Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 08-09


anaaga wants to find a dying bishie too ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

I’m sorry if I disappeared for so many weeks. I’ve been busy making documents and documents and documents, and work has been killing me too. I’ll try to catch up to everything this week. Let’s start with Hakkenden, where the last two episodes are Hamaji-centric. That was a surprise.

Episode 8


The first Hamaji-centric episode is is indirectly about Hamaji, since it is about her missing brother Inuyama Dousetsu. Well, more like her dead brother, who literally died because of hypothermia during a snowy night when he was looking for Hamaji. How cliche. Don’t worry, Dousetsu’s sexy face is saved by Yukihime the sexiest youkai, but this costs Dousetsu’s warmth and… Yukihime’s voice. Awwww. /less than five seconds/ Anyway, the episode is barely anything important because that is what it is all about. However, the episode is filled with gag because of Dousetsu’s lack of knowledge about the youkai world. Let’s just say that his faces were priceless.

However, there are aspects of this episode that made me sad. Dousetsu’s search of Hamaji for example, when he literally met those who take care of her throughout their lives. A little bit just a little bit and he might had found Hamaji. Yet he didn’t. Man, that sucks. I imagined all the energy Dousetsu wasted even after his death, and that’s just depressing. To make it even worse, Hamaji doesn’t really need Dousetsu that much. Sure, Hamaji might be depressed at times because of her missing brother, but she has her friends (and potential lover) with her now. So yeahhh, being next to Hamaji or not won’t make a difference, Dousetsu. You’ve been gone for too long that Hamaji doesn’t need to rely on you anymore. Besides, when they meet, I am sure there will be some awkwardness between them at first. It won’t be easy to mend a relationship that hasn’t been progressing for years. It will take time for them to accept each other. Well, at least both parties have people to lean on, although Dousetsu’s isn’t really a person. Lovely Yukihime, please support Dousetsu no matter what.


Episode 9


Another Hamaji-centric episode, but it was more entertaining than episode 10. First is, of course, the yuri aura that seems to follow Hamaji around no matter what. YEAH YURI. This episode is all about the friendship between girls and not in a dirty way. Though it is also cliche just like episode 9, also the mysterious supernatural vibe is stronger in this episode. The pure relationship between Hamaji and her “roommate” makes it more fabulous too, since the purity of friendship between girls is something I have always loved. It is nice to see Hamaji gaining her confident back at the end of the episode, and it is nice to know that there will be someone for Hamaji no matter what’s her situation.

This episode reveals some mysterious facts about Sousuke dun dun duuun. Thanks to the singing youkai doll (Hamaji’s “roommate), Sousuke’s relationship with his dog spirit is finally known. So, Sousuke is not half dead. It’s just that he only has half of his soul and the dog spirit fills the other half. This makes everything problematic though, since the other half of Sousuke is gone. Where he could be? I am 1000000% sure that half of Sousuke is none other than the mysterious Nazgul that has been roaming around and killing people. Now the questions is… What does the doll mean by halves? Is she talking about spirit or blood relations? If this is about blood relations, then the mysterious Nazgul is Sousuke’s twin brother. It this is about spirit though, then the mysterious Nazgul is none other than Sousuke himself. Now, if everything is all about Sousuke’s spirit, then how in the world did it get divided into half? Just what happened during the plague that made it possible? Did Sousuke make a pact or something with Murasame? The mystery surrounding Sousuke is building up, and I can’t wait to know the truth about him. Let’s just hope that his relationship with Shino won’t change even after the truth is revealed. I hope.


Episode 8 and 9 might be fillers, but I am (once more) surprised at the level of enjoyment I had with these episodes. They are really good fillers. They managed to fill the gaps about Hamaji, proving the importance of her character. The “side character” is now back as a main character, yeaahh! Ehm, since the fillers are all about Hamaji, that is probably the reason why I enjoyed them a lot.

In the end, anything filling in plot-holes is important and not only because of Hamaji. Some facts about Sousuke are mentioned here and there, and episode 9 is definitely the peak of everything. Hakkenden has been doing a good job at building up the suspense for the climax for this anime, as the episodes questions the odd existence of Sousuke little by little. This way, I don’t frown at the use of his existence for the climax of this series. Now what’s left is just Sousuke. I wonder how everything is going to be. I hope it keeps up the momentum and ends well.

Preview:  Gah, sexy katana-wielding-Sousuke-alike bishie!



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4 Responses to “Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 08-09”

  1. D-LaN says:

    anaaga wants to find a dying bishie too ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

    Sry, but you need to have insane luck or be a otome protag to do tht.

    @anaaga, ou have a thing for katana-wielding bishie?

    • anaaga says:

      Actually, I don’t want a dying bishie anymore now. It will be a hassle to take care of them. I WANT RICH BISHIE YO

      Katana always makes thing sexier because they shine~~~

  2. Liza says:

    I think these episodes really made me like Hamaji. Before she was pretty meh and just there but now it seems like she has some purpose in everything after all.

    If Sousuke’s soul is cut in half and he shares it with the dog, does that mean Sousuke’s other half(if that is what his look-alike is) also has half of the dog too?

    • anaaga says:

      Yeahhh I’m pretty sure Hamaji has some kind of role except being sexy Kaname’s future wife. Even the foxes ship them.

      That’s… A good question. My theory is that the dog, even though is a spirit, cannot fully replace a human’s other half because of the difference in life qualities they have. So I think the dog’s only replacing the half to the good Sousuke? I dunno man, lemme see the latest episode. Hehe

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