Kakumeiki Valvrave – 05

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Life sure is tough in space school.

 Time for your weekly dose of epic giant robots with more Valvrave on Metanorn and last time we left off with some strange reveal that Shouko was the daughter of the Jior faction president? I really wonder how they plan on exploring that later on, but who could forget the master plan to have Haruto’s school declared as an independent nation that is holding the super cool mecha as a hostage? I swear things get extra crazy with each passing episode…

School life in spaceeeee!

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Easiest way to do laundry and take a shower at the same time!

I noticed after the previous episode just about everyone I know on Twitter were quick to compare the preview for this episode with Guilty Crown based on the arc where Ouma shu and his “friends” turned their school into an independent nation, but we all know how that went from happy good time vibes all the way to total chaos because of Shu turning into some evil dictator! That said I wonder will the same thing happen with Valvrave? Personally I don’t think Haruto will turn out to be as messed up as Shu, but I suppose if he was given the right push from someone like L-elf maybe it COULD go that way? Hopefully things do not go down that path because I kind of want something NEW and not some repeat of the events of Guilty Crown’s failed school-war-arc and while I am on the subject of school based stuffs this week we also got a blend of Love Live x Tari Tari x Gundam SEED with all the singing and dancing found in this episode that left most of us shouting WHAT IS GOING ON and sure most of us including myself were quick to write off those moments as lol-space-glee; however I found it to be quite hilarious to watch, but other than those off the wall moments we had some interesting character interaction between the students like the nerdy kid and the school bully and of course we can’t forget that random catfight between Saki and Takahi? I guess when your school basically becomes your house you eventually learn to get along with EVERYONE, oh and on a random side note I totally ship the two teachers because they kind of look and act like a couple to me!

Valvraves all over the place!

valvrave (8)

This is basically Fosh’s room at the Metanorn headquarters.

A while back I was set on the idea of the Valvrave “transforming” or “powering up” with the red machine basically change colors while taking on a brand new mode for each battle, but sadly my theory did not work out as planned because the last few minutes of this episode revealed that there are in face several other Valvrave machines hidden under the school and guess who discovered it first?! You guessed it none other than L-elf and I assume that he will try to steal one of them and take it back to his team, but yeah I know they still consider him to be a traitor or will he surprise us and stick around with the independent school nation? Also I wonder how the school plans on picking the next round of pilots after they find out the truth about the extra robots, because I can see some type of voting drama in the future and what about that scene with Haruto and Saki kissing?! Whoa I guess Saki is taking charge of her relationship status with Haruto. Anyway back to the extra robots I really hope each machine gives you a different “curse” because I really do not want a bunch of freaking body swapping space vampires walking around.

Extra fun with Valvrave

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HELL YA! I know I always wanted to do that.

valvrave (3)

Marie Nobi for best photographer in Valvrave! Sorry Yuuko Uchida  from PhotoKano

valvrave (5)



Saki for the freaking win!

End thoughts

So I learned a few things this week such as going to school in space is filled with singing, dancing and making friends, but how long will things stay that happy go lucky for the students because eventually you will have some students that will quit being nice and decide to rebel against Haruto and the student council or will that even happen since Haruto has the awesome power of the Valvrave? If anything I can see the students being super nice to him instead of going up against him. So was anyone else shocked when Saki kissed Haruto? Personally I was not all that shocked because I think it is safe to say she has a thing for him, but is she just being nice to him for protecting her life and the school? I can’t help but look back on a similar thing Sunrise did with Flay falling in “love” with Kira from good old Gundam SEED or do you think Saki generally LIKES our main hero? I suppose they did hint at that pairing early on after we all assumed that Shoko died in the first episode.


valvrave (1)

L-elf is going to troll you so hard next week Haruto.

How long can Saki and Haruto keep their secret?!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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35 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 05”

  1. Bonk says:

    I’m just tired of laughing. Shoko smashing shop aisles? People goofing around in a swimming pool? Some 20 meters long painting of a girl in a nude apron? Guys watching porn in a theater? Marie in a school swimsuit with a cone of ice cream? An epic instance of nerd power? Takahi actually going commando? Haruto and Shoko in a perfect unison asking Rukino to sing? A musical number that could put Glee to shame(because they can’t do it in space, you know)?

    Please keep this up. More balls and lulz and less drama, pleasepleaseplease…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Those are some hard hitting questions!

      I hope Valvrave can maintain their high levels of what the hell is going on every week, but I feel this first half might be more random while the 2nd half in the fall might be more action based? I certainly love how things are progressing right now.

  2. Highway says:

    I thought this episode was better, and didn’t think it was nearly as headdesk-y as the previous one. The musical was fine, the song wasn’t my favorite, but not bad. The guy having to push the button hanging in space from the punk guy was a bit corny, but not horrible. Maybe I’m just getting inured to the corniness of the show.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The episode was corny enough from the singing that the button scene slipped under the radar for me. It was plausible enough because the guy’s arm was straining and his wound was re-opened. Speaking of which, why did L-Elf leave him alive after he killed so many people on his way there?

      • Highway says:

        I would think L-Elf is not going to be killing more JIOR people, just ARUS people. He wants Haruto’s (and the other Valvrave’s) help to foment rebellion in Dorssia, and the way to get it is to not piss off all the students by killing their buddies.

        BTW, it’s always a good day when you can use the word ‘foment’.

      • Foshizzel says:

        @BB: Corny and cheesy indeed my friend! I guess L-elf won’t kill students because they don’t have weapons? That or he doesn’t see them as threats so he doesn’t kill them? I could see that as an explanation later…

        @Highway: Yeah he kind of needs Haruto right now xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          A mercenary with an honor code… You don’t see those everyday.

          • Foshizzel says:

            IKR? Still I bet if the other students knew where L-elf comes from they would probably throw his ass out or lock him up for a while? Who knows maybe he will become a “good” maybe a bit like Accelerator in terms of still does bad things like killing people only if he really NEEDS to?

      • Irenesharda says:

        I think since his plans changed to include Haruto and the students, he just knocked Raizo out rather than kill him. I mean, it’s obvious he had no problem killing a student before, so I think it mostly has to deal with whatever he’s planning.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah that works as well and besides L-elf is a soldier not some killer even though he owned all those ARUS guys, but I still feel that he does not threatened by the students because he can easily kick ass with or without weapons or maybe he ran out of ammo…

  3. Liza says:

    I’m still wondering how they are going to surviving being an independent nation. What is the school running on in terms of power? 0_o But maybe I’m just thinking way too much.

    With the other Valvraves under the school, does this mean in the future there might be other students from the school using them as well? That school will be well protected then, that’s for sure.

    As for Saki kissing Haruto, I knew from a few episodes back that she liked him so it wasn’t a surprise to me that she did it. I’m just wondering how Haruto will take that since he does have feelings for Shouko.

    • Sumairii says:

      If my knowledge of Dyson spheres is correct, each module is solar powered. Normally, this comes from the artificial star at the center of the sphere, but with the school module afloat, who knows what they’re running on? Could be a giant battery for all we know… Or perhaps they’re not too far away from the Dyson sphere that they don’t receive enough power from the star?

    • Foshizzel says:

      P much what Sumairii said works xD

      I certainly hope the other students use the Valvraves in the future~

      Saki x Haruto works for me while Shoko on the other hand comes off as the goofy sister or cousin to me, but who knows MAYBE there is hope for that shipping later?

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Well, this was an interesting episode, but it definitely shows what I feared for Shoko’s impromptu plan.

    The students have been left alone for a week because Dorssia and the ARUS have better things to do. The ARUS is thinking about allying with them, but they’ve got bigger problems with Dorssia who is indeed a Nazi Germany/North Korea-esque regime. I mean, they have the goose-step marching soldiers in formation, the tanks in the streets, everyone standing in salute to the “Fuehrer” during his (HIS?!) speeches. (I’m telling you that guy looked like an old woman last episode…). They simply replaced the saluting arm, with a saluting fist, and the “Sieg Heil!” for “Blitzendegen!“, and yet for some reason they have St. Peter’s Basilica as their capital? What’s with that? Their territory doesn’t even include Italy or Vatican City?!

    The students now without rules and responsible adults, are basically acting like kids who are left home alone without their parents or a babysitter for the first time. They act irresponsibly and do every fun thing they can think of without any though to the consequences. The module is heating the place up to high summer heats as it tries to compensate for the module being away from the artificial sun. (Yeah, WHY was that a good idea again?)

    You know that things can’t last like this, and indeed it doesn’t as the environmental controls overload and the place goes from summer to winter. The students fall apart fast and begin to fight amongst themselves about why they even made the stupid decision to become independent? They blame Shoko, but Shoko tries to cheer them up with a song.
    Nerdy guy and Kuwabara look-alike go to fix the problem that somehow only nerdy guy can fix. Though since the problem is fixed by only hitting a GIANT RED BUTTON(!) I call bullcrap on that.

    In the end, they send out a music video sung by Saki to everyone including the imprisoned JIORians, the ARUS, and the Dorssians to keep up the faith and that everything will be all right. However, I have to say that I very much disagree.

    This episode just showed me what I suspected all along. This isn’t going to last long, this whole independent nation thing. Sure it worked this time, but these are irresponsible teens who have no idea how to truly rule themselves. The council president can organize and issue orders but he has nothing to back it up. The two adults are useless and if this one incident almost caused them to fall apart, I have no idea what will happen if something something more major occurs.

    L-11 is strangely absent from a lot of this episode as he is doing espionage work look around the bowels of the school. He finds the other Valvraves 3-6 and he for some odd reason leads Haruto and Saki to them. What is his plan? I don’t like him smiling, he has something up his sleeve. Since he’s been hard at work looking into the module’s inner workings and through the information in the computer files on the Valvraves for a week, while Haruto and all the others were goofing off. I expect that he probably knows more about the Valvraves than anyone else at this point.

    Also, Saki is acting very mysterious. She seems to be used to violence and at times reminds me of L-11 with her quiet, dangerous air. She tries to bite princess-girl and is surprised when nothing happens? What’s with that?(and by the way, how did Saki become a singing idol? She’s horrible. Lacus could sing rings around her…that ending song was just…bad.)

    Also she is quite devious and came on to Haruto fast! She hasn’t spent much time with him but has already kissed him and wants to be alone with him in return for keeping his secret? There is definitely something up with that chick.

    Also the little avatar girl came on in the Valvrave and asked about sex? What was up with that?

    And lastly, the physicist-sensei doesn’t seem to be one of the doctors in on the Valvrave and he wants to find out how it works. However he does speak of a Dr. Tokishima (Haruto’s mom or dad?) and that the Valvrave may be of supernatural origins? So that’s fascinating…

    Well, this was an interesting episode and next episode seems to be about Saki and may be her debut as a fighter pilot? We have more fighting next episode and I’m expecting more twists along the way.

    I give this episode an 8/10.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I kind of figured not EVERYONE would follow along with Shoko’s plan…

      Yeah the Dorissa faction definitely screams Nazi Germany down to the matching uniforms and the whole Blitzendegen! They also remind me of the obvious Zion group of original Gundam and Gundam Unicorn and I wonder if we will have any blonde mask wearing villain like Char? xD

      Without the adults around the school has basically become a giant summer camp thing, but I agree they probably should have planned things out a bit more before cutting themselves free of the sphere thingy~

      The giant red button thing was a bit strange I will agree was dumb hahaha

      You have to admit though it was a great way for them to get some money, but what does the money really do? How and where are they going to spend money?! LOL

      True L-elf was doing his own thing aka investigating the school for other hidden secrets and I would put money on him already taking one of the other Valvraves for himself or maybe he discovered other suits? They didn’t really SHOW us what he found…

      Saki is VERY mysterious! I wonder what she really gains by hooking up with Haruto and agreed why in the world did she try to bite the other girl? I wouldn’t be shocked if she already sold her soul to another Valvrave robot?

      LOL Saki’s singing hahah yeah it was bad and oh my god I hope she doesn’t turn into a Lacus character, but who knows maybe this is a Gundam version of Macross?! I would laugh if Shoko jumps into the mess becoming an idol as well…

      LOL @ the avatar girl “is this sex.” cracked me up!

      I wouldn’t mind if it was revealed that the Valvraves use supernatual means to operate! Hell the Eva units in Evangelion are kind of supernatural to me xD

      Episode 06 was titled something like Saki come back! Which has me thinking she takes the green Valvrave out for a spin or would she go for purple?

      8/10 is a good score <3

  5. skylion says:

    ..yeah, I kinda took a look at the show and asked what the staff is trying to do with this show. It’s pretty obvious they want a good sense of fun; without all that pesky logic. It’s isn’t Guilty Crown level quite yet, but too many more of these escapades and we may call it that.

    Given no other information, I think Saki genuinely likes our here. That was one heck of a kiss.

    This is basically Fosh’s room at the Metanorn headquarters.

    I call dibs on a green one….

    Speaking of Marie’s photo skills, I wish they would do more with her, rather than the trollolol routine…

    • Highway says:

      I’ll take the blue one. I did say that Royal Blue was my favorite color.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I wish the green mecha was more neon green because that is my favorite color!

      Yeah I am curious about Marie as a character, but for now I think she is the random comedian of the school who typically has those catchy one liners.

  6. Irenesharda says:

    Well, here’s some interesting supplemental information:

    The official Valvrave website has posted and confirmed the information on Haruto and that he is no longer human and is now a being known as a “Magius”.

    From what I’ve been able to find out, the name “Magius”, like “Magus” is Latin meaning “magician”. However, even more interesting is the fact that the name is known and used as a surname in what country more than any other?


    Yes, the same country from which the lore of the “Valravne” originated.
    It’s highly unlikely that this show didn’t borrow the name from the Danish myth, saying as how similar the names are and the fact that Valvrave uses a raven (albeit the three-legged version from their own East Asian mythology) as its symbol. Does the name “Magius” further suggest that they are drawing from the Danish folklore?

    Or is “Magius” just the term they came up with for their new space vampire species?

    • skylion says:

      …I would say that the Magic (heh) Eight-Ball, when shaken, would come up with, “ask again later”. Too little information at this time.

      But, as is becoming a welcome addition, you’ve managed to supply some very interesting material. I’m going to have to dig more into Danish/Scandinavian folklore now, just out of general interest…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Damn that is interesting I was reading it and I like the idea that Haruto basically “jacks” into the person he bites instead of a body swap because that makes me think the person he bites jumps into his body while he takes theirs, but that is not the case because the other body just lays there…

      • BlackBriar says:

        You can say Haruto’s body acts as a prison for the mind for those he bites so they won’t try to interrupt whatever he has planned and switch back.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahh yeah you could say that Haruto’s body becomes a container after he jumps into another person.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    What can you expect other than anarchy when you leave a ship full of students to themselves when things go to pot? And it was about to happen pretty damn quickly, too. Freedom is all well and fine until things go Lord of the Flies.

    Sorry for Haruto wanting to keep the other Valvraves a secret but that won’t be holding anytime soon because it looks like Saki’s already seduced. With her sudden joyful expression seeing them and biting Takahi, whispering “It didn’t work”, I can see she wants to be a space vampire too.

    What I want is to go deeper as to who created the Valvrave in the first and at what price to do it if the basic requirements to move it means turning the pilot into a humanoid monster that would attack anyone in their sight. Since apparently none of the three sides are behind it, I’m thinking a shadow government that infiltrated JIOR. It’s probably a variety for each Valvrave just as each of them have different sets of weapons (The green one in the preview using boomerang-like discs). The pilots become vampire-like but have a different power when they bite someone.

    The kiss was the highlight. Shoko has already been proven a very important character to the story but Saki also shows the same traits and Haruto is showing interest in her. Things can go either way with this soon-to-be love triangle since I already can see neither girl is going to back down without a fight. Guys, get ready for a cat fight!!

    • Highway says:

      Saki totally wants to be a space robot vampire. And I got the feeling she’d been pining for Haruto from afar, even while he was Shouko-focused.

      I’m thinking the Valvraves were found technology. But who knows where they found them.

      • skylion says:

        That bite was so very revealing of her character however. She wants to be Takahi? Oh, I think I’ve found my entry point for this whole story not to suck…

        • Highway says:

          Sorry, I don’t see the story doing anything but sucking, but they’ll blow up a lot of things and look cool!

      • BlackBriar says:

        What’s drawing me is that despite seeing Haruto lose himself a couple of episodes back, Saki isn’t repeled by it. Instead, she becomes more interested and attracted to that feral behavior. I’d laugh uncontrolaby if she said she’d keep the other Valvraves a secret on the condition she becomes like him. I guess teenage girls desire to become vampires as much as they have a thing for them.

        What are the odds Haruto piloting the Valvrave was something that was intended? I sense a plot twist because something feels off.

  8. Ceyrai says:

    Ohgod. Up until the previous episode, I was still taking Valvrave semi-seriously. That sentiment was blown to bits in this episode. I’m never taking it seriously again. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it though – with Shingeki no Kyoujin and Hataraku Maou-sama, it’s in my Top 3 for this season. It’s just so ridiculous. All it was missing L-Elf joining in on the space Glee madness and I would’ve called this the best episode of all time. I mean, even his Dorssian teammates caught the screening. :))

    And Saki. UGH. She’s definitely my favorite character. Hope she doesn’t go the Flay route, though, I’d hate that. On a more serious note, I’m a little concerned about her biting Takahi. Why did she think she even had a chance of doing what Haruto can do? And why does it seem she’s hardly perturbed by all the violence? I’m pretty sure there’s more to her character than being a retired celebrity. Maybe she was Dorssian or something.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah for the most part you can’t really take all of Valvrave serious because there are moments that make you say WTF is going on?! I think even the producers are not all that serious with this project as well xD

      Nice choice of top three anime for the season~

      I really hope Saki stays away from the Flay route as well! I just want to know WHY she likes Haruto in the first place? I mean what if she is a double agent working for ARUS? I could SEE that…

    • Sumairii says:

      Saki wasn’t there when Haruto got injected the first time, so perhaps she thinks merely having been in Valvrave is enough to turn her into a vampire-thing. Obviously she was mistaken.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah you could be right Sumairii~

      • BlackBriar says:

        I think whoever pilots the robot first gets the chance to end up like Haruto.

        • Lola says:

          i think some of the new pilots will definitely be Saki and L-Elf (and Shoko if Haruto don’t go crazy all over her saying “i don’t want you to get involved in this”). i mean we all know how happy Saki was when she saw the other robots and L-Elf come on, he HAS to LOL! and for the Saki-Haruto kiss, No! am i the only one who ship Saki- L-Elf!!! hahahah those too are my fav characters! n_n

  9. PanzerJäger says:

    This show is shaping up to be good a one. I love the bit with all the guys in the cinema watching the porno. I think they hit the nail on the head there in regards to what would happen if teenagers got to run their own nation.

    I’m still trying to work out what the “peace” sign means to L-11. And the discovery of the extra cursed machines, I’m thinking there will be more of thm in action soon. Overall I enjoyed this episode.

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