Happy Birthday, Overcooled!


Pink, white and everything cool party yo~ For our very own Coolio’s~ 

It’s birthday #3 of January, but the Metateam is far from being tired of parties! …Which is good because we still have a few more to go befor the month ends. However, today we celebrate Overcooled, the queen of sadism as she celebrates yet another birthday here. So on to the celebrations!

oc bday

Happy Birthday Overcooled! I hope you have a fantastic day of cake and presents, but I always looked forward to our hilarious chats together on the Metaverse podcasts, notes on Robotic;Notes chats and especially with ever epic tag team post we have done, how else would we have survived the horrors of Sword Art Online? Now for your special birthday drawing I decided to draw a moe-fied Oreki from Hyouka! I hope you love it~
Woooo happy birthday OC!!! I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you for all your amazingly analytic Psycho-Pass posts, without them the show just wouldn’t be the same. Anyway, it’s been great getting to talk to over twitter this last year. I hope you get to have an awesome day full of celebration (or peace and quiet, if that’s what you prefer kukuku) Happy birthday!
Otanjoubi omedetou OC~!! Wow, another January birthday. Such a rocking month yeah!?! The party isn’t even over yet. So yeah, it’s another year here at Metanorn that we get to celebrate yer bday. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken but we are all pretty busy people huh? You’re still cool… Well… Overcool. Buwahahh. Yeah! Party plans? I’m sure you’re going to get lots of yumm foods like sushi and cake. The best. Hope you have a great time filled with fun and relaxation. Happy birthday yarr!
Wow, so not only has it been 3 (4?) years here for you, it’s also been 3 birthdays. That should make you feel even older! Ahahaha kidding, Onee-sama (or maybe I should start calling you Aneki? Aneue?). HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s been a while since I’ve had a long conversation with you, but it was fun back when we used to chat over emails all the time (Persona, games, Wakamoto voicing everyone… good times!)~. School is time consuming. OTL Anyways,I won’t make any ‘cool’ puns, since everyone else seems to have that covered, but I hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday, Coooools! I apologize deeply for that bad pun in the beginning but I just couldn’t help myself. Your screen-name is just that COOL yo. It’s interesting how this is the third time we are celebrating your birthday and it’s been some very fun years as I highly appreciate your contribution to Metanorn. Where would we be without your sadistic tendencies, awesome editorials and though-provoking reviews? Not to mention so many dj stash sharing and over the top podcast/skype chats. Wish you an amazing day with family and some special people (go crazy and party till you drop!). Also, whatever’s going on RL, you can never have any less bishies and I provide you two awesome ones ready for any absolute obedience that you might think of. Again, happy Birthday nyaa~ :3
Seriously, everybody’s just aging in January. Thank goodness everybody don’t live in the same neighborhood or I would’ve been broke already. Anyhow, your time finally here, OC! So happy birthday. I’m sure this year’s birthday will be different though, and we all know why (I’ve been stalking your facebook). Belated congratulations for that, and make sure you have a double blast on this day! And there better be a party with bunch of bishies.
Happy Birthday OC! Mass Effect 2 came out on your birthday 3 years ago, and that is information that means nothing other than my crazy memory popping in that unnecessary factoid. Celebrate the day by pretending that previous sentence was never typed and then having your family and friends shower you with love, cake and a gift or two!
Happy birthday, Overcooled! It’s been an absolute blast collaborating with you the past year here at Metanorn. I was so glad that I got to write with you for the finale of what turned out to be one of my favorites of the year, Tsuritama. We always have fun chatting with you for our podcasts, and I appreciate the unique insights you can provide on all ranges of topics, not the least of which is neuroscience, for obvious reasons. Hope your studies continue to go well in your coming year, and may it be even better than your last. And be careful with your free birthday meal restaurant hopping; don’t want to spend the day after regretting you overate!


Join in the fun party, crossing over anime and games~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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32 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Overcooled!”

  1. Highway says:

    Happy Birthday, Overcooled! Don’t have too much fun. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t… wait, that would definitely make it be not too much fun.

    Ignore that last part. 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      Don’t have too much fun? lol, interesting advice. I didn’t go crazy, but I certainly had fun yesterday. Thanks for the bday wishes, Highway~

  2. skylion says:

    Lots of Cake and Presents, OC! Happy Birthday!

    • Overcooled says:

      Thank you, skylion! I have so many cake leftovers in the fridge, I’m gonna explode if I eat it all lol.

      • BlackBriar says:

        That depends on what kind of cake you like. If it’s the kind you’re addicted to, you’re going to have trouble with resistance. Trust me. You’ll start by sneaking pieces every now and then.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Woooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo! Happy Birthday!!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Happy birthday from one of your proud captives, Overcooled. Try not to cause too much unrest with your rampage of sadism. What, no Makishima to go with your Izaya? 🙂

    Wow, turns out you’re my Onee-sama even though our birthdays are so close to each other. My birthday is the 1st of February this year.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks, loyal servant! Haha, I didn’t cause too much trouble. I think.

      Even if our birthdays are close, I think I’ve got a year or two (or three?) of a head start so you’ll have to refer to me as being older =w=

      • BlackBriar says:

        Happy to serve, my master. Just making sure there weren’t too many casualties (It would have been worse in my opinion if you had fangs. LOL).

        I don’t think so. I was born February 1st 1991 so this year, it’ll make 22 years old. So we’ll be the same age if I remember your “50 things” post correctly.

        • Overcooled says:

          Oh, you’re right! We’re born in the same year so I’m only sliiiiightly older.

          • Highway says:

            *shakes cane* You young whippersnappers! I’ve half a mind to take ya out to the woodshed and give ya what-for! Get offa my lawn!”

            • BlackBriar says:

              Bring it on, old man, bring it on! Just kidding. 🙂

  5. Joojoobees says:

    Happy birthday! Good luck as you start a whole new year of ass-kicking.

    • Overcooled says:

      I went to the dojo on my birthday and got beat up as a present!

      • BlackBriar says:

        That’s the strangest birthday present I’ve ever heard. Was it from a close friend? 🙂

        • Overcooled says:

          No. Everyone in the dojo gets free punches on you for your birthday T_T

          • BlackBriar says:

            Wow, that sounds masochistic. I shudder to think how many people were there at that moment.

            • Highway says:

              I’m imagining they track the people who they want to get free hits on, and make sure they show up on those birthdays.

              I’ll pass, thanks (both as the hitter and the hittee).

  6. Moni Chan says:

    Tanjoubi Omedetougozaimasu

    Having parties will kill you so I advise you not to have any

  7. Restia says:

    ^v^ happy birthday Overcooled!~
    hufufu not too late on the birthday post this time
    I hope you have a wonderful day :>

  8. Tofu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Overcooled!!! x3 Wow… it’s been about 3 years now? I remember you being the first person to reach out to me and help me put up a picture through Gravatar and I guess from then on, we’ve had our usual clashes in likes and dislikes 😛 But no matter what happened, it was still fun to chat with you and hey, we didn’t disagree on EVERYTHING now~ ^^

    Hope you get a lot of presents this year OC! And most of all, go nuts and have fun you crazy girl! ;P

    • Overcooled says:

      Tofuuuu!!!! Yes, we’ve known each other a long time from your commenter time at Metanorn. We may have opposite tastes in most anime, but that’s just become more amusing than a source for arguments lol.

      Thanks so much, man. I had lots of fun~

  9. Gecko says:

    Yay yay! Happy birthday/joyeux anniversaire!
    Thanks for sticking around and writing Psycho-Pass posts.
    Have fun 😀 Be careful in your rampage.

    • Overcooled says:

      Merci, merci~ n_n I promise not to kill too many people! My Psycho-Pass can’t afford to get any cloudier.

  10. Overcooled says:

    Hehe, thanks everyone. I’m sure everyone’s tired of birthdays by now, but I appreciate that you wrote stuff for me anyways ^^

    Fosh: We survived SAO together! Our bond cannot be broken now! I couldn’t handle GC though, lol. Thanks for the artwork, it’s nice a seeing a more…smiley…version of the great detective from Hyouka. :3
    Hawthorne: Ahh, I’m so glad you like my posts! It’s a really fun show to write for…although I think I’m a bit behind on posting because I slacked off on my birthday lol. I hope to have many more twitter conversations too! Your tweets about college life really are hilarious, although I’m afraid I’m laughing at your expense for most of them. Dorm life sounds rough.
    Ness: January is the best birthday month, right? ;D Sushi and cake is exactly what I had! All you can eat sushi and then chocolate banana cake at my house. I even baked cupcakes in case people were still hungry but everyone was (understandably) stuffed. Thanks, Ness!
    Karakuri: I’m just the kind of person who can be called Onee-sama or Aniki and both somehow work =w= Hehe, thank you adorable but deadly imouto! Our e-mail threads were really fun, but then you changed e-mail addresses and I never started it up again. Plus, yeah, school doesn’t help. We should start it up again one day lol
    Kyokai: So many possible puns. Endless possibilities! Now that my birthday is OVER I have time to thank you for all these COOL wishes, bishies, and everything else. <3
    anaaga: Haha, it was only a little bit different for this year. I forget that some of you have me on Facebook sometimes XD Anyways, yes, I did have a party but I dunno about the bishies part. My guy friends probably don’t fit into that category for the most part ahaha
    Jrow: Every year you should just tell me a random event that occurred on my birthday. Like so-and-so dying on my birthday or some product being released. lol Anyways, thanks, Jrow! Cake and gifts are always pleasant~
    lvlln: Ahhh, thank you! That makes me really happy! Hopefully we can do even more collaborations over the coming year too. Well, if we find another show we both like. I really don’t wanna think about school right now, but I really hope my marks just keep going up and up as the year progresses. Thanks again, Min! I got free dinner at the restaurant yesterday lol

  11. d-LaN says:

    Happy supeeeeeeeeer late Bday, OC! Hope all is fine and well for you 😀 Also try not to be too big of a sadist ;P

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. That one is impossible. That’s like telling water not to be wet.

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