Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? – 05

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Izayoi and his special friends are ready to battle this week!

Woooooo! Time for more Mondaiji on Metanorn! Last week we had two charcters revealed with our loli vampire/demon lord Leticia and lame filler villain of the week Perseus, but this time we get to see Izayoi kick some ass for once and once again I hope you enjoy the video~

Fun with Kurousagi

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Izayoi-“Your character development makes me excited.”                    Kurousagi-“……….”

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With every hit they grow closer as the best couple <3

mondaiji (5)

Kurousagi-“It’s hard to do these crazy expressions…”


mondaiji (6)

Epic Shiroyasha artwork!

Festival time?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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30 Responses to “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? – 05”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    One of the things Mondaiji continues to do is dodge the usual formulas of average animes. Like Izayoi being an overpowered lead but isn’t being a total ass (like Hagure Yuusha no Estetica’s Akatsuki), he doesn’t put himself in every situation that would make him look good but instead puts another in his place. The highlight here is that everyone has been given a particular role in the Gift Game, none are complaining about it and they work together well for people who started out as total strangers.

    I’m glad all the Perseus members got their asses handed to them. Using invisible helmets was unfair and they took things way too far like the way they were beating on Kasukabe. The fight was predictable knowing Izayoi would win but it was still entertaining. Having a star pulled from the sky is too lenient of a punishment for trash like the leader. It would have been funny if he agreed to fight to the death and lost.

    Leticia has been rescued so everything is all good but, man, did it trouble me to the core that she was reduced to being a maid and that she actually agreed to it. Even for a former Demon Lord, I thought she’d have a certain amount of pride to at least try and oppose such a lifestyle. Black Rabbit and Jin’s feelings on the subject were mutual and I know Shiroyasha wouldn’t accept that.

    • Highway says:

      Letitia: Lord of Vampires, and No-Name Community Meido-chan. Sounds about right.

      That all the new folks work together so well is somewhat surprising, that they didn’t try to add silly tension like struggles for dominance between them. I think it probably helps that it’s completely obvious that Iyazoi is tremendously OP: for the community and for the Little Garden. But he’s also not interested in the spotlight, which is surprising, but not too much. If he were interested in the spotlight, he could have had it at any time in his life, probably.

    • Foshizzel says:

      a loli/blonde vampire maid is always the best option! I think Skylion’s ears are burning somewhere.

      Yeah I like how Izayoi is powerful, but he is not stealing the spotlight from the others or stepping in to save them all the time? For that he wins points~

      • BlackBriar says:

        My ears are burning because there’s a vampire. But for Skylion? That’s an understatement. He must be facing temperatures close to the Sahara desert because of the loli vampire maid option. This will test his loyalty to Shinobu. Just let me get my camera to video tape every specific detail. Muhahaha!!

        Izayoi is one of those rare male leads that stand out from the rest. I guess he just doesn’t like attention.

      • skylion says:

        Meido never has been my thing. Sorry for not playing along guys.

        Subservience has never been my bag. I enjoy equality, intelligence, and respect. Dress her up as a librarian, or a scientist….Rika from Haganai as a loli. Yeah, crank turned.

  2. Highway says:

    The idea that the heavens are actually representations of the flags and the current status of the Little Garden was interesting. That it also included things like the ‘extra’ demon in the Perseus constellation was just icing. We know that the Little Garden is a different ‘world’ than anyone’s “Earth”, although I’m guessing it’s still the same planet in the same place (otherwise the constellations would be significantly different, likely completely different), so when they remove Perseus from the heavens, does that affect the other Earths? What would happen in our world if whole constellations of stars suddenly disappeared?

    Asuka’s gift has become the ability to control other gifts. That’s why she could bring the water tree, the gift that Iyazoi won in the first episode, to the fight and use it against Perseus (it took me a few minutes to get this). And apparently You had made friends with a bat or a dolphin (probably a bat) to be able to use ultrasound echolocation. Honestly, that was a bit predictable to me.

    Iyazoi’s growing on me. He’s not as outright interesting as Akatsuki yet, but there’s more depth there than there seemed to be (Akatsuki wasn’t deep at all, but he was interesting in his shallowness).

    • Restia says:


      One of my favorite OP characters now! ^v^ Izayoi is totally boss
      Izayoi = love child of Kamijou Touma + Accelerator
      He has like super speed and stuff like Accelerator manipulating vectors, and then he can nullify gifts. YES LOVE CHILD

      I thought Asuka might be able stronger than Izayoi once she stablilizes and strengthens her power, but if he nullify it, GG. OP IZAYOI FOREVER

      Kasukabe’s power still sounds the weakest out of the three, but she’s most versatile perhaps? Since there were Griffins in her world (and in Little Garden) the possiblity of her befriending a dragon and being badass.. YESSS

      • BlackBriar says:

        Izayoi = love child of Kamijou Touma + Accelerator

        Uh, I don’t think those two go together.

        Kasukabe’s strong points factor in strategy and animal mastering rather than obvious brute strength like Izayoi and magic like Asuka. She completes the group as a whole.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yep! Izayoi has appeared because of Touma and Accelerators awesome rivalry xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          A badass born from the wake of an intense rivalry. +100 points for that theory. Question: which part of him would be dominant? The old fashioned save the day hero type or the villain to anti-hero type?

          • Foshizzel says:

            That idea is so hilarious and I am surprised Anaaga/Kyo are not in the comment section going BL is the only option ahahaha

            Izayoi acts more like Accelerator during the fights because of his crazed expression vs Persus, but a tiny bit of Touma in the speech department and that is very little >.>

    • skylion says:

      I’m guessing a dolphin, as she doesn’t seem a bat person. But I’m willing to be surprised.

      You-chan has emerged as one of my favorite characters in the show. Reserved, yet dedicated. A friend to a Gryphon (my preferred spelling). And her ensemble is so cool, it looks like a superhero costume, but is still made from fairly common part. Calico cat. Cute as a button without being overtly bishoujo.

      • Highway says:

        She could be friends to any animal that’s friendly to her, why discriminate against our flying furry friends?

        She does have a good look, and she’s not just a one-trick pony, having the fighting skills to wreck some shop on some of those invisible guys or take on Galdo.

  3. KLACMAN says:

    well the big YES on it yea ding dong the d-bag jerk peresus got “thumb down”

    hurray more it was izayoi who total own’d it all.

    wonder if get izayoi vs Akatsuki in BOSS fight it’s big one watch cause seeing izayoi do thing he a BOSS level as well.

    • Foshizzel says:

      About time someone shut his mouth right? Damn Peresus was such a lame filler villain and thankfully Izayoi got to flex his awesome powers, but I still want to know WHAT the hell he really is…I can’t wait to see him get pushed harder in more fights <3

  4. Liza says:

    Whooo Izayoi. Beat that Medusa thing! I am actually surprised how I was okay with knowing that Izayoi would win the fight in the end. It was fun to just see how he does it.

    As for Asuka, I’m surprised she didn’t try to use her control powers to make the soldiers drop their weapons. The water tree thing was cool though! 😀

    Really like how the girls are incredibly useful as well along with Izayoi. They can hold their own in a fight if need be.

    And No-Names acquired a loli-vampire maid!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I was shocked that the three main characters work so well together and for once no one is falling in love and they are not constantly bitching at each other! That is a welcome change in my book.

      Loli vampire maid-o ftw~

  5. PrimeHector says:

    Izayoi joins the ranks of Tatsuya from “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei” of OP badass.

    • BlackBriar says:

      What about the rank of Akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha no Estetica? Minus the sexual harrassment.

      • Highway says:

        Minus? That was one of his biggest pluses! I know at the beginning I thought he was really boorish, but hey, why quit if all the girls like it? Dude could definitely get away with it, that’s for sure, even with Tsukiumi… er, Vice-Prez Haruka.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Bamf characters are awesome to watch!

  6. skylion says:

    I was willing to let this show go at episode two. I’m so very glad I stayed on board. One. My main man, Fosh, is kicking the review. I couldn’t get away from that. Two, it’s surpassed my expectations. Always willing to give that a go.

    The Little Garden is starting to remind me of Stephen King’s Dark Tower in a way. It looks like it is the center of a sprawling multiverse, one that has the feel of a designer.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am glad you stuck around and I look forward to doing more videos! Yeah it is a surprise hit of winter for me even though I am sad it is only 10 episodes…

      Yeah the world is awesome.

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