R-18 Otome Game Review- Ijiwaru My Master (Part 1)


Don’t let the pretty art fool you. IT’S ALL A CLEVER RUSE.

Happy Valentines Day~ Well, it’s been about a year since I wrote anything otome game related, but I figure that I’ve had this Ijiwaru My Master post sitting around here for about a year, so I should probably give up and post it. And what better time to do so than Valentines? …Because nothing says ‘romance’ quite like Stockholm Syndrome.

So what’s so different about R18 otome games? They’re kind of like regular otome games, only they like to add in sex scenes whenever they can. With CGs. That being said, a lot of these games have heroines with actual voices, making it significantly easier for me to understand wtf is going on (while simultaneously making it that much more awkward to play with other people in the room). The moral? Wear headphones. Always. Anyways, as stated in the title, the game here is Ijiwaru My Master. Also affectionately (okay, maybe not) known as “Ijiwaru My Rapist” for reasons you can probably guess. If not, then you might as well read on. As a warning, this doesn’t contain any pictures that are NSFW, but the route explanations might not be something that you’d want someone to read over your shoulder.

Basic Summary

ImM is about a big breasted loli named Kurumi who likes blue roses, but doesn’t like confrontation. I am not kidding when I say that the girl is a doormat. One day after school, her kouhai Homura confesses to her and gives her a necklace of her favourite flower. However, Kurumi never gives him an answer because after he leaves (running away from embarrassment d’awww), a beam of light descends from the clouds and takes Kurumi to hell. There, Kurumi is picked up by a resident bishie of hell named Lucas (or at least that’s how the game OP translates it), where she is subsequently stuffed in a cage to be sold off since humans in hell are rare. Shortly afterwards, two bishies show interest in buying her for their masters and amazingly, Kurumi actually is given a choice as to which one she wants to be sold to. Well, its either that or go King Solomon and cut her in half. The storyline branches into 3 here and all of them involve Kurumi becoming a maid, being unable to leave and dealing with a household of rapists.


  This post in particular covers the mansion route with Leon (the master of the mansion) and Eins (Leon’s… servant of sorts) being the two characters to choose from.Oh and I’ve been experimenting with my formats for these posts. Hopefully this new one saves people from being deterred by long blocks of text.



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End Thoughts

These games have the best lessons ever. Do everything you’re told, be spineless and maybe you too can someday find a rapist of your own! …Yeah, obviously you don’t play these kinds of games to learn worthwhile life lessons xD. But yeah, this was pretty what I was expecting plot wise. Obviously there was rage involved with some of the characters, but overall, this game was more like a fairytale. … A fairytale set in hell with a lot of sex in between. Surprisingly, there was even some rather cute scenes in between the characters being absolute assholes~. The art was extremely… pretty I guess. The hands look kind of awkward sometimes and the character’s bodies seem to change sizes depending on the CG (see Leon in comparison to Kurumi in ending 1 as opposed to ending 2, where he’s suddenly twice her size). Kurumi’s boobs looked like they were going to pop out of her top in pretty much every CG (and if they weren’t looking like that, they were actually out of her top). Despite my complaining though, some of the visuals were really nice looking and fit the fairytale type theme going on.The other CGs I’ve seen for the game are about the same with the hands and inconsistancies, but overall, it’s not bad. The CGs for Homura look cute at least (plus he gets an eyepatch… for some reason), but after the first two routes (plus half of Evans’), I’ve learned quickly that my impression of him will be shattered if/when I start said route.

Now, this says part 1, but… I’m not entirely sure when part 2 will be out since I switched to a mac a while ago due to my PC dying and all of my otome games only work on Windows. Obviously there are ways to solve this, but it’s a pain to set up. So long story short, part 2 will be coming eventually, but just not soon.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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81 Responses to “R-18 Otome Game Review- Ijiwaru My Master (Part 1)”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    seems like a good game…where can i find it to download

  2. Gecko says:

    Eins seems to have the better route, although his “Dragon Jewel” is very cheesy. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t come up with a different name. But then again…
    I think it’s funny how Leon’s size compared to Kurumi always changes. He gets really big at times and then down to a normal size. Also, his personality (based on what you’ve said) is way different from the pictures would have us believe. He looks really doting.. :/

    • Karakuri says:

      …Between the Dragon Jewel and Kurumi becoming a fairy princess, I’m lead to believe that they really didn’t care. xD
      Oh yeah, looking at the CGs, you totally can’t tell his personality. …looking back though, I think they purposely made them all look like really cute relationships. There’s one I remember where Eins was threatening Kurumi, but from the picture, he could have been reciting poetry or telling her how her eyes resemble the moon or something.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Well, it’s been about a year since I wrote anything otome game related

    Has it really been that long? It doesn’t feel that way. The moment R-18 is involved, you know the material is in hentai territory.

    It seems like an interesting game but the mention of rape brings the Netorare genre to mind and that usually makes me cringe especially if the one behind it is a total bastard. If there was a choice in the game where you can choose the genres for an ending, I’d go for the vanilla genre ending.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I don’t think I’ve actually posted anything since Hakuouki.

      Something I’ve noticed from R-18 otome games in general, there’s usually some sort of rape/abuse in there, but the end always turns into some sort of vanilla genre. Every galge I’ve played is a bit different in that there’s definitely less… abuse. Where in otome, abuse is unavoidable. Ijiwaru my Master is a bit worse than most (but what else can you expect in a game where the title basically says ‘My Master is malicious’?)

      • Highway says:

        You know, it seems to me that that would be appropriate for a ‘bad end’ kind of thing, but as a natural matter of course? That just is really wrong (I originally wrote ‘seems’, but it doesn’t ‘seem’ wrong, it *is* wrong).

        • Karakuri says:

          I dunno, I think it goes with the whole ‘a pure heart will turn even the most assholish of guys into gentlemen’ belief. The heroines are always your stereotypical ‘good girl’ and the story always turns… nicer in the end.

          • Highway says:

            I don’t really have a lot of experience with galge or otome games, but do people really play games like this to *BE* the Manic Pixie Dream Girl? I can see the abuse happening if the *user* initiates it (and I wouldn’t mind that leading to a bad end, or definitely some consequences), but just being the character having abuse heaped on you, and then somehow you come to love this guy? It just really seems like something that’s really bad for society.

            Although I guess there are more women out there than I wish there were with a “I *know* I can touch his heart and reform the bad guy!” mindset. I just worry that having it reinforced in games like this sets a horrible example of real-life abuse being ok, because it might turn out wonderfully. And in the end, they just get beaten up or worse.

            (yes, yes, arguments about real world and video games inserted here.)

            • Karakuri says:

              Oh, my point with R18 galges was that they’re totally normal romance (mostly) where R18 otome games are all about abuse of sorts.

              Buuuut… yeah, I think that’s what they market for. The best example I can think of is actually from Amnesia, so I’m spoiler tagging it (you’re safe though Highway, since you’re not watching)

              Show ▼

              Though with that, the stereotypical Japanese person (women in particular) is ‘supposed’ to be submissive in society, so really, these games are also taking off from stereotypes.

            • Restia says:

              ^hue. I had Amnesia on hold since ep 2 (I should be watching it even if I don’t like it, since NAGIIII sang the opening, but I don’t have time~) but I read that spoiler anyways. …

              I think galges are more popular, so they’re more diverse, but I’m not going to argue against the otome game statement since I haven’t really played any except I secretly played my sister’s Starry Night Kiss I think was the name, for a little bit.

              For galges I think it’s divided into two sections.
              1. Awesome, funny, beautiful galges w/ ero-scenes
              2. Games like BOOB WARS. totally plot based ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) totally.

              Some examples on my statement on diversity of galges –
              Dracu-Riot! (popular galge among visual novel community recently, well, not anymore I think. It was pretty popular first few months after it came out) Features protagonist Yuuto, going to an island, -introskip-, he becomes a vampire! And has to stay on the island with other vampires and carry on his new vampy life. 4 heroines are vampires, 1 is a human (but if you pick her route she turns into a vampire~)

              Tsuriotsu [Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou](I am obsessed with this game right now, LUNA SAKURAKOUJI FTWWWWWW she’s my avatar right now~) This is a game about rich people. Protagonist Yuusei is from a rich family, that doesn’t want him (intro eats your heart out ;A;), but he wants to be a fashion designer, like his rich role model. He enrolls in a rich fashion design school, but it’s an all girls school! He is forced to cross-dress (haha trap protagonist~ww~) and become the maid of Luna, a classmate. He now works as a maid for Luna at her residence, the Sakura-Yashiki, and living there are 3 other ojou-samas…

              wait. why am I doing a mini review here?
              what was my point. … ._. fuuuu
              uh. Yeah, sex-scenes come in late, comedy bits here and there, interesting storylines, tsunderes & ojou-samas & vampires & bondage & maido & lolis.
              I haven’t seen much violence, Yandere visual novels have a lot of that. And perhaps there are Masochistic visual novels somewhere. Probably.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s interesting how hentai material, whether good or bad, always gets twisted up into some unthinkable ending. Purely bafflling especially when you take the abuse into account. Does something in their mind snap or something?

        • Highway says:

          I wouldn’t mind the twisted and unthinkable stuff as much if it was played as the ‘bad’ ending. But that’s probably wishful thinking on my part. And I don’t think this is limited to ‘hentai’, if we mean that to mean Japanese animated porn. It’s sadly pervasive in all sorts of porn.

  4. Restia says:

    Probably the art style, but the guys look ginormous XD They’re like bears compared to Kurumi!

  5. anaaga says:

    Hmm I should use the spoiler format for my post too. It’s a wall of text. Maybe I should use it on Absolute Obedience. HEHE.

    Anyhow, I imagined the butterfly sex and I ended up laughing so hard because I imagined that the wings are the girl’s most sensitive spots. “D-don’t touch my wings! It tickles!”
    I’ll play the game eventually… Probably after… sweet pool… *sob*

    • Karakuri says:

      It helps hide all of the spoilerish CGs too (not that there are any in this post in particular, but this is how I came up with it).

      As for the wing thing, …I don’t remember if that actually happens or not. I just remember that the CG was at a really awkward angle to accommodate the bigass wings.


      • Highway says:

        Sex is all about the uncomfortable angles and body parts that you wish would disappear for a particular length of time, to be resummoned when you get in a position that doesn’t squash them into the bed, floor, headboard, etc.

    • d-LaN says:

      Anaaga, are you prepared for *VERY NOPENOPENOPE* stuff? Tht game man D:D:D:D: Even reading the plot summary makes me want to scream T_T And now I’m following a LP of it…. WHY AM I STILL READING THE LP.

      • Karakuri says:

        But think, d-LaN! Think of her reaction to all of it! It will be glorious!

        • anaaga says:

          i cried reading the summaries, seriously. I was like… Gosh, I don’t even. Will I be alive by the time I finished sweet pool anyway? I might commit suicide because of it *sob*

  6. belatkuro says:

    …That was an interesting read.
    I probably don’t see myself playing these type of games. I play VNs but I haven’t played the straight galge types where the story eventually ends in sex and it ends there. Well, there was Shuffle! though. And I haven’t played a VN in over a year now.

    In any case, reading the routes is already quite difficult as the guys seem to be big asses and the girl was a huge doormat. And they live happily ever after in the end of the routes. Is that even possible given the incompatibility of the personalities? Plus rough sex and abuses? I like mine vanilla.

    Not my type of game so I’ll definitely pass. The CGs are nice though. The eyes are definitely the first thing I noticed as they’re kind of weird but cute.
    The girl is also short and plump, perfect for a maid uniform but also for the abuses.

    tl;dr Makes me want to play a VN again but not these types.

    • Karakuri says:

      I played Shuffle! so long ago, I don’t even remember most of what happened… All I can remember is that terrible anime that they made out of it OTL

      Uhhh, in otome games, even the most unlikely couple will end up happy. …Unless the writing is bad, in which case, the player won’t be happy but the characters will be content enough not to push any issues. Again, I think the whole thing here is that ~true love~ solves all differences.

      Ahahaha I don’t think anyone really should play these things seriously. Maybe for a laugh or out of boredom or something.

      • belatkuro says:

        I haven’t finished the anime yet but I’ve heard things about it, like with Kaede(the main girl right?) and the ending. One thing I don’t like about the anime is the art style, which is absolutely horrible compared to the VN. Though that’s probably because I started the VN first before watching the anime.

        If only life was like that right? Even the most incompatible people get together. Y DIS NOT HAPPEN TO ME, REAL?!

        If I have time to spare, I might play one of these for kicks but I’m busy as it is, with work, anime, manga and games(no real life sadly D:). I actually saw a galge mixed in with the other action/adventure PC games when I was out buying some the other day. The tagline at the back said “Sex if you win, sex if you lose”, but I put it back immediately. I was kinda embarrassed to be seen holding that. Though there’s a teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy chance I might buy it but let’s hope I don’t get hit on head and actually do it.

      • Highway says:

        Shuffle! was one of the early animes I saw, so I have fonder memories of it than most, but looking back on it, it really is pretty bad. The best development in the whole series is in the epilogue when Sia and Kaede discover how they’re going to console themselves about Rin. Otherwise the whole thing’s just ludicrous (and I’m talking more about Rin’s solution to Asa’s problem than Kaede’s breakdown).

        • Karakuri says:

          I think overall, I was just pissed off when I watched it that Asa was the girl of choice. I even liked Kaede over her and man, Kaede had issues.

          • Highway says:

            I didn’t mind Asa at all. She was certainly a better choice than any of the multiple personalities girls. She wouldn’t have been my first choice, I really felt sorry for Kaede, but I always do (I didn’t even mind when Chisato got Yuuki in KoiChoco, even though Satsuki was my first choice). And it’s definitely a show that suffers in comparison to shows I’ve seen since.

            But then, my favorite harem / galge show might just be Hoshizora e kakaru hoshi, so people will cast aspersions at my tastes as well.

  7. Overcooled says:

    Oh my gosh, what a crazy game…I love reading your review posts. I probably won’t ever play this since abusive guys aren’t really my type and I could never stand being a doormat main character. Seriously, what’s with all the rape? How are you supposed to like a character that’s acts like a jerk to you?

    • Highway says:

      Like the tag says: “Stockholm Syndrome” 🙂

    • BlackBriar says:

      Like Highway says: Stockholm Syndrome. She developed an emotional attachment to her captor. And like this is R-18 material, it’s often seen in some hentai, especially towards the ending where the girl breaks psychologically.

      • Overcooled says:

        No, no, I don’t mean the main character…I mean people playing the game.

        • Highway says:

          I don’t get that either, like I said up above. I can’t see how people can play games like this expecting to put themselves in the heroine’s place and have “Get beat up, fall in love” be a healthy message.

        • BlackBriar says:

          This might sound offensive but I think playing this kind of game brings out something the players are hiding. Maybe masochism for instance.

          • Karakuri says:

            ….We’ll this was more of a genre kind of game and pretty extreme compared to most of them. Again, based on the title, you have to be expecting something like this. Hell, I played it for it’s notoriety amongst otome gamers. xD

            • Highway says:

              It’s right there on the image: “Nastiness my master” 😉

            • BlackBriar says:

              The title is a dead giveaway. I applaud you for playing just because it’s an otome game.

            • Overcooled says:

              I can tell by the tone of the post that you weren’t exactly swooning over these extremely romantic gentleman, Kara.XD Kinda like how you played Hatoful Boyfriend because it was popular…even I’m tempted to give that one a go. You just gotta see what the hype is! But for every time someone plays for fun, there is a girl out there who genuinely loves the pigeon or rapist of the route she is playing. I know different people have different tastes but…uhh wow.

            • Karakuri says:

              PFFFTAHAHAHA. Me. Swooning.

              Hatoful Boyfriend was good for a laugh, but yeah. There are some strange people out there I guess. Seeing how there’s one of these extremely romantic gentlemen in pretty much every R18 otome game too, I guess they’re in demand. …I’ve learned just to not ask and play the games. xD

      • Karakuri says:

        Actually, this game it’s more like she ‘heals’ the guy and everything is perfectly happy and great in the end. The girl ‘breaking’ is more of a bad end galge type thing (or just plain hentai)

        • BlackBriar says:

          I’m leaning more on the hentai part. I call it Hentai logic. It defies regular logic at every turn.

  8. a745 says:

    Wait till you get to Homura’s route :))

  9. d-LaN says:

    OK wow. JAAPANNN!!! Excuse me while I laugh like those girls in Higurashi. Nah.

  10. Restia says:

    So Otome games.. I’ve played quite a few Visual Novels, and of the ones that were dating sims, I’ve only played Galges (Dracu-Riot, Shinigami no Testament, NakaHito, Tsuriotsu, Boob Wars (feel that plot right from the name) and some other ones I can’t remember right now.
    Then, I guess there are such things for BL and Yuri visual novels? I’ve seen Yandere ones

    • Karakuri says:

      Never played any of those. I mostly otoge, but I do galge occasionally… LOL Boob Wars. I wonder what that’s about.

      Yeah, they have BL and yuri games, but I’ve never touched one to be honest. …My otome game backlog is too massive for me to even consider a different genre OTL (though I do play things on the side. Currently I’m working on DanganRonpa 2, but my interest in that is fading since they’ve killed off every single one of my favourite characters so far in that one OTL).

      • Restia says:

        WOOT!~ Danganronpa 2!! XD hahaha Byakuya is FATTTT
        yeah ;A; but I should have expected it since it’s a murder-genre, er that’s not a genre, but yeah. I should have expected deaths ._. fawk.

        can’t wait for the adaption~

        • Karakuri says:

          The first trial? My reaction was “Oh, okay.” (the victim was more heartbreaking)
          The second? WHAT IS THIS.
          The third? OTL

          At least the first game, my top two favourite characters survived OTL

          • d-LaN says:

            So you mean only jerks made it out alive in DR2 ;_; Why do I see Hiyoko surviving this D: Honestly I am OK with the entire cast EXCEPT her. Even Mikan is mildly annoying….

            • Karakuri says:

              Uhhhh… I wouldn’t say that only jerks survive. It just seems like every time I like a character, the game decides to kill them off. The remaining survivors aren’t too bad.

    • BlackBriar says:

      If it’s made by the Japanese, I think you’re able to find just about anything you can think of. They sure don’t hold back on their material.

    • anaaga says:

      Play sweet pool, TOgainu no Chi, or any BL game by nitro+CHIRAL. Especially sweet pool

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