Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai – 03 & 04

And here you see the perfect example of an indirect kiss!

Hello! Sorry I’ve been so late about this, have been really busy recently with birthday/graduating stuff (next week’s my last week in middle school – I don’t actually feel ready for this yet :c) so I did as double episodic this time round :3 Let’s mahou!

Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer

Japanese clubs have always been intriguing to me in the sense that the idea of staying back willingly in school to do something that you’re passionate about is such a nice thought. (Not really how it is here in Singapore, where after-school activities are actually compulsory.) I love how all types of funky clubs exist in the anime world! It makes everything look so fun! If I had the chance I think I’d start a professional fangirling club right away (*≧▽≦)

I’m still puzzled as to how the club actually got approved with a name like that (likewise with Tari Tari’s Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club), especially with a member from the middle-school division – how is that even legit? xD The club is seriously the epitome of weirdness. From the way things are going, I suppose no one else is going to join (I cannot fathom why any sane person would want to anyway) and our main characters of the series have all assembled! Actually I’m not quite sure how this is going to go from here since everyone has conflicting interests – Dekomori and Rikka to find the ~Ethereal Horizon~, Yuuta to get closer to Shinka, Shinka to destroy all evidence of her magical endeavors in the past, and Kumin-senpai… well, to nap. The future of the club seems uncertain, but I’m pretty sure that Rikka and Dekomori will somehow involve everyone, willingly or not, in their adventures in the world of magic.

Rikka’s Loyal Servant?

“You sound twice as nuts when you’re together.” – I completely agree. The introduction of Dekomori to the team is seriously threatening to ruin Yuuta’s efforts in trying to keep Rikka socially acceptable. There is no hope left for Rikka.(/。\) Not only does Dekomori have a serious case of Chuunibyou, she is actively encouraging her delusions and is this close to worshipping her. I find it charming (no really), the lengths they would go to to make everything more realistic what with the Christmas lights and all. It kind of shows that they know the entire magic thing is ridiculous and unrealistic, but yet they choose to ignore this and indulge in their magical fantasies. It would make sense that Dekomori would be so obsessed with the idea of magic and Forest Summer – little ones are easily influenced by the things they read on the Internet. Actually, it’s quite funny how she’s actually playing the role of Rikka’s servant, serving the one who (along with Shinka’s online persona) had passed the Chuunibyou virus to her in the first place. When she grows up she might regret all of this madness, but I’m sure that she’ll still be thankful to Rikka for bringing so much fun to her life, even if it’s sort of a delirious fun.

The Dark Side of Forest Summer

Yes they are the same person

Oh gosh I really didn’t expect Shinka to turn out to be like… this. The play on the Kanji in Shinka’s name was so silly, and it reminds me of how some Japanese actually think that adding random English into nicknames/blogs/song lyrics especially makes them sound cool – I am loving all the cheesy English nicknames here, please continue!

The way Shinka totally lost it and started rolling all over the floor when Yuuta was reading the contents of the Mabinogion was so OOC and hilarious I did a double take – our class rep was actually such a scary person! xD You would think that having a reputation for being smart and respectable, she’d have gone about the searching through his room thing in a subtler way, but noooo she had to ransack ALL his wardrobes and cupboards! Poor Yuuta, to have his fantasies of having a kawaii girlfriend destroyed like that – he’s never going to have the normal high-school life he always dreamed of. It’s humorously ironic how Yuuta’s figure of admiration turned out to be so similar to him, and I’m sure he’s as shocked as we are about Shinka’s true personality. One good thing that came out of all of this? Yuuta now has someone else to be exasperated with, rather than at – he’s going to need that for the chaos that’s going to ensue with the combination of Rikka and Dekomori.

These two episodes were so fun! With a bigger main cast now we get to watch their hilarious interactions while enjoying different personalities (sane or not), and now with everyone assembled, we can finally move on… to more fun adventures with Rikka and Yuuta and the Super Amazing Far Easten Magic Nap Society of Summer! I’m actually okay with the lack of actual romance (Yuuta’s fantasies don’t count) even though the potential romance was a big part of why I chose to blog this series. The magic battle scenes have been consistently amazing, so pats to KyoAni for that, and the show still keeps me going daww at all the moe!

I think I’m going to make it a habit to post my favorite expression of Yuuta’s every week:


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26 Responses to “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai – 03 & 04”

  1. Highway says:

    I like the bit of love / hate polygon that’s going on in the show. Dekomori idolizes (I don’t think there’s any ‘almost’ about it) Rikka, Rikka has a huge crush on Yuuta, Yuuta has an actually fairly mild crush on Shinka. Dekomori sees that Rikka likes Yuuta, and is completely jealous of him, so those two are enemies, and Shinka needs to disabuse Dekomori of the idea of Mori Summer, so those two are enemies as well.

    I wasn’t happy with Shinka’s apparent heel face turn. I’m hoping that she’s really not that bitchy or two-faced for the rest of the series, and that she’s just overreacting because of the shock of seeing her Mabinogion that she thought she’d eradicated. I can’t quite reconcile her behavior towards Yuuta from before and after finding out about it, tho. She was obviously being nice to Yuuta, even especially nice, before: She waved to him at the cheerleading tryout, she talked with interest in the Science room, she remembered him from their first quick meeting on the train platform. And she knew he was involved with Rikka most of that time. But now she calls him a loser, and acts like he’s completely uninteresting? It doesn’t really make sense.

    I did think it was a nice touch to have Shinka do exactly the same things that Yuuta did when confronted with her chuunibyou – rolling on the floor, pounding with her fists, wanting her old self to ‘die’. We’ll see if she realizes that Yuuta’s not a threat to her.

    • skylion says:

      I don’t know, I think Shinka’s behaviour was pretty spot on for a teen-ager trying to put of a front. The abuse she is putting both Yuuta and Dekomori thru is a good front; and in a character narrative, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Which is Mori Summer to a T. Notice, she has less to say to Rikka than the others.

    • Miyu says:

      Actually I thought that her being nice to Yuuta and everyone else was normal, since she wanted to get over her old crazy Chuunibyou self, it’s only natural that she’ll pretend to be extra nice in order to build up her new image. At least that’s what I think.

      I get what you mean about her ‘true’ personality not being that harsh and stuff though – this could just be another layer of her facade. We’ll just have to see how it goes from here – it would be cool if KyoAni had planned her to have a gentler side under that harsh side under that nice side (lol so confusing) of hers, but I actually doubt it. Oh well, I’m in for any surprises.

  2. plasmacannon says:

    i already got a feeling that shinka is not a “normal” student xD

    meanwhile, so much shinka hate on /a/ lol

  3. SmithCB says:

    As I’ve noted elsewhere, I’d love to see an argument between Yuuta and Shinka explode into a Chuunibyou duel of their own in front of Rikka and Dekomori. It might be a good outlet for them.

    • Miyu says:

      That sounds really cool. Instead of bottling up all their ARGH I NEED TO GET OVER THIS AND APPEAR COOL thing, it’ll be awesome if they could just give into their silly side once in awhile and engage in ~magical battles~ xD

      Also, first comment evar!! Welcome to Metanorn and thanks for delurking ( ´ ▽ ` )

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Things just got a lot better with a female version of Yuuta in Nibutani. My image of her being a pure, innocent and naïve girl crashed and burned now with her dark secret and true, harsh personality out in the open. Is anyone comparing her Binbougami’s Ichiko Sakura? Her reasons for joining the club are acceptable. It would have been corny if she did just to be around Yuuta.

    I didn’t think it was possible but Dekomori could be a thousand times more delusional than Rikka. Her eight grade syndrome output is beyond belief. Even out of it at times, Rikka looks like she still has a grip on reality but Dekomori is too far gone.

    • Highway says:

      Well, like I was leading to above, is that really her ‘true’ personality? If so, that’s a LOT of faking that she’s been doing for no reason. I think it’s obvious she *can* be harsh, but is that really what she’s normally like? With Ichiko it was obviously true, because all the girls hated her, and she openly treated the boys with contempt, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Shinka.

      Dekomori is definitely the waaaay far gone member of the group. And I think Kumin just loves being around such ‘interesting’ people. We saw the way she was fangirling in ep 2.

  5. skylion says:

    This was a great one-two punch of episodes. I’m starting to see the chuuni thing as not so much delusion, as it is pure insistence. Take me or leave me they seem to say.

    Great review, Miyu. I’m afraid I cannot add any more other than saying: I went into episode four feeling kinda reserved. I knew they would re-introduce Shinka as a fellow chuuni, and felt that the story would devolve from there, to many cooks spoiling the broth.

    But, she is just any chuuni. She is the Queen Chuuni, the Reluctant Queen Chuuni.

    Good stuff, episode five cannot come soon enough.

    • Miyu says:

      As I continue to watch the series I feel like I’m slowly starting to believe that the magical world they creating is getting more and more realistic. IT’S INFLUENCING ME :c

      Thank you!♥ I’m glad that she had some sort of twist to her (her, um, abrupt change in personality) though. I like how you put it! She is the Queen Chuuni whether she likes it or not, and that’s an interesting character to work with c:

  6. c2710 says:

    here in singapore there aint that many funky clubs… its mostly geared to those “mainstream” clubs or helpin the school with awards

    • Miyu says:

      Hello, fellow Singaporean! True that, I feel like sometimes they’re killing the original meaning (fun/passion) of joining a club sigh. A lot of people nowadays are forced to stay back just for CCA points or the like.

  7. Joojoobees says:

    In America we don’t have “class reps”, so I always find that character interesting. Are they really as pushy as they usually seem in anime?

    Frankly I’m somewhat disappointed in the show, however. It seems to have ended episode 4 as a typical harem rom com. I’m not saying there are good qualities to it, just that it seems to be more formula than I was anticipating.

    • Highway says:

      I think the goody-goody character that everyone wants to shove the responsibility onto exists in America. I think the big divide is that it seems in anime Japanese schools (I don’t know how much it really translates to reality) the students shoulder a LOT more responsibility, individually and in aggregate, for the way the school runs. From the every day cleaning the classroom (what would happen in US schools if they made kids take time from ‘learning’ to move desks and sweep the floors and clean the blackboards?) to organizing school events (most school events in US schools are top down with teachers and administrators planning everything, because “they can’t trust the kids to do it right”, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy).

      I think there are definitely some things that US schools could learn from Japanese schools, and some things they should definitely leave alone (6 days a week? effectively 9 hour days? oosh).

      • Joojoobees says:

        The 6 days / 9 hours probably needs to be balanced with the cleaning duties and what not. If you added those responsibilities to US students without the longer school hours, they would get even less education in than they do now.

        Sometimes I have seen the rep not depicted as the good kid that responsibility is foisted onto, but rather a bossy kid, who likes to be in charge, e.g. in Nuku Nuku TV the class rep is constantly blowing a whistle, and demanding that the students line up in alphabetical order, even when they are being chased by a monster.

    • Miyu says:

      I should think not. In Singapore we have class reps (or class monitors, as we call them here) and the main role is to get class events (class banners/collecting forms/organizing people into teams) and stuff. I’ve been a class monitor once, and it was more of a fun thing rather than a stressful thing. Of course there were added responsibilities, but that’s lightened by the fact that there were two of us. Carrying out duties with another person always makes things more enjoyable~

      I’ve actually experienced Japanese school life for 2 weeks when I went over to Hamamatsu for a student immersion programme (and had to speak Japanese and only Japanese the whole time :c), and with regards to how much the anime school-life translates into real life in Japan, it’s similar, but not quite exactly. For example, the school I went to only had a cleaning session once every week for 30 minutes after school, where the entire class will take part in sweeping, mopping, wiping (and not just classrooms – it’s the ENTIRE school including science labs/toilets and stuff). So nope, the cleaning time is actually separated from class time – it is official though, meaning that it’s compulsory for all students. I actually quite admire that, because in actuality they have no cleaners in the school and everything is kept clean by themselves.

      Also, Japanese school days are 6 hours long, +1 hour of lunch time and lunch break (where they play basketball or have recreational dancing sessions). It’s the club activities that take up a lot of time – my Japanese classmates had to stay back till 8 occasionally to practice in the brass band. In Singapore it’s something like that too, after-school activities mostly end around 6-7.

  8. Moni Chan says:

    Was episode 4 really 6 minutes long

    • Kyokai says:

      I think you are watching the Lite episodes instead?

    • Miyu says:

      Yup I think you’re watching the specials! Chu2koi has an ongoing special series too, so don’t confuse that with this xD

  9. D-LaN says:

    I’m digging Rikka and Dekomori casual cloths.

    Meanie Shinka add to her character and I hate to admit it T.T Well she did give us a lot of face change and comedy so I had to suck it up…. And well….at least Yuuta has another mate to complaint together.

    Why can’t we ever have these cool club over here tht makes you voluntarily join?? T.T

    I saw ppl complaining abt need to close up your mind and watch it lol. It has COMEDY written all over it and not every show needs DEEP PLOT lol. In fact I mostly turn my brain off when I watch shows lk fate/zero or P-P cuz I am not a thinker lol.

    Oh and in my area class rep is basically some1 who manages the class when there a absence in teacher, the one who hand exercise book to teacher and etc.

    • Miyu says:

      Agreed hehe, Chu2koi is more of a fun anime than everything else, with the imaginary magical premise and all. It’s not one of those anime which requires deep thinking, and that’s what I like about it! Light-hearted and really fun to watch.

  10. AllenAndArth says:

    poor guy

  11. HannoX says:

    I think for comedy purposes they had to make sweet Shinka switch to desperate Shinka (trying to destroy all traces of her past) then to mean Shinka once her secret is out. A lot of comdey is driven by those complete personality reversals, especially the sweet character actually being mean at heart. I think later she’ll strike a balance between sweet and mean.

    Or Shinka may go through a number of personality changes, switching from sweet to mean to back and inbetween so she almost looks bi-polar. She could actually end up being more unstable than Rikka and Dekomori who are at least consistant in their delusions.

  12. MikADo says:

    mori summer lol
    she is seriously dangerous(mentally)
    she seems like a psychopath to me actually
    time for little ‘Dominator’ action

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