Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 11


 She’s leaving on a train and taking my heart along with it ;__;

Hi. After packing up my feelings and keeping them in a dark, dark corner of my heart, I’m here to bring you the latest episode of chu2koi. OH WHO AM I KIDDING I was so traumatized T_T

Announcement from the captain: we have fully dived into drama land, passengers please buckle up your hearts and hold back your tears, ‘cause we’re in for a bumpy ride! From the beginning of the episode, although it started off light-heartedly with some jokes going around between Yuuta and Rikka, it was obvious that there was something very wrong with the entire atmosphere. There was tension all over and their interaction just felt really unnatural to me. I don’t know how she does it, but Rikka makes normal seem scary. Although with the loss of her chuunibyou she hasn’t entirely lost her “soul”, but she’s lost what makes her truly happy and vibrant. During the whole episode the only times I saw the real Rikka was when Dekomori brought the magical stones – that light in her eyes, is what she’s lost along with her Chuunibyou.


I love how KyoAni so smoothly transitions from silly, happy slice-of-life to drama and sadness. What really leaves an impression in this episode is how exposed and real all the emotions and feelings were. Surprisingly, although Dekomori has only played the role of comic relief so far, in this episode she was the one who made me really feel for her. With Rikka’s loss of Chuunibyou, she’s not only lost a “Master”, but rather also the only friend that truly identified with and understood her. That’s why when the other characters were all rather accepting of Rikka’s decision, Dekomori couldn’t take it, because it hit her the hardest.

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Another one worth mentioning is Shinka – she was so calm and perceptive in this episode, and also gentle and kind. Even though she appears to be blunt and insensitive, she can be the supportive one when the situation calls for it. Even when Yuuta, the person closest to Rikka pretended that there was nothing wrong, Shinka brought it up to him and left it as that – she didn’t force him to do anything, but just raised the question to make him really think about it – is he okay with leaving Rikka like this? Just like she knew that Yuuta needed a push, she also knew that what Dekomori at that point of time was not for someone to knock some sense into her or scold her, but just some comfort from the loss of a friend. That just goes to show how much she’s progressed since she was first introduced – she’s accepted her past and moved on, and become a better person because of that.


On the other hand, although Rikka claims that she’s “moved on” from her Chuunibyou, I recon she’s just forcing herself to deny it. It’s obvious that she’s still attracted to the magical world that she created with Dekomori, she’s just shutting off those excited emotions of hers and forcing herself to look nonchalant. More than moving on, she’s just put on a façade. That’s why she didn’t know where to draw the line when cleaning up her room – she still had emotional attachments to those quirky artifacts of hers, but she didn’t want to make her mother worry – so she simply decided to cast away her feelings and pack everything up.

Is this the answer that they’ve been searching for? To really stop doing what they love and enjoy? Like what Dekomori screamed to Yuuta, both her and Rikka do know that the Ethereal Horizon doesn’t really exist. She’s not insane – she knows that it’s not real, but still she wants to hold on to the fun and exciting world that they’ve created as an escape from normal, boring life. It’s like what we’re doing when we watch anime – immersing yourself in a different world, something that’s at least more exciting than your everyday routine. And who can fault them for doing that? Rikka has already accepted the truth of her father’s passing – isn’t it good enough to stop there? Does she really need to abandon what she enjoys doing?


Yuuta’s just very confused this episode. On one hand he loves the Rikka that’s always silly with her strange Chuunibyou antics, and on the other he feels that he has an obligation to help Rikka move on as someone who’s also already gotten over it. But there’s a difference – Yuuta willingly overcame his Chuunibyou, but Rikka did it for the sake others, putting herself aside. I’m sure he’s torn about the right thing to do because he doesn’t really understand what she’s going through either. He’s trying to be sensible, but in turn that has also really hurt and disappointed Rikka because in his determination to meet the expectation of everyone who’s depending on him to help Rikka grow up, he’s forgotten to care about her feelings, and that’s also a mistake that he has to fix in the upcoming episode.


With only one episode of chu2koi left, I’m curious as to how they’re going to turn things around. Surely it’ll be something along the lines of striking a balance between fun and growing up, and I’m curious to see the new NEW Rikka. Because the Rikka now is slightly scary and also really sad to watch. I need to watch a chu2koi ending where all my characters are moe and preferably NOT depressed and gloomy.



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4 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    I recall when folks dog piled on Hyouka’s ending. That bait and switch in Houtoro internal monologue really hit some nerves. But it did show progression. Which is something I was quite happy with. He went from denying any feelings he had for Chitanda, to actually admitting that he wanted to be around her more. If only he would take the next step. Because it was obvious to us all that her curiosity was serving two missions; sating her need to know, and her desire to be around him. And he finally twigged on to that last part.

    If the same staff is at the helm for Chu2, then we are more than likely going to be given the same sort of ending. Something that shows progression, and an emotional ending that gives us a promise of something more. I think of it as, they have the best opportunity to make each other happy by the end of the program than they did at the beginning.

    As much as I am invested in Rikka’s character, I hope she visits her father’s grave. She doesn’t need to cope with death any longer, she needs to come to terms with it. Maturing means you have sometimes have to do that.

    Good review, Miyu.

    • Highway says:

      Maybe I’m more in a bubble, but I didn’t really see that kind of criticism of Hyouka. But it’s interesting you bring that up because I think the dilemma faced by Houtarou and the dilemma faced by Yuuta are similar (although the person they affect is different). They both know what they *should* do to stick with their principles. And yet they’re both conflicted between that and what they *want* to do. There were parts of Houtarou that wanted to be around Chitanda much earlier in the series, in my opinion, and like you say he was denying that was the reason why, because it clashed with his avowed low-energy policy.

      Yuuta’s problem is a little different but ultimately the same kind of tug-of-war. He knows what she *should* do, but he sees the way that it is sucking the life out of her. Yet he can’t bring himself to go against that, because of promises and obligations to others. But I think there’s also the same fight in Rikka. She knows what she *should* do, and actually has a good reason for it: The concern for others. She doesn’t want her mother to worry about her. Perhaps part of her eye patch’s function was to shield her from the effects she was having on other people, the hurt that her mother was going through because of Rikka’s denial of her.

      • skylion says:

        Characters with one eye typically have a myopic vision, one singular driving principle in mind. The Eye of Sauron is perfect example of that, seeking to unify in a perverse form of creatiion.

        But, Rikka throws us a curve ball.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Man, what an emotional roller coaster this turned out to be. Rikka has become more open to Yuuta which is a good thing since she gave up her eighth grade syndrome (It looks that way on the surface and is yet to be proven) but it’s sad seeing Dekomori isolated trying to get the old Rikka back.

    The best part is the unlikely Shinka willingly comforting Dekomori while she was in emotional distress, considering their previous rivalry. That scene was very nice.

    The atmosphere doesn’t suit the setting of someone who has made a life changing decision on their own. It’s more reserved… to the point of suffocation so I’m not buying it yet. Something is going to happen. Even Yuuta isn’t happy with how things turned out.

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