Robotics;Notes – 14


Spider Frau always watches you sleep…


Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Robotic;Notes! Once again we had Kyokai hanging out with myself, Jrow and Lvlln for another great notes on robotic;notes mini talk! So last time I was trying to predict who the episode would focus on; however today seemed to focus just on Frau, but I always want more Frau! So anyway I hope you enjoy listening to us chat about episode fourteen.


Shipping and handling with Kai and Frau


Frau-“You are into some kinky stuff…”                 Kai-“Hey I really love my video games.”


Frau used tackle! It was super effective~

Oh my god the shipping this week between Frau and Kai was amazing and yes I know you can’t really call their kissing scene because it only happened AFTER Kai passed out or can you? Duhuhuh just imagine if Kai was awake during that? I kind of picture him flipping out of course, but at the same time he would probably just lay there due to the lack of energy preventing Fray from having her way. I have always loved the pairing of these two characters because Kai loves Kill BALLAD and Frau created it? It feels like it was destiny for them to meet; however I think after all the robot building maybe Aki will have a chance to really talk to Kai or are they just going to remain just friends? Honestly I do not really feel there is any attraction between Kai and Aki. While I don’t think there is a romantic relationship between them they have always appeared as having a sibling relationship; however in the past she has hinted at having some interest in Kai otherwise she wouldn’t ask about his love life even though she assumes that he has gone out with Junna and Frau? I did laugh whenever Aki freaked out when Frau suddenly hugged Kai at the end of the episode.

Special Mr. Pleiades Service


Fun with Frau


Frau heard that people really love her this week.


Frau watches Kai take a bath…


Om nom nom nom


Somewhere in the world the Kai and Aki shippers are punching a wall.



Aki-“EHHHHHHHH!”                     Frau-“Kai’s arm do want.”

More robotic fun next week with more revelations!


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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18 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 14”

  1. Highway says:

    Is there supposed to be a Mr Pleiades gif that’s not showing up?

    • Kyokai says:

      Refresh and tell me if you still can’t see it?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Dance away you fantastic Mr Pleiades!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Did Subaru have to masquerade in his Mr Pleiades costume? He could have thought of something else that wouldn’t compromise his other identity. What if he goes to the Robot Expo and the police spot him right away?

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahah I did not think of that! Guess he got away? Course who knows if those guys were really cops or fake? Just kidding…I did think it was odd that they ran after him without looking for Frau xD

          • skylion says:

            I think he is always Mr. Pleiades, and his civil indentity is just a facade he maintains….why else could he get kitted out on such short notice.

  2. Highway says:

    I’m likely reading too much into it, but I really liked the reaction that Kai had to Frau when she glomped him and pushed him over. I mean, come on, a teenage guy, in a girl’s room, and he’s really tired, and they have just defeated the bad guys. The “normal anime” reaction, even with Kai completely tired and wiped out, would be to have him freak out and push her away. But the “normal guy” reaction is “She’s nice and soft and friendly. This is nice. Is this really ok? Well, she’s the one lying on me, so I guess it’s ok…”

    To me, a Kai and Frau lovers relationship would be a lot more believable than a Kai and Aki one. Although it might seem like it, I’m really not against childhood friends (for instance, I thought Yuuki x Chisato was fine in KoiChoco, especially the way it developed, and I’d love a Kyousuke x Minami OreImo relationship), but so many times, it’s obvious that they don’t have that kind of relationship, and they have something that’s different and still special. And that should be valued itself, not as a stepping stone to something else that may or may not work for the two involved.

    The thing I see is that Kai and Aki can give each other what they need, even if they’re not lovers. And that if they were lovers, that could change. But with Frau, she needs someone with that additional closeness that she can trust more fully.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well this is Kai were talking about right? He is very lazy and slow towards anything and everything and I imagine he would be the same towards dating and all that? Then again, I am like you I can’t see anything happening between Kai and Aki because it doesn’t really feel “real” compared to something like Frau and Kai during this episode…

      I will continue to say that Kai and Aki have more of a sibling relationship than a bf/gf thing right now, but of course anything can happen with what 11 episodes left! Who knows maybe a certain series of events push them together? I would not mind if that happened; however they have to be careful not to have it happen around episode 23! I would get kind of angry if suddenly they realize they like each other? Please…no….

      Even though the romance is fun to think about in the end I would not be surprised if no couples are created because this is not technically a “romance” themed anime series.

      Bring on the robots!

    • skylion says:

      Well, Kai’s exhaustion was well beyond the norm…considering what he put himself thru to get there; and the fact that that seizure of his has to be just mind-numbing…some of mine can wipe me out, and they are just petite mal.

      But I do think you are right on board the Kai x Frau ship. Kai is going to have to pull his head out of his tablet for that to sail, however. It makes him kinda dense. Idiot, you tell her it’s the best damn game you’ve ever played. Not like you be telling a lie.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yes! Frau x Kai is the best ship ever we just have to see if it stays in one piece before SS drama ship destroys it with Aki syndrome…I hope they do not pull the childhood friend character wins attack in the end…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Intense Kai and Frau shipping here. I definitely prefer that more than Kai and Aki. That was the startling beginning in this show to date. So wanted to know what was going through her mind when she woke up naked. That tackle and kiss. Wow. Kai is getting most of development whenever he’s around her. He doesn’t do to her what he does to Aki whenever he has to do something. It’s mostly by his own free will.

    Good thing she had a lack of energy from not eating to stop her from committing suicide because that would have been such a waste. What makes the relationship between her and Kai work is that they have more in common and she’s the creator of his favorite which puts another nail for Aki’s situation because that case is more brother and sister-like even though they’re childhood friends.

    Regarding the one who hacked Frau’s account. Whoever brainwashed him must have powerful influence in the country. I’m guessing it’s someone working in the same department as Aki sister because when the robot incident reached its peak, the attention went to her and colleague/boss who were mentioning Kimijima Kou and the last Gunvarrel episode. And once it was done, the blame was immediately pinned on Frau’s mother who was the only one who woke up from being brainwashed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Frau x Kai > Aki x Kai! I do not think they will get together in a romantic way…if they even did are they really compatible? I mean Aki is hyper and Kai is super lazy. DAT KISS WAS AWESOME! To bad Kai wont remember, but Frau will have that memory forever <3

      Yep I feel they will forever remain childhood friends I think to have them romantically involved would feel just weird...

      Could it be Misa maybe? I wouldn't put it past her to have awesome hacker skills, but she was kind of next to the boss guy or he did it? I guess we might find out or never find out! It could explain why Misa has avoided any contact with Aki because she is friends with Frau? I dunno just guessing xDD

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’m thinking the same thing as well. Even if Frau falls for Kai later on, it’ll most likely end up unrequitted love. The picture with the caption saying Frau wants to eat Kai’s ear. I particularly like that one because it can interperated in different ways (If you look at it my way for example. Like the expression on Kai’s face and Frau getting closer to his neck with a smile telling you she’s in full control). 😉

        This may be optimism on my part but Aki probably still has a chance with Kai. The childhood friendship aspect usually wins in the end. It’s effective about 85% of the time.

        I doubt Misa is directly involved. The period of the disappearance of Frau’s mother and the release date for the Gunvarrel episode that was interrupted would have her as at least being a teenager. I figure the bad guy is someone older.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Oh yeah that scene Frau had one of the biggest grins on her face cause like you said she knew that she was in control! That and she had Kai p much pinned on the floor xD

          Aki does indeed have a chance still and I bet once the robo expo stuff is taken care of she MIGHT follow up with confessions? Who knows I think right now she is only thinking about Gunvarrel for now.

          Ahhh possible rival of Frau’s mom or something? What if it was her father? That could be kind of crazy…just kidding haha

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