up about this show.

      I had thought they spent the night there, given that Kirino mentioned the lack of street lights, but wish they’d made it a little more clear.

      • latinalover says:

        when kyousuke almost sexual assault kirino that is when kyousuke levels up on pervyiness.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Kuroneko is sweet for being considerate and the best thing I like about her personality. Somehow, I can’t really reproach that naïveté of hers because it makes her cute. If she wants to date Kyousuke, that’s a choice between those two and Kirino should be mature enough to accept that and it should be the same for Kyousuke when Kirino eventually gets a boyfriend. Worrying what others think shouldn’t be a concern because you’re living life for yourself and not for others. People have to grow up sometime.

    • latinalover says:

      or kyousuke and kirino date each other

    • Highway says:

      And while I agree with you, it’s also Kuroneko’s decision about how to proceed. Something that is fairly masked in the series, but seems obvious to me for looking for it, is how much Kirino and Kuroneko value their close friendship. I think it’s by far the closest friendship in the show, moreso than either one of them with Saori, moreso than Kirino and Ayase (who each call the other their ‘best friend’, but at least in Kirino’s case, it’s not true). Kirino cares tremendously for Kuroneko, and is the only person I can see even stepping aside the small amount she did for. I certainly can’t see her doing the same thing for Ayase or Saori. And Kyousuke x Manami would probably bring out the absolute worst in Kirino, a hellbitch that makes all previous incarnations look like kindergarten.

      But with this particular three-legged relationship, each member cares deeply for the other two members. And Kuroneko wants to keep it that way, so she wants Kirino to be able to come to accept it, but knows her well enough that forcing such acceptance won’t work. That’s why the repeated ‘I knew it’ and ‘I still have a lot of work to do’ responses.

      It could probably be said that Kuroneko has been the best influence on Kirino even in the past year that they’ve known each other.

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