Robotic;Notes – 06

Kai-“Damn it another episode huh? Does that mean I have to do things AGAIN?”

So last week we watched Aki and Kai break apart from each other for a little bit, but that episode seemed to really follow Kai learning the truth about the sun possibly blowing up! I can’t wait to see what happens next and this time you can listen to me, Jrow and Overcooled chat about episode.

Secret hidden technology

Kai-“Do you have any Tsun settings?”                            Airi-“Silly Onii-chan I don’t remember.”

Kai-“WHOA! Dude is this like the new xbox, Wii or new a Playstation?”

Frau-“Be cool bro and send me some dirty Yaoi.”        Subaru-“THAT IS SO NASTY…fine…what is your email ID?”

Last week Airi was revealed as an AI themed character that only Kai can see right now and of course we learned that both Mizuka and Misa also know about her existence. However, when Kai mentioned Kimijima Kou’s name it seemed to be a touchy subject for Mizuka who I can only suspected had some type of romantic relationship with him or maybe he was just someone really special? Then again Misa has no idea that Kai knows about Kimijima. Speaking of that dude I am kind of curious to find out who killed him because the data was conveniently erased, maybe Misa killed him? Just kidding…so what in the world is up with the strange machine that Kai found in the secret lab and why is it sending out a signal into space? Are we dealing with aliens or something, but since he knew about the sun possibly blowing up I guess it has to do with that issue?

Evil Kamina strikes again

Evil Kamina-“Yo dawg, I am here to ruin your lovely afternoon with my fist.”

Subaru-“Damn it, Kamina! Why are you so freaking evil.”           Evil Kamina-“ your dirty mouth!”

Yes, I think at this point in the series it really is not a secret that Subaru’s dad REALLY HATES robots even though we have no freaking idea WHY. I mean seriously what did robots ever do to you dude? I suppose we will learn why eventually. So do you have any crazy theories or thoughts to the answer? I know I was joking around about the “great robot war” on the recording, but the only other thing I can imagine is that maybe Subaru’s dad sees people participating in these robot tournaments as a simple dumb hobby and nothing you can make a living doing? I just think robots are sort of a joke to everyone in this world, but that idea doesn’t explain why characters like Junna are so freaked out by the word robot? I really hope Robotic;Notes tells us why robots are feared and why certain characters HATE them. Because I find it funny how anyone could be afraid of a tiny remote controlled toy? If anything you should be afraid of the person controlling the robot and their mindset.


Oh you didn’t know? Subaru is an internet superhero.

Robotic Boob shot.jpeg

Kai-“DAMN IT HEAT UP MY BURRITO.”            Hal9000-“Sorry I don’t want to do that, Kai.”

Quick! Someone call Kirito from Sword Art Online to save Subaru.

Robotic man service shot of the week

End thoughts

Well that was an entertaining episode thanks to a few hilarious scenes that usually involved Subaru acting the fool around Frau and Junna, so readers who do you ship him with? I really enjoyed watching him interact with Frau though the help of the poke-com instead of in person, but I have a feeling Frau will leave her house eventually or will she just hide alone in her house? I know she seems to be really super dependant on that home security system. Also Junna and Frau joined the club so hooray to that and damn those two joined so quickly, but I don’t think anyone wants to sit through two extra side episodes centered about joining clubs. Now to the worst part of the episode! Alright not really the worst more like depressing moment when Aki goes down for the count and I really have to agree with her it is sad when a dream dies! DAMN IT Subaru’s dad you totally broke Aki’s brain. I really hope we have to see Aki held up in a hospital in some funky coma for the rest of the series because good god it would make me so sad.


Suddenly I don’t feel so happy right now…

Is Subaru gone for good?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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14 Responses to “Robotic;Notes – 06”

  1. Reaper says:

    My god, those sunglasses strike again! AI with a cute female avatar? Where have I heard that one before…? 😛

    Haha, okay, when they introduced Frau last ep, I thought she might have been the young ojou-sama type…instead, I’m laughing at a yaoi-loving internet resident who seems to be a hikokomori, haha. Oh, the laughter…

    Anyway, looks like the story’s picking up, given the mysterious Reports and SS Anemone Incident. Definitely interesting with the Elephant-Mouse syndrome but I wonder how exactly Gun-Varrel will play into all of this…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Always sunglasses on evil Kamina and cute AI? You mean Yui-chan? xD

      Frau is awesome I can’t get enough of her! I want MORE

      Yeah the mysteries are getting quite interesting huh? The space stuff, different syndromes, SS Anemone and the murder of Mr. Kou?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Since the anime is short, I’m a bit more interested in the mystery surrounding Airi and that secret room that Kai found. That part certainly has a lot of appeal to it. The fact that someone was actually murdered in what seemed like a kid friendly show makes it more so.

    Frau is paranoid yet at the same time amazing. But she pretty much symbolizes people today who have mostly become hermits in front of their computers for who knows how many hours. There’s no reading what she’ll think or do next and her conditions for carrying requests are outrageous. I’d very much like to go inside of her mind just to see what makes her tick but I think whatever’s in there might corrupt people.

    Overcooled and I were thinking the same exact thing. Daitoki is a closet pervert. Out of all the members there, she’s the last person I’d think would have their mind in the gutter because she’s so moe and innocent and her imagination on Frau’s crazy condition on the Kill Ballad program is pretty explicit. What’s funny is that Subaru was actually able to see and tear her imagination apart. How was that possible?

    I think what triggers Aki’s disease is the feeling of sadness or any kind of severe negative emotion. She was the same way in the earlier episodes when she felt she couldn’t achieve what she hoped for like seeing her robot project through.

    The pairings right now for me would be: Kai x Aki, Kai x Frau, Subaru x Frau.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah sad but true or is it? I read 20+ episodes so hopefully the pace picks up soon! As for the whole Kai thing yes I like what he is going through because it is a crazy story and who wouldn’t want more moe moe Airi? I sure do <3

      Indeed Frau is quite paranoid and she uses her solo lifestyle to make video games?! VERY AWESOME! That is one of my personal dreams, but I am sort of lazy >.>

      Ahahahah poor Daitoki! She is indeed a closet pervert…if she ever gets any one on one time with Frau she will probably learn SO MUCH or will she…I fear for her tiny little mind.

      I think you are right BB! Negative emotions = trigger Aki’s mind to completely lock up…when I saw that scene my heart went out to her T_____T She is in need of a huge hug <3

      Nice pairings! Aki x Kai is pretty much real and Subaru x Frau is perfect because both of them are kind of strange after all Subaru dresses up in fancy star driver cosplay fufufu

  3. Highway says:

    Argh, damn this spoiler I know! It opens up so much speculation about the things you guys are asking about, but it totally gives away a ton of stuff. *Don’t* go to Wikipedia for this show! *mutters stuff about one freakin’ sentence…*

    Besides all that, I think a lot of Subaru’s father’s problem with robots is actually taking away his son from fishing. Dad seems like he’s just an ‘honest hardworking fisherman’, and probably really doesn’t like the idea that his son would reject his way of life.

    And as far as Airi and Kimijima, I have no idea what’s going on there. That’s just a ‘wait and see’.

    • BlackBriar says:

      *Don’t* go to Wikipedia for this show!*

      LOL. Don’t worry. I did the same thing checking out Sword Art Online which spoiled some things for myself. Now I know better but still totally regret doing that.

      • d-LaN says:

        In short, never go to wikipedia to check out character stuff.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Unless you’re really tempted to know what’s going on and don’t care if you’ve spoiled it for yourself. Some poeple just want to know what happens next and can’t help themselves because waiting for next time is unbearable. Especially if it’s an anime or anything else you like.

      • Highway says:

        Well, there’s actually a lot of times I want to know what’s going to happen. Like with romance shows, I like to know who’s going to end up with whom, especially if it’s a OTP show where the question is “will they or won’t they?” That can keep me from being really disappointed in the end of a show even if I like it all the way through.

        And for SAO, I like knowing what I know about where the LN’s are, basically the endpoint. I actually don’t mind knowing who has plot armor or not.

      • Foshizzel says:

        hahaha yes! Even MAL has character spoilers which I have no idea WHY! SERIOUSLY they need to remove that feature >.>

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! I did something similar with Sword Art Online with Leafa, but thankfully I already figured it out xD

      Yeah Subaru’s dad probably sees no real future in robotics for his son so in a way we could say his father is only trying to help, but of course in THE WORST WAY possible >.< Good good! I can't wat <3

  4. d-LaN says:

    Why does the evil dad have such a good looking shirt? D: Srsly, call the officials, Kai and co!! I know he probably want to keep the family tradition going or something, but he loses my sympathy once he punch Subaru IN FRONT OF HIS FRIENDS. Thank God we have Akiho there.

    Week after week I am dumbfounded how Frau make her twintail tht way. 😮 I wonder how many hair-gel she used.. 😛

    Hmm… do I smell a Kimijima X Misa X Mizuka there :O And I believe we found the source of the mysterious broadcast 😉 Now they just need to crack the code…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Because he loves to fish and fisherman always have the best style and YES! Why did he attack his son in front of everyone? Then again he probably was a bit drunk I bet.

      LOL Yeah great question! I wonder if we will ever know?

      Right I think Kimijima was close to either Misa or Mizuka back in the day! Now we just have to sit back and wait for the answers to appear.

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