Eureka Seven Ao – 22

This episode brought to you by Jolly Ranchers hard candy…

Soooo we have officially reached this episode and sadly we have to wait until November to finally wrap things up for the Eureka Seven Ao universe. I just hope the wait is really worth it in the end for the diehard fans; however you can listen to me and Jrow chat it up about this episode on our epic mini talk! Also you can look forward to a similar format for Robotic;notes in the future here on Metanorn.

Truth of a thousand faces

Soldier-“I don’t have any candy…”                 Truth-“Then I will take your soul then! Wuhahahah.”


Truth-“I hope you like to surf Ao!”                 Ao-“Oh…god…spinning…gonna…puke…”

 Throughout the entire series of E7 Ao we have seen Truth transform into various characters, but recently he has gone through a dramatic change and sure after he was blown to bits by Christophe I think Truth in full on CRAZY mode! I think the blast basically nuked his brain. So what is going on with Truth now? In short he is a basically an insane rubber like powers turning him almost ghost like just to scare the crap out of you! Also why the hell would those military guys open fire on him inside their own cockpit? ARE YOU THAT STUPID!? I just couldn’t stop laughing after that moment…that aside what is Truth really? During the final moments of the episode he claims to something higher than humans, scub corals and secrets? Truth probably thinks he is some type of god of destruction? That would certainly fit his current mentality of “Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY EVERYTHING!” from episode twenty one; however at this point I  just want Truth to get owned by Ao already because Truth is a giant troll who needs to be put down for good!

Adventures in epic time travel

Renton-“TELL ME THE FUTURE! Oh wait…bastard…”               Tiny ring-“Trololololol.”

Renton-“Where we’re going Nirvosh we don’t need moe girls!”              Nirvosh-“Awwwwww why not?”

 “It’s the same wherever I go.” – Renton Thirston Eureka Seven Ao – 22

While that is a very short quote from future Renton near the end of this episode, it reveals that he has been jumping from timeline to timeline for a long time, but how long has he been searching for Eureka and his son? Judging just by his looks alone I think he has been doing the time travel thing for a very LONG time and just how old is Renton I mean he has some white in his hair; however that just makes him look like more of a badass complete with a shotgun and epic glasses? I just loved listening to his voice and his reaction to seeing the seven pillars of light aka the Seventh Swell! I swear hearing that classic line took be back to the original Eureka Seven when that phrase always meant something amazing was about to happen next. So what about his Nirvosh? Is that from the TV series or could it be the final Nirvosh from the movie; however it could just be a brand new Nirvosh that is built for time travel missions? I assume Renton used the Seventh Swell to hitch a ride to another time line…sadly as much as I loved that whole scene it just left us wanting more in the end! Anyway I don’t want to rage about that so I will take a pass on talking about it. So what do you think of the new bad ass Renton so far? Of course we barely know anything about him right now, but I have high hopes for him to appear in episode twenty three or possibly in episode twenty four?

Extra time travels

Ao-“soooo are you cosplaying as some vocaloid or something?”             Naru-“……”

Ao-“Oh wow…you look way hotter with horns.”                    Naru-“When this series ends I will kill you.”

Director-“Did you hear the news Truth?”            Truth-“Uh that I get to win in the end right?”

Director-“Nope! We aren’t airing episodes until November.”               Truth-“Thanks for nothing….”

End thoughts

Great episode of Eureka Seven Ao for me, but honestly this was a Truth themed episode which probably bored most of us out there because Truth has worn out his welcome for a long ass time. I really want him to get shut down in the next two episodes! SO HURRY UP AND DEFEAT HIM Ao! Seriously what is taking you so long bro? That said I hope the final showdown between those two is something amazing and not a simple event where Ao pulls a trigger and Truth is killed off in a lame way…anyway the best moment was easily the appearance of Renton who was voiced by Keiji Kujiwara as Jrow pointed out and I always think of him as Shirou Fujimoto from Ao no Exorcist who also uses a shotgun!? Is that a possible voice actor connection? Old badass dudes with kick ass shotguns. So what do you want to happen at the end of this series? I have a few ideas like an ending where Ao alters the world where everyone that he has met on his journey so far has a different life just like the other members of team Goldilocks, but feel free to tell me you Eureka Seven Ao ending theories I would love to see who gets close to the true ending as we gear up towards November.


Nirvosh-“Renton why so moeeeee?”           Renton-“EH? I thought I was going for the badass look?”

See you in November for thanksgiving turkey and maybe some sweet Eureka Seven Ao for dessert?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 22”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Finally Renton makes an appearance. Better later than never but it’s messed up that we have to wait until November to see him in action. It’ll probably return in the very first week. This is the only anime I know that has taken so many breaks. Normally, with shows of this length, it would take 6 months (systematically every week) from beginning to end to get everything done.

    Truth has totally lost himself. The guy is like a beast without reason randomly destroying anything in his path with a personality shift to high tier shrieking dementia. I can’t believe I’m saying this but he’s starting to beat Accelerator in the insanity department.

    Truth’s presence is basically an amplifier to Coral Carriers but he’s so potent that the Trapar inside them overcompensates and starts to take over their bodies. Any more and he’ll ruin Naru’s plans for equality between humans and Scub Corals and their kind will be treated like a disease. It wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out that she wants his head for that obstacle on her ambition.

    It was interesting seeing Ao and Naru converse again after their personal changes and the time they’ve spent apart. I couldn’t blame Ao for what he thought of her at first because it really looked like she dumped him to be with Truth because he’s the bad guy and some anime girls love to be with the bad guy. I’m sure everyone thought she chose him because she presumably gave into his way of thinking at the time. He convinced her that she’s unique, that she and those like her should trust the Scub Corals, that the world is really messed up. That would be seen as a kind of radical thinking to create people that will blindly follow you.

    Thankfully, not everyone in her family has turned on her. Some of them are even shipping her and Ao together, hoping to see them kiss. I had to laugh when those things on her head were accessories. This whole time I thought they were some form of mutation because the Trapar must have succesfully bonded with her as she was no longer sick. That was an epic troll.

    For the pairings, the only possible options would be Ao x Naru or Ao x Fleur. No one else even comes close to these. Fleur can work because though she doesn’t want show it, she’s interested in him, she’s being tsundere and she’s always reminding everyone that he and Naru are just childhood friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? Finally Renton appears, but sadly AT THE FREAKING END! Well the “end” right now…oh…man! I can’t wait for the epic ending in November <3

      Aye Truth has lost his I can see that ;D

      It was nice to see Ao and Naru talk that was nice even though Ao thought she was dating Naru...that made me laugh and she doesn't have real horns? I died laughing xD

      Ao x Fleur = BEST

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It was sad that they brought in Renton so close to the end compared to the fact Eureka came in about halfway through the series. I demand equality for both main characters of the original series!! He’s also got an interesting new hairstyle, similar to Rogue from X-Men. Something must have happened because I doubt it’s from old age.

    Keiji Kujiwara being his seiyuu went over my head a bit. I know Renton’s older now but I was kind of expecting a younger voice for him. Whenever I hear Keiji Kujiwara’s voice, I picture it for older guys like Exorcist’s Shiro, Index’s Kihara, Mayo Chiki’s Nagare or Jormungand’s Boss Dominique.

    What I see in Renton’s timeline is that New York is basically now a barren wasteland surrounded by water. It’s almost non-existant. Since the Quartz efffect the timeline because of Scub Bursts, I’ll assume that there, the Scub Corals gained the upper hand, grew and spread (They are more than three times the size of the city) with all the dead bodies covering the landscape while Eureka and her Nirvash were jumping time periods so Renton is looking for her so he can change everything back.

    It was kind of a bummer those things on Naru’s head were accessories but they do look great with her outfit.

    At first, I didn’t want to trust Elena again because it wasn’t the first time she’s switched sides like Hannah and her team conveniently did for their personal reasons but then I realized a lot of people in this show has done this. I mean, Ao left Pied Piper for the allied forces then turned on them followed by Naru abandoning Ao for Truth then later on, because of Truth’s changes, she returned to Ao and her island home and now there’s Elena who’s done it. It looks like betrayal is a common thing here and what’s more, no one ever got severely scolded afterwards for their treason.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed I wish Renton appeared a bit earlier, but ah well what can we do? I guess the olympics might have thrown everything out of wack! I really wish we got to see those final two episodes…thankfully we have a lot of new shows in fall to keep our attention until then right? Then again I just want to know right now T____T

      HELL YA! Keiji was the perfect choice for older Renton! I just pictured Shiro because of the shotgun xD

      True about his version of New York, but I think he is just jumping from random location in time here and there? I just assumed he was using the 7th swell to jump from various timelines.

      LOLOL those hair clips I swear I busted out laughing because like I said on the recording it made me think of Mio from Nichijou and her wooden cubes.

      I know right? Elena? Who’s side are you really on anyway? I kind of hate what has happened to her as of late…it seems she went from this cute girl to “random” chick who can’t decide what she wants to do! Aaaahhh T___T anyway I still like Elena even though she has become so off the wall.

      Sorry for the late reply! all these first impressions take it out of me sometimes xDD

  3. Sh-Ron Almeida says:

    Well, what an episode that was!! Truth is still a lunatic. Elena is even more unstable than before, Naru has broken ties with Truth and wants Ao. And the biggest surprise is rewarded to us…Renton Thruston (finally) appears!!! To be frank, that was the only thing I cared about. Renton coming back that is. Now, I’m kind of worried about how he will encounter Ao. Hopefully Ao has gotten over his daddy issues cuz they might have to work together to fix the timeline mess and finding Eureka.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth is always doing something CRAAAZZYYY! Seriously he needs some pills to control his outbursts…OH GOD when Renton appeared my inner self exploded! I was waiting and hoping for him to eventually appear and thank god he did.

      Oh right I hope Ao doesn’t flip out after meeting him, but I think if he sees the Nirvosh he will probably put two and two together and finally accept him, but Ao isn’t one to keep his thoughts hidden for the most part and I fully expect a “GRIT THOSE TEETH!” moment from Ao towards his father for messing things up for Eureka.

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you stick around for the final two episodes in November and of course stick around to Metanorn xDD

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