AFA’12 Singapore Coverage – Part II

Last and Part II of AFA 2012 coverage with a looksie on concerts. 

This is Cybersteel covering all three AFA concerts and the Stage events for Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012. Firstly I would like to show my appreciation to the Metanorn bosslady Kyokai for letting me co-cover the AFA 2012 event with Miyu. My mind and body are totally wiped after the third and last concert of AFA 2012 but as I write this post, I recall all the fun times I had and how it was all so worth it. Without further ado, I’ll start off with the first day of concert for AFA 2012!

Day 1: TM Revolution

The concert started off with TM Revolution’s first ever live solo in Singapore, with a very hyper intro song. It made the audience more riled up, in effect I think made the whole experience even more enjoyable. After that, they performed a fan favorite, Invoke. They also performed some songs from the Gundam Seed Collections that includes Meteor, ignited and Vestige. In between songs the usual audience interactions ensued, discussing their thoughts over their first performance in Singapore. At the end, the audience felt a bit sad that the concert had to end with lots of sighing abound. Of course this being a concert, we all shouted, “Encore! Encore! Encore!”

After several minutes the audience was rewarded with reappearance of TMR onstage again to perform their encore. It was a beautiful moment. Just before leaving, they threw out some “goodies” to the audience in the form of a used towel and a couple of drum sticks.  It was funny seeing people fanboy over them. As a sign of a final farewell, the audience shouted “TMR! TMR! TMR!” over and over till the whole concert ended.

Day 2: BABYMETAL, FLOW, fripSide, LiSA, M.O.V.E

For Day 2 I was most looking forward to LiSA. BABYMETAL was up first though with their cute idol voice mixed with loud heavy metal and skeleton-men as accompanied dancers.  After that came M.O.V.E., who celebrated their 10th anniversary. They took their time interacting with the audience as they sang the new Initial D OP. After which, fripSide entranced the audience with her beautiful vocals along with her musicians hitting their beats. There were clearly a lot of fans of fripSide in the audience as I could hear their screams echoing in the darkness.

Up next came LiSA. Personally my favorite artist for the day as her cute voice and erotic dance moves was a sight to behold. The highlight for her segment was My Song, the GirlsDeMo from Angel Beats! sang just before she disappeared. That was intense as the emotion showed on her face and it was truly breathtaking.  She took a moment to recover before singing her final song, Crossing Field.

Last but not the least was FLOW. They performed fan favorites like COLORS and WORLD’S END to name a few. Mid-performance, some of them threw guitar picks to the audience. One landed just behind me but sadly they were picked up by some girls in the back row, screaming in delight.

Day 3: Hachioji-P, May’n, Minami, Sea A, Sphere

For this one I missed quite a bit due to recovering from attending the 5 hour long Day 2 concert. Minami + Muv Luv = pure awesomeness. That’s all I can say. Her beautiful voiced paired with the short video clip of Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse playing in the background was spectacular. She also sang the OP to Infinite Stratos, STRAIGHT JET! It ended with the ever catchy and hyper song, High Powered which was the OP for Shinryaku Ika Musume Second Season.

Finally, May’N shows up on stage. By then some people left due to exhaustion. As always, May’N never fails to disappoint on her flashy performance. I remember she was just as flashy last year. Some of her songs during this year includes Brain Diver, OP to Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle and my favorite for the day, Chase the World. It was disappointing though as there was no Scarlet Ballet but oh well with people screaming “Moete! Moete! Encoru! Encoru!” sadly, our pleas went unnoticed. Without an encore and people feeling dejected, they went home as the last and final AFA concert for the year drew to a close.

Though, I don’t want to end on a bad not because overall, this was still a very entertaining experience. So, with the end of the Singapore AFA, I can only look forward to and hope for many more great exhibitions, festivals and concerts the next year. And  I leave you with these cosplay pictures:

Let’s play an Online Game, y’all. With Swords…

My only mission in life: @#&@(*#&@#&@(* with Gintoki… Click for more Show ▼


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10 Responses to “AFA’12 Singapore Coverage – Part II”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    There was LISA and M.O.V.E!!!MAN, and me…here with no money to go T-T I missed so many cool stuff

  2. Gecko says:

    EH? HachiojiP??? And LiSA?
    Why must I live across the ocean… T-T.
    Thank you for covering this, you’ve made me very jealous. Too bad you didn’t get that guitar pick, that would have been cool.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    More dedicated fans paying tribute to anime. I’m so jealous that I’m not there. Nice work covering this. I like the SAO cosplay party and there’s a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII party crasher with them.

  4. Toori-chan says:

    Just to correct some mistakes. Instead of singing My Song, LiSA sang Ichiban no Takaramono and she sang Crow Song for the finale (owhh that “Bye-chii” =w=). FLOW did sing COLORS as their first song but they didn’t sing World’s End. They also sang Eureka Seven and AO’s OP and did a cover for Evangelion’s OP. They also ended with Naruto’s OP, ‘GO’.

    I was watching the nico livestream and also enjoyed the concert virtually. But how can you miss Hachiouji and Sphere’s performance? Their performance weren’t streamed on Nico Live which really annoyed me…

    • Cybersteel says:

      Just to take note I DID NOT MISS SPHERE. And the mistakes are contributed to both lack of sleep and my lousy sense of hearing.

      I was planning to record the concerts, like I did for T.M. REVOLUTION, for REFERENCE REFERENCE PURPOSE ONLY! to help with the post but I forgot 😛

  5. d-LaN says:

    Fancy seeing you here, cybersteel.

    So jelly. I want to go to the concert too >.< I liked the OP for Railgun PSP, AW OP and SAO OP (screw the haters).

    Female Kirito lol. Reminds me of a comment from some1 here who thought Kirito on the MTN banner a chick.
    IMO a gender bended SAO could be better received (there I said it).

    Tht Silica cosplayer looks so cute XD

  6. tatsuya says:

    fuckkk …how i miss this …only several miles away from my house ..!!! T_T

  7. Gustave154 says:

    Loved the concerts… Best AFA so far…
    Btw its m.o.v.e’s 15th anniversary not 10…
    Hope to see them, fripside and LiSa again next year…and maybe Altima too!!!

  8. […] la AFA se celebró en tres lugares: Malasia, Indonesia y Singapur. Es reconocida por su concierto Anisong, en el cuál han participado varios artistas de Jpop y Jrock como Kalafina, May’n, Scandal, […]

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