Zetsuen no Tempest – 11


Zetsubou Shitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I just did a little looking into how long this series is going to go on for and I -think- this is 20+ episodes. …I can see why, since they’re not answering many questions, but other than that, YES!!!! This is the most excited I’ve been for blogging a 20+ episode anime in a while. Normally, I just want the series over with so I can move on to whatever is going on the next season, but I’m really enjoying Tempest as it is.


Fanservice does have it’s uses! Who would have thought? Well, Evangeline might have lost the fight (as did the army), but luckily Junichiro jumped in and …uh, saved the day. We had a taste of what he could do a few episodes ago, but he proved his strength even more this episode. …Though with him mentioning the rule within the clan about how killing someone makes the mage lose their magic, could that be the reason why he can’t use magic too? I don’t think he killed Aika since I’m sure Hakaze and Samon would have picked up on that since if he did, he hasn’t been forgiven, but it seems like the most likely reason as to why he’s part of the clan, but has to rely on talismans. Or maybe he could have killed Aika. From what I understood from the explanation, if the killer was outside of the clan or hadn’t been forgiven, they would have had a trail of sorts leading directly to them. But what if Junichiro had somehow covered his second murder with the first one? He had already been without magic when Hakaze knew him, so I don’t think killing another person would do anything. …I don’t even know if that’s possible, but what if. …Or maybe I’m completely off and theres a whole other explanation to this.

Yoshino did really well this episode. Of course, he’s been controlling the conversation really well since the last episode, but he really swayed the conversation this episode to favour Hakaze. Even Mahiro helped him out quite a bit here pointing out the fact about leaving the skelton behind. I think it’s safe to say that Samon has lost in this situation. …Especially since he can’t even keep Mahiro on his side anymore because the killer doesn’t seem to be in the clan.

For a guy who planned everything out, Samon sure failed miserably on pretty much every account. Suddenly, that image of him being ‘eaten’ by Hakaze’s skeleton has a whole other level to it. Really, the one thing that was supposed to keep the plan from blowing up in his face was the thing that screwed him over. It was a risky plan considering that the skeleton could have been his key to victory and even more so since Hakaze has inhuman luck. Anyways, it was thanks to that luck (..or is it?), Yoshino and Mahiro got involved and things worked out for Hakaze. Really, if it weren’t for Yoshino’s quick thinking, Hakaze would have been screwed.

…Or you could argue that the present might have been changed if Samon’s plan had worked out. Like I said in posts before, I can’t see Hakaze dying on the island if everything stayed like it is. Maybe if she didn’t transfer bodies, Samon would have come back to a very alive Hakaze and not a skeleton, thus changing what happened. In any case, after that revelation with magic being able to transfer through time (…so much for involving just shields; apparently it heals as well), it was really painful waiting for the cast to figure out they could do it with Hakaze’s skeleton. At least Hakaze has a way of actually leaving the island now and the past few episodes of dialogue weren’t just for show.


In any case, they opened a whole new argument about who caused Aika’s death. Was it Hakaze’s fault since the Tree of Genesis wanted her off the island and needed Mahiro and Yoshino to do it? Was it Samon’s fault for putting them in that position in the first place? If you’re thinking along those lines, you might as well blame Mahiro for his Aika obsession and personality or Yoshino for his quick thinking. Really, it’s difficult to figure out where this whole series of events started. …Which I’m actually really enjoying since it makes this series just that much more complex. Every single episode gives me more to think about.

…Which bring us to the ending of the episode. I can see where Samon and Hakaze could have overlooked a bunch of things since they’re both just a tiiiiiiiny bit arrogant. This is probably why we’ve never heard of Exodus mages before as well, since they were so convinced that only a member of the clan could have left no trace at Aika’s death. Are there even Exodus mages in plural? This episode, they only mentioned some sort of princess like Hakaze. And if there are mages of Exodus, then why is it Samon’s group reviving the Tree instead of them?


I think Tempest wins for ‘most unique Christmas tree decorations’ this year 

Anyways, just when I thought they couldn’t sidestep Aika’s death any longer, they bring up an entirely new group of people (or maybe just a single person) that could have done it. …Which brings us to a rather large contradiction. There’s no doubt that Aika’s death has helped Hakaze tremendously through this whole thing. Both Yoshino and Mahiro joined Hakaze because of her death. However, it appears to be a mage of Exodus that killed Aika. I assume that this mage of Exodus has the same amount of insane luck on their side like Hakaze does, so who exactly is her death supposed to help? Have they all been playing into the mage of Exodus’ hands this entire time? Has everyone? Do the two trees cancel each other out at some point? This…. this has opened up way too many questions.

I have no idea how this is going to extend to 20 episodes since the characters seem to be in the final confrontation already, but hopefully it isn’t just another 10 episodes of dialogue in the exact same locations. They’ve done really well so far with this, but I can’t see the characters sitting still once Hakaze makes a return. …Yeah, from the preview dialogue, I figure Hakaze’s return is a guaranteed thing. Anyways, aside from Hakaze’s return, it looks like they have an entirely new character joining in. Normally, I’d speculate who from the current cast it could be, but since this story is only halfway, the plot could easily insert another character into the mix. Anyways, this was a great turning-point episode after the buildup of the last one and I’m sure the episode after this will be just as eventful. If anything, there was a lot of shouting and camera shaking.


…I don’t know whether to start feeling sorry for this guy or not. I mean, just look how defeated he looks.


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26 Responses to “Zetsuen no Tempest – 11”

  1. Highway says:

    Another thought is that Aika may be herself the Mage of Exodus, thus killing her would not be considered to be a breach of logic as far as the Tree of Genesis goes. And the Mage of Exodus would only have been born when the Tree of Exodus was strong enough to support them. One presumes it has been gaining strength for years, otherwise there’s no perceived threat to the Tree of Genesis, and the crisis that Samon and his side of the clan fear wouldn’t be a realistic possibility. Thus, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make a clan yet.

    I think it’s kind of a copout to blame Hakaze for Aika’s death, even if the Tree of Genesis allowed it in service of the future for Hakaze. She holds no culpability for things that happen by some other agent she had no agency over.

    I thought Junichiro was explained to be a ‘cousin’ of Hakaze and Samon, from a farther out branch of the family that can’t really use magic, but whose parents died and he was brought into the same household to live with Hakaze’s parents. As such, he’s definitely a distant Kusaribe, not the Mage of Exodus.

    • Karakuri says:

      …Oh right, I never even thought of that. Maybe if she is, then she’s not really dead since anything revolving around Exodus is supposed to screw with the world’s logic. Though I still don’t see who started what and what all of this is supposed to accomplish yet. I’m convinced that there’s a much larger picture at work here.

      That’s what I was trying to say about throwing the blame around to Yoshino and Mahiro as well (just not in such understandable words). It’s a bit unfair to Hakaze since she has no real control over the Tree of Genesis. I can see why she’d feel guilty though. It’s like having a violent siscon older brother that lashes out at anyone who even looks at Hakaze funny, whether she likes it or not. …Or maybe I’m the only one who really thinks of it that way.

      I’ll admit, that speculation went a bit wild. Though it’s still a mystery as to if Junichiro has been without magic so long, why he can control it so well to bring natural mages to their knees. I wouldn’t think he was the Mage of Exodus though. It’s been directly stated that he’s part of the Kusaribe. Who knows, maybe the Mage of Exodus isn’t to blame at all for Aika’s death (not to say that they don’t exist) and this is just another red herring cliffhanger to distract us from the fact that the characters haven’t really moved in about 4 episodes.

  2. Krono says:

    Glad to hear this series is going to last more than 12 episodes. Transferring her flesh over her skeleton in the future would definitely be an more extreme form of teleportation or healing than we have yet to see so far. To do so Hakaze will most likely need a really good offering like she mentioned in the episode. I have to wonder id Samon lied about there being a sacrifice somewhere close. I understand he would want to get Hakaze back if things went South, but if she found the piece of technology beforehand it would defeat the purpose. So I have to wonder if he misled Hakaze when he told her about the sacrifice.

    In either case you do bring up a valid point where have the Exodus Mages been in all this? Were they just laughing their butts off while the Mages of Genesis revived their tree? This is certainly an interesting development and it certainly seems Zetsuen no Tempest is putting as many twists in as they possibly can so the series will not end anytime soon.

    • Karakuri says:

      Since it’s getting a 2nd OP and ED, I’d say that it’s pretty much confirmed for more than 12 episodes. I’m really glad this is continuing on as well since Hakaze coming back and the series ending there would be really rage inducing. Hmmm, I’m wondering about that as well. If he had hidden something there, depending on where and what it was, he’d have a hard time hiding it from Hakaze. She seems to have a pretty good idea of the island layout as well, so he’d have to be pretty clever so she didn’t accidentally find it.

      Highway kind of addressed it above with the Exodus Tree being dormant and all, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t make a few mages in order to revive it. If the Kusaribe Clan didn’t take interest in the ritual, the Tree of Exodus would have been really screwed. Anyways, yep. Plot twists everywhere and no answers to be found. Hopefully the next 12 episodes address everything. …Maybe I should start keeping a list of things that need to be answered.

      • Highway says:

        I didn’t get the impression that the Tree of Exodus had been ‘dormant’. It had been in a position of inferiority, especially as the Kusaribe clan had nurtured and protected the Tree of Genesis. Yet, even in that position of weakness, it had been growing in strength. That’s what has caused the Kusaribe clan to have the argument about the reshaping of the world. With the Kusaribe help or not, the Tree of Exodus would have been able to gain strength, and would have founded its own clan, starting with the Mage of Exodus that was talked about. Then from there, the clan of whoever that serves the tree of Exodus would grow in size and power, until it threatened the Kusaribes and the Tree of Genesis enough that the Tree of Genesis pulled itself up and opened a can of whoop-ass on the world’s illogic.

        So the Kusaribes are ‘switching sides’ in order to bootstrap up the Tree of Exodus to equal the Tree of Genesis while the Tree of Genesis is still weak from the previous battle.

        • Karakuri says:

          Ohhh okay. Though I don’t think it would have grown without the Kusaribe divide. I think if they all stuck with what they were supposed to be doing, Exodus would have been out of luck.

          Yeah, thinking about that now, that does make more sense. I doubt anyone would want Exodus to completely take over (minus maybe the Mage, but who knows what they’re thinking since we have yet to confirm who the character is). Though with that being said, I’m pretty sure that they said that the original goal of the Kuraribe was to revive Genesis (who is currently resting or wounded or something) so that the world could be made complete. I’d think that the Trees are pretty equal for now minus a slight advantage from Genesis since it won the battle. I don’t think that calls for a complete revival since that would tip the favour considerably to Exodus’ side.

          • Highway says:

            Yeah, it’s that disagreement about making the world ‘complete’ that’s driving the debate. Hakaze thinks minor corrections would happen. Samon and the rest fear that it would entail the near complete destruction of the illogic of the world, i.e. all the other humans.

            It’s understandable that this view is prevalent. After all, what do the Kusaribes have to do to gain power from the Tree of Genesis? Sacrifice some of man’s works, i.e. sacrifice the illogic that they hold dear.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Glad to hear Zetsuen is going to continue. Things have gotten very interesting. It seems a lot of animes this season are going past the 12 episode limit (Code: Breaker, [K], Magi, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Shinsekai Yori, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun).

    So many unexpected plot twists. What was currently going on is already addictive, especially that there was hardly any action happening and now they’re saying there’s another character involved. It’s becoming a futile effort trying to come up with any theories from here on out because they’re all going to crash and burn. I admire Yoshino’s argumentative skills. He keeps managing to top Samon’s reasoning for why things are happening. Mahiro isn’t half bad himself. He has the mentality of a scientist: all logic, no emotion.

    Junichiro surprised me. For someone who appears to be so serious, you would think he would stop the fighting between the Mage and Evangeline out of some sense of pacifism. I didn’t think he’d driven by something as basic as lust for a girls’ chest. It’s to be expected from guys but I thought he’d put himself above such easy temptations. As for him not being able to use magic, it’s probably just because he’s not from the Kusaribe bloodline. He doesn’t look like he has the drive to kill someone. Though, I could still be wrong.

    In my opinion, the logic of their world, especially regarding the Tree of Genesis and Tree of Exodus, is following the conditions of a contract. With every contract, there is a loophole hidden somewhere and it seems this Mage of Exodus has found it if the person is able to commit a murder and opportunely frame the Kusaribe clan. Maybe this person led Samon to believe something and that’s why he’s trying to revive the Tree of Exodus.

    • Highway says:

      I’m pretty sure Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is only 13 episodes. So that’s past 12 technically, but not realistically. 🙂

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hahaha. Once it’s more than 12 episodes, it has passed the limit.

    • Karakuri says:

      Code:Breaker is only 13 as far as I know (which is a shame, but at the same time, not really since they went WAAAAY off the manga), so I wouldn’t call that too off the limit. But it is a bit odd considering that most series I remember are 11-12 episodes. I’m happy about Psycho-Pass, Sakurasou and Shinsekai going another season though.

      I don’t care how wrong I am, theory making is rather fun xD Yoshino did really well for himself this episode. As for Mahiro, it’s kind of ironic that you say that since he’s like a weird mix of being over emotional and then being completely apathetic. It’s Aika or bust (…or Yoshino on occasion).

      Junichiro was a badass this episode. …Though I’m not surprised about his boob obsession. He WAS the one to make up that password back when Mahiro and Yoshino met him the first time (or at least I assume that Hakaze would never come up with that). That was a more out there speculation on my part, but with all of the plot twists this has thrown at us so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the characters was actually psychotic or something.

      Oh yeah, that would be a good reason for Samon to start something like that, if the Mage of Exodus had somehow manipulated him into it. Personally, I’m waiting for them to reveal that this is all part of some huge grand scheme made by someone.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I said it was futile but I actually developed a theory. We can say the Mage of Exodus is from another clan and has a grudge. Aika’s death could have been a means to end to make the Kusaribe clan look bad by having the idea of a murderer among them. Kusaribe magic was detected in the mansion but none of members are guilty. The mage’s logic is with the Tree of Exodus which sides with destruction and chaos is a form of it. In the meantime, Samon could have been tricked into reviving the Tree of Exodus which could mean increasing the Mage’s power. If she’s like Hakaze, then she probably has the same amount of power but ready to get stronger.

        • Karakuri says:

          I can’t seem to find any holes in that theory at the moment, but that does bring the question to: why Aika of all people?

          • Karakuri says:

            Even aside from your theory above, that’s one huge question I have from the series at the moment.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I think anybody would be a suitable target if it means causing trouble among the Kusaribe. But the story says things happen for a reason so your guess is as good as mine.

            By the way, congratulations on reaching the 1500 comment mark!!

            • Karakuri says:

              I’m just waiting for you to hit 2000. It doesn’t look like you’re giving up your top commenter spot anytime soon.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Karakuri: Thanks!! I’m using my status to promote my love for vampires!!! Muhahahaha!!!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Ah, man. Spammy ate the comment I put so much time into. The gluttonous beast.

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