Kakumeiki Valvrave – 12 [END]

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You can (not) get married in space.

 Spring is wrapping up which means it is time to review the last episode of Valvrave on Metanorn and thankfully we are getting a second season in the fall, but I hope you had fun following with me and my tag partner Sumairii and of course thank you for all the awesome comments every week!

Fun times in space!

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Akira-“One little innocent kiss won’t hurt right?”

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So far I think Saki has taken the spotlight in these past few episodes and this week we get another peek of the future with her and a strange child with white hair? I just have to wonder is that Haruto’s child or does she get with L-ELF because that kid has silver looking hair, but the main question I have do we even know if space vampires can have children? Besides all of the random future stuff Saki turned down Haruto’s marriage proposal because she is an idol? Sure that sounds like a dumb reason and it made me laugh for a bit; however I can actually see that being a real reason because look at current Japanese idols or did she turn him down to keep Shoko from getting her feelings hurt? Now let’s talk about something else like Akira who FINALLY got some screen time even though her scenes caused me to shout at my screen like OH MY GOD! GO SAVE SHOKO and of course she magically found the purple Valvrave hidden away near her secret cardboard hideout? I loved how the purple Valvrave’s staff basically hacks into other machines and messes them up? That power seems to be quite perfect for Akira who I have always seen as the computer wizard character of this series.

Crazy cults in space!

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Cain-“Come to me children I have the best candy in the universe!”

So apparently the leaders of each faction are part of some freaky cult? What the hell is that about and more importantly what is Cain anyway is he really a space vampire or possibly something else? Maybe he is some space demon or demi-god? Either way works because it is obvious normal weapons have little to no effect on him and what is the connection with the sibling AI that power the special Valvraves? Because that reveal left me scratching my head like what the hell is going on with that? Sadly with this season ending I just hope that the second season of Valvrave answers all these supernatural questions I have been asking since the first episode.

Extra fun with Valvrave

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Akira x Shoko forever and ever

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Whoa calm down there L-ELF

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Looks like we will need more eye next season.

End thoughts

Does anyone else feel like that was not a typical season ending episode? Then again Valvrave does have a history of being very random! So what did you like this week? Personally I liked the stuff with Shoko and Akira’s special “friendship” and from this point on I will ship them together forever as a cannon yuri couple or does Shoko belong to Saki? Just kidding! I DO NOT support Shoko and Saki getting together because she has Haruto but for some reason I was getting the impression this time that she might not like him especially with the shot of her inside the green Valvrave or does she could feel not worthy of his love? Overall Valvrave is a crazy trip and I can’t wait to see what season one has prepared for us but sadly we must say good bye for now. On a side not the only mecha series to carry over into the summer anime season will be Majestic Prince which I highly recommend.


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Haruto-“Welp looks like we have to repopulate the universe.”        Akira-“….”       Saki-“…..”

See you in the fall for more Valvrave!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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43 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 12 [END]”

  1. zztop says:

    Show of hands, how many of you predicted the Magius shadow government twist?

    It kinda explains why ARUS never turned up to provide further help to New JIOR after losing Figaro & fleet,especially if the Magius decided that a warfare approach by the Dorssians was a faster, more convenient way of getting the Valvraves than ARUS’s sneaky politics method.

    • zztop says:

      PS. The way I see it, the ARUS President and Dorssian Fuhrer are the (willing?) puppets of the Magius.
      Both ARUS and Dorssian leaders perpetuate the current political conflict to keep the Magius in power over the world and prevent humankind’s rise, in return for Magius support that keeps them in office.

      • skylion says:

        That’s a pretty good look.

      • Irenesharda says:

        They looked a little too important there to be puppets, and especially with Cain (a proven Magius) as the Fuhrer’s right hand, I think both world leaders are Magius as well.

        And no, I certainly didn’t see it coming.

    • Foshizzel says:

      -raises hand- Well kind of? I was waiting for ARUS to be revealed as the evil power of Valvrave, but now it is safe to say that all of the factions are evil at least their leaders are anyway hahah

  2. skylion says:

    Wow. I have to say, that I am a fan of this show. They mongered the tropes early on, like fish on a second day, then mongered…Then they went into full on controversy for no real reason. I don’t think this show is as random as it appears, and I think next cour will tidy some ends up.

    But now, Akira is my newest favorite. That was an awesome sequence. I was taken aback by Shoko, suddenly deciding, when all the student body was in peril, to save one person (and to do it with some style). But then went, oh yeah, Akira has to get out and Valvrave (it’s a verb now), saving Akira is Win.

    …and from the preview it looks like she is coping the outside fine..

    Shadowy governments? No, zztop, didn’t see it coming. Like alot of the politics in this show, little is explained. We all know that these nations are not what they seem to be, but ancient magic mech cults was not really the behind the scenes drama I anticipated.

    You know, now that L-elf knows that Cain is more than he appears, that information will be taken into account.

    Thanks Fosh, it’s been a great ride. To Be Next Stage!

    • skylion says:

      Forgot to mention the supposed end of the controversy; Yep, possessed by a spirit; not Haruto’s fault.


      • BlackBriar says:

        Contrary to what Aina has called Haruto as a species, there’s nothing holy about being taken over and forced to do obscure things. She’d have to re-evaluate her conclusion if she saw what happened.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wonderful! At least SOME people love Valvrave, but I know a lot of friends through youtube that hated the entire series because of the “musical” episode? I guess random characters breaking out in song doesn’t sit well with some? I guess they just needed some exposure to Macross, Symphogear and Tari Tari? xDD

      Shoko for the win! At least she didn’t sit around moping the entire time, but I suspect she will have time to cry about the loss of her father? Also agreed on Akira! Finally she gets to DO something instead of stay locked in her cardboard house…

      Sunrise LOVES political twists in their shows and I think the cult aspect is something new to them or maybe they took a page from the recent episodes of Gargantia?

      You are welcome and we can’t forget Sumairii who was my tag partner for this space vampire series <3

      hahahh yaaaa Haruto was not "himself" during that but of course that is the biggest argument of Valvrave's famous tenth episode!

      • skylion says:

        Heck, I could have had two more scenes of impromptu singing….maybe even three.

        And, I feel bad for leaving you out, But, thank you Sumairii. I hope to see you both come Valvtober…

      • BlackBriar says:

        hahahh yaaaa Haruto was not “himself” during that but of course that is the biggest argument of Valvrave’s famous tenth episode!

        True. At Random Curiosity, I found out that episode 10 had more comments than the other posts in the Valvrave series. And we all know why that is.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I’m in awe! What a cliffhanger ending. It’s official that I’m now a fan of Valvrave and couldn’t care less if it’s a random trainwreck. It’s a damn fun ride. Fortunately there are some appealing shows for Summer or I’d be tearing myself apart waiting for Fall to kick in. Putting the mecha shows in order this season, the best for me would be these:

    1. Kakumeiki Valvrave (Crazy, random fun!)
    2. Suisei no Gargantia (Good story and amazing characters)
    3. Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince (Passable series but yet to pique my interest)

    So the last pilot turned out to be Akira. Whether it was her or Shoko was fine by me because we needed another female pilot in the group. It was getting sad having Saki being the only one.

    Like I said a couple of posts back, I think Cain is a space vampire but a highly sophisticated one and he pretty much confirmed it when he declared himself a Magius and said that Haruto is of the third generation. I expected at least a group of people like him but not an entire organization. It’s possible that he meant to turn L-Elf into the same species when he mentioned “graduation”.

    It’s been nothing but fun following this to this point but I won’t say it’s the end because the story is far from over. What I will say is “Until next time and please come back as soon as possible!”.

    • skylion says:

      Valvrave Vor!

      • BlackBriar says:

        What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they say. Though I can’t say the anxiety of waiting until October isn’t going to kill me. I want to see the second half so badly I dare say I’m beginning to foam at the mouth. 😛

    • Foshizzel says:

      DAT ENDING! I want the fall season to start now…I will miss you Valvrave and your list is the same as mine BB but yeah check out MJP you might like it~

      Akira for the win! I am curious how she will act with the other pilots or will she return to hiding in her cardboard fort? If so I bet Shoko will be more involved in the 2nd half if she is always needed to motivate Akira to fight?

      True Cain is probably a higher class space vampire and a Magius as well! DAMN!

      Until next time and I second Skylion’s “Valvrave Vor!”

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s honestly very funny. I remembered reading the Spring Anime Catalogue. You were skeptical about even blogging this. Hell, I bet everyone was the same about continuing to watch despite the insanely huge list of all star seiyuus until they saw the ending for the first episode. A good first impression is all it takes to draw a crowd and that one snagged them and didn’t let go.

        What made this so epic was not only the action and the cliffhanger ending but the character development that came along with it.

        Shoko deserves admiration for her strong resolve and knowing to act when things get serious. Rather than sitting there moping like a victim over the death of her father, she had courage to move on and keep it a secret from Haruto for his sake because god knows that after everything he’s been through, there’s no telling how he’d react. Besides, even if she currently doesn’t want to accept it, she knew her father was ready to die. Though it can be annoying at times, optimism is needed to motivate people like it did for Akira.

        It’s unbelievable watching the things that drove Akira to become a shut-in. You’ve got to wonder if schools in Japan would actually tolerate that kind of behavior and with such ordeals; hardly anyone could blame her for closing up. And her screaming while going out of her fort was kind of cute. It’s pretty convenient that she turned out to be a pilot for a machine she’s well suited for. Because it seemed like a random draw for the other Valvraves and their pilots. Like Haruto’s Hara-kiri blade. Just what part of him makes him appear suicidal? When it’s all said and done, Akira is a vampire now. Like Saki, she sold her humanity on whim so she has yet to know of the fine print of her “contract”, meaning feral urges. Aoi Yuuki must be beginning to like playing vampiric roles seeing this is her third time going the immortal route (Vampire Bund’s Mina Tepes and Shiki’s Sunako Kirishiki).

        I’m glad Saki used being an idol as an excuse to turn his proposal down. Having them together isn’t a bad idea but creating a relationship out of pity makes an ugly appearance and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. She does like Haruto but if she does get him, she’d want it on better terms. She gets points for sending him to Shoko when she knows it will leave her with loneliness. Such sacrifice deserves a reward worthy of it.

        There’s been talk that Valvrave as a whole has been using some material from other mecha shows. I can certainly see that being the case with the Valvrave sharing similarities to the Gundam series. For me in particular, I see comparisons to Eureka Seven and Eureka Seven AO with the neon green parts and energy whenever the machines are operational or moving at high speeds. Like the unfinished Valvrave unit Cain took and used neon green energy to create its arms and legs.

        • Highway says:

          There’s only so many colors, some get reused. And there’s only so many concepts that you can used after you’ve made the limiting decision of “Giant Humanoid Robots”. Of course stuff is going to rip off other giant humanoid robot series. It’s not ‘ripping off’ or even paying homage, it’s just making something people recognize as ‘movement’ or ‘energy’ or ‘power’. I’ve never seen a minute of Gundam, and none of Eureka Seven, but I’m pretty dang sure that if I saw them, I wouldn’t confuse them with Valvrave (or each other, or Rinne no Lagrange, or Muv-Luv, or any other giant robot series).

        • skylion says:

          Aoi Yukki’s Immortal Roles: Madoka. That is even more immortal. Cannot wait for the third film.

  4. Highway says:

    I’m not a fan of secret-society-string-pullers plots. They all just seem so dumb. I honestly have no idea where this show is going to go, and I’m sure it won’t be where I want it to go. That’s just the whole feeling I had throughout this episode: “This isn’t going in a way I’d like it to.”

    I still find it watchable, just not particularly awesome.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, whenever you have secret society things in the plot you have to be careful; they can spin down rather quick.

    • BlackBriar says:

      From the way cain was talking about the Magius, it sounds a lot like that cult group in Gargantia created by Kugel (or Striker).

      • Irenesharda says:

        Well, the Magius are more than a clan, they’re a species. So when they say they are “the Magius”, its kind of like saying we’re “the Humans”, so I can’t really see it as a cult since they are they are the way they are.

        This species of vampire, also seems to have generations. Cain called Haruto a “3rd Gen” Magius but didn’t seem impressed, so I’m wondering what generation he is. It could be like in some vampire plots where the 1st generation because it has the purest blood and is the strongest and most brutal (though sometimes with the most acute weaknesses), and every subsequent generation is weaker than the one before it. Perhaps Haruto and his fellow pilot Magius having immortality gives an indication that they are around 3rd generation and not of the 4th or 5th which lack that ability?

        Anyway, considering how really long-lived the Magius are, it’s not surprised that they control and influence the world from the background. It wouldn’t be the first vampire plot I’ve read that does so.

    • Foshizzel says:

      ahahah no problem Highway! It was a bit random huh? I sort of expected ARUS to be the main evil of Valvrave but I guess having all the faction leaders as evil works LOL

      I thought it was awesome even if it turned out to be a space train wreck for the most part.

      • BlackBriar says:

        In comparing trainwreck animes, Valvrave succeeded in entertainment where Guilty Crown failed though it was still a visual masterpiece thanks to Redjuice and I.G Production. And as a random thought, as a trainwreck, Sword Art Online hits middle ground between the two.

        • skylion says:

          I have to agree with this assessment. SOA remains a favorite of mine for several reasons.

          • BlackBriar says:

            This earns a temporary truce. *brofist*

            • skylion says:

              ::returns brofist::

              The LOLi’s are mine

              ::ends truce::

            • BlackBriar says:

              I knew it was too good to last.

  5. Irenesharda says:

    Well, today’s my birthday :D, so what better time to do a review of this most excellent finale episode of my favorite anime of the season:


    This episode literally took my breath away. All the reveals, all the carnage, all the mayhem….just wow…

    Cain finally showed his hand, and how! Slaughtering students left and right, using poison gas, he is serious about this. L-elf expected Cain, but we find that despite this, he still is not prepared for the onslaught of his former teacher and master. And if L-elf is scared, you had best be too.

    Haruto joins up with L-elf after Cain literally kicks their buts. However, it is only when Akira takes her place as the last of the Valvrave pilots that things take a turn for the better. Well, that is until Cain truly reveals his hand. It seems VVV2 is an unfinished Valvrave, but all it needed was the missing piece that was the green crystal in his birdcage. This crystal becomes the AI entity known as “Blue”, who is not only the angry shadowed image behind VVV-tan (“Red”?), but is also her elder brother, and has a hatred for humans. And for the first time, his activation, allows “VVV-tan” to speak! So kawaii!!

    Going back to Akira, we find that her agoraphobia, is a result of her being violently bullied in school (what is it with Japanese anime schools that they allow bullying of this intensity and blatancy?). Through a conversation with her, Shoko, and her brother, and then Shoko being knocked out by the oncoming drill, Akira finally finds the courage to come forth from out of the shadows in order to protect her friend. She becomes the pilot of VVV6, which seems to have the ability of “hacking” any object it touches with it’s staff.

    Akira is the only one able to stop the drill, just as it reaches the school, as the other 3 Valvraves have been put out of commission by Q-4 and X-1.

    Saki is another amazing plot point in this episode, as we get another future shot of her with a young boy who happens to look like a wide-eyed version of L-elf! Is this her son? Is it L-elf and not Haruto that she gets together with? Was it their family photo that was in her locket and did she make her promise too him some 14 years before the last flash forward and 11 years before this one? And if so, how does he become an immortal? And if he is then that means he’s not dead, so what’s going on?

    Also, we see that this is 3 years before the last flash forward, and the 3rd Galactic Reich has taken over the galaxy. She speaks of “The Founder” and how he was first fighting for “Module 77” in those days, and the first time he had contact with a Magius. Is the Founder Haruto? L-elf? I’m guessing the “Magius” she’s referring to is Cain, but that’s not clear, though we do notice that she where’s the Magius symbol on her thigh.

    And who are the Magius? Well, it looks as if we are delving into the “secret society that runs everything from behind the scenes” trope, as we learn that not only Cain, but also BOTH world leaders, as well as the Fuhrer’s council, are also Magius. and that they basically run the world. Well, I can honestly say that I didn’t expect that.

    Haruto and his fellow pilots aren’t as unique as they thought, and Haruto is a “third generation” according to Cain, and he doesn’t seem too impressed. Speaking of Haruto, Saki of course denies his proposal, saying that she is an idol and is above all that, and that sexual assault is something that an idol has to live with. However, even naive Haruto sees that it’s a front, and we can see that Saki is trembling from emotional pain inside her cockpit. Now whether that’s because she loves Haruto, but knows that what’s happened between them will only cause them misery, or because she is remembering that night, or a little bit of both? That is up for interpretation.

    Well, back to the Magius, we can see they are somewhat magical vampires, as Cain speaks a spell or chant over himself to create the green bubble he uses to break into the room with VVV2. A-drei (who it seems is through with L-elf’s noncooperation) and H-neun (who it seems honestly just really wanted to share tea with Kriemhild) as well as L-elf and Haruto witness his powers and discover that he is in fact not human but Magius vampire. He can use Blue to power any Valvrave he wants so, it’s possible that it’s the entity that allows you to pilot and not the machine. So if Haruto’s vehicle was destroyed, he could, in all possibility take out VVV-tan’s “crystal” and place it into another frame and create a new Valvrave!

    I can hardly wait for next season, a whole 3 months or so away. This show looks like it can easily become Sunrise’s next franchise. It’s obvious that the Magius win and take over the galaxy, but we need to see how it is that they get there. What troubles will Haruto and his friend come across along the way? What is the nature of the 3rd Galactic Reich?

    Oh, I have never hoped for October to come so soon! I give this episode a 9.98/10, only because I hoped for some named characters to die. Yet, with Cain with a Valvrave of his own, I think that the students of Module 77 aren’t out of the woods yet.

    I give this season a 9/10. It kept me highly entertained, and even with some rather ridiculous moments, I know I’ve found a keeper. I’ll be awaiting the second season with high anticipation.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Happy birthday, Irenesharda! Best wishes on your special day. Cut the cake and celebrate.

    • skylion says:

      Happy Birthday, Irenesharda! My best to you….

      First, I hope we can call them something besides Space Vampires by the next cour. Truth is, we don’t exactly know what these sorts of being are. Vampire is a rather convenient placeholder, as there is all the tropes, from dying and coming back to life (but none of the other pilots have this) to getting hungry for more than just food (controversy and all). Immortal? Possibly? Magius? It out to be an interesting discover come October.


      However, even naive Haruto sees that it’s a front, and we can see that Saki is trembling from emotional pain inside her cockpit.

      She’s angry that he really isn’t in love with her. The life of an idol comes with a price; you have to be popular, winning everyone’s appeal. Double edged sword, that. She is looking for that romantic love that only two can share. But that is alot of emotion for one person to hold onto, much less let out. She took the first reaction she could muster.

      Yes, October cannot come soon enough….

      • Irenesharda says:

        Merci beaucoup!

        And yes, Magius is the name of their species. They actually introduced the term months ago on the official website in what they call the “Valvravapedia” as to what Haruto had become after he signed away his humanity. This episode however was they first time they’ve said the term in the show.

        However, the show also calls the “vampires” as well, so I’m guessing “Magius” is the species name of these “space vampires”, just as the ones in Trinity Blood called themselves, “Methuselah”.

        As for Saki, I could tell from the way she said it, and from the way she brought up again the “holy spirit” angle, even though both of them know that that’s not true, that she was lying just to get Haruto out of there.
        I think she likes him, but she also knows that he loves Shoko, so for him to do this would be painful for all parties involved and that’s not something she wants. She’d rather bear her pain on her own, then for Haruto to give up his happiness for something that wasn’t his fault, or for the oblivious Shoko, who still doesn’t know anything of what’s really going on.

        • BlackBriar says:

          However, the show also calls the “vampires” as well, so I’m guessing “Magius” is the species name of these “space vampires”, just as the ones in Trinity Blood called themselves, “Methuselah”.

          Almost every vampire anime I’ve seen they give themselves a different code name to identify their species in a rather more sophisticated way because some don’t like the term “vampire”.

          Trinity Blood: Methuselah, Crusnik
          Vampire Knight: Purebloods, Level E
          Shiki: Shiki, Risen (Okiagari)
          Black Blood Brothers: Black Bloods, Old Bloods, Kowloon Children
          Moon Phase: Blue Bloods, Ludo
          Blood+: Chiropterans
          Shingetsutan Tsukihime/Lunar Legend Tsukihime: True Ancestors

          Saki does like Haruto and she probably would have accepted his proposal if it wasn’t for the fact that it was mostly out of pity. He himself said he wanted to dedicate himself to taking responsibility. Noble but at the same time, it feels pathetic. The truth is no one would accept anything if it’s out of pity. Moreover, she knows he likes Shoko so she’s doing what she feels is right even if it will cause her loneliness.

          • Highway says:

            I’m not sure how much he ‘loves’ loves Shouko anymore. Does he still feel a connection to her? Definitely. He still wants to rescue her. But I think he’s been so torn down by the loss of his ‘humanity’, and I find it somewhat interesting that he’s the only person who so far has regretted giving up that humanity, because his reason for doing so turned out to be untrue. All the others willingly did it for fairly well-considered reasons that fit their characters.

            I do think Haruto’s feelings for Saki are much deeper than just ‘taking responsibility’ as if it’s a shotgun wedding, but a lot of it *is* about pity. He thinks it would be good to be the guy who finally chooses her, who ends her lonely life. And I think Saki does desperately want that, and Haruto, but I don’t know what he could do to be more sincere about it.

            • skylion says:

              Hmm, it’s almost like becoming a Magius gave him an “out” for the Shouko relationship. What he looking for an excuse all along?

            • Highway says:

              I don’t think so on that. He was definitely going to confess before all this happened, and she definitely wanted him to. But after seeing her die, and losing his mind and humanity to that, I think his mindset has changed on Shouko.

              Now, maybe Shouko could come back and convince Haruto that it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t care, and she still loves him, no matter what he is. That’s what I expected earlier this series. Note that that also opens up Saki for L-Elf, and gray-haired kids…

            • Irenesharda says:

              I think he still loves her, there’s really been no scene of him losing any kind of interest in her. You can really see it in the way that he’s always thinking of her in whatever situation. The place is getting raided and everyone dying all over the place, and he tells L-elf to tell Shoko that he will try his best and win this. He promises to go alone and rescue Shoko’s dad. He likes to smile fondly at her and say simply “Shoko…” when he sees her doing one of her quirky things to help him out. So yeah, he still loves her, and he loves her bad. In fact, I don’t even think it’s “puppy love” anymore. He truly cares for this girl.

              I think the one he actually feels more so sorry for than anything else, is Saki. He only seems to show any caring emotion around her when she indicates her dark past or spouts a sob story. Every other time, he seems to either be flustered with her or simply treating her as his teammate. It’s telling that he still calls her by her family name all the time, even when proposing to her.

              Now, it’s possible that later that this could all change, but for now I think Haruto loves Shoko, and he likes Saki.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great one <3

      I know right? I hate having to wait three whole months to finish off Valvrave T______T

      9/10 for the season is great! I think I gave it a 8/10 on MAL xD

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