Aku no Hana – 04


This isn’t conspicuous at all. 

Just how many times can Kasuga screw himself over with his decisions? A lot. On the plus side though, this episode we got to see more of Nakamura’s more creepy facial expressions. …And her hear scream in the conveniently deserted woman’s washroom. Though maybe like the library, people are used to this and just ignore it now.


Well, the pay off from Kasuga defending Nakamura came pretty immediately. Ah, irony. Kasuga defends Nakamura, who he had nothing to do with before, and NOW Saeki pays attention to him. Though maybe he still would have stood up for Nakamura anyways in the same situation, which just makes this encounter with Saeki tragically late. But really, what was Kasuga expecting? If she was as nice as he expected, or course she would like that he stood up for Nakamura. Well, Saeki is pretty much exactly how Kasuga idolized her as. Really, she seems like the kind, caring angel that Kasuga has depicted her as the entire time and she doesn’t seem to care about what people think the way Kasuga does since she went against the peer pressure in the classroom. Hell, even her hobbies have a ‘well bred good girl’ image to them like piano and… studying.

When I first saw her character, I thought Kasuga might have been a bit delusional, but she really is a nice girl right now. Though maybe Kasuga already knew this because he’s kept an, er, close eye on her this entire time. She’s even saved him too now since he was kind of shoved into a corner with his despair. …Which just doubles the irony since he’s the one who took her uniform and caused her stress before. Not to mention that he might not have been in so much despair if he hadn’t stolen the thing in the first place. In any case, she only keeps improving her image in Kasuga’s eyes.


…And yet, he STILL refuses to throw out/burn/ do anything with the gym uniform. Life is finally looking up for Kasuga, and yet, Nakamura and the gym uniform still weigh him down. Er, at least Kasuga said he’ll stop sniffing it and whatnot. You’d think he would have stopped doing that when the guilt hit him in episode 2, but whatever. You can just feel how this is all going to come back and bite him later (or I guess it already has, since he’s wearing it on a freaking date with Saeki), but it’s a little too late now. Kasuga just can’t seem to pull himself out of the hole he dug himself and ignore Nakamura’s demands. At least he’s not going “nooo, she’s too good for me! Look at what I’ve done!” and panicking over that. He might feel guilty about her uniform, but at least the guy grabs the chance when it’s there. But for now, life is looking pretty good for Kasuga (minus the fact that he can’t exactly participate in a wet t-shirt contest at the moment). The girl of his dreams agreed to go out on a date with him, her actual personality fits what he thought it did and they even had come close contact on the stairs. If Nakamura wasn’t around, this would be the part where Kasuga’s life stops being shitty.


Is Nakamura’s declaration that she’s going to expose him (because apparently that one time in the library just wasn’t enough) something to be worried about? …Probably. I’m not going to comment on Kasuga’s “does she like me?!” bit since I think we’ve all made mistakes like that (and really, it did look like she was jealous), but she’s still proving that she really needs a hobby or something. Kasuga isn’t even really doing anything wrong now other than listening to her crazy blackmailing. Apparently lying about the date meeting time and place never even crossed his mind.

Another week, another episode where I can’t say what everything that I want to say because things haven’t happened yet. Sigh. In any case, Kasuga’s life really is turning out to be a story about how making one regrettable mistake really can change one’s life forever. Though maybe in Kasuga’s case, it’s multiple things since he could have told Saeki SO MANY TIMES about the uniform, or at least gotten rid of the evidence.

There was a random change of the OP song this week. I guess if the first one was about Kasuga (or at least, the lyrics fit his general state of mind), this one is Nakamura. I can’t see it being anyone else since the lyrics included the mention of her wish and the fact that they want to leave. It wasn’t anything mindblowing and the visuals just kind of changed from green to pink, but it’s always interesting when an anime changes the OP song. Especially one Saeki will get one too, though I’m doubtful since this episode was what I figured would be covered in 2 and she doesn’t get all that interesting until later.


And remember, Nakamura is always watching.


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8 Responses to “Aku no Hana – 04”

  1. Highway says:

    I wonder how much “deviance” Nakamura will try to push Kasuga into. He really seems to be pretty much a normal kid so far. This still would have been better in high school, tho.

    I wouldn’t lie to a froot loop like Nakamura. She knows where he lives, she knows where he goes to school, and she seems pretty willing to go through with whatever she wants. But I don’t think she’s as ‘deviant’ as she claims to be either, more like she’s just sadistic, and enjoys dominating Kasuga.

    • Liza says:

      I can see her being a sadist. Maybe she has a bad family life or whatever and needs to have control over something and Kasuga gave her the perfect opportunity to do that.

      • Karakuri says:

        …The last post for this anime is going to be very long with all of the things that they didn’t get to if the anime doesn’t start skipping things. Well, it’s not that big of a spoiler, but Show ▼

    • Karakuri says:

      ARGHHHHHHH. I can’t even answer a lot of your comment because WE’RE NOT THERE YET OTL. This is really frustrating.

      The manga has a time skip into highschool and I do think it works well there, so I’m okay with this being in middle school.

      Nakamura would find out ways to make Kasuga’s life hell, but I don’t even think he considered lying. He was just so… stunned.

      • Liza says:

        Or maybe just happy that he was able to get a date with Saeki. He was on cloud 9 and he thought nothing could go wrong.

        And on a random note….my title changed! 0_0 *feels special* I’m lovely.

  2. Liza says:

    Kasuga…you are an idiot. How could he answer Nakamura correctly about the date without thinking about it for a moment. That girl has a few screws loose, why are you telling her your date details!?

    And that gym uniform is continuously biting him in the butt. And sadly, when this date is over, I don’t think he’s going to get rid of the uniform either. >_>

    • Karakuri says:

      He could even lie, (somehow) contact Saeki and then figure out a different time and place to meet. Telling Nakamura later that he didn’t know where she lived and couldn’t tell her about the change. But I guess he’s a terrible liar.

      Ahahaha yeah, if you can tell from the direction the plot is going, Kasuga just going to keep wishing he acted differently over and over again.

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, he really does stink at lying. Nakamura did figure out really fast last episode that Kasuga was hiding something from her.

        Although he could have just sent a text. At least then it wouldn’t rely on his acting skills.

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