Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 08-09

 The latest, most deadly nuclear weapon – Rikka: paralyzingly adorable, but very, very explosive

Hello everyone! I’m currently enjoying my holidays (all the way till next Jan) to the fullest that I can, so I’ve been busy… with going out and having fun… *bricked* On a side note, I just caught Rurouni Kenshin’s live-action movie on screen today! It super awesome, so you should definitely check it out if it shows in your region. Anyway, I have some unfortunate (or fortunate, depends on how you look at it) news for everyone: I’m now diabetic… FROM ALL THE KAWAII ACTION IN THESE 2 EPISODES *bricked x2*

In episode 8 we witnessed the manifestation of Rikka’s rabu rabu feels towards Yuuta, whatnot with the adorable shirt-sniffing, hair-touching and teasing going on. And frankly, I’m sold – KyoAni knows how to get their audience squealing and totally shipping the main couple. Although some may argue that the lack of a third wheel/big fights like in standard romance-centric anime has resulted in a one-dimensional relationship between the two, I would think that in this case, little things like the heartfelt talk they shared during the beach trip are enough to add depth and drive their relationship forward. That’s what makes chu2koi special, because even without all the drama mama of a “normal” BGR, the lovable main characters get us coming back again and again.

It’s interesting though, that when Shinka drops the “YOU ACTUALLY LOVE HIM” bomb onto Rikka, that realization actually overpowers her Chuunibyou. Even the powers of her powers couldn’t save her from Shinka pretending to be a Sexy Yuuta xD This is also evident in the scene where Rikka and Dekomori confront Yuuta at the temple, where she’s so overwhelmed by her feelings for Yuuta that she couldn’t even bring herself to get into the releasing of her almighty Wicked Eye.

In a way, Chuunibyou has two sides to it – on one hand, it is the start of everything. If it Rikka and Yuuta hadn’t had the common history of having Chuunibyou, they probably would never have became anything more than just regular schoolmates or neighbours. On the other, it is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of Rikka and Yuuta taking their relationship to the next level. Yuuta doesn’t see Rikka as a possible girlfriend probably because of Rikka’s childishness as a result of her Chuunibyou. But now we see that there is an exception, there is something that overrides Rikka’s Chuunibyou delusions and actions – perhaps her realization of her love for Yuuta will allow her to lower and guard and let Yuuta see her truly, as a teenage girl (also with raging hormones).

On Yuuta’s side, it’s really nice to see how his former tolerance for Rikka has developed into kind understanding. He knows what’s behind her overblown case of Chuunibyou now, and is willing to stay by her side as a friend and an ally. I’m still not so sure as to whether Yuuta likes Rikka in that way though. All the blushing in episode 8 could be largely attributed to the raging hormones of a teenage boy, and even when he hugged her after he saved her from falling off the roof, it didn’t appear to affect in him a dokidoki kind of way. Regardless, it’s sweet that he now sees her as an important friend that he wouldn’t hesitate to help. The last scene where he rushed down to save her from falling, as well as the hug the two shared was really beautifully done! If KyoAni were going for the déjà vu feels, they did a wonderful job linking this back to how they first met at Yuuta’s porch where he helped her down from the floor above. That embrace is hands-down one of the most DAWWW scenes of the series, and it also highlights how far they’ve come from then. From strangers to friends who understand and value each other – but what comes next, how their relationship progresses from here, is what’s going to be exciting (and probably also very squeal-inducing) to see.

We’ve moved on from the heart-wrenching episodes of Rikka’s past and gone full on onto some rabu rabu action these two weeks, and the DAWWWW levels have definitely shot up exponentially. Who would’ve known that Rikka could’ve gotten cuter than she already was? xD Keeping in mind that we only have 3 episodes to go though, I wonder if KyoAni would be able to show the progression of their relationship between the two nicely and naturally. While Rikka and Yuuta have really grown on me, I don’t actually know enough about the other side characters to feel any sense of attachment to them. I actually think that this is one of those anime that deserve to be two-cour to have the characters developed more fully, but it being one-cour, I suppose we’ll just have to deal with it.


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7 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 08-09”

  1. Highway says:

    I think Yuuta’s already considered the possibility of having Rikka as a girlfriend, in episode 8 when she was staying at his apartment. After Makoto starts dropping hints that that’s why they ran off together, he starts wondering if that’s what she’s really after… and immediately discards the thought. But he’s obviously considered it before, so the thought isn’t completely alien.

    I think we have seen a good progression of their relationship. From the start, I think she was interested in him (and her flashback shows that she knew about his chuunibyou before moving in with Touka – does that add to some of the reason she moved?) And then when Yuuta first steps in on her behalf to save her from Touka, and then chases her down on the train and takes care of her, we finally see it really bloom into teenage love. But she doesn’t know what it is she’s feeling, and while it’s been a (long) while since I was 16, I can certainly remember that kind of feeling with someone (and sometimes I still feel echoes of that when I look at her after 24 years together). It takes Mori Summer, basically a love guru, to point it out to her (All of Dekomori’s readings out of the Mabinogion have been about love).

    I think that it’s actually good that the show is only 1 cour. I’m even a little worried about the 3 episodes from here, whether they will become a couple, or back off a little. I mean, we had a month time skip between episode 8 and 9 (which somewhat cynically, I explained as “KyoAni has to get to the Cultural Festival…”). Getting the show wrapped up and done will be the best thing it could do, rather than having been stretched out twice as long.

    And Touka shines again. The tremendous concern she shows for Rikka, even while trying to appear aloof and disapproving, is evident in her disappointment that Yuuta doesn’t really know what’s going on. I wonder if Touka realizes how far Rikka had fallen for Yuuta, either. Or if she was just quiet and not eating.

  2. Highway says:

    I’m starting to feel bad for you, Miyu. It was a great episode, and a great article, and the only person you get commenting is me.


  3. skylion says:

    Oh, I had wanted to comment when it came out, but got very busy….and….well. Damn, Miyu. You cover the bases so well, it’s hard to make a comment. I agree with Highway, great, airtight article.

    All I can say is that I was on the edge of my seat during the last five or so minutes. I had no idea a big part of me needed that scene to be flawless and beautiful. I cried a bit. I did. And was very happy.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party. So many things to do, so little time.

    Overall, episode 9 is best one yet with Rikka being more open to Yuuta even if her methods are a bit awkward and Yuuta being more understanding of her. That ending scene was dangerous but effective enough to deepen the relationship. Nothing like a life and death situation to move things along.

    The surprise moment was Tooka hiding under Yuuta’s bed. As the older and seemingly more responsible sibling, I wasn’t expecting such shrewed behavior from her.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, I was thinking more about the dangerous part. In a situation like that, it takes a LOT of trust in a person and rational thinking to not panic and let your potential rescuer actually *leave*, for the possibility that they’ll come back. But Rikka agrees immediately. She really does believe in Yuuta, and he’s shown that he’s very reliable and trustworthy and deserves that belief and trust.

      I’m wondering now how much Yuuta’s interested in being boyfriend / girlfriend. He was definitely entertaining the idea of Rikka trying to make a move on him in Ep 8. And he was reacting almost the same way that he did when Shinka was coming over to visit him (for a date, as far as he knew). It really seems like in contrast to the beginning of the show, where he was resistant to the idea of being interested in Rikka, he’s completely accepted the idea and if she was interested he’d be interested. But I’m just not sure about it.

  5. Yippy says:

    I like how they’re developing the romance so far-slow, steady and sweet! The last scene in Ep 9 was a really tense affair too. I’m still sore over Shinka’s suggestion about the roof, but I guess Rikka’s also at fault, huh?

    Nice observation on chuunibyou being a catalyst and an obstacle to love too. I’m waiting to see how Rikka overcomes it!

  6. d-LaN says:

    Another one that is super duper late to the party arrive ^.^; So I think I will keep it short…

    Did they just make a EVA reference??
    Touka just Touka lol.
    Long Unresolved Sexual tension is up in the air 😛 Not tht I complain…

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