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Aladdin is about to carry out Operation IIA aka. Infiltrating Index Anime

Hello there for another extremely late Magi post that consists of three episode in a row because anaaga is a sick bum who loves deadlines! It’s a wonder Kyokai still hasn’t fired me yet. Anyhow, the anime has been doing a wonderful job of following the manga chronologically until now. Since the Balbad Arc is starting this week, let’s refresh our memories with the last three episodes of Magi and discuss about it! I make good excuses.

Episode 4-5

Kouga Tribe // Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the glorious past dun dun dun dun dun, and this is one of the blues the Kouga Tribe had two weeks ago. Being used to be the number one, the older generation from the Kouga Tribe sees everything that’s involved with another country as “being conquered” or “under another person’s rule.” Welp, they are somehow right here. It might be a peaceful meeting. What Hakuei proposed (“peaceful united country bla bla”) sounds like a good proposal, but the inevitable truth that Kouga will be under Hakuei’s territory will not change. But what is the point of pride if everything is screwed because of it? The cutest grandma on earth Baba was in dilemma because of this. As the person who has felt both the glorious days and the declining of Kouga Tribe, Baba knows what is best for her tribe. Pride? Past glory? Sometimes we just need to forget so that we can move on, living through the present days and trying to survive the harsh truth of reality. Baba’s speech before her death, which literally translated to “DON’T BE AN IDIOT AND HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!” was spot on. It was a beautiful speech telling the men of the Kouga Tribe to swallow their pride and to just protect the clan. Their daily lives, no matter how small and petty it is, made up their clan’s precious days. What’s more important than that? It’s still saddening though that Baba had to die just to solve the misunderstanding between Hakuei and the Kouga Clan. However, sacrifices are parts of the harsh reality; needed for something better to happen. Didn’t Baba say there are no coincidences in this world? She just did her last job and went back to the Rukh anyway. She’s still with the, um, other characters, but now as an, um, another life force? Gosh I’m treating Baba as a 3D person now *sob*

“So long, suckers! I’m at a better place than y’all now!”

Life as an abandoned Princess // sucks, I tell you. First, you get kicked out all the way to the border of the empire your dead father used to reign over before his death. Second, you literally get underestimated by your own subordinate because the invisible LEFTOVER that’s written on your forehead just because of your dead father. Hakuei is not just “some kind” of big shot who got mistreated everywhere; she IS a big shot, and the fact that she’s being underestimated within her own organization just because of her status as the dead emperor’s daughter is saddening. Imagine yourself having the title of “Princess” yet can do nothing normal princesses can do. Your moves are being watched every second, and you must consider what you do every second because you left behind another “leftover” at the capital aka your sibling. Let’s not forget the supporter of the current emperor and his kids too! If only life is like K-drama where everybody loves each other… Yeah I’ve been re-watching Winter Sonata and that shit is a great tear bait.

For this reason, this is why I like Hakuei at the beginning of this series, as I’ve always admired strong female characters in anime. Seeing Paimon, the Djinn of maniacal love and chaos Hakuei conquered, it’s not hard to guess what kind of attitude Hakuei has. She is obviously a strong woman. No, since she’s living in that kind of environment, she has to be strong. If she’s not strong, then how can she protect her little brother? As the older one, she needs to know when she needs to do something right or wrong, and a person needs to be firm and sturdy if she needs to know when she has to do the right thing or not. Just look at how persistent she was at persuading the Kouga Clan. She knows when to be respectful, and she shows her strong belief of a “united country.” She has such an unwavering faith! Kouga Clan might be “under the rule” of Kou Empire now, but seeing how they’re under Hakurei’s hands, I am assured that the Kouga Clan is in good hands so Baba’s death was not in vain.

The bishie gene is in the family

Episode 6

Step by Step, Mor // As it can be seen, episode five focuses on Morgiana alone. Trying to get over her slavery blues, Morgiana had to go through the same experience that was supposed to be over half a year ago already. She not only had to reminisce about her horrible past, she had to see a reflection of her past self through another slave. This determination not to let another person suffered just like the way she did helped Morgiana to get over her stuff. The vision of Goltas, her Savior, reminding her that she’s no longer shackled by her past will always be there to help her when her traumatic past comes and attacks her. Moreover, Goltas is right. Morgiana’s past no longer holds her down, so what’s stopping her? The invisible shackles are no longer there.


Show ▼

I expected something disappointing from episode four and five, but I was surprised with such pleasant episodes for the Kouga Arc. It was extremely consistent with the manga, and the two episodes were beautifully well-done with the sent messages intact. The battle scenes for Kouga Arc were surprisingly meh though, nothing stood out. It’s probably due to the fact that Kouga Arc focuses on the politics more than the explosive battles. My lust for battle was fulfilled in episode six, where Morginana faced the desert beasts all by herself. Well, it wasn’t really a “battle,” but still her fighting style fascinates me. The animation was also top notch during the fight since Morgiana’s movements was just so smooth and fluid, so I was more and more fascinated-er as she moved while doing her Jutsus at the same time. The only shame episode six has is how the anime changed Morgiana’s shackles from iron to wood, making it easier for the anime Morgiana to destroy her shackles. This is the reason why I like her internal struggle in the manga more than the anime. The manga Morgiana is more emo and traumatized than the anime Morgiana, but this is the turning point of her slavery-like attitude. The manga shows more of her struggle, and it was represented through the extremely-hard-to-break iron shackles she wore. But oh well, they need to cut on time I guess? They left out some minor arcs already anyway.

Also, I think someone mentioned in the previous post’s comment section that Magi has been really slow, unlike most shounen manga/anime. Yes, Magi’s pacing is slow, unlike most shounen manga. However, that is the plus point of Magi as it focuses more on the magic and caste system in its universe. The system in Magi‘s world is huge and wide, and explaining it will take some time. Even until now, the author is still not done with the system in this magical universe. However, that is what probably makes Magi different from other shounen with more focus on the orderly system of its universe and the political struggles between the empires and fallen countries. Unfortunately, this different shounen style is what make some people feel uncomfortable, unlike me. I welcome this kind of change. How about you? Is the change in this certain “shounen” work a good move for Ohtaka?

Preview: Prepare your tissue, prepare your sob fest. This is the start of everything. The Balbadd Arc is here.

Sexiest man after Dark Magi is voiced by one of the sexiest VAs alive


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16 Responses to “Magi 04-06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    No problem with being late. I was actually late myself with these exact episodes. You’re part of the Metanorn team so you’ll be easily forgiven. Besides, I think the female readers will want a Yaoi Fangirl to look up to and who specializes in the genre.

    Magi is still pulling strong and the pacing is good. They’re surely taking time to explain the story. The characters are really likable except for the vile villains that make me sick to my stomach watching on screen. And they have no sense of shame: Being all high and mighty when they’re in control but sniveling and trying to be nice when they realize it’s over for them.

    I continue to like Morgiana more and more. She’s quiet but awesome and I’m with you on her fighting style. Getting over a traumatic experience like she had would obviously take some time and half a year wouldn’t be enough, it’s done one step at a time. I bet with her new mentality, she’d love to tear her former master a new one. I hated seeing him again even though it was his younger version which I’m sure was voiced by the same seiyuu that did the voice for Accel World’s Nomi.

    What surprised me here was the sudden unrelenting ecchi in episode 5. I wasn’t expecting ecchi, let alone having it uncensored like seeing that female djinn Paimon. Looking at her appearance, she does seem like the type to indulge in chaos but also very perverted.

    • Miss Madness says:

      Actually it wasn’t really unrelenting ecchi. Funny thing is about Djinn is that none wear shirts or tops, no matter the gender. I’m just surprised that they didn’t censor her.

    • Krono says:

      Yeah I was surprised Paimon was not censored. I have been reading through the manga when this series started and I was sure they would when I saw her. Ah well everything is looking good and staying faithful to the manga so I have no reason to complain.

      • anaaga says:

        I wouldn’t really call the ecchi as “ecchi” because that’s just how the djinns are, remembering how Ugo wears his, um, fundonshi too. Probably the most decent-looking djinn I know until now is Amon or Hakuei’s brother’s.
        Also, Paimon’s “ecchiness” somehow represents the maniacal love and chaos she symbolizes, and they’re appropriate somehow remembering the piercings whatsoever represent feminism in some way. A strong djinn for a strong woman

    • anaaga says:

      The weather has been bad these days in my place. It’s as if they want to torture me with the unpredictable hot-cold weather. This Yaoi fangirl needs a proper weather to read her yaoi properlt uguu

      The anime pace is actually faster than the manga’s, probably because the manga is in the Shounen Jump style where the chapters are extremely short.
      One thing I like about the beginning of Magi is how they draw a clear line between evil and good without any gray area whatsoever. Of course, there will be that kind of people later on, but the clear difference between the two sides helped the newly-hatched Magi aka. Aladdin to grow up knowing what’s right and wrong. The early events in this series will, no, are definitely helping Aladdin with the current manga arc.

      • Miss Madness says:

        Oh god the current manga arc. Dumblemort is messing with my head so much right now.

        All the power to Aladdin to figure out how to solve this one.

        • anaaga says:

          I don’t even know how they’re going to solve this whole shit that’s happening right now.

          Dumblemort is a jackass who needs to get over his shit

          • Miss Madness says:

            Dumblemort wont get his shit together until everyone dies, he dies, or he get bitch slapped with Soloman’s wisdom.

            Now that I think about this arc I wonder if they’re even going to try censoring that one ally scene with the sex in it. It was a pretty mess up part even without the random threesome in the streets.

  2. Karakuri says:

    It feels weird that someone would label Magi as moving slowly. Compared to the manga, this anime is moving at breakneck speed. I can’t believe the grasslands arc is already over, considering that I’m pretty sure the next arc took place close to the point of chapter 50 or something. …Though Magi chapters are pretty short to begin with.

    Oh god. Speaking of the Balbadd arc, it’s time to mentally prepare myself. OTL

    • anaaga says:

      I think it’s because Magi is not as explosive as other shounen manga. They started with a BAM, but Magi started pretty… Calm I guess? Not as explosive as other shounen anga, that’s for sure. And all the politics.
      Damn it I just hate Magi chapters they’re so damn short and slow ASDFGHJKL I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN :S

      Oh snap, Balbadd. Remembering the latest thing happened with Alibaba also made me feel ASDFGHJKL I WANT TO CRY ;_____;

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    yeap… moe characters don’t dia…

  4. AllenAndArth says:


  5. Gene says:

    I’m not sure if I get the Index joke in the header.

  6. Yvoon says:

    THERE IS NO CENSORSHIP AT ALL!! They even put rings on her! They could’ve at least draped a cloth or something.
    This reminds my of the time when i watched a Fairy tail OVA with one of the non-otaku friends and she was looking away and OMG-ing every 10 seconds at the fan service.

    Now watching this, I can only imagine how she would’ve reacted. It just goes to show how much fan service we seem to be accustomed to through watching anime. Then again, even this was a little hard for me to take. OTL

  7. Mina says:

    I couldn’t be more… disappointed with this anime. As someone that has read the Manga, this Anime… is QAQ

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