Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 05 & 06

And he wonders why people always give him weird stares during mail exchanges.

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting last week again, I just had my GCSE Chinese exam on Wednesday so I was off drowning in a sea of inspirational Chinese idioms. Actually I lie. I barely did any of the studying I had planned to do. On the good side, fun things ahead and AFA12’s coming on the weekend! But first things first, onto this week’s chu2koi!

We learn a little about their families in episode 5, and I should say that the situation at home does much to shape the person one would turn out to be. Yuuta’s family seems pretty open and fun! I love how his mother is the ehehe I want to peek on my son doing weird things type, whereas his little sister is the trusty Responsible One. Unexpected family dynamics are always the funniest to watch. Yuuta seems pretty unaffected that his dad happens to travel a lot and mostly isn’t there for things, although his nonchalance may just be something that eventually built up over time.

In Rikka’s case, I guess it’s kind of obvious that she has suffered from a whole ton of loneliness, and that is really a huge contributing factor to why she is so obsessed with magic now – after all, with that much alone time without any human interaction, you would get a lot of opportunities to think about things. It’s just that in Rikka’s case, she started thinking about magic, and she used all that alone time to create a magical world on her own to entertain herself – that was her way of combating the loneliness. This scene also brings up an important question though – where are Rikka’s parents? I’d like to know more about them since they’ve been missing in action since the series started, but a good guess would be that they had some family issues and divorced, linking back to that Inappropriate “House” Scene with Yuuta’s imouto. These issues would may also made Touka feel unqualified to console/help Rikka now because she might not have been there for her when there were arguments going on at home, which would explain her rather sad tone when she said “I envy you.” Rikka’s broken family would allow us to better understand her overblown case of chu2koi.

Also, even though chu2koi isn’t really one of those tear-wrecking, emotional rollercoaster (ANOHANA *SOBS), I really felt sympathetic for Rikka when she mentioned that other than Yuuta, the only two people who really acknowledge her existence and accept her even regardless of how weird she was were Dekomori and Touka. Although she kept up a good front, I’m sure she was pretty upset, and Yuuta caught onto that and felt for her. He understands because he was weird like that too, and that probably softened his heart towards her. This also brings me to my next point, which is dun dun! the “Koi ga Shitai!” part of the title.

Finally, the rabu rabu vibes are slowly easing their way in the midst of all the chuunibyou-ness. I get the feeling that Rikka is simply using her obsession with magic as a façade. That deep *cough* railway scene had to have some special meaning, and I’d like to think that Rikka’s actually fallen in love with Yuuta already. She probably doesn’t know about these rabu rabu feelings as she’s had no experience before, and perhaps that’s why she’s doing weird things like holding his hand for no apparent reason whatsoever – she’s subconsciously trying to get closer to him in any way she can. I don’t actually think that chu2koi is going to spend a lot of time on the shoujo/romancey side talking about how Rikka gets to know about love and relationships and whatever, but I expect it to be one of those unexplained, sudden things that happen near the end of the series where they realize they’re in love and go all tsun! Honestly that seems more appropriate than an actual serious confession, considering the more comedic premise of this show. xD

On Yuuta’s side, I find it really adorable that he has a soft spot for Rikka! Although he’ll probably never admit it, he’s been giving into her rather ridiculous requests quite easily, even helping her to study Math (and we all know how boring that can be) at unearthly hours. It probably started off with an obligation to since sensei had dumped the responsibility of guiding her onto him when school just started, but I think he’s since forgotten about that and subconsciously begun to really take care of her. Maybe it’s just because he can connect with her in a way due to his previous case of Chuunibyou that he feels a sense of duty to help her get over this period, but at this rate I’m pretty sure he’ll start to feel something for Rikka too. Who knows, she might do some more extreme stuff out of the blue that’ll get his heart racing.

With regards to Shinka, if she really does have another layer to her under that obnoxious façade under that friendly approachable façade of hers (that was confusing), it’s still not making its debut. I should think that KyoAni’s planning on keeping her that way, as more of a comedic relief (whatnot with those hilarious personality changes). Her cover will be blown someday though, seeing as to how the number of people who’ve seen her true self are steadily increasing. It’ll be fun to watch when everyone finds out, but I’m sure that the members of the Far Eastern Magic Nap Society will be her source of strength and acceptance then – it’ll probably be a moving scene to watch.

Chu2koi has been really fun to watch as usual and it even managed to tug on a few of my heartstrings, so well done on that, KyoAni! They’ve done a good job with incorporating more serious topics like family relationships as well as romance while keeping things interesting and funny. I really loved the railway scene – KyoAni worked their magic with different perspectives and even though it only lasted a few seconds, it was beautifully done. I’m interested to see how the next episode (which appears to be the DUN DUN! yes, highly-anticipated beach episode) will go. One speculation going around is that Yuuta will be accompanying Rikka and her onee-san to meet with their parents! Although I’m not sure where the bikinis and watermelons (I mean the fruit, excuse you!) will come in, that’s an interesting idea. Let’s wait and see!


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12 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – 05 & 06”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    shinka is kinda of a bitch some times…and i liked her too

  2. Highway says:

    I have argued that Rikka has been crushing on / in love with Yuuta since the first episode of the show. And really, unless Rikka comes out and says that some specific time after that was when she first fell in love with Yuuta, I’ll continue to believe that. And I think you don’t give her enough credit. Whether she lives partially in another world or not, she knows about boys and knows what love is. And I think she’s well aware what she feels towards Yuuta, even if she can’t come right out and say it. And Yuuta definitely feels more for Rikka than he did before, although he’s never really denied her anything anyway.

    I thought it was interesting that Yuuta has put the idea of getting together with Shinka in the ‘never going to happen’ pile (telling Isshiki that very thing). I thought he’d at least hold out some hope, but perhaps he also realizes that she’s not really someone he likes.

    I liked that they worked Isshiki into this episode as a focus character, but will he get into the club orbit now that he knows the secrets? Or will he stay on the outside, as Yuuta’s ‘normal’ bro?

    And finally, poor Yuuta is going to have to make a decision: go to Jakarta with his family to see his father, or go with Touka and Rikka to help with their parents. I thought it was actually really touching that Touka came and asked Yuuta for help. I love her character, and think that she’s almost the perfect balance that these kids should grow up into: able to entertain the fantasy that Rikka sustains, be somewhat of a guiding force for her, and still be a ‘normal’ adult.

    • AllenAndArth says:

      “I love her character, and think that she’s almost the perfect balance that these kids should grow up into: able to entertain the fantasy that Rikka sustains, be somewhat of a guiding force for her, and still be a ‘normal’ adult.”

      Rikka, normal?…pfhahahahahahahaaha never especially with that bizarre blonde as a kouhai…i mean WTF is that on the girl hair?

      On another not…i’m not if i comented before…the fake magic circle is awesome*i fell of my chair laughing*

    • Highway says:

      Watching episode 6 again, I was amused to notice something. I said that I think Touka is a great balance of someone who is ‘normal’ and someone who can entertain the fantasies that Rikka does. I think everyone does have fantasies, and that it’s fine, it’s only a problem when people don’t acknowledge the real world (this isn’t Rikka’s problem, she just overlays her world on top of ours).

      Well, I noticed that Touka seems to have her own ‘uniform’ for when she’s not at work, and I’m wondering how out and out ‘normal’ she really acts. Basically, the outfit that she chased and fought Rikka in in the second episode, she’s wearing again when she comes down the rope to ask Yuuta to help them on vacation (and hey, I spent time on that photostitch, so I’m gonna link it. 🙂 ). The thing I don’t get is that it’s home lounging clothes – sweatpants and a t-shirt, but why would you put on a choker and strappy pumps to relax around the house? It’s not something she regularly wears in her work clothes (from earlier in the episode) and the jerseys would seem to indicate she’s not going out. Plus, why come down the rope? Why not just walk downstairs and knock on the door? She’s been to their apartment before. So I think she’s got a little adventurism in her personality as well.

  3. skylion says:

    Excellent review, Miyu, even better than the last!

    From the beginning of the show I was examining Rikka’s delusional nature as a coping mechanism, with little to no proof. So it was encouraging for us to see her in that light. The other fork in the road is a serious mental illness, which I don’t think KyoAni would tackle, at least not with comedy so broad (and moe so overpowering). It’s possible, but I don’t see them emulating Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges from Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King. Thou that would be kinda awesome.

    Oh yes, romance is there. But I fear it may be one sided. Yuuta has real sympathy for the girl, and that lets him show some affection (contrasting the slapstick). But that isn’t romantic affection. Will that grow from him? Maybe.
    But the biggest trouble would be dealing with a heart-broken Dekomori. Full fledged Romance or not, Rikka will try to pursue, and jealousy will run like *death*.

    As for Shinka, she does have a rather complex personality. It’s a good observation to see them as fronts. But I choose to see it as various facets of her personality. None of them are fronts, all of them are true. She has become accustomed to showing whichever side of her personality she thinks wins her the situation at hand. She may be right, she may be wrong. But she is effective. But what facets haven’t we seen? And which one would she be the most happy with? She’s like the faeries/or spirits she held court with. They can be beautiful as an oncoming storm.

    • Highway says:

      I dunno, rewatching it again to blog it, I paid more attention to the train scene, and while it may be that my romance goggles are on a little too high of a magnification, the surprise and blush that Yuuta gets when Rikka takes his hand is something I’m taking as a sign that maybe Yuuta is starting to feel a little more toward Rikka, although maybe he’s not really aware of it yet. He’s definitely gotten nicer towards her as the show has gone on.

      • skylion says:

        It’s a good argument. But, I would counter that Yuuta’s blush was nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than the reaction of a young man with hormones. Indeed, he has gotten nicer, and even some of the denizens of the r/a/chu2koi noticed that he has been far less aggressive in his straight man punishment. But, I feel it is more sympathy and empathy at this point.

        As per your goggles? They always take some fine tune calibration, I know I’ve had mine set “to stun” oftimes.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Nice review, Miyu. Keep it up.

    Rikka is becoming more and more normal with all the time she’s spending around Yuuta She’s not as delusional as before. Before, it was used a means to cope but the need for it looks to be fading away. It was pretty sweet watching the interaction between the two as they were codes on their phones.

    I actually liked Nibutani abusing Isshiki in an attempt to keep her secret hidden. The look on her face while doing that was fierce. I certainly wouldn’t want to cross her. Though her attempts are really desperate. I wonder if really thinks she’d be an outcast if she’s found out. I’m sure there are others just like her walking about. Ah, things people are prepared to do because of peer pressure.

    • Highway says:

      I think Shinka is definitely afraid she’d be shunned if her past came out, and if she acted like that. But the thing is, with Rikka in the same class, and with Dekomori always popping in, and even with Yuuta having trouble holding out on the fun, I think Shinka might start to wonder exactly how many friends a person really needs. Plus, she’s always going to be a very pretty girl in school, so she could probably ride a balance of acting kind of weird and still being pretty and dressing normally (like no patches or bandages or shawls or weird hairstyles) and nobody would care.

      Isshiki knows about it, but he’s still interested in her, I guarantee. However, I think Shinka would probably rather date Dekomori, after Isshiki’s girl rating scandal.

  5. D-LaN says:

    Finally marathon this 2 episodes….

    ……Oh dear, Nicetani B*tchka is a combination of love and hate for me…. (May or may not be the reason Ienjoyed seeing Dekomori screwing with her)

    NOOOOO don’t touch Isshiki hair!! NOOOO!!! Also kudos at kyoani hinting the notebook dropping be4 we are even shown it.

    Kumin… really interesting. She seems to think being a chuuni is fun and like to hang around them. (Something to do with her low energy lifestyle) She don’t seems to mind wht ppl think of her unlike Nibutani and Yuuta. Also why do I have a feeling tht Kumin is the one sending the love letter?

    On the topic of family issues…I’ve told by ppl who’ve read the LN said tht the reason for Shinka behavior is justified so I guess we are moving to the LN material ady? (kyoani take some liberties with the 1st few episodes. Can’t blame them since there only two LN out atm) But compare to Dekomori, Rikka at least is still rescueable and isn’t completly ignoring their surroundings.

    Welp, looks like this time around we can’t vote where he can go ala Carnival Phantasm lol. But I will bet on vacation with Rikka. Let get the ship moving.

    And lol, MH4 /MH3DS!!

    • Highway says:

      Well, the letter said it was someone in their class. Seeing as how Kumin is not just not in their class, but not even in their year, it’s almost impossible for her to have written it. Plus, she didn’t know Isshiki until after his head was shaved.

      But Kumin *is* a really great character. I think she’s someone who may never have had the guts to come up with her own chuunibyou identity, but secretly thought it was interesting. Then when she got the chance to hang out with some people like that, she really enjoyed it. She does spend a lot of time just going along to go along, but she’s having lots of fun. I also think she really doesn’t have much in the way of friends, despite being ‘normal’ (how you can say someone who wants to make a Napping Club is normal, tho, I dunno).

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